A History of the City of Dublin, 第 2 巻



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80 ページ - Judgment form'd, with Nature vies : Behold him sound the depth of Hubert's soul, Whilst in his own contending passions roll ; View the whole scene, with critic judgment scan, And then deny him merit, if you can. Where he falls short, 'tis Nature's fault alone ; — Where he succeeds, the merit's all his own.
298 ページ - Barry chose for a display of his art ; and few stories, it is presumed, have been selected with greater felicity, or with greater scope, for the skill and ingenuity of the artist. The heroic patience of the king, the devotional abstraction of the saint, and the mixed emotions of the spectators, form a combined and comprehensive model of imitation, and convey a suitable idea of the genius of one, who, self-instructed, and at nineteen, conceived the execution of so grand a design.
33 ページ - When George Faulkner, the printer, returned from London, where he had been soliciting subscriptions for his edition of the Dean's works, he went to pay his respects to him, dressed in a laced waistcoat, a bag wig, and other fopperies. Swift received him with the same ceremonies as if he had been a stranger. "And pray, sir," said he, " what are your commands with me ? " I thought it was my duty sir," replied George, "to wait on you immediately on my arrival from London.
161 ページ - As her learning and abilities raised her above her own sex, so they left her no room to envy any; on the contrary, her delight was to see others excel. She was always ready to advise and direct those who applied to her, and was herself willing to be advised. 'So little did she value herself upon her uncommon excellences, that it has often recalled to my mind a fine reflexion of a French author, That great geniuses should be superior to their own abilities.
185 ページ - And stands alone in indeclinables ; Conjunction, preposition, adverb join To stamp new vigour on the nervous line : In monosyllables his thunders roll, HE, SHE, IT, AND, WE, YE, THEY, fright...