tonishment and concern that the oaths they in this realm."— Then follow the Oaths prehave taken, and meritorious actions bey scribed to the Irish Catholics, by the Irish have performed, are deemed iisuiticient 10 Parliament, in the 13t11 and 14th of his pre. secure them general coofdence, entreat sent Majesty, which is exactly similar to the their Countrymen to peruse some unanswer former, except that the Catholic renounces ahle docunients of ilieir Civil and Religious all allegiance to the Pretender.--Another Principles, and then 10 say, whether they oath relates to an abjuration of the unchris maintain a single tenet inconsistent with the tian doctrine, that it is lawful to murder He. purest lovaltv.--They then present ile Oath retics; and the address concludes with the and Declaration prescribed by Uic Act of answers of the Catholic Universines abroad, the 31st of his present Majesty, and which to the questions submitted in 1788, as to the is taken by. all English Catholics. The Ca existence and extent of the Pope's dispensing tholic, by this calli, promises to defend the power; which were,-- 1. That the Pope or king, to the utmost of lus power, against all Cardinals, or any body of men, or any inaltenupts anei conspiracies whatsoever;“ And dividual of the Church of Roue, has xor I do swear," says lie, " that I do reject and any civil authority or power whatsoever, detest as an unchristian and impious position, within the Realm of England. --2, l'hat the that it is lawful to murder any person or per- Pope or Cardinals, or any body of men, or sous whaisoever, under pretence of their any individual of the Church of Rome, cand being Heretics or Inridels; and also that por absolve or dispense with bis Majesty's unchristian and impious principle, that faith subjects from their Oath of Allegiance, npa is not to be kept with Heretics or Infidels; any pretext whatsoever.-3. Thas there is and I furiher declare, that it is not an article 10 prmciple in the Tenets of the (ainulio of my faith; and that I do renounce, reject, Faith, by which Cathohes are justified in and abjure ine opinion, that Princes excom not keeping faith with Herelics, or other iņunicated by the Pope and Council, or any persons differing from them in religious opiauthority of the See of Rome, or by any nons, in any transactions ether of a pulie authority whatsoever, may be deposed or lic or privale nature.- Now then,.. Fellow murdered by their subjecis, or any person Countrymen, and Fellow Subjects, say the whatsoever: and I do pronse, that I will subscribers, he assured, thai among these not maintain, or abet any such opinion, or heroic and inestimable definiers and supany other opinions contrary to what is ex porters of their king and Country, there is pressed in illis declaratii: that I do not not one, whose Parents and Priests have not believe that the Pope of Runne, or any taught him, that loyalts isa rcligions, as much o:her Foreign Prince Prelate, Sale, or Pos as a civil duty; and that, when he is fighttentate, liais, or ought to liare, any tempo ing for jus King and his Couniry, he is ral or civil jurisdiction, power, superiority, performing a duty to his God. or pre-eminençe', directly or indirectly, wnia

MARRIAGES. The Rev. Daniel Campbell, to Viișs Fishei, Captain J. P. Mechtegor, of the Bengal of Twickenham.

infantry, to Miss J. Ness, of Baker-street, J. Dison, esat., of the House of Commons, H. Boulton, Cosq., of Cottingham, in the to the datigliter of the Rev. F. Sewbult, of eldest daughter oi tie laie Licut.-Col. Du. Winchester

rell. (. Cooper, rsq., of Lincoln's-inn, to Miss The Rev. W. G. Huet, of Bedford-square, I'ovil, oi Dale Castle, Pembrokeshire. to the wicow of Captain llannay, of the Cow

di Messma, Liello-Colonel Bunbury, to pany's service. the eldist cauglier of General Fox.

G. 11. Barnfylde, esq. only son of Sir C. Dr. Temple, of Northwood Place, Suffolk, W. Bainfylde, 10 the only daugliter of the 10 flie fourth laughter of ihe lule Sir J. Rev. R. Sneyd. Honeywoud, of Eington, Kent.

The Hon. Col. Crewe, to Viss Hungerford, Major-Gen. the Hon C. Hope, to the eld of Cavendish-suare's est dulll.ler of G. F. Haiion, esq., of East R. Fenwick, est. of Streatham, to Miss well I'trh, kent.

Brown, ut Long Benton. Robert llcathcote, esq., to Miss Searle, of Captain J. Crott, of the royal navy, to the Covent Garden Theatre

daughter of the late ?. Buckworth, esq., of Corit Gornuto, prisident of the Ionian Fabury-square. republic, to the daughter of S. Foresis, esq., The Hon. G. Winn, of Little (l'arlev, to the Britisli stsidene for the Seven Islands. the eldest daughter of L. Majendie, esq., of

Lieut.-Col. Realte, of the Bengal estab- Hedinhain Cas!le. lishment, to Jliss Reade, of Little Sioke, Ox P. Edwards, esq., of Talgarth, Shropshire, ford.

to the only daughier of the late H. G. Brownie, J. Christian, csq.,eldest son of J. Christian esq., of Imley Park, Northamptonshire. Curwen, esq., ot" Wokiuyton Hall, to the Ai St. Michael's, Coruiull, by the Rev. daughter of L. R. Allenesp, of Bath. Daniel Twining, 11r. John Aldred Twoung,

Lord Chartley, 'eldest son of the Earl of of the Srand, son of Mr. Twining, of IsleLeicester, to the daughter of W. D. Gardiner, wonih, to Miss Ilaynes, only daughter of ddi. osq., of Lower Grosvenor-street.

Haynes, of Corntide.

MONTHLY OBITUARY. LATFLY, at Summer Hill, Dublin, John 21. At Drapers' Hall, London, the Rev, Lock, esq., of Athgoe, aged 76.

G. Walker, late of Wavertree, in Lancashire, At Church Stretton, Shropshire, the Rev. F. R. S., and President of the Literary SoJohn Mainwaring, B. D., rector of that parislı, ciety at Manchester, and forinerly minister of and of Aberdaron, Caernarvonshire, and also a congregation of protestant dissenters at Lady Margaret's professor of divinity in the Nottini ham. University of Cambridge.

Benjamin Booth, esq., many years one of At Northampton, the Rev. Ermund Trant, the Directors of the East India Company. rector of Tott cun Caldecot and Hardwicke, Suddenly, at Everton, in his 53d year, in Cambridgeshire.

Jolin Gregson, esq., one of the Aldermed of At Barton Hense, Hants, aged 81, Sir Liverpool. Thomas Moore, bast. formerly of Bury St. 92. Aged 80, Willoughby Wood, esq., Edmund's.

of Thoresby, in Lincolnshire. one of his MaIn an advanced age, the Rev. Kingsman jesty's gentlemen of the privy chamber. Baskott, many years master of the grammar At Brighton, aged 75, James Portis, ésq., school at Pocklington, Yorkshire.

of Gaie-sireet. Lincoln's Inn Fields. At the advanced age of 82, Jr. Bullock, At North Mimins, Hertfordeliire, Mrs. Jane baskeieinaker, of Stafford His general halvits Gould, sister of the fale JIr. Justice Gould. of ite were as rare as they were eximplary. 23. Mr. Thomas Moore, of Cheapside, By honest in lusry he supported a large warehouseinan. family, and for the last thirty years had been 1. his 76th year. Jolin Watts, esq., forin the constant habit of appropriating the pro. merly secretary to the victuallıng-office. fits of four hours' labour every day to the use At Llangennech Park, Sunth Ilales, Mrs. of the poor.

Whenever this singular cha. Vanconer, wite of Joan Vancouver, esp. racier felt disposent to yield to the ebullitions 1. Sir James Winter Like, bart. F.R.S. nt anger, or the murinurings of disconient, it 25. A: Cardulees, in the parish of Dalwas luis constant praitice to retire info a prie

stou, agedi 81, Robert Wilson. He has left Vate aparuneni, where he bept for the prise a son, i grindison, and at great grandson, all post it coʻlin, in which he used to revan till of the nanae ut Robert Wilson, brought up. he had subfoed the irregularity of his pas. and now livin in the same house where he sions by the efforts of his reason.

died; and there had not been a death in that William Gibbons, esq., iron muster and

house for 70 vears past. merchant, and one of the alderwen of Bristol, 26. At Highbury, Jacob Wood, esq. of eged 75.

Threadneedle-street, reguer. At Bershaven, aged 111, Mr. O'Sulliran, At Chion, near Bristol, Lady Elizabeth who is said to be much laminted by 215 Magennis, daughter of the late Barl of Eanephews and nieces !

Hiskillen, In Old Broad-street, Dr. Hamilton, one of In l'pper Charlotte-street, agel 79, Mrs. the physicians to the London Hospital. Mill, relict of the late Admural Hill.

To the Crore, Bath, ayed 24, M: Thomas 27. In consequenc: of a tall from his 31asis, grandson of the late sr. V'ernor, an horse the precedmy day, Mr. Watkins, sauemment bookseller in London,

Jer, Cheltenham fu child-bed, Jrs Ebers, wife of Mr. Mirs Egan, was years wardrobe keaper Join Ebers, librarian and stationer, ON and principal dress-waker at Covent Gurien bond-street, aged 31.

Theatre. Capt. J. Bulwer, brother of Gen. Bulover, John Stone, esq., of Letcoiube Regis, of Huydon, Sufirik.

Berhis At Osborne's Hotel, Sir James Dorno, lately Nr. Aler. Morris, buite of Spring Garden, his Majesty's Consolat Vemel, xe.

aliorney at law. John Elon, esq., of Narnuth, Montgomery 22 At Sion End, Middiser, in his 85th shire.

year, Joliu Barbes, esq. Al Debden llall, Escrot, Mrs. Chiswell, lu Seymour-stret't, Bath, in his 77th year, widow of the latc Richard Murman French Ferdinando Inderilon, esq.

At hingston, Surrey, Mrs. Pierce, widow The Rev. Clarles Eavell, rector of Bright of the late Capt. Pierce, who was lost in the ton cum Bythorn, llants.

Ilalvowell Indianian in 178. At Bath, Viss Frances Milford, sister of Ai Batlı, Sir ll. 1).!lon Masses. the Right Hon. Lord Reilesdale.

Niny i Willou Young, esq. of ChanApril 16. At Southampton, Dowager Lady cerv-lare. Stuart, widow of the late Sir Suon Stuart, bet, Berner's-strert, Jolm Ballur, ("sq.

M.P. 18. Lient. Col. Creel, of the 901h for East Looe, Cornwall. regiment of foot.

At lots house 1 Norfolk-street, Strand, . Ai Schwerin, in Mecklenburgh, the Hon. Matthew Chessall, es in the 7.1111 year Frances Clifford, eldest sister of Lord Chif- bis age.

At Ramsgate, Charles Dully, esq. for. 20. At Aberyst with, Ms. Morgan, solici- merly an entinent bookseller in the Poultry;

of whose hospitalities to literary mua, Air.

Chiswell, esq.





Boswell makes frequent a ention in his life of the first literary characters of the age, and of Dr. Jolinson. He went 10 Ramsgate, on the last surviving member, except Mr. Cuma visit to a literary friend, a'id died sudden berland, of the Beef Steak Club, celebrated Ix, in the 67th year of liis age.

by Di. Goldsmiin, in his poem of Retalia. 5. In Montague-street, Russel-square, tionWilliam Day, esq.

“ And Donglas is pudding, substantial and 6. J. P. Hankry, esq., Alderman of plam." London, and one of ihe condidates for the Ile was at that time canon of Windsor. representation of the city in parliament. lle The literary taleuts of Bishop Douglas were died on ihe tirst day oi cleculon, supposed first evinced in detecting the attempt of Laufrom the ethict of extreme fatigue in a can. der to depreciate the merits of Milton. He vass of eight or ten days. But sce prige vindicated the originalty of our illustrious 359.)

bard, and covered his opponent with coniuAt Edinburgli, llanilton Bell, esq., writer sion.--Alis nest perforinace possessed such to the signet.

merit, as highly to recommend dis character, 7. At Tetsworth, Wiliani Bellis, esq., of both as a literary man and an advocate, a Wadharu College, Oxford, aged 20, in con judicious advocate for R:vealed Religion. sequence of a fall from his horse.

It was entitled Tus CæITERION; in answer 8. At Falmouth, William Clarges, esq., 10 Mr. Ilume's Essay on Jiracles.--He sacson of the late Sir Thomas Clarves, bart. ceeded Dr. Law in the bishopnc of Carlisle,

9. At Brighton, Capt. Artes, of the 10th in 1783, and, upon the translation of Dr. dragoon guards

Barrington to the see of Durham, was apIn Berners-street, Langford Millington, pomted his successor.--The Lords of the Ad.

mirally requested Bishop Douglas to super10. At llampstead, in his 720 year, Mr. intend the splendid edition of Cook's Voyages, llenry White, builder.

which lois lordship executed with uncola non In Aldermanbury, aged 26, Mr. judgment. Ilis lordslip liad been lon; athiciGeorge Conper.

ed with the gout, which at last proved fatal. Jubin ljerbert, esq., of Dolevorgan, Mont ---The deain of this bulwark of our church gomeryshire.

of a prelate so tirmly attached to our ecclesi. The Rev. Mr. Woodward, rector of astical constitution, is a subject deeply to be West Grinsteari, Sussex, aged 73.

lamented. The church has lost one of its Mr. Fellowca, printer of the Born firmest pillars--the republic of letters, one of ing Advertiser.

its brightest ornaments--society, one of its At Iver Lodge, Bucks, Bruce Bos best iriends--Interary men in distress, a ge

nerous patron--the pour of all descriptions, Ai Kentish Town, Jolin Francis, esq. a faileri-To sum iipi, in a very imperfect

Mrs. Blantlard, wite of lir. Blanchard, of manner, lis lordship's eliaracter-He was one the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden.

who, like the illustrious Titus Vespa 1011, At Baili, in lier 81-4 year, Lady Gibbons, thought he had lost a day, when he had not, mother of Sir William Gibbous, bart.

performed a good achon. 15. At Eton, drowned in the Thanies, Mas At Knightsbridge, Jolin Duval, esq. ter Lewis James Shaw, fourth son of Sir J. 1!. At Baths, Julin Meredith Mostys, esq., Shaw, bart.

of Segrovt, Denbighshire. At Hampstead, in the 360 year of her 20. Ai Bath, the Hon. Miss Hartapp. a96', Lady Charloue Imefield, wife of Wim. At bis seat, Casile-Nariys, county of Cork, Wingfield, esq., and sister of the Earl of Richard Boyle, carl of Shannon, Viscount Dybv.

Boyle, Baron of Castle-Martyr, in Irelani, Mr. Lyon, wise of William Lyon, esq.,

and baron of Carleton, in England; also, a Jate of bierford-row.

kught of St. Patrick. His lordship was born 16. The Right Hon. Lady Jane Knollyf, se Jan. 30, 1727, and, at the age of for:y-four, cond daughter of the Earl of Banbury: married the very young and beautiful Miss

Francis Stanbope, esq., one of her Majes. Catherine Ponsonby, daugliter of the late ti's equerries.

Right llon. Juhu Pousonby, by Lady ElizaJohn Peter Allix, esq., of Swass'ham, in beil Cavendisli, daughter of the third Duke Cambridgeshire.

of Devonshire; by wiron he has left two 17. In her 891h year, Birs. Hardinge, re children, die Countess of Bandon, and Viso liet of the late Nicholas llardınge, esq., and count Boyle, now Earl of Shannon.--Defore biter to the late Hard of Camden.

the unell, 110 inan possessed greater parlAt Salt Mill, the Dishe ot Nontpensier, nuentary interest than the Earl of Shanimo; brother to the Dube of Orleans, first prince insomuch that so vice-regent felt easy ou ins of the blood royal uf Franca, in the 27th Ibrone', until he had secured his lordslamps year of his age.

friendship, who was considered a sound pulsa The Right Hon. Laddy IValpole.

tician, but no orator. 18. At llindsor Cusile, the Right Rev.Jir. Al Islington, Richard Corrie, esq., in his Douglas, Lorel Bishop of Salisbury, and chancellor of the order of the garter, in bis Allvud, in Keni, in liis 634 year, Rulert 85th year. This vencrabile prilaie was onc. Cobb, cs4.


well, esc:

89 year.


99. At her father's seat, at Enfield, at the Howard, baroness of Stafiard. oniy surviving age of 20, Miss A. E. Linglord, atier a long daughter and heir of William Carlof Stafford, indisposition, which was burne with the ruost wlio died in 1734. She was sole heir of esemplary fortitude.

the body of Sir Williain Howard Viscount 23. Mr. James Barker, jun, son of Mr. Statiord, the only married younger son of Barker, bookseller, in Great Russol street, the present Duke of Norfolk's ancestor, Corent-garden.

Thomas ilo vard Earl of Arundel. She was also sole heir of the budy of that viscouat's

wife, Mary Stafturii barness of Stafford, and In August, at Bangalore, Major Coghlan, through har, sole ber of the body of Edward of the 19th native infantry.

the last Siatford duko of Buckingham, hereFEB. 13. At Barbadoes, Jonathan Blen- ditary lord high coustable of England, who man, esq., solicitor-general of that island. was soie heir of the bony of King Erward

MARCH 10. At Tours, in France, Jean the Illu. youngest son of Thomas PlantageThuset, aged 108. Ile entered the regiment net, of Woodsionk, D): he of Gloucester, and ot Touraine in 1716, and served, without in of his wife Lally Eleanor Bohun, eldest termission, 92 years as a private.

danghter and coveir of the late Humphrey Lately, iu Pomerama, General Kalkreuth, Bohun, Earl of flerforid, Essex, and Northbrother to the commandant ot Dantzic, aged ainpton, and lord high constable of England; 87.

and whose younger sister was wite of King 23. At Bruges, in Flanders, Mrs. Mary Henry the I Vin, but fro:n whose body there Aasiin More, superioress of the convent of was an entire failure of issue on the death of English Nuns at ihat place, and many years her grandson King Henry the l'Ith. Notterdent at Hengrave, near Bury; she was withstanding the accumulation af Plantathe last lineal descendant of the celebrated genet, Bohun, and Staffordd heirship, which Sir Thomas More, oi the 15th century. became centered in Lady Anastasia Stafford

Likewise in the same convent, in her 30th Iloward, she was disabled by the attainder year, Mrs. A. Jerngl'am, a near relation of licr ancestor, the last Statford Duke of of Sir Wm. Jerningham, bart., of Costessey Buckingham, in the reign of King Henry the Hall, Voriolk.

Will, froin possessing any of the family APRIL 13. Fler Majesty the Enpress of diguities, except the Statford barony. She Austria, in consequence of a premature ac died without having ever been married. Her couchement, on the 5th.

Treiris Sir William Jerningham, baronet.whose 27. Åt Paris, in the 85th year of her age, grandmother was sister of the beforementione the Right Hun. Lady Anastasia Stafford ed Williaru earl of Siafford.



Muthematicul Instrument Maker to his Majesty,

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Bank 3 per Cl. SperCi3 per Ct. 1 perc; Savy / New Long Short

Imp. Imp. Irish | Trish India India | Exche.fStatelot.
Stock Consols Reduc def. 180- Conso 5 perciperCt Anns. Auns,

3 perut Anns. 5 perci Anns. , tock. Bonds. Bills. Tickets.
6? a 63

17 13-16 11-16

5s pr. | Is pr.

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1373 5s pr. is pr. 191 188 May

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1864 õi pris pr.

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Yew Lot. to 6,4 a 3


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EDWARD FORTUNE, BROKPI, No. 13, CORNHILI » B. In the 3 per cent Consols the highest and louest Price of each Day is given; in the other Stocks the highest only.

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