View of the Agriculture of Oxfordshire: Drawn Up for the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement

R. Phillips, 1809 - 362 ページ

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iii ページ - ... the AGRICULTURAL SURVEYS of the KINGDOM reprinted, with the additional communications which have been received since the ORIGINAL REPORTS were circulated, has induced the BOARD OF AGRICULTURE to come to a resolution of reprinting such as may appear on the whole fit for publication.
322 ページ - the roads of Oxfordshire," says an accurate observer, " were in a condition formidable to the bones of all who travelled on wheels. The two great turnpikes which crossed the country by Witney and Chipping Norton, by Henley and Wycombe, were repaired in some places with stones as large as they could be brought from the quarry, and, when broken, left so rough as to be calculated for dislocation rather than exercise.
330 ページ - ... grafting stocks to raise orchards. In some instances, small sums of money were lent to these cottagers, for the purchase of a cow, a mare, or a P'gThe following good effects have been the consequence of this proceeding.
33 ページ - Enclosing," says Arthur Young, at the end of the century, " to a greater proportional amount than in almost any other county in the kingdom has changed the men as much as it has improved the country ; they are now in the ebullition of this change ; a vast amelioration has been wrought and is working. The Goths and Vandals of open fields touch the civilisation of enclosures.
5 ページ - This red district, in respect of soil, may be considered as the glory of the county. It is deep, sound, friable, yet capable of tenacity ; and adapted to every plant that can be trusted to it by the industry of the cultivators.
327 ページ - Woodstock polished steel is wholly made of the old nails of horses' shoes, formed into small burs, and applied according to the various purposes required. Its lustre is extreme, and it possesses the property of being repolished at a trifling expence to its original brilliancy, though covered with rust, an advantage it maintains over the articles which are generally substituted in its room. A chain made here, and weighing only two ounces, sold for 170/. A box in which the freedom of the borough was...
225 ページ - I could not have done but through his attention, who requested a farmer (Mr. Jones) who turns much stock on it, to conduct us in a little tour over the whole of it. Mr. Jones conceives it to equal the amount of four square miles, or 2560 acres : it is a very singular tract, nearly upon a dead level, surrounded on every side by high lands. I searched and inquired for bog and peat, but have reason to believe that there is no such thing upon it, or if there be, in a small proportion.
342 ページ - ... a year, of a Professorship of Agriculture and Rural Economy, to take place as soon as a certain botanical publication is finished; in which some progress has been made. If these circumstances be combined, they offer an outline which might be filled up with one of the most useful and important establishments that was ever within the power of Oxford to profit by. To buy books for making the Ratcliff a general Library, would at Oxford be perfectly nugatory ; she possesses in the Bodleian, one of...
33 ページ - When I passed from the conversation of the farmers I was recommended to call on to that of men whom chance threw in my way, I seemed to have lost a century in time, or to have moved a thousand miles in a day. Liberal communication, the result of enlarged ideas, was contrasted with a dark ignorance under the covert of wise...
222 ページ - Chiltern country, and consist of trees growing on their own stems, produced by the falling of the beech-mast ; as very little is permitted to grow on the old stools, which are generally grubbed up. They are drawn occasionally, being never felled all at once, except for the purpose of converting the land into tillage, which has been much in practice of late years. The beech wood thus drawn is either sold in long lengths, called poles, or cut short in billet lengths, and sold for fuel.