rocks at Point Judith were also removed

TO-MORROW. from the beds, in which they have lain See when the falling day since the discovery of the country.

In silence melts away, All these circumstances seem to prove Behind the western hills withdrawn; beyond doubt that there must have been

Her tires are quenched, her beauty Aed, an earthquakemand render it much less

With blushes all her face o'er spread, probable, that the salt was driven from

As conscious she had ill fulfilled the ocean, than that it was generated in

The Promise of the dawn. the air by the changes which that element must have undergone during so remark

Another morning soon shall rise, able and awful a convulsion.

Another day salute our eyes,
As smiling and as fair as she,

And make as many promises ;

But do not thou

The tale believe.

They're sisters all

And all deceive,

Dante Alighieri to Guido Cavalcanti.
GUIDO, I would that Lappo, thou, and I,

Led by some strong enchantment, might ascend
A magic ship, whose charmed sails should fly

We are as clouds that veil the midnight moon; With winds at will where'er our thoughts might

How restlessly they speed, and gleam and wend,

qoiver, And that no change, nor any evil chance, Should mar our joyous voyage ; but it might be, Streaking the darkness radiantly !-yet soon

Night closes round, and they are lost for ever: That even satiety should still enhance Between our hearts their strict community, Or like forgotten lyres, whose dissonant strings And that the bounteous wizard then would Give various response to each varying blast, place.

To whose frail frame no second motion brings Vanna and Bice and my gentle love,

One mood or modulation like the last. Companions of our wandering, and would grace

We rest :-A dream has power to poison sleep; With passionate talk wherever we might rove;

We rise :-One wandering thought pollutes Our time, and each were as content and free As I believe that thou and I should be.

We feel, conceive or reason, laugh or weep;

Embrace fond woe, or cast our cares away : TRANSLATED FROM THE GREEK OF

It is the same !-For, be itjoy or sorrow,

The path of its departure still is free:

Man's yesterday may nc'er be like his morrow; Ταν αλα ταν γλαυκαν όταν ανεμος ατρεμα

Nought may endure but Mutability. βαλλη, κ. τ. λ.

the day ;

When winds that move not its calm surface

The azure sea, I love the land no more ;
The smiles of the serene and tranquil deep
Tempt my unquiet mind.-But when the roar
Of ocean's gray abyss resounds, and foam
Gathers upon the sea, and vast waves burst,
I turn from the drear aspect to the home
Of earth and its deep woods, where interspersed,
When winds blow loud, pines make sweet

Whose house is some lone bark, whose toil the

Who is it, “ Gentle Reader," who,
That labours hard in pleasing you,
By telling all that's strange and new ?

The Printer
Who tells you of tb'affairs of State,
Whilst Lords and Commons legislate,
And spend their nights in warm debate?

The Printer
Ye politicians, truly tell
Who makes you understand so well
Th'affairs on which you love to dwell-

The Printer,
Then, in no case should you delay,
(Though many do, from day to day)
With punctuality to pay



Whose prey the wandering fish, an evil lot
Has chosen.-But I my languid limbs will Aing
Beneath the plane, where the brook's murmur-

Moves the calm spirit, but disturbs it not.

value : but as you are going to India to

look after your out-standing concerns, The Gatherer,

should fortune further persecute you, draw

upon me for any sum of money you may NO. XI. NEW SERIES.

stand in need of, seal it with this signet, * I am but a Gatherer and Dealer in other sign it with your own hand, and I will pay

the money.'" Men's Stuff.”


An instance of liberality not to be over. Jooked, but worthy to be had in everlasting Nation is economical of its money; Lord

Economy is the Order of the day: the remembrance, is related by a Gentleman, | A. is ecouomical of bis tongue; his cousin, whom we kvow to be incapable of viola. Sir John B. is economical of his temper; tiug truth. We depend on bis affirmation with entire assurance; nor let this be D. Esq. is economical of his recollection;

Alderman C. is economical of his coat; and esteemed singular, though it must be ac

for scarcely can he remember one of his knowledged to rank high among the un.

promises made to his constituents; or one usual.

of his constituents to which he made them.

Some are so economical of their labour, (From Forbes's Oriental Memoirs.) that all their business is done by deputy; " I think it very probable you may meet and their duty is discharged, when they our friend C- at Tellicherry or Cochin, have counted their salary, and signed proin one of the Portuguese ships from Ma per receipts. And a very convenient princao, which generally arrives about this ciple of action-110 of repose, it is:-for, time. You have beard of his late misfor what can be easier than a deputation? It tunes, but it is possible you may not know is a fiction of state-“by yourself or your by what means his affuirs are likely to be sufficient deputy;" it is a fiction of lawretrieved ; and therefore with exquisite shall appear by your lawful attorney;"delight I relate an anecdote which does it is an Ecclesiastical fiction, also, my honour to human nature. The story is Curate does duty for me, to day;"—in other true, and in my opinion equals any thing of words, ! preach, and I pray, by deputy." the kind upon record. Yon, who were for- 1 Bit of all devices for doing duty" by demerly well acquainted with this worthy man puty, that of the Mills for grinding prayers; in India, know that he afterwards resided on the principle of a perpetual motion, many years highly respected at Canten leaves every other far beliind it, in ingemuand Macao ; where sudden reverse of ity, application, constancy, aud perseverfortune lately reduced him from a state of

It is the invention, too, of hordes affluence to the greatest necessity. A Chi which we please to call barbarous:- barba. nese merchant, to whom he had formerly rous! no surely; in this, at least, they have rendered service, gratefully offered him ani

refined on the refinements of civilized life; immediate loan of ten thousand dollars, and so farfrom being deficient in ingenuity, which the gentleman accepted, and gave they have reached the very armé of intelhis boud for the amount; this the Chinese lectual exaltation; the ne plus ultra of immedately threw into the fire, saying,

pious invention. • When you, my friend, first came to China, To say truth, what a labour is prayerI was a poor man ; you took me by the the laity shift it off from themselves-hand, and assisting my honest endeavours / “ the clergy pray for us;"—the Rector transmade me rich. Our destiny is now re fers the office to his inferior;and his infeversed; I see you poor, while I am blessed rior would transfer it to the Clerk, if he with afluence.' The bye-standers had durst. Now tbis invention we are about snatched the bond from the Aanies; the to recommend, would suit the Church clock, gentleman, sensibly affected by such geue- exactly; and, we humbly propose 1hat the rosity, pressed his Chinese frieud to take machinery of that useful appendage to a the security, which he did, and effectually Church, be qualified, by means of an addidesiroyed it. The disciple of Confucius, tional movement, to “ do dluty" in the abbeholding the renewed distress it occa sence of the Clerk, of the Curate, of the sioned, said he would accept of his watch, Rector, and of the congregation. The maor any little valuable, as a memorial of chinery would be but simple; and the cost their friendship. The gentleman imme might be divided between the clergy and diately presented bis watch, and the the laity: as the benefit would be equal Chinese, in return, gave him an old iron and mutual. Not that we mean wholly to seal, saying, . Take this seal, it is one ! dismiss the Clerk, who should be bound to have long used, and possesses no intriusic wind up this machinery once a week;-nor


the Curate, who should be bound to see , a string, which, when it is once seta-going, that he does it properly ;-nor the Rector, keeps it with the help of the stick, in conwho should be bound to receive a report on stavit motion. Such-like prayer-wheels, the performance of said Clerk, Curate, and neatly wrought, are fastened upon short Machinerya

sticks to a small wooden pedestal, and This invention distinguishes one of the stand upon the altars for the use of pious dations in the range of the Caucasean persons While the prayer-wheel is thus

its name; as we feel some reluctance in ac- takes the rosary in the other, and at the knowledging that any nation, in any part same time repeats penitential psalms. of the globe, has excelled, or can excel our own, in the Article of--- Machinery.--: structed on the same principle as those

• A fourth kind of these Kürdä is con. and why should we immortalize our rivals ? which are turned by wind; only it is somePRAYIXG MACHINES.

what smaller, and the frame is adapted to • Among the most remarkable of the sa. be lung up by a cord in the chineys of cred utensils of the temples, is the Kurda, the inhabitants or huts of the Mongols. a cylindrical ve-sel of wood or metal, ei. When there is a good fire, they are likether very small, or of immense size. In its wise set in motion by the smoke and the centre is fixed an iron axle; but the inte. current of air, and continue to turn round rior of the cylinder, which is quite hollow, as long as the fire is kept up. is billed with sacred writings, the leaves of • A fifth kind of Kürdä is erected on a which are all stuck one to another at the small stream of water, upon a foundation edge, throughout the whole length. This like that of a mill, over which a small paper is rolied tight round the axis of the house is built to protect it from the weacylinder, till the whole space is filled up. ther. By meaus of the wheel attached to A close cover is fixed on at each end, and it, and the current, the cylmder is in like the whole Kürdä is very neatly finished, manner kept in a constant circular mopainted on the outside with allegorical re tion. These water-Kürdä are co

commonly presentations, or Indian prayers, aud var constructed on a large scale, and maiunished over. This cylinder is fastened up- tained at the joint expense of the inhabiright in a frame by the axis; so that the tants of a whole district. They have a relatter, by means of a wheel attached to ference to all aquatic animals, whether it below, may be set a-going with a string; alive or dead, whose temporal and eternal aod with a slight pull kept in a constant happiness is the aim of the writings conrotatory motion. Wheu this cylinder is tained in them; in like manner as the oblarge, another, twice as small, and filled |ject of the fire-Kürdä is the salvation of all with writing, is fixed for ornament on the animals suffering by fire.' top of it. The inscriptionis on such prayerwheels commonly consist of masses for elements, fire, water, air, gravitation, and

0, pious people, who constrain even the souls, psalms, and the six great general velocity, to become religious--to repeat litanies, in which the most moving peti; penitential psalms, without intermission ; tions are presented for the welfare of all to cry aloud without whining or bawling; creatures. The text they sometimes repeat a hundred or even a thousand times, without utterance,—to shew forth praises

to petition without a voice, to intreat attributing from superstition a propor- in dumb silence and all this, merely by tionably augmented effect to this repetition, the revolution of a wheel !! and believing that by these frequent copies, combined with their thousands of revolutions, they will prove so much the Puff extraordinary, which may put all our Lotmore efficacious. You frequently see, as lery Puffers to the blush :-Can they do any thing well on the habitations of the priests as on

like it? ---No-(From a Boston (N. A.) paper.) the whole roof of the temple, small Kürdä

A happy but kard Case. placed close to each other, in rows, by way The last week, passed through this town, of ornament; and not only over the gate, in a horse waggon, a Mr. Skinner and his but likewise in the fields, frames set up ex wife, with twelve hardy, ragged children, pressly for these prayiug machides, which, on their way to the Ohio country, having instead of being moved by a string, are come from the eastern boundaries of Mainte, turned by means of four sails, (sbaped and a distance of 450 miles, and still going hollowed out like spoons) by the wind. from 12 to 1500 more, in hopes to find a

• Other similar Kürdä are fastened to farm more fertile than the baru climate of sticks of moderate thickness; a leaden Maine can give. It really made charity weight is then fastened to the cylinder by rise is the bosorus of all who saw them,


yet contentment and cheerfulness sat on
tbeir brow.-Any one who wishes to assist National Kegister :
such as are situated like Skinner, or who,
by a small loss may call it hard, but feel

FOREIGN. willing to risk to obtain the happy case, are invited to buy a ticket or share, in the Plymouth Beach Lottery, which in a few days will bestow S20,000 ou some one of its adventurous travellers; or those who confiagration of the town of St. John's Newfound

land. wish a short jaunt only, try the Union Capal, which will give shortly two of “ The fire broke out on Feb. 12, about 85,000~ Apply to the Lottery and Ex. eight o'clock in the evening, and conchange Office of Gilbert and Dean, Old sumed between 130 and 140 houses. What State House, South Side.

increased the danger, and added to the Bigamy triumphant : Equality indisputable.

extent of this calamity, was the way in Lately died in Cambridge, New-York, which the town of St. John was built. Mr. Solomon Crouch, of a wound in the The houses are entirely of wood, not a hand by the cut of a scythe. Among the brick being used, except in the chimneys. Memorabilia of the times, it is mentioned They are also irregularly built, and hud. of the deceased, that lie married two sisters, dled together, as suited the conveniency nearly at the same time, lived alternately, of their various owners, and without rea week at a time, with them, and had by gard to safety or order. A tremendous each thirteen children. The two families gale from the south-east was blowing wben lived a short distance from each other in the fire commenced, and threatened the affection and harniony; and the two wi

total destruction of the place. Towards dows and tainty-six children followed him morning, however, a heavy suow which to the grave!

had beeu falling up to this period, changed There was in London--and perhaps, be into rain, and materially checked the ramay be still living, an instance of the same pidity of the progress of the devouring elekind. The husband was a manin extensive ment. The extraordinary exertious of the business; aud made a point of always pur

navy, army, and public departments, is chastug the very same things in quality and represented as beyond praise. Several in colour-whether, caps, bonnets, gowns,

houses were pulled down before the Asmes or ribbande, for his two wives: He made reached them, and thus the communica110 differencē, in the most minute partitions being cut off

, the injury was limited cular. But, if we recollect rightly-he was

to the number of habitations specified. not so equally favoured as the aforesaid We are sorry to say that the lower orders Mr. Solomon Crouch ;- be had no child of the populace gave themselves up to dren by one wise; but by the other, only plunder, instead of assisting their wretched In what mauner, or state, he was followed fellow-creatures, of whom 1500 have been to the grave-if he be dead we do not rendered destitute, during a rigorous and know.

inclement season, by this awful visita- . Curious Appeal,

tion. Their houses and provisious are desDetermined at the Middlesex Sessions troyed, and what augments their distress John Nash, a pauper, had rented a house is the impossibility of vessels entering the for more than 20 years, standing partly port with supplies, iu consequence of the over a drain, in the hamlets of Acton and ice. The other inhabitants share their Hammersmith. A model of the house was

store with these unfortunates, but so heavy produced, as well as one of the bed-room a loss must be felt by all. A liberal subin which the pauper slept : the length of scription was entered upon, which afthe bed was two feet nine inches and a forded a temporary relief, and we have half at the top, and three feet five inches no doubt but it will be benevolently aided, and a half at the bottom, making the bed by a similar measure in England. The room six-feet three. The room being in rapidity with which the houses were conboth parishes, the question was, to which sumed is described as almost inconceiva. should be belong?

ble. Many of their inmates had barely The Court (Mr. Watson and Mr. Ser. time to escape naked, or merely covered jeant Sellon decided, that presuming the with blankets, and stood shivering in the body when stretched out, would have its storm and snow, while all that they had greater proportion in that part of the roon in the world perisbed before their eyes. which belonged to Acton, ordered the ap We rejoice to add, that report speaks of peal to be allowed, thereby fixing the set-only one life lost on this melancholy occatlement in Acton,



Huts are now erected for the miserable suf

Army reduced. ferers. The inhabitants cannot be too highly Vienna, March 17.-It is difficult to praised for the exertions they have made, imagine with what pleasure the reduction y taking in as many of the houseless poor as of the Austrian army is beheld. Indepentheir houses would hold, and cloathing dently of its financial advantages, it must them with their garments.

have an influence on our daily subsise,

tence, and especially on the price of proAMERICA : UNITED STATES.

visions, which are extremely high. The Some notion of the extensive transac- true cause of this dearth must be ascribed tions carrying ou between this country and to a too numerous military establishment, America may be formed from the following which took from agriculture between two article:

and three hundred thousand men in the viNew York, March 8.-Five thousand two gour of their age. hundred and seventy-sir letters were re. Mr. Walla, ibe Jew broker at Prague, ceived yesterday afternoon at our Post- has cut bis throat, in consequence of comOffice They were brought by the follow mercial losses. ing vessels : Regent, Bartlett, from Liverpool 4,014

Waterloo Observatory blown down. Integrity, Gillender, ditto 680

Brussels, March 29.-The violence of the Amphion, Jones, from Dublin 191

late winds has thrown down the observaJulia and Mary, from Greenock 180)

tory, which cominanded a view of all the Nixon, Smith, from London 122 hills and valleys of Waterloo. The proJames, Ross, from Nassau


prietor of the ruins of the Chateau of Hou

gomont has on his side caused all the 5,276

woods to be knocked down. The trees, General Washington's remains transferred.

pierced by thousands and thousands of

bails, and that oliservatory (erected by the The widow of General Washington has orders of the Duke of Wellington, a short consented to the removal of her husbaud's time before the battle', the witnesses of so remajus to a spot on which it is proposed much glory and mouroing, and of so disto erect a pational monument to his memguished a triumpb, have vanished for mort. Lo her answer to the President of the United States on the subject, she says

English Emigrants. -“ Taught by the great example which I

The Brussels Papers state, that three hun. have so long had before me, liever to op: dred families have lately received passports pose niy private wishes to the public will, in England for the Continent, with intent I must consent to the request made by to settle at Brussels. The dread of a perCongress, wi ich you have had the good-petual income Tax may have been a strong ness to trapsınit to me; and in doing this, motive with many of ihose persons to emiI need not, I cannot say, what a sacrifice of

grate. individual feeling I make to a sense of public duty."

Taxes abated. Charlesion and Virginia papers bring in The King of Denmark has been pleased formation that an epidemical disease, very to order a great reduction of the land taxes destructive jo its etfects, has again made in the kingdom of Denmark. The tax its appearance in Virginia and North ('a- upon hearths in the country, imposed in rolina. The mortality among the imbabi- 1812, is abolished ; and the corn-tax, imtaots of the counties adjoiuing to Norfolk posed in 1813, of 612,000 tons in kiud, are has exceeded the rayages of the fatal epi reduced to 100,000 10u8.---( Hamburgh pademic in the winter of 1814-15.




[blocks in formation]

Military memorial.

An account of all the sums of money Vienna, March 2.–The Hungarian gre- paid, or stipulated to be paid by France, nadiers of the battalion of Jarossi, when under whatever denomination, to the Brithe four Venetian horses were removed tish government, or to any of the departfrom Paris, resolved to have some fragment ments of the British army serving in as a memorial, and chose the eagle which France, exclusive of the sums paid under was on the front of the car of victory. This the treaties and conventions concluded at Eagle is arrived quite safe, and is placed, Paris on the 201h November last ; together with the consent of the Archduke Palatine, with the dates of such payments, and an in the Hungarian National Museum at account of the manner in which such sumo

have been applied :


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