shot) they hoisted Spanish colours, and com- bring me to action) will ineet with your Lordmenced action; as soon as I got abreast of ship's approbation, knowing I could depend the second vessel, I got on the other tack, upon my oslicers and ship's company, whose and brought them to closer action, which last- cool, brave, and steady conduci, un this, as ed till iwelve o'clock, wlien their fire slack- on forger occasions, almost ensured me sucened ; at half past, being nearly a calmı, the cess before the acriou commenced ;--ibes brig and zebeck hauled away to the south- merit my warmest acknowledgnients. ward, assisted by their boats and sweeps, the I cannot omit mentioning my having four ship then nearest us endeavouring to do the passengers:---Captain Sullivan, of the 31st same to the northward; we swept after her, regimeni, who coinmanded the small arius; and in an hour got close alongside, when she Messrs. Purvis, Crokat, and a Neapoltan struck her colours. She proved to be a Spa- Messenger, were all of great service, as we nish polacre ship (privateer) the Neptuno were sixteen short of complement. The obDios de los Mares, of 14 guns, and 72 men, ject of the enemy's fire was mostly directed from Denia, going on a cruise between Mi- at our masts and rigging, in which I am sorry norca and the coast of Africa, with the other to say we suffered very materially: two in company, who, l am sorry to say, made The force opposed to the Halcyon was, their escape, but not beiore iheir fire had Neptuno Dios de los Mares, fourteen twelve. been silenced. The five seltees, when within pounders, and 72 men; la Vergin di Solidad, three miles, seeing the ship deserted, returned fourteen twelve and eight-pounders, and 78 to the shore, and went into the port of Denia. men; el Vives, twelve eight and six-poundThough extraordinary, I am happy to say we ers, and 65 wen, had none killed, and only three wounded;

I have the honour to be, &c. Lieutenant Briggs, my First, by a splinler, in

H. W. PEARSE. the arm, whom I beg leave to recommend to your Lordslup's notice; Lieutenant Pearse, The Right Hon. C. Lord Collingwood. who has becn acting three years and a half in this vessel; and one seaman. The loss of the (There is also a letter from Captain enemy must be great. The wounded from Janoes Brisbane, of the Alcmene, transmutted the ship are doing well, nine in all. I give by Lord Gardner, giving an account of the your Lordship the full particulars of this event, capture, by that ship, on the 4th instant, in and trust nyattacking so very superior a force lat. 50 deg. N., long. 11 deg. W., of le Cou. (seeing they were resolutely determined to ries, French cutter privateer, of St. Maloes.]




Armistice was concluded, his Prussian MaA STATE Paper was published in the jesty was obliged to refuse his consent to it,

Koningsburg Gazette of the 1st of because it was not in his power to stop the December, by order of the King of Prussia, approach of the Russian armies. In iruth, in which he gives the reasons of his refusing as the Kiug of Prussia observes, “ if any alto ratify the armistice concluded by Luc- ternative remained for procuring Peace, it chesini and General Zastrow on the 16th No- was one that implied the accomplishing of vember. The King states, that previous to impossibilities, viz. to invite the Cabinets of the conclusion of ihe armistice, a basis of St. Janies and St. Petersburgh to unite with peace had actually been agreed upon, but his Majesty, and agree upon the basis of a from which the continued successes of the Negotiation with the Emperor Napoleon French led Buonaparté to depart; and on for a general Peace. This has been done." account of his growing demands, 10 hopes of Feeble, however, indeed, must be the peace could be entertained. He says, that hopes of the success of such an attempt; after the acceptance of the conditions, every for by a note of Talleyrand, delivered to effort was made at Berlin to produce insur- the Prussian Plenipotentiaries after the rection and rebellion among the King's sub- signing of the Armistice, it appears, that jects in South Prussia, Wherever the ene- Buona parté had resolved to keep the Prusmy's troops could find their way, the proper- sian States; and to make no Peace, anless ty of the King was taken possession of, the by extorting (as the price of evacnating royal treasures were seized, and it was them) from England, all the Dutch, Spanish, attempted to seduce the servants of his Ma- and French Colonies; and from Russia, conjesty froin their lawful allegiance. All these, ditions respecting the Porte. The King of and other things, raised a suspicion that Prussia, therefore, calls upon his subjects Buonaparte was not sincere in luis desire of in the most moving yet animating terms, making peace. Buonaparté next proposed an to exert their ancient spirit in their own des Armistice, when it was thought that Peace Sence, in which they are supported by the was to take place, and new and srvere de- whole energies of the Russian Empire. The mauds were made on Prussia, When the paper concludes in these words :

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In her former struggles in the seven future. Among those whose conduct is inost years' war, Prussia stood alone, or at least highly reprehensible nrewithout any material assistance from any 1. All those Oficers who have more on other Power. She then stood up against the less puricipaled in the medicarri-of conduet first Powers in Europe. - In the present struga. of the surrender to the earmy of the gle she can reckon upon the assistance of fortresses of Siestin, Custrin, Spandau, and the powerful and magnanimous Alexander, Magdeburg. who with his whole strength stands forward 2. All those eers who, not being present for the preservation of Prussia. Prussia at the capitulation of their respective corps, in this great struggle has only one interest in nevertheless offered themselves voluntarily common with Russia; both will stand and to surren:ler, as belonging to such corps, fail together. With such an intimate anion day, even persuader their conurades and of both Puwers, in such a holy struggle their Subalterns to take a similar scandalous against an enemy whose success has raised resolution. bun to such a giddy height, that he knows 3. Lastly, all those who, without having no limits to his career, the issue of the strug. received any furlough, or having been made gle cannot long remain doubtful. Perseve prisoners, have absented themselves from lige rance in danger, according to the glorious armies, and went either home or elsewhere, example of our forefathers, can and willo &c. alone lead us on to victory!"

The Commander at Custrin is in conse. The Note addressed by Talleyrand to quence condemned to be slot; and those of Lucchesini and Zastrow, atier the signing the three other fortresses, to be discussed of the Armistice, iventions the extraordinary with disgrace, as well as several other moderation of the Emperor in suffering kings Officers, guilly of various irregularities. to reign secure on their thrones, whom lie [Then follows a number of Ordmances had conquereit. He was even now willing respecting the future conduct of the dutcr. int to display his extraordinary moderation. He Classes of the Army... Every Commander says, that France must retain her conqnests who shall not defend a place, according to on the Continent, until the colonies which its resources, tu be shot... Ollicers learing France, Spain, and Holland, have lost, shall the field without being wounded, 10 be be restored. Besides, the Emperor must cashiered with infamy; every soldier, who obtain a guarantee for the independence of in thiglit shall throw away his arms, 1o be shut. the Porte.And he cannot restore the con- as well as every Prussian sudiject found ia quered countries, until the full enjoymeut the service of the en::my.--As As Escor. of the rights of the Porte over Wallachua RAGENENT TO MERIT, THAT PERSONS OY and Molvavia is acknowledged, and its total WHATEVER BIRTII, SIALL BE PROMOTED, independence recognized aud garanteed. IP THEY DISTINGUISH THESIS ELVEP. PRUSSIAN PROCLAMATION,

(Signed) FREDERICK 1V11.1.1AX,

The King and Queen of Prussia were, Concerning the abolishing sereral Abuses in the

on the 20th ult. at a small town near Armics.

Koningsberg. The King supported the ciIn consequence of the unfortunate and traordinary reverse of fortune which he has almost total dissolution of several corps of the experienced, with composure and fortitude; ariny, sent into the field against the French, but the Queen appeared sensibly am:cted ai it has been inpossible for his Prussian the woefiel change in her condition. There Majesty, on account of a total want of

were about 25,000 Prussian troops in that authentic information, to distinguish truth vicinity. from falsehood, ruinours from facts, 10 An article from Mecklenbutgh, dated reward merit, or to inflict punishment. Iis Dec. 9, says, “The Duke and Ilereditary Majesty, therefore, must postpone drawing Prince returned a few days since from Berlin, any conclusions until that period wlien luis to which city he went for the purpose of Jlajesiy shall be enabled to do so with more representing to his Majesty, the Emperor vi certamy and precision. His Majesty is far the French and King of Italy, the wretched. froin the idea of ascribing to his brave armies ness of his country, occasioned by its being all the calamities and misfortunes which he the theatre of war, and the passaye of four himself and his dominions have experienced. divisions of French troops."-- From this we It is, on the contrary, very satisfactory to his should conclude, that our Queen's brother Majesty, that many of his soldiers, from the and family had not been driven froin his highest to the lowest rank, have distinguished Principality. themselves by a steady courage, continued If we mistake not, the Queen, when young perseverance, and a true sense of honour. and a Princess of Blechlenburyli, addressed But, unfortunately, instances lave occurred

a very pathetic letter to the Great Frederick, (proved by facts, that speak for then selves,) imploring relief from the oppressions of the or such a nature as not to be passed over any military iben quartered on the Mecklenburgh lunges in silence : on the contrary, they territory. Will this letter, it is said, the Ongit most severely and most publickly io King was so much pleased, that he recom.. Ls womadverted 01, as an example for the wonded licr io our Sovereig!?; and from blus


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circumstance alone she becaine Queen of « On the 19th, a regiment of Cossacks, asEngliend.

sisted by the Russian Hussars, endeavoured The Queen of Prussia has been rery ill to surprise the picquct of Light Cualty, at of a nervous fever, at Koningsberg; how- the téte-de-pont of ihe Bug; but the picqurt rrer, not dangerously; and the Court was had taken such a position as secured it against preparing to leare that place. The difficul- any surprise. The first regiment of Flussars, iles the Royal Fainily are put to to keep open and a Colo::cl, with a squadron of the 13th, a comumamcation by letters, appear from the immediately coming to the assistance of the Altun Courant, which contains the two picquet, the enemy were thrown into con. following advertisements.

fusion. In tinis trilling affair we had three Hisilighuess, Prince Angustiis of Prussia, or tour men wounded, but the Colonel of wiwer is a prisoner of war, intornis his sister, the Cossacks was killed, and thirty min; Her Royal Highness the Princess Lonisa, twiniy-five horses fell into our brandis. There *;*.

pe to Prince Anthony Radzivil, that are no men so wretched and cowardly as the li has withdruwn to Nantz,"---Berlin, Dec. Cussacks; they are a sandal to human 91.

nature. They pass the Bug, and violate tre Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Antrian neutrality every day, increly 10 Process Ferdinand of Prussia, intorm her plunder a house in Gallacia, or to compei Hivyal Highness Princess Louisa of Prussie, ihe mhabitants to give them brandy, which Sple to lrmxe Anthony Radzivil, that they drink with great aridity. But since they are un good health, and fecilitate them- the last campaign, our caralry is accustoined . lves in conseqnence of the cornmer.cenient 10 the mode of attack made rise ot by these of the recovery of their eldest son-in-law wretches; and withstanding their num. tom a nervous fever."- Berlin, Dec. 21, bers, and their hudens cry on these occa110).

$ions, tlicy await thene sithout aların, as it Art article from Berlin says, the Emperor is well known thal 2000 of these wretches arrived at Warsaw on the 10th oli.

are not equal to the attack of a squadron of Thorn, we regret to state,' has surrenderer

our caratry.” [The truth is, the French to the enemy, alter expenedcng the etiect of Cavalry bave found these coeurdiu Cossacks a violent bombardment.

very troublesome op: oneuls; and hence The important tortress of Glogan, in these invectives agamst them.) Marshal Filena, which consisted of 200 pieces of Algerezu passed the l'escola at Utratia, C+140), and was garrisoned by 4000 troops, General Lave'sse entered Pluusk, after drar. hoss surrendered to the Wirtemberg con- mg out the enemy. Marshal Soult paered tingent. under the command of Jerome the same river at Vizogorol. Marshal Bes. Bronta parie.

sieres was at Kikol on the 18th, with me The surrender of the fortresses of Glogau second corps vs the cavalry of resitre.and Plassenburgh are announced in the Ilis advanced guard is al Serpez. There have 38th Builean of the French army; and the bern several atlairs between our cavalry and jetreat of the Russians behind ibe Vistula, the Prussian H184485, of whoin a great num21!!the commencementa of busulities hetween ber have been made prisoners. The right 3***!? and Turkey, are stated in the 391h bank of the Vistula is quite cleared. Mar.

Helin. [l'ne laties lact, however, has shal ley, with h! !cht corps, supports MarAt":{" born contradicted.] The 41st Buil. shal Basieres, and his right at the same time Derson, dinted from Posen, Dec. 14, $ices, Priends to the under the command of Mar. rral on the 11th, a corps of Alarshal Da- shal the Prince of Ponto Corvo, Thus every !w-i's army crossed the river Big and corps is ni nown, and it the enemy remains in Stotished themselves at the Village vf his positiva, a battle will take place in a five Penuvo. Assian division attached dass with God's hulp, the 18'ue cannot be *******), biolt' were repilised with great loss.- uncertain. The Russian army is comanded Pie 4d Bullcun, daird l'osto, Dec. 13, lis General kamen kos, an old man about 24 Dns, that a bridge hul leen Urrow 7. Vears of age. The Generals Buxhonden perus tlic Narew; that the Russians were and Benningsen command ander hom. Goreiubeancing from Grorino; and that the sea rai Vichelson bas, beyond a doubt, penetra. ther was acominoniy favourable, and like ted into violdavia, not there are accounts in?;?.. - Te 4:3! linkleriu is disse id from that he arrived at Jess on the oth of No2013, on tie 1711, and merely states the ytriber, We are usind that bus Genesis arrival of the Emperor at that lumil, mhus ing. Bender by storn, and put every one hry 10 Ilarsan. The 14th, dated Ilarsais, 10 0:e suod. llcre bebolet a wir dcclared

Vesterday, the Emperor avanst the Pories without reason or pr text; !preted the works of Pragi, ilise eight but at St. Pie:stingh it will land! 1, that 1973 reivishte, with prind locs, bp«810114, pc. the moment hau arrived when France and sosedienser it mace of interna

med 101ces, Prever, the firo Powers who had the greate Tirt 101, won the whole, the catrrochier! es! mtc'ri'st in preserving the top 'n lence {"p".. ligira gove's cog* to listen flie murense of the Porte, Demy at war, w** the most

10:36}?? sed words that are carrying lari»ne alle period for subjunging the Turan 1.3 cl, for delines asins! ti. Rusualla. do Enpre. Suild the creats of one month

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have defeated that project, and to these Freneh fyranny, has broken ont ia tie iteseverits the Porie shall be indebted for its sian territory. The inhabitants of that couite preservation. The Grand Duke of Berg has try, driven to desperation by the exactions a !erer, but he is beiter. The weather is as and vexations to which they have been sutomil ! as at Paris in the month of October, jeeted suce the french look possession of il, but rainy, which makes it a onvenient. We have come to a resolution worthy of me have taken measures for the delivery of a success than, we tear, will attend their presutticieut quantity o! vine, in order to sup: sent attempt. About 11),600 men, consistport the vigour of the truops. Tie palace of ing principally of disban test soldiers and the King of Poland, al Warsaw, is a tine $une peasaits, assembled laiels near Esche ej.bice, and well furnishe.l. There aic sco

wege, and having nominated an Officer of veral nib'e pa'aces and private houses in this the Rogunent of de Wurmb), Captain d'l's. eity. Our hoopitais are well established, Tar, their Commander, with the rank oil'u. which is no smoli alvatave in this country. lonel, proceeded to organize themselves in The eveny seeiu tu base a number of sick; regular force. Those wong them who lidt they also lose greatly lry descrters; and of served as Nou-commissioned Orlicers, urre the Prussians we hear nothin', for egen ap;romted Oiticers; and they armed theme whole corps of thein have deserie!, to avoid scives in the best manier they couli, sem that continual contempt which they unghit all the arms, swords, ac, which they woulu expert aalong the Russians,"

fint. The insurrecho!, it is supposel, wo According to the french Bulletins, the not contined to the Hessian territory, but 13 Russia is lave shown an inclination 10" burr liave extended itselito Saxony and lianover themselves in the interior of the country;" alu. that is, they have shown a prudent inci.na- An article froin Paris impudently says, tion to avoid fighing, ull a fair prospect of " It is un:lerstond, that general and decisie success otiere.

nieasures are about to be adopted to force The Emperor of Russia has issued a very England to cousent to the repose of Europe.* spirited and masiy D: caration of his intelle Bunaparid has issued the following 1.. tion of carrying on the war with vigour against crer l'especum' ile British Property at IlangFrrace; and he calls upon the people 10 burzh:come forward now, not poly for the assista

Imperial Hand-Quarters at Posen, ance oitheir Alls, but tor their own detence.

Dec. 1), 1806. It is dated 231 Vovcinber.

Napoleon, Emperor of the French and kiug The Russian General, Tolstov, bas formed

ot' Italy a junciion with the King of Prussia, who has We have decreed and do decrcc as ludenied it prudent to fall back froin (storude lows:--to Koningsberg, and is said to be fullowed All the English merchandizo, or produc. by a considerable force, under the orders of tions of the English Colonies, wluch have General Buxhorvadin.

been placed under requisitioii ai llantarulito Kosciusko has it leressert a lelies to the Livec, and Brenul, sall be inedintele Poles, announcms that lie is about to join removed to France. the standard of Napoleon, ubom le styles The 10!lowing is a leiier from one of the " The Deliverer and Restorer of Poland." first fivuses m Paris, addressed 10 a Vesa This, under the present circumstances, may chant of emmeace in London, viz. tend greatly to lavors the views of the Tv.

6. Paris, 29th D:c. 1806. sant, to whom he 124 so disgracefully bowed " You desire us to pay on your accu111 luis once proudis stub!rom nik.

the sun ut 3u1. to Mr. I. and we had writers Buonapasté, on los triumpaal entry into iu hum on the stije:1; but he did uot iuads Posen, announced his intention of proclain. lus appearance beture a decrce was issueria ing the independence oi Poland, li bay while prulubats any payment whatever berig since reached Warsaw ; but the proibised made to an Englisia subject; and under l'roclamation has not yet been issued. whicl, we regret we are obliged to suspend

A post sa:guinary Procla walinn be been the payment of ih snall suin in question.issued by the French General Loison to We are williged 17:19 prudential motives to the inhabitants of Linger, in toprakla, act this for the present; but we think iho who, in consequence of their resniance 10 aifkir will startly be wodoratud, aud that in Gallic oppression, are ilireatened with sun- a litle time we shall be enabled to execuie miry vengeance. “ The iubalvants, 11 they your commands." continue to assumbie, are to be cilt to prer's, The hatred ut Buonaparié to the commerand their houses and property burned. The cial prosperity of this country, (text' 10115 principal inhabitants to be seat 10 France, Constituilon, the great foundation of its glory until the levied contributions are completed; and preeminence, is not contiued 10 the mere and if not paid by the 10th ut luis month. exclusion of British produce und muu their property to be seizi-d and sold." How tures from the counities under his control, dreadful! Good Heaven! how long is the but extends to the absolute prohibition 'via terih to be cursed by the domination of such any trade whatever with the British Forre. tyrant monsters!

By accuunts from Spain, it appears, that the A cuasiderable insurrection, to shake off Spanish Government has been compeal.,

by a peremprory nandate from France, to and Prussia ase at war with me, but upon produbul the scading of any wool in this fair and very different grounds ; iny conjuct country, as hias Weca the practice durmg timu to them is, therciore, very diffeicht iron prescut as well as turnier wars. The same that 10 England. Have I not Berim in my probibition, we tind, by one of the late possession--and have I inlicted on that city French L'apers, has been issued in the king, ine sruallest mjury? Was not every thing domu ot' Italy, against the exportation'otiew in muy power? IVere not the men, women, silk 10 this country. The experience of a:d children at any feet, and might I not hare a few months will prove, that the subjects of sold them as slaves ? I have not done it yet; their Spanish and Italian Majestics are likely but mark my words, IT MAX FET coux 10 to be the greatest sufferers by ihese splenetic Pass!" and impolitic regulations.

Message of the King of llolland to their The trade at Leipsic, Berlin, Daviburgh, High Jightinesses, of the 5th of December, Lubec, Bremen, &c. is wholly suspended. coutaius a nuost deplorable picture of the

A general embargo has taken place at state of that couniry. Auniluluted commerce, Ilanburgh, and we neutral is alloweu iu sail, dilapidated resources, no civil or crouroal even in Wallast; and in llanover and the couc, the very existence of the soil endallbeighbourmg places, all comuumication und gered by the decay into which the dikes and England is forbiduen, upon pall of death. tences against the ocean have been suffered

The following has been given as the sub- tu tall :--Such are the principal articles in stance of wirat passed between Buonaparié tliis melancholy enumeration of calamics. and the Hamburgh depuues; but we wy no And yet, under the shame of such a cone aneuns vouch for its accuracy, or eaplani huw lession, bis Alajesty talks of the prosperity of it should bave become publick.-lly refused 1115 Colonies, and of creating Orders of eren to receive their proposals, and treated knighthood! It seems as it tyranny were thein with the utmost rigour and contempt. about to give back to the waves, thal domain lle tuld theiu, that he corecived the nea- wlucha liberty and industry wrested from sures hic had labeu" were the only means of them. torcing Great Britaito mahe peace;" Letters froin Lisbon say, that advices had and that, thereture, noubin should induce been received from Rav Jansro, with au ac., Jumu to depart from then. in vain they told count of the re-capture of Buchos Ayres by hum, Thai thirty houses hud ulreudy tailed in the Spaniards and Indians, and that General Hainburgh, il consequence of those macaurea, Beresiord, Sir Home Poplam, dic. are inade His uuteelung answer was -" SO NUCH TUT

Mon Ts.

We liope this will prove an allWETTER, inusmuch as it will ruin inuniy more

iwunded report. than that number in ENGLAND!" sull they Sulae late Ainerican Papers contained a rold Inn, that a persereruce irl those incu- long article on ille probable consequences tu sures would reduce the whole City of liamburgh America ut our ohiamming possession of Buenos to Bunkruptcy! This alswer wiss again—-"SU Ayres. The Americalls, as might be exVUCH THE LITTEK ; ther. you will not be pected, are jealous of the acquisition to Engable to carry on your commercial intercourse und oi su valuable a piace--ihey would rawith Great Britain !" Against Unis brutal ther have the indolent Spaniards continue cxultation they ventured to oppose the drcad- luisters of it (under wliowu they might sull tul ctlocis wlich would arise from the whole carry on i considerable contraband trade), commerce of the world being stoppe! His than the enterprising Englishi, ishuse trading seply was---" I wish it to witne to this piter, speculations will leave io room for smuga thut there should be no commerce utal! The gling, Lund only shall be tillid, ulici tere shall only lle have had some dificulty in accrediting be erchunge of linen against cuttle, und of the extraordinary resign allributed to Colonei gruin against cloth! THE TOURTH CENTURY Burr, of discivnig the American Union, but db UST BE REVIVEU before the world cur be as the fact is iuentioned boil in the news. reduced to its proper siute!" He said, le jwpers and private sellers, we camot w dolly knew lie should be called a CALIGULA and dischieve ul. it would appear, from the * NERO. lie cared not for it. lle allowed following extracı ol ü letter, ibut the project that bus own sca-ports would be ruined, but has not only becli concured, but avowed he could not help it. lle declared that the also. He do lut sie wliat advantages the Deputatious which he knew were on the separalists are lv dere rom the dissoroad to hu from Nantz, Bourdeaux, dic. ac. luion. &c. wah remonstrances against bis decree • The city of Washington is now a scene against the English, should not be aunited of busile. . Colonel Burr has publicly allinto his presence. Antes repeatedly calling 1:ounced his projeci iu separate the li estern Hainburgh “ l'ne uitle Inglois," he concluded territory froin ilac Umied States. He lias with these remarkable and never-tv be-for- Haikuisun at the head of the arluy, in leeg gullen words,-- EUAND JUST VECH- with bum. There has been a Council suung LLLD, AND DLALT WIN!

for three days at ll'aslaugtou ;' the suit of

JILAT IN WHICH which is, lhat process goes out to the rhal Shad ullueRTO HAS B.E. INiarap! Russia of the territory to arrest Busraid liikindua;


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