circmistance alone she becaine Qirecn of « On the 19th, a regiment of Cossacks, as Englind.

sisted by the Russian Hussars, endeavoured The Qneen of Prussia has been very ill to surprise the picqnct of Light Caralt, at of a nervous fever, at Koningsberg; bor- the téte-de-pont of the Bug; but the picqurt rrer; not dangerously; and the Court was had taken such a position as secured it against preparing to leave that place. The difficul

any surprise. The first regiment of flussars, Fle's The Royal Fanily are put to to keep open and a Colo-ici, with a squadron of the 13th, a commitmcation by letters, appear from the immediately coming to the assistance of the Altun Courant, which contains the two picquet, the enemy were thrown into con. following advertiseruents.


In this trilling affair we had them " His llighness, Prince Angustais of Prussia, or four men wounded, but the Colonel of wine is a prisoner of war, informs his sister, the Cossacks was killed, and thirty men; der Royal Highness the Princess Lonisa, twenty-five horses fell into our hran'ls. There

14 to Prince Anthony Radzivil, that are no men so wretched and cowardly as the h" has withdrawn to Nanti."--Berlin, Dee. Cussacks; they are as andel to human

Reture'. They pass the Bug, and violate tre ** Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Antrian neutrality every day, merely to Process Ferdilianit of Prussia, intorm hu plunder a house in Gallacia, or to compei Jioval Highness Princess Louisa of Prussie, the inhabitants to give them brandy, which Some to Prme Anthony Radzivil, that they drink with great aridhty. But since they are in good health, and facilitate them- the last campaign, our cavalry is accustoined * lies in consequence of the co:nmencenient 10 the mode of attack made itse ot by these of the recovery of their eldest son-in-law wretches; and notwithstanding their fuit. 1som a nervous fever."--Berlin, Dec. 24, bers, and their huaceous cry on these occa1}.

sons, tlicy await then without aların, as it Arrarticle from Berlin says, the Emperor is well known that 2000 of these wretches arrived at Warsaw on the 10th oli.

are not equal to the attack of a squadron of Thorn, we regret to staic, has surrenderer! our caratry.” [The truth is, the French do she enemy, itler expenedomg the etiect of Cavalry have found these corurdiu Cossacks a violent bombardmeut.

very troublesome op: on us; and hence The important tortress of Glogau, in these invectives against them.] Marshal Silesia, whicli consisted of 200 pieces of Augereau passed the listula at Utratia. Crno!), and was garrisonest by 4000 troops, General Lave'sse entered Pluusk, after drar. has surrendered to the Wirtemberg con- mg ont the enemy. Marshal Soult passed tingent. Ander Ure command of Jerome the same river at l'izocorol. Marshal Bes. Bmonta parie.

sicres was at Kikol on the 18th, with me The surrender of the fortresses of Glogau second corps of the cavalry of resepte.ane Plassenburgh are announced in the This advanced guard is at Serper. There have 38th Buileinl of the French army; and the bern several athairs between our cavalry and jetreat of the Russians behind the Vistula, the Prusian Hussers, of whoin a great numP10!!he commencement and hostilities between ber have been made prisoners. The right 3+417 and Turkey, are stated in the 39ih hank of the Vistula is quite cleared. Mar.

bern. [lne latier fact, hosteser, las sha! Vey, with hin!ıht corps, supports MarAriel bumpy contradicted.] The 1134 Bul. shal Basieres, and his right at the saine arme Drson, died from Posell, Dec. 14, stales, Priends to the under the command of Marsal on the 11th, a corps of Marshal Da- shal the Prince of Ponto Corvo, Thus every 10.-;': army crossed the river Bug and corps is m notion, and it the enemy remains in Published themselves at the Village vi his position, a battle will take place in a few Dans uwo. A lusan division attached days. Whath God's help, tlie issue caunul be **?""), fiut were repaised with great loss.- uncertain. The Russian army is comanded Vir 400 Bullcun, dated Posro, Dec. 13, his treneral kamen.kos, an old man about Dins, that a bridge hud leen throwia 7) pears of age, Tlir Generals Buxhowder por us thic Narew ; that the Russa!!s were and Benningsen conmuud ainder dum. Geneinnbyancing from Grooing; and that the wet- rai Vichelson lias, beyorid a doubt, penetra. ther was CODronly favourisole, and ble ted into Moldavia, imit there are accounts

menu - Te 4:31 Tuberiu is dated frora that he arrived at Jass on the 19th of NoHutne), on flie 18111, and inereiy site's the ytmber. We are usind that bus Generals arrival of the Emperor at that loontl, m his ina. Bender by storm, and put every one hany 10 Harsan. --i be j1th, dated Warsit 10 Uhe sword. llere bebotet a war declared

Yesterday, the Emperor aparst the Porte without reason or pr text; Ipected the works of Pinn?, ilirose eglit but a! St. Pere stirruh it wars 11.011):1, that 1997 reluishes, with pathwaloes, br41011, tc. the moment has arrived when France and Srebrose it mace of fittera bred curses,

the two Powers who had the greata ir 101:), 1.9 on the whole the entre client est micro'st in preserving the mepwence op... I things to listen the mun.CASE of the Porte, temy at war, *** ise must

10:schine.?!.00 words that are caring lavin alle period for subjungitting the Turne 1.31cl, for defonce agains! ta. Rusoais. ish Empic. Suill the events of vue month

J. 21, wys,


have defeated that project, and to these French týranny, has broken out ia the ites. everits the Porte shall be indebted for its sian territory. The inhabitants of that couite preservation. The Grand Duke of Berg has try, driven to desperation by the exact1008 a lorer, but he is beiter. The weather is as and vexations to which they have been suisfuil ! as at Paris in the month of October, jeeted suce the l'rench loob possession of il, but rainy, which makes it was onrement. We have come to a resolution worihy of 2010 have taken ueasures for the delivery of a success than, we fear, will attend their presuficient quantity o! vine, un order to sup. Beni attempt. About 10,000 men, consialport the vigour or the truops. The pala e ofing principally of dishanted soldiers and the King of Polari, al Warsaw, is a tine some peasants, assembled laiely near Esche ertifice, ant well furnishel. There are so wege, and having nominated an Officer of veral n b'e pe'aces alad private bouses in this the Roglinent of de Murm!), Captain d'L'scity. Our hospitals are well established, Jar, their Conmanier, with the tank oil'in which is no sili valtare in this country. lonel, proceeded to organize themselves in The enesny seeiu to have a nunber of sick; regular force. Those along them when hitel they also use greatly lry descrters; and of served as Nou-couunissioned Orlicers, urre the Prussians we hear nothin, for egen ap:sumted Oiticers; and they arud thene whole corps of thien have deserle!, to avoid scives in the best manner TV Corbii, seuzau that continual contempt which they unghit all the arms, swords, ac. which they would expect anong the Russians."

fire. The insurrecho!, it is suppoxi, wido According to the french Bulletins, the not contined iu the Hersian territory, bill 15 Russia is have shown an inclination 10" burs have extended itself to Saxony and linnonce themselves in the interior of the country;" ab*). that is, they have shown a prudent inclina

An article froin Paris impudently says, tion to avoid fighing, till a fair prospect of " It is un:lerstond, that general and decizie success offers.

nieasures are about to be adopud to force The Emperor of Russia has issued a very England to consent to the repose of Europe.** spirited and mapiy Do utaration of his intelle Bunaparié has issued the following u. Dion of carrying onibe war with vigour against cree respectmg the British Property at IlainFrance; and he calls upon the people 10 burzh: come forward now, not lipoly for the assist

Imperial Hand- Quarters at Posen, ance oitreir Alls, but for their own detence.

Dec. 15, 1806. It is dated 231h Voreinber.

Napoleon, Emperor of the French and King The ilussan General, Tolstoy, bas formed

of Italy a junciion with the King of Prussia, who has Welare decreed and do decree as 'uldened it prudent to fall back from (storude lows:to Koninusberg, and is said to be fullowed All the English merchandizo, or produce by a considerable torce, under the orders of tions of the English Colonies, which have General Buxhoxvedin.

been placed under requisition ai Harut sirulina Kosciusko has addressed a letier to the Lodec, and Breni.nl, shall be liomediately Poles, announcing that he is about to join Tenored 10 France. the standard of Napoleon, ubom lic styles The following is a letier from one of the "The Deliverer and Restorer of Poland." first livuses in Paris, addressed io a Vesa T'nis, under the prescut circumstances, may chant of eminence in London, viz. tend greatly to faveur the views of the Ty.

5 Paris, 2901 Due. 1806. Fant, to who lie has so disrracefully bowed " You desire us :0 pay on your accurlik liis orice proudly stubborn nerk.

the sun uf 301. to Mr. I. and we had writer Buonapasté, on los triumphal entry into iu hum on the salije:t; but he did not tuals Posen, announced his intention of pruelarınbus appearance beture a Decree was issueria ing the indepeulenee of Poland. li has which pruhibits any payment whatever be:13 since reached Warsais; but the provised made to an English subject; and under Procla nation has not yet been issued. whicl, we regret we are obliged to suspendi

A most sa:gu: nary Proclamation bi been the peyment of th: $.nall suin in question.-issued by the French General Luisnii to We are wiliged tran prudentiud wutives to the inhabitants of Linete, in lepidla, act this for the present; but we think ibo who, in consequence ot their resmiance 10 a:fir will startly be imod erat:d, aud that if

oppression, are threatened with sun- a litle time we shall be enabled to execule mary vengeance. “ Tlie iubialoitants, if they your coronan is." continue to assumuble, are to be cilt tu preco's, The hatred ut Buonaparié to the commorand their houses and property burcu. Tire cial prosperity of this country, (text' 10 115 principal inhabitants to be seot 10 France, Constitution, the great foundation of its glory until the levied contributions are completed; and preeminence, is not contined to the mere and if not paid by the 10th of linis month. exclusion of Britiske produce und moun their property iu be seized and sold." How tures from the condities under his control, dreadful! Good Heaven! liow long is the but extends to the absolute prohibition 'uiearth to be cursed by the domination of such any trade whatever with die British For. tyrant monsters!

By accounts from Spain,

appears, that the A cunsiderable insurrection, to shake off Spusish Government has been compellin,


by a peremptory mandate from France, to and Prussia até at war with me, but upon prolubu the scading of any wool in this fair and very disterent grounds; vny conduct coutry, as lias been the practice during thu to them is, therсtore, very diffeicht trois prescut as well as former wars. The same that to England. Ilave I not Berim in my probibition, we find, by one of the late possession--and have I inflicted on that criy French d'aprers, has been issued in the King, The szuallest injury? Was not every thing donu ot Italy, against the exportation'ut' iew in muy power? Vere not the men, woich, silk 10 Ilus country. The experience of and childreil at my feet, and might I not hure a few months will prove, that the subjects of sold them as slaves ? I have not done it yet ; cluir Spanusla and Italian Majesties are likely but mark my words, IT MAY FET COME 10 to be the greatest sufferers by ihese splenetic PASS!" and impolitic regulatious.

A Message of the King of llolland to their The trade at Leipsic, Berlin, 1Jazıburgh, High fightinesses, of the 5th of December, Lubec, Bremen, &c. is wholly suspended. contains a most deplorable picture of the

A general cubargo has taken place at slate of that country. Aundulated commerce, . llanaburgh, and no neutral is allowed tu saildilapidated resources, no civil or criwaal even in ballast; and in blauover and the code, the very existence of the soil endanheighbouring places, all comuumication with gered by the decay into which the dikes and England is forbidden, upon pam or death, tences against the ocean have been suttered

The following has been given as the sub- tu tall :-Such are the principal arucles in stance of what passed between Buonaparié tliis melancholy enumeration of calautics. and the Hamburylı depulles; but we wy 110 And yet, under the shame of such a conmeans youch for its accuracy, or explani liuw lession, bis Alajesty talks of the prosperity of It should bave become publick.-lle refused 1115 Colonies, and of creating Orders of creu to receive their proposals, and treated Knighthood! It seems as it lyranny were them with the utinost rigour and contempt. about to give back to the waves, thal domain He told them, that he conceived the mea- wluch liberty and industry wrested from sures lie had labeu" were the only means of

them. torcing Great Britain to Mahe peace;" Letters froin Lisbon say, that advices had and that, thereture, nothing should induce been received from Riv Janeiro, with au ac.. lun to depart from them. in vain they told count of the re-capture of Buenos Ayres by hum, Thai thirty houses hud alreud failed in the Spaniards and Indians, and that General Hainburgh, in consequence vi those jucaures, Beresford, Sir Horne Poplam, &c. are inade His unleeling answer was ---"* SO MUCH THE

We hope this will prove an allBETTER, inusmuch as it will ruin inany more

prison. 'TS.

iwunded report. than that number in ENGLAND!" sull they Sunne lale .dinerican Papers contained a rold luns, that a perseverance in those ocu- long article on the probable consequences to sures would reduce the whole City of Ilumburgh America ut our obtaining possession of Buenos tu Bunluptcy! His answer was agains" SU lyres. The Americalls, as might be ex. NUCH THE LITTEK ; then you will not be pected, are jealous of the acquisition to Engable to carry on your commercial intercourse land oi su valuable a piace--ihey would rawith Great Britain !" Against thuis brutal ter liave the mdolent Spaniards continue cxultation they vontured to oppose the dread- Masters of it (under whion They might sull 1ul etlecis wlich would arise from the whole carry on is considerable contraband trade), . commerce of the world being sloppet! His than the enterprismg Englisii, whose trading seply was-" I wish it to come to this pite, speculations will leave 10 room for sinus thut there should be no commerce ut ut! The gling. Lund only shall be filled, and there shall only lle have had some dificulty in accrediting be crchange of linen aguinst cute!c, und of the extraordinary design attributed to Colonel gruin against cloth! THE TOURTH CENTURY Burr, of dissolving the American Union, but JUST BE REVIVEU before the world cur be as the fact is luentioned buil in the news. reduced to its proper stile!" Ile said, he jhit pers and private lesers, we cannot wholly knew he should be called a CALIGULA and

disuelleve li. it would appear, from the * Neno. He cared not for it. lle ailoned following extracı ol ü letter, ibut the project that his own sca-ports would be ruined, but has livl only been concurred, but avowed he could not help it. lle declared that the also. We do not sie wliat advantages the Deputatious which he knew were on the separatists are tv dere from the dissotoad to him from Nantz, Bourdeaux, dc. dc. luidon, &c. with remonstrances against bis decree " The city of Washington is now a scene against the English, should not be adnuited of bustle. Colonel Burr has publicly allinto his presence. Attes repeatedly callig nounced his project to separate the Western Hamburghe l'nc ville Inglois," he concluded lerrilory from the Umuted States. He has with these remarkable and never-t be-for- Hakusuni at the head of the aiiuy, in league gullen words,-- EULAND MUST BE 110- with him. There has been a Council snung LLLD, AND DLALT 11111!

for three days at l'aslogtou;' the suit ut

wluch is, that process goes out to the Martial Slide ULRTO HAS B... iniATED! Russia of the territory to arrest Busr and linkineva;



and till the return of the Marshal and the the plain of the Cul-de-suc, withont being Fidge of the District, the law cannot be car- able to procure any account of the disposiTied into effect. The Militia of the Union tion, or the force of the troops he had to conis immediately to be called out."

tend with." This event,” says the official Intelligence has been received by Govern- account of the Black Insurgents, “confirms ment from America, of the execution of the the observation, that tyrants have many fiat. Non-Importation Act against this Country terers, but no friends." The result was, that being suspended. This communication is of Dessalines was completely surprised. His the very Irighest importance to the Commer- opponents wished to take him prisoner, bai, cial World, and proves at once the real dis- in his endeavour to escape, he was killed. position of the Americans towards the Mother A Colonel Maardie, one of his Oficers, who Country. The information received comes dcfended him, and whose less the insurgents down to the 14th ult., bringing the Message mention with regret, was also killed. Christoof the President of the United States upon . pke was chosen to succeed Dessalines. opening the Congress on the 1st. It occu- Dreadful Consequences of a Mutiny in the pies five columns With respect to the dif- Carnatic.-A mutiny broke out in the-barfurences with this country and the differences rachs, in the Garrison of Vellore, on the 10th with Spain, it says, -" that the delays which et July, in which were one regiment and six have taken place in our Negociations with companies of Native Troops, Sepoys, and four the British Govern:ncnt, appear to have pro- full companies of his Majesty's 69th Regiceeded from causes which do not forbid the ment. The Native Troops, at two o'clock in expectation that, during the course of the the morning, surrounded and attacked the present Session, I may be enabled to lay be. European barracks, and at every window and fore you the final issue. What will be that door poured in upon the poor deferrceless of the negociation for settling our differences soldiers of the agih Regiment a heavy fire with Spain, nething which has taken place at from musketry and a six-pounder. Ai the the date of the last dispatches, enables us to same instant, the European scntries and sol. pronounce. Whether it will be necessary to diers at the main-guard, and the sick in the enlarge var regular force will depend on the hospital, were put to death; the Sepoys then rusult of our segociation with Spain; but as proceeded to the oficers' houses, and put 10 it is uncertain when that result will be known, death all whom they could find. Colonel the provisional measures requisite for that, MF Kerras, who commanded one of the Native and to meet any pressure intervening in that Battalions, was shot while haranguing his men quarter, will be a subject for your easly con- on the pacade. Colonel Fancourt, the Cone sideration."

mander of the Fort, was shot when proceedThe next day but one ke presented a spe- ing to the main-guard; and all were butebescial Message; in which, alter stating that the ed wherever they could be found. LicuteNegociation with England had experienced nant Ely, of the 6911, with his little son in his some delay from the indisposition, of Mr. arris, were both barbarously bayoneted in For, he mentions, in very favourable terms, the presence of his wife! This scene of care the conduct of the Commissioners appointed nage continued until seven o'clock in the by the British Government to hasten the pro- morning, when a troop of the 19th Light gress of the adjustment of differences, and Dragouns arrived from Arcot, with the Galrecommends a Suspension of the Non-Impor. loper gun of the regiment, by which the gate tation Act.-The last Message of the Con- was blown open; the remains of the 69th fress was referred to a Lommittee, and a making a sally from the burracks, and getBull brought in inmediately to that effect. ting possession of the six-pounder at the same It was passed with very little opposition, time. The Sepoys were still encouraged by and the suspension is to be till December their Native Biticers to make a stand, but ail 1807.

were very soon cul to pieces by the 19th; The report of the death of the Black Fız. about God were cut dowll, and about 2015, pecor, Dessalines, is fully confirmed. It ap- subsequenily taken from buding places, were pears, that liis cruelty and tyranny had pro

shot, 'About 300 made Deus escape, sup. soked a general insurrection against liim, in posed through the sally-port, but many of which both the troops and the labourers on them were afterwards taken. . the plantations joined. A general spirit of The mutiny, it is said, was encouraged by discontent, which lud for some time pre- one of the sons of Tippoo, resident in the railed among the principal Officers of the Fort of Vellore; the plan was to get posses Black Army, broke out into open resistance sion of the fort, which they calculated on about the nuiddle of October, in consequue keeping a few days, when the insurgents ex. of some serere veasures which Dessalines pecied to be joined by 50,000 inen trom Mya wished to entosce at Aux Cayes. The idi. nister of War headed the troops against the The standard of Tippoo was hoisted on the Emperor; and so unpopular was Ilessalines palace, soon atter the firing commenced ; and among the planters, thai they hept from luin it it had not been for the entreaties of Lieuallintelligence respecting the situation otihe tenant-Colonel Marriot, who declared the insurgent troups, and he marched thisuugla Princes were innocent, Colonel Gillespie,

Europ. Mag. lol. LI, Jan. 1807,

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coronpanding the 19th Dragoons, would hare and AIKerras, 23d Battalion; Lieutenants delivered up the whole of the palace to the Winchope and Jolly, Captain Milne, 1st Bienraged soldiers.

talion, 1st Regiment; Lieutenants O'Reilly, One of the causes of disaffection was said Filchbenner, and Ely, 69th Regiment; Popto be a code of regulations, which introduced ham ; Paymaster Smith; Mann, Commissary a new turban for the Sepoys, similar to a of Stores; Major Armstrong. drummer's cap; likewise ordering the dis- WOUNDED.--Capiai Barrow, 691h Regitinguishing warks of cast in the forehead to ment; M.Lachlan, Insurgents, 500 o: 600 be taken out, and to shave the upper lip, killed; bis Majesty's 19th Dragoons, 1 rank &c.

and file killed, 3 wounded ; 69th, 2 LieuteLord William Bentinck, Governor of Ma- nants killed, rank and file 76 killed. 3 officers dras, immediately issued a general order, wounded, rank and file 88 wounded. domy away these regulations.

Major Arinstrong was killed in his palan. The following has been given as a list of quin, by a volley from the ranparts, when the hillers and wounded.

passing along, abont break of day, being in OFFICERS KILLED.-Colonels Fancourt his way down to Nadras.

DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE. The Court of Directors of the East-India The Privy Council, we understand, hare

Company have presented Captain Lar- finally pronounced apon the charges lately kins with the sum of 500 guineas for the pur- preterred against General Picton by Colun! chase of a piece of plate, as a mark of their Fullution, and decided, that there is no real approbation for his gallantry in defence of ground for the accusations thus preferred. the Warren Hastings; they have also voted The case of the girl who was put to the torthe sum of 2055 gumeas to the offers and ture, however, remains to be re-argued u crew of the said slup.

the Court of Kiny's Bench. A letter from a person who was in the War- The Lord High Chancellor having directed ren Hastings Indiaman, during the late ac- tlie close confinement of Mr. Ludlani (See tion, states, that that ship made a inost gal Vol. L, p. 412,) and appointed his brother

lant defence, considering the vast superiority the guardian of bis person, the Solicitor of - of the enemy; and would finally have escap- the latter, accompanied by some Bow-strect

ed, had not her fore and mizen-inasts gone by Officers, proceeded one night to Mr. Ludthe board. The crew of the Frenchmnan ap- lanı's house, in Tenterden-street, in order to peared to be in a state of great insubordina

get possession of him ; but, being refused adtion, and it was not until some time after the mittance by the servants, who answered th:in engagement began, ihat they could be kept from the balcony, and findmg it impracticato the:r quarters. The First Lientenant is re- ble to procure an entrance but by violent ported to have been in a state of extreme in- means, which they did not think proper to toxication during the engagement; and when employ, they retired. On the following the Indiaman had been some time in posses. mornmg, liowever, an application was made sion of the enemy, he came on board in a to Ar. Read, the Sitting Magistrate, at Bowstate of inebriety, and in the most wanton strect, who backed the warrant originally manner wounded Capt. Larkins in the belly granted by the Lord Mayor, to apprcheud with his sword. His example was followed Mr. Ludlou, for having fired at Nir. Peaby several other of the miscreants on the de- cock : in conseqnence of which, Mr. Walder, fenceless officers and crew. Such atrocious one of the City Marshals, accompanied by barbarity is worthy only the sattelites of Na- several of the Bow-street Ollicers, went to poleon. The French frigate mountd 48 Tenterden-street, and demanded admission guns of large calibre, and had 358 men, into the house of Jr. Ludlau; wuch, after with a company of sharp-shooters in the top. repeated solicitations, being retused, they The Warren Hastings nouuts 14 guns of dit- made several atempts to break open the ferent calibre, and bad at the beginning of dvor, but could wot accomplish it, *One of the action only 150 men; yet with this dis- the Onicers, however, it length contrived 10 proportionate force she engaged the eneiny force a parlour window, by which means lie four hours and 25 minutes before she struck, gained admittance; and soon after the door, during which time the French slip was so though it was double locked and the key much damaged, as to make it doubitul whe- taken out, was forced open. The Odicers ther she can ever be sufficiently repaired to then made a general search throughout the make out the cruise.

house, but in vain; and they soon discovered The arrangement is at length completed that he had escaped by the roof. They then for the family of the late Mr. Fox ; under proceeded to examine the houses in Tenwhich Mrs, Fox obtains a pension of 12001. terden-street, Hanover-square, and Oxfordand Miss Willoughby, his natural daughter, street, which were contiguous, but without 3001. per annum.-diorning Herald,

success, und accordingly gave up to search,

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