A debale ensued, which terminated in a

division-For the motion, 258 ; against it, 1. THE French Republican Calendar abolished, and the Christian era and re

89. formed Calendar restored.

28. Lord Hawkesbury appointed Lord Accounts received of a signal and decisive

Warden of the Cinque Ports, and Constable victory having been gained near Austerlitz,

of Dover Castle, in the room of Mr. Pitt. in Moravia, over the allied forces, by the

Lord Ellenborough appointed Chancellor French, on the 2d of last month; and of au

of the Exchequer pro tempore. interview taking place between the Eruperor

The House of Commons roted an Address of Austria and Buonaparté, at which an

to his Majesty for the erection of a nonuarmistice, preparatory to a negociation for

ment 10 the memory of Lord Viscount Velo peace, was agreed on.

son, in the cathedral church of St. Paul. Transports sent to the Weser, in order to

Intelligence of the death of the Marquis bring bome the British troops trom Germany. Cornwallis at Ghazepoor, in Bengal, on the 5. The remains of Lord Viscount Nelson

23d of October last. lay' in state in the Painted Hall in Greenwich College the first day.

FEBRUARY 7. Ilis Serene Highness the Margrave of 1. The Earl of Northesk, and Sir Richard Anspach died, at bis seat, Benhan, near New Strachan, Bari., appointed Knights of the bury, Berks.

Bath, in the room of the late Lord Nelson The amount of subscriptions to the Patrio. and Sir Hector Munroc. tic Fund ascertained to exceed 104,000). 3. The new Admini tration, as far as

8. Grand aquatic funeral procession, with respects the Cabinet Mmisters, settled be. the remains of Lord Nelson, from Greenwich tween his Majesty and Lord Grenville, who to Whitehall.

takes the office of First Lord of the Trea9. The solemn and magnificent public sury: funeral of Vice-Admiral Lord Viscoumt Nel- The House of Commons, on the motion son, conveying his rengins from the Admi- of Mr. Cartwright, M.P. for NorthampionTalty, for interment in the cathedral church shire, address his Majesty, that a snm not of St. Paul. The sun of 500 guineas was exceeding 40,0001. may be issued for the paid for the use of one house in Ludyale- debts of the late Mr. Pitt. Nem. con.street, in order to see the procession.

Also for the erection of a monument to 10. A severe storm of thwader, lightning, the memory of the late Marquis Cornwallis, &c., which did considerable damage in the Governor General of India. metropolis and its vicinity.

4. Annuities voted in the House of Com16. Intelligence of a separate peace bc- mons of 2000). to Lady Viscountess Nelson eween France and Austria being concluded of the like sum to Lord Collingwood-and of at Presburg on the 27th ult.

10001. to Sir Richard Strachan, K. B. 21. Meeting of Parliament: the Session Subordmate arrangements of the new Adopened by Commission : the Archbishop of ministration sculed. Canterbury, the Lord Chancellor, the Earls Intelligence of the marriage of Eugene of Dartmouili and Camden, and Lord Auck- Beauharnor, Viceroy of Italy, to the Princess Jand, were the Commissioners.-The Ad. Augusta of B.varia, at Munich, on the 1st of dress in the Lords moved by the Earl of January. Essex, seconded by Viscount Carleton. The 5. Lord Eldon takes leave of the Court of proposed amendment by Eari Cowper not Chancery, on his pending resignation of his moved, on account of ihe critical state of high office. Nir. Piti's healih.-In the Commons, the 6. The Court of Common Council, on the Address moved by Lord F. A. Spencer, and motion of Mr. Deputy Birch, resolve to erect seconded by Mr. Ainslic. As in the Lords, a monument in Guildhall to the memory of the proposed amendment by Lord H, Petty the late Mr. Pitt. withheld by him.

7. The Royal Assent given, by Commission, 22. In the House of Lords, Viscount Mel. to a Bili to enable Lord Grenville, First Lord ville put in lois answer to the Articles of Im- of the Treasury, to appoint Trustees for the peachment exhibited against him, and plead

execution of his office of Auditor of the ed Not Guilty to the same.

E:chequer. 23. Died, in the 47th year of his age, at The Hon. Thonias Erskine created Baron his villa, near Putney, the Right Hom. Wil Erskine of Restormel Castle, and appointed han Pitt, Prime Minister.

Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain. 27. Mr. Lascelles moyer the House of Lord H, Petty, the new Chancellor of Conmons to address bis Majesty', that the the Exchequer, elected Representative for remains of Mr. Pitt might be merred at the the University of Cambridge, in the room of public expense, and a monument erected the late Righi Hon. William Pitt. tu lais memory in Westmuster Abbey, de 10. Intelligence of wie PrWasian troops



occupying the Electorate of Hanover, as a 13. Capture of the Marengo, of 80 guns, part of the dominion and territories of the Rear-Admiral Linois, and the Belle Poule. King of Prussia.

of 40 guns, on their return from India, 19. Intelligence of the official notification (where they had commilied great depredao of the Elector of Wirtemberg (son-in-law tions,) by the squadron under the command of his Majesty,) being elevated to, and of Sir John Borlase Warren. having assumed the regal title and dignity.

28. In the House of Commons, Lord 13. The Earl of Moira appointed Constable Henry Petty opened the Budget for the and Chief Governor of the Tower of London, present year, by which the Duty on Income in the room of the late Marquis Cornwale was raised to ten per qent ! lis.

30. The Duchess of Devonshire dicd, in The Right Hon. C. J. Fox unaniinously re- the 49th year of hier age. elected for Westminster. 14. The Court of Common Council, on the

APRIL. motion of Jr, Slade, vote an Address of 1. In the House of Commons, Mr. WindCongratulation to his Majesty on the ap- ham stated the outline of his plan for a new, pointinent of the new Administration, Organization of the Army.

19. The transports, with the last of the 5. A rupture with Prussia announced British troops which had been in Germany, in the Gazette of this day, by an Order: arrive in the Downs.

of Council, laying an embargo on Prussian, 20. Lord Grenville declared First Lord of vessels, in consequence of his Prussian Mathe Irish Treasury, as well as of that of jesty having taken possession of the ElectoGreat Britain-the emoluinents, however, of rale ot Hanover, &c. the former decimed by his Lordship.

Trial of Richard Patch, at the Surry As21. The remains of the Right Ion. Wil sizes, for the murder of luis partner, Isaac liam Pitt lay in state (the first day) in the Blight, on the 231 of September, 1305 ; of Painted Chamber, contiguous to the House which he was found guilty. of Lords.

The execution of Patch, who died The Medical Council of the Royal Jen- without having contessed himself guilty of nerian Society publish a Report in vindi- the crime for which he suffered, though frecation of the practice of Vaccine Inocula- quently pressed to make some declarauon. "

16. General Miranda, who had sailed froin 23. The public funcral (in Westminster New York about this time, arrived on the Abbey) of the Right Hon. William Pitt. Spanish Vain with a small squadroit, con

94. After a long trial in the Court of manded by volunteers, who accompanied King's Bench, Governor Picton, late of Tri- hiin for the purpose of emancipating the nidad, found guilty on an indiciment for in- Caraccas from the Spanislı yohe. lle de. ficting torture on a young woman of that signed first to land in the province of Coro ;'

but, on approaching the shore, two of liis 27. The will of the late Right Hon. Wil- schooners were captured by the Spaniards; lliam Pitt regularly proved at Doctors Com- and this first aitempt failed.

nons--the property left sworn by the execu- 18. In the House of Conmons, Jr. Ser100s to be less than 10,0001.

geant Best obtained leave to bring in a Bill

for preventing the publication of er parte MARCH.

and interlocutory evidence in criminal cases, 1. Official intelligence of the surrender before the trial. The Bill, however, was, ofthe town and fortress of the Cape of Good never brought in; for, on the 24111, the Hope, on the 10th of January, to the Bri- learned Sergeant stated his wish 10 cancel Disn forces under Commodore Sır Home Pop- his former motion, and the order made on laam and Brigadier-General Beresford. the 18th was discharged.

3. Debale in both Houses of Parliament 21. Message from his Majesty to Paron the constitutional propriety of Lord liament, ammouncing the recal orlis Minister Ellerborough, Chief Justice, being a Sem- from Berlin, and the adoption of measures ber of his lajesty's Cabinet Council; mo- of're taliation against the commerce and mations against the proceedmy being brought vigation of Prussia. forward-In the Lords, the motion was nie- 22. A Russian force having taken pos. gatived without a division--and in the Conia session of Caltaro, wluch, accorumg to the mons the previous question was voted on Treaty of Presburgii, was to have been surit, by a majority of 222 to 64.

rendered by Aastria to France, an article The Session of the French Legislative appeared in the Moniteur of this date, in Body opened by a speech from Buona- which it was declared, ibat the Dalmatian parté, in which he expressed a wash for Prosinces, and the Months of the Cattaro, peace with England.

niust be deliver | 1p to the Austrians, 4, The Volontaire French frigate taken at acording to the Treaty; and that the the Cape of Good Hope, into wnich sie put, Emperor would receive içm trom no other supposing the place to be in the possession of han:.

In the lose of Cuanmons, Jr. Paull Europ. Ing. Fol. LI. Jen. 1807.



the Daiche


exhibited charges against Marquis Welles- ground; in consequence of which a gentleley, of misconduct during his government man, who had retired thither on the prein India.

ceding night, was destroyed. Death of the Prince of Orange.

5. At the Court of St. Cloud, Boonaparte, 23. A skirmish took place this day be. with great ceremony, proclaimed his brother tween the Swedish and Prussian troops, near Louis King of Holland. Ratzeburgh; and the former, in consequence 10. On the motion of Mr. Fox, a resoloof their inférior force, were compelled to tion to the following effect was adopted by evacuate the Duchy of Lauenburgh.

the House of Commons, viz. “ That this 25. His Swedish Majesty laid an em- House, conceiving the African Slave Trade bargo on all Prussian ships in ihe harbours of to be contrary to the principles of justice, his dominions, and ordered the blockade humanity, and sound policy, will, with all of the Prussian ports Swedish frigates. expedition, take effectual ineasures for abo

A shot fired from his Majesty's ship Lean- lishing the said trade, in such manner, and at der, stationed od Sandy Hook, killed a man such period, as may be deemed most pracon board an American sloop called the Rich- ticable." ard. This affair occasioned great clamour 17. Lord Melville's trial terminated ; his in the United States against the British Com- Lordship being acquitted by the Peers of the wanders on that coast. The Grand Jury several Articles of Impeachment exbibited of New York found a bill for murder against against him by the Comnions Captain Whitby, of the Leander; and the 18. Lord Grenville, in the House of Peers, President, Mr. Jeffersoni, issued a Procla- moved a variety of Resolutions for reforming mation for his apprehension.

the mode of adnsivistering justice in Scoi29. The proceedings of the impeachment land. of Lord Melville commenced before the 19. The proceedings in the case of NIr. High Court of Parliament, in Westininster Justice Fox, which bad for a long period Hall.

occupied the attention of the House of Peers, MAY.

were, on the notion of Lord Grenville, com

pletely dismissed. 12. A Message from his Majesty to the 21. A delicate investigation respecting an House of Conimons recommended, that pro- illustrious female. vision be made for securing an annuity of

24. On the notion of Lord Grenville, 50001. to the present Earl Nelson, and to the House of Peers concurred in the Resoluthose to whom the title may descend ; and to

tion of the Commons, moved by Mr. Fox, provide the suin of 100,0001. for the pur. for the abolition of the Slave Travie. chase of a house and lands, to be annexed Intelligence received at the India House, 10 the said dignity.

that peace had been concluded with Holkar The Island of Capri taken by Sir Sidney

on the 24th of December last. Smith. At the same time debarkations were 29. The French squadrun, commanded by made from the ships under his command, Admiral Guilleaumez, including Jerome Buoin the neighbourhood of Gaeta, to co-operate naparte's slap, the Veteran, arrived a divja with the sorties from that şarrison, so bravely sions at Martinique, on four different daya defended by the Prince of Hesse Phillips. preceding this date. thal. 14. In the House of Commons, Mr. Jeffery,

JULY of Poule, brought forward several charges 4. The þrilliant victory of Maida, in Calaagainst Earl St. Vincent; which were re- bria, where Sir John Siuart, at the head of jected, by the Resolutions grounded thereon about 5000 British troops, defeated General bemg negatived without a division. Nr. Regnier, who communded an army of more Fox then moved a resolution, approving the than 8000 French. conduct of the Noble Earl ; which, aller 9. A Treafy signed at Paris, between some discussion, was carried.

France on the one part; aud Bavaria, Wira A dispatch received at the India Ilouse, lemberg, Baden, and several snaller German annonucing that Lord Lake liarl concluded States, on the other: by which the latter a'treaty of peace with Scindia, on the 22d of reuounced their connexion with the Empire, November.

ánd, by the name of the Confederatiou of the 22. L. the House of Commons Lord Henry Rhine, placed themselves under the protecPetry hoved' for leave to bring 'iu a Bill tot tion ui France. the more effectual examination of the public 13. Surrender of Gaeta to the French accounts, and the better discovery of trauds; aruny, the Prince of Hesse Phillipsthal have on which occasion he stated tbe amount of ing been previously wounded, and carried the accounts unexamined to be 453,600,00OI, ou board a Bruish ingate,

16. Le Guirnier French frigate, of 50 JUNE.

guns and 317 men, captured by the Blanche 4. Early in the morning, . well-known frigate'

, otirle Ferro Islands, after an actiun house in Chiandus-street, Covent-garceri

, of lorty-five umutes. talled the Key Hotel, was burnt to the Rsvi at Falluwure, in Ireland, between

the people of that town, a regiment of militia, 30. A Manifesto against the French Goand the soldiers of the German legion, in vernment published by the Emperor of Ruswhich several persons were killed and sia at St. Petersburgh. wounded. 20. A Treaty of Peace between France

SEPTEMBER. and Russia signed at Paris, on the part of the 4. The Park and Tower guns fired, in conlatter Power, by M. d'Oubril.

sequence of the arrival of an official account 23. The Session of Parliament prorogued of 'the splendid victory obtained hy Sir by Commission. In the Speech, allusion was

John Stuart on the plains of Maida, in Calamade to pacific discussions carrying on be- bria. tween his Majesty's Guvernment and that of 9. A tremendous hurricane at Dominica and France.

Martinique; by which great damage was 29. Surrender of Buenos Ayres and its done to these islands, and many of the dependencies to his Majesty's forces under inhabitants were destroved. the command of Major-General Beresford 12. Death of Lord Thurlow. His funeral and Sir Home Popham

on the 25th, when the body was interred in Le Rhin, French frigate, captured by the the vanitof the Temple Church. Mars, Captain Oliver, being one of four fri- 13. Death of the Right llun. Charles James gales returning from Porto Rico to France. Fox. AUGUST

14. The French squadron commanded by 2, Departure of Lord Lauderdale for Paris, Guilleautez (after 'Jerome Buonaparte's to conclude the negociation commenced with ships separated from it) having sustained the French Government.

great damage in a gale of wind, some of 7. In consequence of the Confederation of the ships took shelter in the Chesapeak; the Rhine, Francis the Jid published, at where l'Impetueux, o174 guns, was destroyed Vienna, his resignation of the office of Emby the Bellona and the Belleisle, two of Sir peror of Germany; which dissolved that an- Richard Strachan's squadron. cient Constitution.

18. Loss of the King George packet, 13. The Emperor of Russia, hy the advice bound from Pork Gate to Dublin, with all the of his Council, refused to ratify the Treaty passengers and crew, amounting to 106 persigned at Paris by d'Oubril.

sons; four seamen, one woman, and a child, 16. Six of the homeward-bound Quebec excepted. convoy captured by Jeroine Buonaparté, in 20. The King of Prussia, accompanied by the Veteran, on his return to France.

the Queen, lett Berlin, and proceeded to the 20. Lord Holland and Lord Auckland ap- hcad quarters of the army collected on his pointed by his Majesty Joint Commissioners frontiers to oppose the French. to treat with the Anierican Commissioners, 25. Sir Samuel Hood, having under his Mr. Monroe and Mr. Pinckney.

command the Centaur and Monarch, fell in 92. The budy of an unfortunate girl of the with a French squadron, consisting of five town found in Iligler's-lane, near the King's frigates and two brigs, which had just escaped Bench prison ; her murder being rendered from Rochefort. Sir Samuel lost his right remarkable by some uncommon circumstances arın in the action, and four of the frigates of brutality with wluch it appeared that were captured. crime had been committed.

Buonaparté left Paris to join the army 23. Brilliant naval achievement by his asserubled to act against Prussia. Majesty's ships Arethusa and Anson, in an 30. The Archduke Ferdinand of WurtzAttack on the enemy near Moro Castle, in the burg (brother to the Emperor of Austria) island of Cuba ; the Spanish arigate Pomona, declared his accession to the Confederation of 38 guns and 347 men being captured; of the Rhine twelve twenty-four pounder gun.boats destroyed, each of which had a crew of 100

OCTOBER. nen; and the fort, mounting sixteen thirty. 1. Lord Morpeth set out on a mission to six pounders, blown up.

the Court of Berlin. 25. John Phi::p Palm, bookseller, of Nu..

%. The carriage of the Princess of Wales Temberg, and five others, condemned to death overturned at Leatherlead ; in consequence by a French Military Commission at Bran- of which Miss Cholinondelcy, who accompa. nau, for selling a publication against Buo. nied her Royal Highness, was killed on ihe naparié and his army. Or the other five, spot. ynly one, Joseph Schoderer, of Duruwerth, 3. Death of Dr. Horsley, Bishop of St. was in custody, and he was pardoued; bot Asaph. Palin, who steadily refused tu. Dane the 5. King Louis set out from the Hague to author, was cruelly put to death, confummable head the Dutch troops of the army of the to the sentence.

North, intended to co-operate with the French 26. Jerome Buonaparté, baving separated Grand Army. frou Guilleaumez's squadron, escaped froma 8. a telegraphic message, announcing the the British cruisers which pursued him, and return of Lord Lauderdale, sent by Lord arrived at Concarneau Bay near l'Orient. Howick to the Lord Mayor, aud by bizn to ley, was produced for the first time tions for Colinette (who is changed to Colon under the title of “ Mother Goose; bine,) till the Golden Egg, which is cast into or, The Golden Egg,” the principal the Sea by the Enchantress, shall be agais Characters of which were these :

produced by one of the offending parties.

The pursuit and alternate possessions of the Mother Goose

Mr. SIMMONS. Lady commence, and coutinue through a Colin...

Mr. King. variety of scenes and situations, interspersed (afterwards Harkt.

with more than twenty mechanical transfor. quin)... S Mr. Bologna, jun. mations. Mother Goose at length relents

, Avaro(afterwardsPan:} Mr. L. BOLOGNA.

commissions a Sea Sprite to restore the Ezg,

and unites the affianced Lovers. 'Squire Bugle (after

Mr. GRIMALDI, We have not for several years wit. wards Clown).....

Dessed a Pantomime more attractive Water Spirit Mr. MENACE.

than this; whether we consider the Master Benson, Goodwix.

variety and ingenuity of the mechaniFairies....


cal devices; the whiin, humour, and SEARLE. agility of the Harlequin, Clown, and

Pantaloon; or the adinirable dexterity Colinette i efterwards } Miss SEARLE.

with which the scenery is managed. Woodcutter's Wile..... Mrs. WHITMORE. Grimaldi, whom we always believed

to possess talents that were not suffiAvaro, the miserly guardian of Colinette, ciently called into exercise at Drury. breaks a promise that he had given Colin to lane, 'made his first appearance at Comarry bis ward, in favour of 'Squire Bugle, a vent Garden, as the Clown in this piece ; rich widower of repulsive manners, and as and hiş performance astonished us by completely disagreeable to the young and sene the variety of his tricks, and the neatsible Colmette, as Colin is, on the contrary,

ness and promptitude with which they a favorite. The piece opens with prepa

were executed. Mother Goose (a part, rations for the 'Squire's marriage with Colinette, which are interrupted by the remon.

by-the-bye, very humorously performed strauces of Colin. During the bustle this by Simmons) was received with unanioccasions, the Beadle and Rustic Parish Otti- mous applause. She has filled Covent cers bring Mother Goose before the 'Squire Garden to an overflow every night since as a reputed witch, and beg that she may be her first appearance; and will

, we doubt punished. The 'Squire condemns her to the not, continue long to produce her gol. ducking stool. Colin, from the natural hu- den eggs to the Treasury of Messrs. ananity of his disposition, opposes the sen- Harris, keinble, and Co. tence, and warmly espouses the cause of Mother Goose, who escapes from her perse- Jan. 12. DRURY-LANE.-A new Opecutors, raises the ghost of the 'Squire's first ra, by Mr. KENNEY, the fortunate auwife, and puts an end to the festivity of the thor of Raising the Wird, Alatrimony, intended nuptials. Colin, however, cannot dc. was presented for the first time, prevail on Avaro to keep his promise, and is entitled " False ALARMS; or, My Cou giving way to the deepest despair; when

sin." The following are tlie principal Mother Goose, in gratitude for bis late in.

characters : terposition in her favour, makes him a present of the Goose so tamed in fable for Sir Damon Gayland....Mr. WROUONTON. possessing the wonderful ability to lay a Edgar Gayland... Mr. BRAHAM. Golden Egg every day, with permission to Tom Surteit.

Mr. BANKISTER. give this curious bird to Avaro in exchange Licutenant M.Lury

Mr. JOUNSTOYE. ior the band of Cohnette. Avaro receives Plod...

Mr. NLATTHEWS. the gift with rapture; but, instigated by the Gabriel.

Mr. PENLET. natural rapacity of bis disposition, refuses Grinvelt

Mr. WEWITZER to give his Ward, unless Colin will consent to


..Mr. DIONUM. open the enchanted animal, in the hope ot

Walters, Servants, &c. producing all her wealth at once: Colin Lady Gayland..

.Mrs. Mountain, refuses, and Colinette entreats for the life Caroline Sedley. Miss Duncan. of the bird; but Avaro is inexorable. The

Emily ..

Mrs. BLAND. 'Squire is again introduced, and about to

Miss Umbrage.

Miss PoPE. carry off the lovely prize ; when Colin, fear


. Mad. STORACE. jul of losing his betrothed, gives a rash consent to sacritice the gift of his Patroness; she Sir Damon Gayland, who has recently indignantly appears, rescues the Bird, and taken Lady Gayland for his second wife, condemns Avaro, Colin, and the 'Squire, to and for whom he really has more regard wear the shapes of Pantaloon, Harlequillo than he is aware of, is infatuated with ibe and Clown, and wander in mutual conten- silly pride of exciting his wife's jealousy.

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