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-This " may be madness; but there's mc rough, and arrived at the 85th mile-stone thaod in't ”

at ten minutes past eight o'clock in the cvenHarry Lee has again challenged Mendoza ing. This balf of his journey was per-Mendoza, in answer, says, he fights no formed at soinething less than tive miles and more. The challenge and answer were given, a half an hour. The pedestrian returned a in all due form, in the Daily Papers. Mene few miles on his way back, and refreshed, doza, by his epistle, kills two birds with one hiuselt on a bed between two blankets for stone; be tells Lee he will nerer fight ano- about an hour and a half, and arrived at thier pitched battle-but, at the same time, Reading a quarter past six o'clock on Saturthat he teaches Gentlemen the art of self day morning. lle had now twenty-five mies. defence.

to perform in five hours and ibree quarters, 20. Tliis evening, as Vír. Hampton, in and appeared a good deal fatigued. After : eo.mpany with two friends, who resiile in the reclining in a chair for about twenty miuutes, neighbourhood of Epping. were returning and drinking halt a pint of muulled wine, he hoine from London in a single-horse cari, renewed us laborious task, and arrived at ocer Epping Forest, they were attacked by his journey's end at a quarter before one four footpads in a most daring manner. o'clock, and wou, with duficulty, by a quare After robbing them of their property, they ter of an hour. He was attended the whole discharged three pistols at then. One of of the way by two horsemen. Dir. Hampton's companions had a joint of a The inliabitants of Henley and its environs finger shot off. Mr. Hampton had a violent have presented Thomas Chap.nan, only 13 personal encounter with one of the villains years of age, son of Mr. Chapinan, stationer, on the ground; and when he got clear of of Henicy, with a pair of silver-cups, valile ihe villain, in escaping he ran into a gravel 15 ghineas, and a watch, with gold seal-, pit, which was so full of water that he had &c. value 91. 55. as a reward for his intre wearly been drowned.

pidity in saving William Russell, a child of 94. This night, as the Duke of Leeds's eight or nine years of age, fro:n being drownearth-stopper was going to stop fox-holes in ed, ou the 10.11 ot' May, 1806. He had aid Denaby Wood, Yorkshire, he was seized by his clothes on, and leaped from a height of some men, who tied his hands behind him, seven feet from the water, which was irvin pat hin on his horse, with his face to the 12 to 16 teet deep, and close to the side of tail, and fixed his candle and lantern to the that part of the stream called the Mill-Tail. animal's nose; the man not being able to ex- The child, who had also bis clothes on, bad. tricate himself, the horse took the road which' sunk twice, but was saved by the intrepid leads to Gonisborough, where he arrived in youth's taking hold ot hiin as he was sinking safety; when the carth-stopper, having a- a third time, and swinming out with him." laruled the inhabitants, was liberated from 26. In consequence of the high spring his perilous situation.

tide in London, the Thames overdowed its An Inquisition was taken at Binfield Grove, banks, and the lower apartments in several near Sunning Hill, on the body of Miss honses in Westin nster, in the vicinity of the Supple, a young lady, 25 years of age, who ' river, were inundated. was shot by a young man, incautiously amu

27. The Thames again rose considerably sing himself with a loaded gun. The de- higher than on the preceding day, at Ruthers ceased, who was on a visit at the house of a hithe, Lambe.h, and Vilbank, as well as at friend where the sad uccident befel her, was The newly-enDanked cut at the Isle of Dogs at needle-work in a parlour adjoining a kit- where serious injury was occasioned by the chen where fire-arms were kept. The yonng

inundation, Near Lambeth Horseferry, a gentleinen, who belonged to the house, took sov and 12 pigs were drowned. a loaded piece off a rack, and one of them At lampion, Sunbury, Chertsey, and jocosely pointed it at the deceased; when similar places, near the Banks of the Thames, by some means it went off, and mortally

the whole of the country was under water; wounded her.-Verdict, Accidental Deuti. and Xinlyston and Putney Bridges were, 1or

26. A Shropshire man, of the name of a time, nearly impassable. Glanville, started this morning, at seren

The whole of the Scotch coast has sufiera o'clock, at the 14th mile-stotie, on the Bath ed much during the last and preceding weck, road, to go to the 85th, and back to the fron the unusual height of the tide, both of 1 #th, a distance of 142 miles, i: 39 hours. the sea andre tivers. --The river Sunchar, He was backed for 80 guineas, and the odds at the town of Hallarae, ruke to a prodigious were two to one against him. He went off height, and orrrttuived the ghway for ar a brisk wall, and for two miles together nearly two run irud yards. Aont eleven broke into a shuting walk, at the rate of o'clock, while the troop of the 1st Diagoons 3.1 miles an hour. His first stopper was at

on their roure from Hamilton for Ireland, Twyford, at which place he arrived, and attempted to pass the water, five vi the look a bason of soup prepared for him, at horses, with their riders, were borne down five minutes past ten v'ciück. He stopped by the rapidity of the current. about five minutes at this place, 34 miles from the weight of their accoutrements, were from town, and refreshed again at Maribo. solue time before they could disengage the.no

The men,

selves from the animals. ' The inhabitants, the Telegraph coach from Nantwich to Ecwho in great numbers witnessed the accident, cleslall, was found on the road about three plunged in to their assistance, and, at the miles from the latter place, quite dead. It risk of their own lives, succeded in saving is supposed he had fallen off the box in a fit, those of the soldiers. One of the latter was as the passengers never missed him until beyond the reach of their aid; but being their arrival at the horse-keeper's at Ecclesuddenly thrown npon an elevated spot, he shah, instead of the Inn ! contrived to stand twenty minutes up to the stomach in water, till a boat was brought to

14. At the Old Bailey, R. Hartford, Wm. his assistance,

Bridge, J. Fordhars, and J. Harvey, were capi

tally convicted of a burglary in the house of At Rothesay, the tide lately rose so high, James Spencer, at Ponder's End. The evithat both the quays were covered wish water, and many barrels of herrings were wash- Roberts, an accomplice, which was also con

dence against the prisoners was that ot Enoch cd over. The water in the houses at this

firmed by finding several articles of the stolen port

was 48 inches deep.
Many villages about Liteh field were en

property upon each of them.--It appeared

that six of them, about eleven at night, tirely under water, and the distresses of knocked at the door of 111. Spencer; which the poor were very great in consequence of it. The road between Litchfield and Stone being opened, they all rushed in. 'One of

them stood guard over Mr. Spencer, while was in mauy places filled with water for 500 the others ransackeet the house, and carried yards together, and all the way up to the of every thing they could. The manner of bellies of the horses that were travelling their deteetion was singular: one of them through it.

The tide was so vesy frigh, at Fpswich, that being on the spot, and Hearing that strict most of the streets in the lower part of the

search was making after them, wrote to ano. town were inundateel. The water was two articles of the stolen property out of the

ther in town, and desired him to get certain feet deep near St. Peter's Church, and the

way, as their lodgings would probably be Common Quay was completely overflowed. scarched. This letter le pot into the post

28. A must disgraceful mobbing took office, without either seal or wafer. It was place at Si. Matthew's-chwch, Bethnal

then opened, which led to the discovery Ateen, to witness a man, of the name of Curtain, du penance for using opprobrious the most wparalleled atrocity touk place,

[During the above triad, a circumstance of epithets to a Mrs. Jennings. Aiter all, the

which marks the depravity of the above multitude was disappointed, as the offender

gang. Ilartford, while standing at the bar, inade his confession, &e., in the vestry actually picked the posket of the Turnkey soom; he was like wise exempted from walla ing in his regulia (a white sliect) round the Keeper, having detected him, wade him

of his handkerchief; and Mr. Newman, the church.

take it from his pocket and restore it; which Jar. 1. We are to eongratulate our com- he did with the most careless indifference. mercial readers on the adjustinent of the . The Court was struck with horror.) differences between Great Britain and Ame- 16. Jean Baptiste Louis Barriellet, a sida.--A letter, of which the following is Swiss Valet to Lord Caledon, was tried at a copy, was, with due attention to the mer- the Old Bailey on a charge of stcaling 24 cantile interest of the country, transmitted dozen of wine, seserad damask table-cloths, to Philip Sansoni, Esq., Chairman of the and other articles, the property of his master. Cĉanmittee of American Merchants, and by · While Lord Caledon was gone to Ireland, him sent to Lloyd's and the American cotfee- previous to his departure for his Government kouses.

at the Cape of Good Hope, this Swiss Valet

had it in trust to pack a number of boxes and " Druning-street, Jan. 1, 1807. other packages, and send them to an Inu to

go by waggon to Portsmouth; this was donc do I have the honour of acquainting you, by the prisoner, assisted by Lord Caledon's for the information of the Merchants con- coachman-himselt and the prisoner being èerned in the trade with America,, that the the only servants left in his Lordship's house. Treaty of Amity, Navigation, and Com- in Straiton-street. After the packages were merce, between his Majesty and the United deposited at the Inn, the prisoner got part of States of America, was yesterday signed them back, and applied the contents to his by the Commissioners respectively appoint

own use-Lord Caledon attended, and swore ed for the pittpose by the two Governments. to sone of the property; whosc evidence was The Treaty will be immediately transmitted confirmed by other witnesses. As it inight be to America: but until the ratifications on possible that the prisoner did not take the proboth sides shall have been exchanged, it perty all at one time, and as the getting it cannot be made public.

back from the Inn could not be deemed J have the honour to be, &c. stealing in a dwelling-louse, the Jury, under

• Howick. the direction of the Judge, found the price Philip Sansom, Esg., Chairman

soner guilty of stealing, but not in the dwed of the Committee."

ling-house ;-- he is to be transported for seven Ai night, the coachman who drives years,

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The Princess of Wales bas been for seve- appears, that on the arrival of the reinforces tal days past confined to her chamber with nients from the Cape, tris Majesty's troops the measles, at her house at Blackheath; had taken possession of the town and battebut ber Royal Highness is in a fair way ries of Maldonado. of perfect recovery.

“ I have the konour to be, &c. The following nute was sent from Lord

· Tuomas GRESTILLE. Ilowick's Office, to different departments of To the Right Hon the Government, and the intelligence was quickly « Lord Mayor." spread over the town:

The Third Report of the Commissioners of “ BOLI.ETIX, JAX. 24, 1807.

Military Inquiry, which has just beeza * Lord Howick has just received intelli- printed, comprises, with the Appendix, 111 gence, of the truth of which he has not the folio pages. It chiely refates to the couduct least doubt, that an action was fouglit of tlie Barrack Department, respecting sture9 between the Russians and French, on the and supplies provided for the barracks in 27th of December last, which continued three Great Britain, by order of the date and successive days; and on the last of which present Barrack Alasters Generad.

From the French retreated, with the loss of 40,000 some letters of Major-General Delavcey and slain, and 80 pieces of cannou. The scene Mr. Alerander Davisou,' contained in this ot action was at Osterneske, sixty or seventy report, the coinmissionets draw the inference, niles from Warsaw. The enemy made their " tha; the manageruent of this important retreat to within eight miles of that place, concern was, at one time, left very much and were also catreuching themselves at to Mr. Davison's discretion; and we cannot Dierieaburgh."

find that the Barrack Office made use of any 25. The following comuunication was check to ascertain the reasonableness of the made to the Lord Mayor.

prices of the articles provided by tuin.* " Adaniralty-Office, January 25, A Bankrupt Lineu-draper, named Davey. 1 o'clock, A, M.

who lately lived in Russell-court, Drury« MY LORD,

lune, has been advertised for secreting his " I have the honour to inforın your Lord- effects. The postiug-bills state further, that ship, that Dispatches are received from Sir he was capitally convicted by tus own dane, Hoiuc Pophan, dated Rio de la Plata, the Stepienson, for sobbing bis master, and was 30th of October ; by which it appcars, that tried in the year 1795, but respited and the town of Buenos Ayres had been transported to Botany Bay for seven years. mecaptured on the 12th of August. It further

MARRIAGES. THE Rev, P. L. Story, of Larkington the late T. Staunton, esq. af Stihton Park,

Hall, Leicestershire, to Miss L., daugh- Saftolk. ser of Sir F. Baring, of Stration-park, Hents. At Pombay, Major General Jones, cort

Captain Boys of the royal navy, to the mander in chief, 10 Miss E. S., second daugh eldesi daughter of Mr. Vulliamy, of Ken- ter of the Rev. Mr. Williamson,of Thatham, sington-gravel-pits.

Surry. Ilarry Ashby, esq., of St. Andrew's-court, Lieutcuant. Colonel Conway, to Miss E., to Miss Bell, of Colebrooke Terrace. cldest daughier of ). M'Arthur, esq., of

S. W. Hodges, esq. of Dudley, to the York-place, Portnian-square. daughter of the late T. Underbill, esq. of At Cork, Sir T. Roberts, to the daughter Hanstead.

of T. Walton, esq., of Walton-court. William Darley, esq., of Dublin, to the J. Nicholl, esq., of Doctors'-commons, to eldest daughter of Mr. Farreó, cousiu of the the 2d daughter of Il. H. Oddie, esq., of Countess of Derby.

Carcy-street. The Rev, H. Woodcock, rector of Mi- L. Bidwell, csq., of Thetford, to this chelmersh, to the youngest daughter of Clarke, of Clapton.



7. At Tradegar, in Wales, Sir Charles AT the house of her som inlaw. Robert Gould Morgan, bart., inte beta y car od tuis

military judge ad' relict of the late Dr. Warton, and daughter vocate to the King. of William Nicholas, esq, of Froyle, Hants. Liely, at Suuttampton, Captain Wood

102d year.


gate. He was founded in Egypt: but his nity, Mt. Cowslade, one of the proprietors of death was occasioned by the breaking of a the Reading Mercury. blood-vessel.

Ageu 35, the Hon. George Bowes, brother 9. Aged 59, the reigning Duke of Saxe to the Earl of Strathmore. Cobourg.

At his house, in Kingston, Surrey, AbraAk his house in St. Thomas's Hospital, ham Goodwin, esq. in the 82d year of his age, and 57th of ins 31. At his seat ai Castleton, near Rochdale, services, Mr. Richard Leeson, steward of the

Thomas Smith, esq. institution.

In his 69th year, Mr. Richard Nicholson, 12. At his seat at Pound, near Tavistock, of Coleman-street. Devonshire, aged 80, John Lloyd, esq., late Aged 102, at Fochabers, William Kelman. clerk of the cheque of bis Majesty's dock- He was a millwright, and worked till within yard, Plymouth, and one of the justices of

three weeks of his deatlı. the peace for the county of Devon.

Jan. 1. Ju liis 77th year, John Moffatt, 15. Suddenly, at his house in Crown-strect, esq., one of the oldest directors of the Sun Thomas Marsh, esq.

Fire (ilice. Lately, in St. Dunstan's, Canterbury, Mrs. Mr. John Thomas, solicitor, Fen-courte Holbrook, widow, aged 70. She las left Fenchurch-street. 201. to the poor of St. Dannstan's, and 1001. to 2. Mrs. Palmer, wife of John Palmer, . the Kent and Canterbury hospitals.

esq, M. P. for Bath. Lately, at Kılcooley, in Ireland, aged 106, Aged 71, Joseph Brooks, esq., alderman of John Shartal, who has left a widow in her Woodstock.

S. John Laird, esq., formerly chief sur17. At Charterhouse, in Sonicrsetshire, geon, and president of the mucdical board on aged 92, Mrs. Rogers, relict of the Rev. the Bengal establishment. J. Rogers, and last surviving sister of the late The Rey. William Gilbank, rector of St. Dr. Squire, Bishop of St. David's.

Ethelburg, London, 19. Mrs. Towry, wite of Captain Towry, Mrs. Anguislı

, mother of the Duchess of the royal navy.

Dowager of Leeds. At Plaistow, Essex, Jacob Bell, esq.

Latcly, in Dublin, aged 81, Jolin Allen, Lately, Stephen Cazalet, esq., ayed 76. esq., a director of the Bank of Ireland froin

20. Samuel Newtoni, esate of Purtland. its first establishment. place.

5. At his chambers, in Staple-inn, Isaac 23. Mr. Patrick, formerly of Bloonis- Reed, esq., editor of the last edition of Siakbury.place, surgeon.

speare, in 21 vols., 8vo., &c., and eminently Lately, at Stanford, Mr. Alderman El- versed in old English literature.- Memoirs ger, aged 48. He served the oflice'ot'mayor of this gentleman will be given in a future in 1805.

Number, acconspanied by a PORTRAIT. 25. In his 82d year, the Rev. J. Edwards, In Great Ormond-street, Samuel Solly, 54 years vicar of Llandeirlog and Llangen- esą, deirn, Carmarthenshire.

Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. Sunith, auctioneer, 26. At Exeter, the Rev. Richard Buller, at Windsor, aged 43. vicar of Colyton, Devon, and son of the late 6. In Sloane-square, Colonel Francis RobDr. Buller, bishop of Exeter.

son, F.S.A., late lieutenant-governor of St.' At Exininster, ucar Exeter, in the 83:h Helena, aged 70. year of his age, Henry Sawbridge, esq., of In Sloane-street, Mrs. Pownal), widow of East Haddon, Northamptonshire.

the late Governor Pow nall. 27. In the 69th year of bis agc, Edward At Chislehurst, in Kent, of a typhus fever, Whitaker Gray, N.D., secretary of the Royal Andrew Stone, esq., in huis 20.h year. Society, and keeper of the department of William Nwedick, esq., of Cheshunt. natural history in the British Museum. Lately, at luis brother's house, at Cefn,

Richard Jenkins, esq., aiderman of Exe- Denbiglislire, Thomas Kenyon, esq., of the ter.

Temple, London. Mrs. Harper, wife of Mr. Alexander Ilar. 7. Peggen Ifale, csq., bankır, Bondper, of the Jerusalem coffee-house, Corn- street. hill.

8. Jane, the wife of Clement Wrintersley, 28. Suddenly, Mrs. Bremeyer, of Windo esq., vice-lieutenant for the county of Leie sor Castle, who succeeded Madame Schwel. cester. She was eldest daughter oi Sir Tholenberg as keeper of the robes to the Qucen, mas Parkins, of Burney, in the county of

Lately, at Vale Place, llammersmith, dir. Nottinglam, and sister to the late Lord Thomas Wiffin, formerly one of his Niajesty's Radcluie.

8. Mr. Samuel Chiffney, many years a messengers.

,29. Aged 75, Carey Bayly, esq., one of well-known jockey on the iurl, and author of the ancients of New Inn, and many years

a work callcai “ Gemus Genuine." treasurer of that society.

Villat Tennant, esq., of Stanmore, Mid. 30. By shooting hiniself, in a fit of insa. dlesex.


10. Suddenly, in Dublin, aged 72, the Robert Gardiner, esg., late of the civil serEarl of Milliown.

vice on the Madras establishment. 12. At Ackworth, near Poniefract, An- 16. Captain John Larmons, R.N. thony Surtees, rsq., many years lieutenant- James Preston, esq., of Hounslow, aged 78, colonel of the 3d West York inilitia.

17. Francis Goold, esq., one of the proLouis Balan, esq., aged 38, late his Prus prietors and manager of the King's Thea. sian Majesty's counsellor of legation.

Edward Üyton, esq., of Lyton Hall, near In Lincoln's-inn, Wentworth Brinley, esq. Wrexham.

At Leicester, aged 85, Mr. Alderinan Price. Sir Stephen Lushington, bart., many years Lately, in High-street, Sligo, Mrs. Coupa member of the East India Direction.

land, aged 121 years. Mrs. Dolben, wife of Jolin English Dola 21. At his house, London Style, near ben), esq., at Pentonville.

Kew. bridge, Luke Wetten, esq., in his 68cha At Blackheath, Robert Bell, esq., aged year. 24.

At Lewishatu Hill, aged 54, the Rer. At Southampton, Major-General Stewart, Jolin Thornhill, rector of Horton, Gloucesterof the royal artillery.

shire, 13. Ar Bush Hill, Edmonton, Stephen Thomas Strettell, esq. Briggs, esq.

27. In Charles-square, Hoxton, Mrs. Peter Harrison, esq., of Sandwich, Kent. Lush, the wife of Charles Lush, esq. The Earl of Gosford, governor of Armagh. an eminent attorney, one of the clerks of

Colonel W. R. Hepburn, of Rickerton, the court of requests for the Tower Hamlets, Kincardineshire.

and deputy lieutenant for the Tower Royalty. Lady Hesketh, relict of Sir Thomas Hes- The death of this truly amiable and excellent ketb, bart,

woman was occasioned by an inflammation on Lately, at Bath, Mrs. Dutton, relict of the lungs, which was in its progress extremeRalpli Dutton, esq.

ly rapid, as her sufferings terminated in a Lately, Mr. Edmund Rogers, who for 46 few days. She was the daughter of the late years kept the boarding-school at Walsham- Mr. Justice Wilmot, and had been through Je-Willows, in Suffolk.

cvery departnıent of life EXEMPLARY. This Lately, in Dublin, Richard Paul Bonham, consideration will, we hope, in time, operate esq.

to repress the grief of her husband, niother, 14. Mayow Wynell Mayow, esq., solicitor and six children, whose affliction can at preof excise.

sent be easier conceived than cxpressed.



Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty,

At Nine o'Clock, A. M. 1806 BaromTher. Wind. Obser, 1807 Barom Ther. Wind. Obrer. Dec.28 29.62 51

Fair Jan. 13 29.71 30 W Fair 29.51 50 S Ditto

14 30.01 29 W Ditto 30 29.49 51 S Rain

15| 30.18 23 N Ditto 31 30.04 48 N Fair

16 29.71


Ditto 1807

17 29.88 45 W

Ditto Jan. 130.42 31 N Ditto

18] 29.76 40 W Ditto 2 30.50 29 SW

Gt Fog
19 29.61 37 W

Ditto 3 30.31 32 W Fair

20 29.04 40 W Ditto 4 30.22 36 NW Ditto

21| 28.95 38 NNW Ditto 5 30.41 33 N Ditto

22 29.30 | 37 S Ditto 6 30.46 32 W Ditto

23 29.54 36 W

Ditto 7 30.38 32 SW

24 30.1037 N

3 30.04 33
s Ditto

25 30.44 30 NW Ditto 9 29.77 40 SE

26) 30.50 29 W

Ditto 10 29.91 39 E Fair

27 30.52 31 N

Ditto 11 30.1938 SW Ditto

281 30.54 82 N Ditto 12 30.07 / 37 SW

2930.40 / 34

W Ditto



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