her pen.

quences of facts, can endure the fictitious This may be assigned as one reason, plaints of art, or give them even a mo- why translators have little success to mentary credence.

boast of, in their attempts at rendering Verse, with its rhymes, bespeaks it- the Vicar of Wakefield French ; they self the creature of art and reflection : bave, no doubt, translated the original' on themes such :'s this of Moscow, it word for word: but the English reader can offer nothing so immediately im. would be at a loss to recognize the chapressive, so home to the beart, as the racters, in their Parisian atiire. authorities themselves on which it is Madame Despoarrin has taken up herfounded. It is, therefore, no impeach- residence ainong us, and this, we believe, ment of our former judgment on this is her first effort to render her talents polady's abilities, if we confess that this pular by means of the press. It is certainly poem, however pleasing some of its pas creditable to her pen; and though she sages, has not called our feelings into could not give her language la richesse action equally with some others from du luconismeof the English, her work

It could be, from circum- may be read with pleasure. It might stances, no other than a Gazette in verse; prove an exercise not, without its reward, and such a Gazetic appears to the best to compare the general extension of the advantage in its own native prose. periods of the l'rench language beyond

There are many interesting incidents the English, as shewn in these paragraphs of smaller note to which our turbulent placed opposite each other; in those, and inconsistent times have given birth, which mark character, or contain arguwbich deserve to be recorded by the ment, the difference is striking, while in poet's pen; and we doubt not of having those wbich refer to gallantry or describe additional cause for compliment, would the ladies, the French is the most conMrs. Rolls direct her attention to a cise, the most expressive, and usually judicious choice from among them. the most elegant.

We presume that this lady's purpose Le Ministre de Wakefield, d'Oliver Gold- useful to those young persons who are

will be answered, if her book be found smith, &c.

Goldsmith's Vicar of cultivating an acquaintance with the Wakefield, translated into French, French language, and wish to obtaivan (trith the original English on the op- easy correctness in it: it seems to be posite page,) by Madame Despourrin. sufficiently suitable to such an intention.' 2 vols, 12mo. Leigh, London, 1816. Every nation has its own family like

LITERARY REGISTER. ness : but the English nation varies that likeness into almost as many different Authors, Editors, and Publishers, are particulwly features, or cumbinations of features, as requested to forwurd to the Literary Panorama it comprises individuals. The liberty of

Office, post paid, the titles, prices, and other

puticulus of works in hund, or published, fur our country allows this to a degree not

insertion in this department of the work, common elsewhere ; and it cannot be

WORKS ANNOUNCED FOR PUBLICATION. said, that whoever has seen one Englishman has seen all his nation. It is there


Mr. William Wilkins, architect, will soon fore peculiarly difficult to exhibit to the minds of foreigners, by means of transla. publish in an octavo volume, with plates,

Atheniensia ; or, Remarks on the Buildings tion, those pictures of life and manners, and Topography of Athens. wbieb forin the charm of our best novels.

BIOGRAPHY. In proportion as they succeed in correctness, they become perplexing; and when

The Dictionary of Living Painters, Sculpthey truly speak ihe language of com

tors, Engravers, &c. forming a companion

to the Dictionary of Living Authors, will mon life, and character, they present appear in the course of a few weeks. obstacles, scarcely to be surmounted by Dr. Adams is preparing for the press, Meforeigners, whose acquaintance with the moirs of the Life, Doctrine, and Opinions of originals can be but imperfect.

the late John Hunter, founder of the lun.




terian Muiseum, at the College of Surgeons These valuable documents show the entire in London.

composition of the sculpture in the west Memoirs of Madame 'la Marquise de la front. The celebrity of the Elgin Marbles, Rochejaquelein. Trairslated from the se a considerable number of which are includcond edition printed at Paris. With a Maped in this work, adris great interest to the of La Vendee, will soon appear, io ovo. intrinsic value of these volumes.

The first three volumes of the Antiquities The Fourth Volome of the Antiquiries of of Athens may be had, price 171. 175. The Athens, &c. measured and delineaied hy third volume may be had separate, to comJames Stuart, F.R.S and F.S.A. and NF-plete sets, 61. 13s. These volumes contain cholas Reveti, painters wad architects, edit- ! 281 plates, engraved by the test artists, of ed by Joseph Woods, architect, is now views, architecture, plans, &c. with letterready for delivery by Mr. Taylor, at the Ar- press historical and descriptive, illustrating, chiteccural Library, Holborn. This volume by a research of many years' labour and contains 88 plates, besides 15 vigneures, en- great expense, the purest examples of Gregraved by the best artists, uniformly with | cian architecture, inany of which no longer the preceding volumes ; together with bis- exist, and the traces of them can be found torical and descriptive rccounts of the seve- only in this work. ral subjeets; also a portrait of Mr. Revet, from a picture painted by himself, and egraved in the line manner, by Isarc Taylor, Ancient and Modern History," and other

Mr. Bigland, the author of " Letters on and memoirs of the lives of the authors. excellent and useful books for youth, has just

Messrs. Stuart and Bevett lieing detained perllislied a systern of Geography for the use at Venice, in their way to Athens, maúe an excursion to Perla, pihere they j-assed six of schools, www. a new and perfectly easy

plan, in which the European boundaries are months in measuring the subjects, and in stared as settled by the Peace of Paris, Nomaking the drawings which are now sub member, 1815. Price 23. 6cl. bound. initted to the public, and which fornied a part of their original scheine of publication. The admiration with which these remains of

Dr. Duncan, senior, of Edinburgh, is pre antiquity have always been mentioned, no paring for the press, a new edition of his Oba less than their intrinsic merits, render ié de servations on the distinguisbing Symptoms sirable that they should be offered in com

of Three different Species of Pulmonary plete detail to the public, which has by 1o Consumption, the Catarrhal, the Apostemameans been the case in any of the works in tous, and the Tuberculous. The appendis, which they have bitherto been voriced. The in which he gave some account of an Opiate subjects are an Amphitheatre, the Temple Medicine, prepared from commun garden of Ronie and Augusius, and the Arci of the lettuce, and which he has denominated LacSergii. The sketeb-looks of Messrs Stuart tucarium, will be considerably enlarged, with and Revetr bave furnished several pistes of observations communicated to him by seveourious fragments of ancient architecture ral of his friends who have employed it in and sculpture t und in the Greek Islands, practice. with views of Mount Paroassus and clie

Dr. Adam Dods, of Worcester, has in the Rock of Delphi. The exquisite sculptures press, the Physician's Practical Companion, which adorned the Temple of Ninerva, at arranged in alphabetical dissertations, in an Ather:s, have ever been objects of the high-octavo volume. est admiration, and are now become parti

MINBRALOGY. cularly interesting, from the circunstance of

At press, a System of Mineralogy, by a large portion of them baving arrived in Robert Jameson, Regios Professor of Nathis country. Of these beautiful specimens rural History in the University of Edioof ancient art, there are thirty-four plates, burglı. Second edition, with numerous from drawings by Mr. Pars, representing the plates, illustrative of the various crystallizaentire west trieze * the cell,with some parts tions that occur in the mineral Kingdom. of the nortli and south sides, and several of 3 vols. 8vo. the Metopes of the exterior frieze. These, Also, a Treatise on the Character of Niwith those already published in the second nerals. By R. Jainesun. The second edivolume of this work, exhibit all the sculp- tion, 8vo. lure which remained of the Temple at the

MISCELLANTES. time (1731) Sinart and Revett were at A Genealogical Tree of the Macdonalds Athens. Ainongst these are five plates, or Macdonclis, formerly Lords of the Isles, showing the state of the sculpture in the pe- is now nearly ready for publication. In this dimensio the year 1933, when visited by the work is intended to exhibit the connection Marquis de vomiel, from copies of the ori- of many noble and respectable families with bunal drugs in the King's library, atilarte. licbeir descendants, and to adjust the claims


in the press.


and will appear


of precedence brought forward by their nu. 1

Nobleman, proving a late prime minister to merous brauches.

have been Juoius, and developing the secret The Rev. Mr. Pratt has in the press, a motives which induced him to write under new edition of the late Rev. R." Cecil's that and other signatures: with an Appendix, Works, in three octavo voluines.

containing a celebrated case published by A new edition of Dr. Pinckard's Notes on Almou in 1768. the West Indies, with additional letters, and a plan for the enjancipation of the slaves, is Dr. James Clarke of Cambridge, is about

to publish (by subscription) two sets of The Rev. T. Malthus is preparing a new Songs, Duets, and Glees, with original edition of his Essay on Population, with im- poetry, written expressly for the work, by portant additions and emendations.

Mrs. Joanda Baillie, Walter Scott, William Ad edition of Gray's Works, with some Sinyth, James Hogg, Joha Stewart, Esqrs. variations in the principal poems, from bis and Lord Byron. owo hand-writing, and many letters hitherto unpublished, edited by Mr. Mitford, is in At press, the Antiquary; a novel. By the press.

the author of Waverley and Guy ManA new edition of Mrs. Taylor's Present of nering. 8 vol. 1&mo. a Mistress to a Young Servant, is in the A novel, enoitled, Glenarvon, the propress.

duotion of a lady of high rank, is shortly A new work, by Miss Taylor, author of to appear. " Display,” is in the press, in a few days.

Rev, Messrs. Keyworth and Jones have The Round Table; a collection of Essays, nearly ready for the press, (forming a sinali 2 vols. footscap 8vo. will speedily appear. pocket volume of Hebrew Elements) Prin

Mr. Scoresby has in the press, the History | cipia Hebraica. Price to subscribers, 6s. of East and West Greenland, and the In this work the Hebrew Text of 564 verses, Northern Whale Fishery.

(in which occur all the roots in the psalter) The Remains of James Dusautoy, late of I will be printed with points; the rudical Emanuel College, Cambridge, with an In- letters, and radical sense of each word introduction by Robert Southey, Esq. is pre- dicated; a literal version in English interparing for publication.

lined under the Hebrew; and the learner Mr. William Playfair will soon publish a directed to those rules of a graminar anSupplemental Volume of Political Portraits nexed which account for the various charges in this new.era.

of letters and points. The whole being so The Narrative of a Ten Years' Residence arranger as to suit both the punctist and the at the Court of Tripoly, from the originali antipunctisc. correspondence in the possession of the fit. Mr. Ravizotti's Italian Grammar is remily of the late Richard Tully, Esq. the printing, with considerable improvements. British Consul, is nearly ready for publication. In a few days will be published, price llo

A new volume of poems, entitled Melana new edition, considerably improved, ac

choly Hours, is now in the press, and will companied with a separate volume of plates, appear in course of the present month, the the Art of making Masts, Yards, 'Gatts, production of a young lady. Booms, Blocks, and Oars, as practised in

Mr. Booth, uthor of an Analytical Inthe Royal Navy and Merchant Service. Introduction to the English Language, will this edition the present Method of Doulling

soon publish a volume of poeins. is particularly treated of, and illustrated by

At press, Tales, in verse. By George an additional plate.

Colman, the younger. Mr. Wm. Nariner has in the press, in two octaro valomes, an Account of the people of The Rev. Harvey Marriott will publish the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific in a few days, a new and corrected edition Ocean.

of a course of Practical Sermons, expressly Mr. Colburn has purchased the Frank- adapted to be read in fanilies. lin manuscripis, and they will immediately

The Rev. Andrew Thompson, of Edinbe brought before the public. They consist burgli, duas nearly ready for publication, of his life written by himself, to a late Lectures, Expository and Practical, on period, and continued to the time of his Select Portions of Scripture, in two octavu death, by his grandson and legatee, William volumes. Temple Franklin, Esq. his private and Mr. Windham, of Glasgow, has in the familiar correspondence, posthumous es press, Unitarianism incapable of Vindica

tion, in reply to the Rev. J. Yates' VindiSpeedily will be published, Letters to a cation of Unitarianism.



says, &c.

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Moscow. By M. De Pradt, Archbishop The Rev. Dr. T. D. Whitaker, vicar of of Mechlin. Translated from the second Whalley, is preparing a General History of French edition. 7s. the County of York, which will form seven The Historical Account of the Battle of or eight volumes in folio.

Waterloo : comprehending a circumstantial Mr. C. S. Gilbert will soon publish, in varrative of the whole events of the war of . two royal quarto volumes, a Historical Survey 1815. Written, from the first authority, by of Cornwall, illustrated by numerous engrav- Wm. Mudford, Esq. and accompanied by a ings, from drawings. By Mr. C. H. Parker, series of splendidly colored engravings, plans, jun.

&c. from drawings taken on the spot, by

James Rouse, Esq. Illustrating the whole A Voyage Round the World, from 1806, country from Brussels to Charleroi. Iinto 1812 ; in which Japan, Kamskatcha, the perial quarto, 6 Plates, part I. 11. 11s. 6d. Atleutian Islands, and the Sandwich Islands,

An Abridgment of Dr. Goldsmith's Hiswere visited. Including a Narrative of the tory of England; from the invasion of Author's Shipwreck on the Islands of Julius Cæsar to the death of George the Sauneak, and his subsequent Wreck in the

Second; and continued to the general ship's longboat. With an account of the peace in the year 1815. 12mo, 3s. 6d.. present state of the Sandwich Islands, and

bound. a Vocabulary of their Language. . By Ar

Memoirs of the principal events in the chibald Campbell. Illustrated by a Chart. campaigns of North Holland and Egypt;, 8vo.

together with a brief description of the islands Mr. J. T. James is printing a Journal of a of Crete, Rhodes, Syracuse, Minorca, and Tour on the Continent, in 1813-14; com

the voyage in the Mediterranean. By Major prising descriptions of Berlin, Stockholm, Francis Maule, late of the 2d, or Queen's Petersburg, Moscow, &c.

Reg: vent, and on the Staff of the Severn A Translation from the original German,

district, Royal 12mo, 8s of Professor Morgenstern's Tour brough

Annals of the Reign of King George III; part of Switzerland, Italy, Naples, &c. iü from its commencement to the general 1809, and 1810, with additions, is in the peace in the year 1815. By John Aikin, press.

M. D. % vol. 8vo, il. 5s.



Observations on the Chancery Bar, 8vo, 2s. ARCHITECTURE.

A Digested Index to the Crown Law; comSpecimens of Gothic Architecture; con- prebending all the points relating to criminal sisting of Doors, Windows, Buttresses, Pin-matters contained in the reports of Blacknacles, &c. with the Measurements; selected stone, Burrow, Cowper, Douglas, Leach's from ancient buildings at Oxford, dc. drawn Crown Law, Raymond, Salkeld, Strange, and etched on sixty-one Plates. By F. Mac- Wilson, and the Term Reports. By H. N. kenzie, and A. Pugin. Demy, 21. 2s. linTomlins, of the Inner Temple. royal 8vo, perial, 31. 3s.

10s. 6d. EDUCATION.

The Practice of the Exchequer of Pleas,

with an appendix of forms in general use. A Familiar History of England, by question By James Manning, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn. and answer. Einbellished with portraits of Part I. (to be continued,) ryal 8vo, 12s. the sovereigns, neatly engraved on wood.

Reports of Cases argued and determined 8vo, 3s. 6d.

in the Vice Chancellor's Court, 55 Geo. III. A Short Introduction to Numeration; de- 1815. By Henry Maddock, Esq. of Lin. signed for children between four and five coln's luni

, Barrister at Law. Part I, rol. I. years of age, preparatory to Condorcet's (to be continued,) royal 8vo, 8s. 6d. method of learning to calculate. By a ino

A Treatise on the law of Nisi Prius; ther.

combining Theory with Practice, and in

cluding the pleadings in the several actions. The Picturesque Delineations of the By Anthony Hammond, Esq. of the Inuer Southern Coast of England. By W. B. Temple. Vol. I, royal 8vo. 11. 1s. Cooke and G. Cooke. From drawings by Reports argued and determined in the J. M. W. Turner, R. A. &c. &c. Part Vi. Coure of Exchequer, Easter and Trinity royal paper, 12s.6d, imperial paper, 18s. Termis, and the Sittings after, 1815. By

George Price, Esq. Barrister at Law. Part Narrative of an Embassy to Warsaw and 111 with Indexes, which completes the first Wiling, with personal attendance on the volume (to be coatinued). Royal 8vo, 8s. Einperor Napoleon, during the disastrous

MATHEMATICS. tanpaign in Russia, and the Retreat from Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigono




inetry; with their applications to heights and John Dunlop, Esq. The second edition, distances, projections of the Sphere, Dialling, considerably enlarged and improved. 3 vols. Astronomy, the Solution of Equations, and post Bro, 21. 2s. Geodesic Operations; intended for the use The Encyclopædia Edinensis ; or, a Dicof Mathematical Seminaries, and of first- tionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous year men at College. By Olinthus Gregory, Literature: in 6 vol. 4to, illustrated by not LLD. of the Royal Military Academy, fewer than 180 fine engravings. By James Woolwich ; author of Letters on the Chris Millar, M.D. Part 1, 4to, 8s. tiau Religion, and other works 12mo, 5s. A Postscript to the Claims of the British boorid,

Navy, being a continuation of the arguments MEDICINE AND CHIRURGERY. therein contained, with other matter; and an The Annals of Medicine and Surgery; or, appendix of observations on the Answer to Records of the occurring improvements and the Claims. By the same Old Post Captain. discoveries in Medicine and Surgery, and the Also, Additional Observations on the Animmediately connected Arts and Sciences. swer to the Claims. By another Officer of Number I (to be continued quarterly.) 8vo. the Royal Navy. price 3s.

Annual Gleanings of Wit and IIumour, in A Narrative of a Journey to London, in prose and verse; chiefly from periodical 1814; or, a Parallel of the English and works, foreign and English; with many oriFrench Surgery; preceded by some observa- ginal pieces. By a celebrated Wit of the tions on the London Hospitals. By Phili Äge. 2 vols. 18mo. 7s.; royal paper, bert Joseph Roux, Doctor in Surgery, Second 10s. 6d. Surgeon of the Hospital of Charity, Member Leaves. 8vo. 9s. of the Legion of Honour, Professor of Ana Euripides' Alcestis Burlesqued. By tomy, Physiology, and Surgery, &c. Trans- Issachar Styrke, Gent. 8vo. 55. Od. lated from the French. 8vo, 10s.

The Bonaparteid; or, a serio-comie MINERALOGY."

Sketch of the political Life and Adventures An Elementary Introduction to the Know of the renowned Napoleon Bonaparte, late Jedge of Mineralogy: including some account Einperor of the French, &c. 8vo. 4s. sewed. of Mineral Elements and Constituents : Prize Essays and Transactions of the explanations of terms in common use; brief Highland Society of Scotland. Volume the account of minerals, and of the places and Fourth. To which is prefixed, an account circumstances in which they are found. of the principal Proceedings of the Society Designed for the use of the student. By during the years from April, 1807, to Jor William Phillips, Member of the Geological nuary, 1815, both inclusive. Drawn up at Society. 12mo, 8s. 6d.

the desire of the Society, by Henry Mac

kenzie, Esq. one of the Directors. With enA Treatise on Dry Rot, in which are de- gravings. 8vo. 15s. scribed the nature and causes of that disease The Relicks of a Saint. A right merry ia Ships, Houses, Mills, &c. &c. with Tale, By Ferdinand Farquhar, Esq. 12.no. methods of prevention and cure. Containing | 5s. also an enquiry into the origin of fungi, with several interesting facts respecting the dura The Natural History of British Birds; or, bility of timber, from seasoning, winter- a selection of the most rare, beautiful, and felling, barking, &c. and some account of interesting Birds which inhabit this country. those ships, which, from their remarkable The descriptions from the Systema Natura durability, or other causes, form important of Linnæus; with general observations, and prominent features in the History of the either original, or collected from the latest British Navy. By Ambrose Bowden, of the and most esteemed Ornithologists, and em. Navy Office. With a colored plate, illus- bellished with figures drawn, engraved, and trative of the subject. 8s.

coloured from the original specimens. By A Letter of Advice to his Grand Children, Matthew Gabriel, Anne, Mary, and Frances 31. 12s.

E. Donovan, F.L. S. vol. 6, 7, royal 8vo. Hale By Sir Matthew Hale. Now first published from an original manuscript, embellished with a portrait. 8vo, 4s. 6d.

Jalia of Ardenfield ; a novel. 2 vols. Reasons for not answering Mr Gisborne's 12mo. 108. 6d. letter to the Bisbop of Gloucester, in a letter

She Would be a Heroine. By Sophia to a friend. By a Clergyman of the Diocese Griffith. 3 vols. 12mo. 15s. of Lincoln. 8vo, 25.

PERIODICAL LITERATURE. The History of Fiction; being a critical The Journal of Science and the Arts, account of the most celebrated Prose Works cdited at the Royal Institution of Great Bris of Fiction, from the earliest Greek Roman- tain. Number 1. (to be published quars ees to the Novels of the present age. By terly), 8vo. 75, 6d,




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