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descriptive accounts of the several subjects: , einancipation of the slaves. By George also a portrait of Mr. Revett, froin a pic | Pinckard, M.D. 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 6s. (ure painted by himself, and engraved in

MISCELLANIES. the line manner by Isaac Taylor, and me Spurinna, or the Comforts of Old Age, inoirs of the lives of the authors. Inp. with notes and biographical illustrations. folio, 71. 75.

By Sir Thomas Bernard, Baronet. 8vo. 9s. Or Statuary and Sculpture among the An A Description of the Correct Method of cients; with some account of specimens German and French Waltzing. By Thomas preserved in England. By James Dallaway, Wilson, Dancing master from the Kin 's M.B. F.A.S. With thirty engravings, and Theatre. Embellished with elegant engravseveral wood-cuts. Imp. 8vo, 21. 8s. ings. 12mo. 10s, 6d.

Remarks on Antiquities, Arts, and Let Arguments and Facts demonstrating that ters, during an excursion in Italy, in the the Letters of Junius were written by Johu years 1809-3... By Joseph Forsyth, Esq. Lewis de Lolme, Author of the celebrated The second edition, with numerous and im- Essay on the English Constitution. By Thoportant corrections and additions, made by mas Busby, Mus. D. Author of a Translathe author, previous to his recent decease. tion of Lucretius. Avo. 10s. 6d. 8vo. 15s.

Liberty, Civil and Religious. By the Letters' on the Fine Arts, written from Rev T. Bowdler, A.M. 8vn. 3s. sewed. Paris during the year 1815. By Henry Hints to a Traveller into Foreigrı CounMilton, Esq. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

tries. By the Rev. Jolin Marriot, Rector of

Church Lawford. 18ino. 3s, sewed. Hume's History of England, revised for Atheniensa ; or, Reinarks on the TopoFamily Use; with such omissions and alter-graphy and Buildings of Athens. By Wit arious as may render it salutary to tbe liam Wilkins, A M. F.A.S. late Fellow of young, and unexcepcionable to the Chris Gonvil and Caius College, Cambridge. With tian. By the Rev. George Berkeley Mirch plates. 8vo. 12s, ell, A.M. Vicar of St. Mary in Leicester. 'The Works of the late Rev. Richard 8 vols. 8vo. 31. 12s.

Cecil, M.A. Minister of St. John's Chapel, Lectures on the Philosophy of Modern Bedford-Row. A vew and complete ediHistory, delivered in the Vuiversity of Dub- tion, collected and revised by Josiah Pratt, fin. By George Miller, D.D. late Fellow B. D. Embellished with purtraits of ibe of Trinity College, Dublin, and Lecturer on Author, the Rev. W. B. Cadogan, J. Bacon, Alodera History. Volume I. and II., 8vo. Esq. R. A. and the Rev. John Newton. 11. 14s.

3 vols., 8vo. 21. 26. Memorie of the Somervilles; being a his The Transactions of the Royal Irish Acatory of the baronial House of Somerville, demy. Volume XII. 4., 11. 115. 6d. published from the original manuscript, in Amusements in Retirement, or the Inthe possession of the present poble repre- Aluence of Literature, Science, and the liberal sentative of the family. By James, eleventh Arts on the conduct and happiness of a Lord Somerville. With two portraits, and private life, by the Author of the Philosophy aine olher engravings, 2 vols. 8vo. 21. 2s. of Nature, i vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d. royal paper, 31, Ss.

The Annual Register; or, a View of the General Zoology; or, Systematic NatuHistory, Politics, and Literature, for the ral History. Commenced by the late George year 1815. Bro. 16s.

Shaw, M.D. F.R.S. &c. With plates from MEDICINE AND CHIRURGLRY. the first authorities and most select speci. Essays on Insanity, Hypochondriasis, and mens, engraved principally by Mrs. Grifpther Nervous Affections. By Jobo Reid, fiths. Volume IX. in 2 parts, 8vo. 21. 12s. M.D. of the Royal College of Physicians. 6d. ; royal paper, 3). 16s, 8vo. 9s.

An Analysis of the Mineral Water of The Antiquary: a novel. By the Author Tunbridge Wells, with some account of its of Waverley. 3 vols. 12mo. 11. As. medicinal properties. By Charles Scuda The Cottagers of the Lakes. 12mo. 3s. 6d. more, M. D Member of the Royal College of Physicians. 35.

The Colonial Journal, a new quarterly Notes on sbe West Indies, including ob- publication, with engravings, intended to servations relative to the Creoles and Slaves record every species of information relative of the western colonies, and the Indians of to the British colonial possessions, exclud. South America : interspersed with remarks ing only the territories under the manageupon the Seasyoiing or yellow fever of hot ment of the East-India Company, The clipates. The secoud edition, with addi-periods of publication are the first of Janucinnal Letters froin Martinique, Jamaica, ary, April, July, and October. No. I. m and St, Domingo ; and a proposal for the royal 8vo. 8s,







morality. Prefixed is some account of ErasAn Easy, Natural, and Rational Mode of mus, bis reception in England, and corresTeaching and Acquiring the French Lan-pondence. 8vo. 8s, guage, on a plan entirely new. By William Episcopal Claims Investigated, and the Henry Pybus. 8vo. 88

Liberty of the Pulpit Defended. 2010. 48. Modern French Conversation ; for the Dissertations on Various Interesting Subuse of schools and travellers. By J. Mau-jects, with a view to illustrate the amiable rois. 12mo. Ss. bound.

and moral spirit of Christ's religion, and to

correct the moral tendency of some doce Essays in Rhyme, on Morals and Man-frines, at present, modern and fashionable.

By Jane Taylor, Author of Display, By the Rev. Thomas Watson. 8vo. 6s. Original Poems for Infant Minds, &c. Fools. Sermons, by Thomas Trevor Trevor, cap 8vo. 6s.

LL.D. Prebendary of Chester, Rector of The Talents Run Mad; or, Eighteen West Kirby, and Vicar of Eastham. 8vo. Os. Hundred and Sixteen : a satirical poem, Every-Day Christianity. By the Author with ootes, By the Author of All the Ta- of Rhodi, &c. 12mo. Ss. Gd. sewed. tents. 8vo. 5s, 6d. sewed.

The Doctrine of the Church of England Bertrain ; a poetical tale, in four cantos. upon the Efficacy of Baptism vindicated By Sir Egertoni Brydges, Bart, K.J. M.P. from Misrepresentation. By Richard LauFoolscap 8vo. 5s.

rencé, LL.D. Regius Professor of Hebrew, Waterloo : a poem. With notes. By Canon of Christ Church, &c. *8vo. 5s. H. Davidson), Esq. Advocate. '8vo. 5s. 6d. Sermons on Practical Subjects. By the

fiderim, a Syrian Tale: in four cantos. late Rev. William Jesse, A.M. 8vo. 9s. Svo. 45. 6d.

A Serinon, Preached in Lambeth Chapel, Poems; including correct copies of Fare at the Consecration of the Right Rev. Robert, Thee Well, &c. and five others never be- Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia. By Joseph Igre printed. By the Right Honourable Holden Poti, A.M. Archdeacon of London, Lord Byron. 8vo. 2s.

and Vicar of St. Martin-in-the. Fields. Pube POLITICAL ECONONY.

lished at the command of his Grace the Lord The Principles of Population and Pro- Archbishop of Canterbury, 4to. 2s, duction, as they are affected by the Progress A Brief Statement of the Nature of Bapof Society; with a view to moral and politism. By Robert Hardy, A.M. Vicar of the tical consequences. By John Weyland, Jun, united Parishes of Walberton and Yapton, Esq. F.R.S. 8vo. 14s.

and of Stoughton in Sussex ; and Chaplain Observations on the Intended Amend- to bis Royal Highness the Prinde Regeut. ment of the Irish Grand Jury Laws, now un-6d. or 5s. a dozen. der consideration of the Honourable blouse of Commons: to which is added, a plan for

A Description of the Principal Picturesque the general survey and valuation of Ireland, Beauties, Antiquities, and Geological Phiæand for the commutation of tithes; with nomena, of the Isle of Wight. By Sir Helry several important bints relative to the inter- C. Englefeld, Bart. With additional obser. nal economy of Ireland, and the distressed vations on the strata of the island, and their state of the puor. By William Parker, Esq. continuation in the adjacent parts of Dors 8vo. 5s, sewed.

setshire. By Thomas Webster, Esq. Illus

trated by maps, and nearly fifty engravings, Dr. Mant's Sermon on Regeneration, by W. and G. Cooke, from original drawvindicated from the remarks of the Rev. ings by Sir H. Englefield, and T. Webster. T. T. Biddulph. By a Member of the Salop Imp. 410. 71. 7s.; large paper, 101. 10.. District Committee of the Society for Pru. moting Christian Knowledge. 1s. 6d. A Voyage Round the World, from 1806

Sermons on Various Subjects and Occa- to 1812, in which Japan, Kamschatka, the sions. By G. S. Faber, B.D. Rector of Long Aleutian Islands, and the Sandwich Islands, Newton, Durham. 8vo. 125.

were visited. Including a narrative of the The Agency of Divine Providence Mani- author's slsipwreck on the island of Sannack, fested in the Principal Transactions, Reli- and his subsequerit wreck in the ship's long gious and Political, connected with the His- boat. With an account of the present state tory of Great Britain, from the Reformation of the Sandwich Islands, and a vocabulary of to the Revolution in 1688. By Samuel their language. By Archibald Campbelt. O'Sullivan. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Illustrated by a chart. 8vo. 9s. The Christian's Manual, compiled from Journal of a Tour in Gerinany, Sweden, the Enchiridion Militis Christiani of Eras- Russia, Poland, &c. during the years 1813 inus. By Philip. Wyatt Crowther, Esq. and 1814. By J. T. James, Esq. Student of With copious Scripture notes, and com. Cbrist's Church, Oxford. With eighteen ments ou several fatal errors in religion and engravings. 410. 31: 3s.





The principal works which have appeared Foreign Literary Gazette.

since the year 1813, are the following

1. Lericon Islandico-Lutino-Danicum by Bivern Halforden.

2. The last volume of the Kiaempevisen, Instructions in Manufactures, by Science. or War Songs ; which also contains the The Emperor of Austria had ordered, Musical Melodies. The whole is now until the more formal institution of a Poly- complete in two volumes. technic School in Vienna, that a public

3. The second volume of the Edda Saecourse of lectures should be delivered, ex mundi. This volume contains the songs of plaining the application of Chemistry to the heroes which have any reference to the the Arts, its importance to the purposes of ancient History of Germany, to the Song, artists, manufacturers, &c. This is to be of the Niebelungen, and to the Book of continued on every Sunday in the yeur: To Heroes. carry this plau into execution; invitation has been given to the heads of dif- study of the Icelandic language, by Profes

4. A memoir on the importance of the ferent professions, who may be willing to afford assistance. - 1. To form a fund

sor Müller, in Danish. by means of voluntary donations.—2, To

The impression of the Supplement to select a man fit for the purpose of conduct. Ihre's Glossary is not yet begun. ing the proposed establishment.-3. To fix Professor Rasch who has distinguished his salary, and the general expences.-4. himself by his writings on the Icelandic To present a plan for the lectures intended. language,' is returned to that island for

In consequence of this applicatiou, from the advantage of further acquisitions in authority, the masters have replied.-1. that Study. That these lectures should be perfectly At the Scandinavian Society, of Copen. clear and popular.—2. That their principal hagen, April 5, Professor Hornemann read a object should be, to explain to the labo- Memoir, written by Lieut. Wormskiold, on rious workmen the chemical combinations the Geographical Situation of Ancient and processes in use, separately from the Greenland. mechanic operations, and to induce them

Neu Mill: rewarded. to work according to fixed rules, founded an established chemical principles.-3. That

In the sitting of the Society of Sciences General Chemistry should be taught in of Copenhagen, March 31, the Society

awarded such a manner, as to shew the application

a gratification of seventy-five of its principles to arts and trades, and to

crowns to M. Destrup, for the invention of explain this to pupils and apprentices by

a mili for grinding Tobacco, of which he experiments.—4. That at the end of each presented a model. In the same sitting course of lectures, a few sittings should be Bishop Münter read a memoir on the reli. held, destined to explain more particularly gion of the Carthaginians. the marks of goodness and fitness in ma Counsellor Classen has given the sum of terials employed, with the means of de- 2,000 crowns towards the expenses of tecting falsification. M. Joseph Prechtl, printing the great Danish Dictionary, pub. Professor in the University of Vienna, is lished by the Society. proposed to fill the highest chair of in

Almanacks, Improvement of. struction, with a salary of five hundred The central administration of the Patrioflorins; to which is added the sum of three tic Society of Sleswick Holstein has propo. hundred florins for an assistant. The sum sed a prize of twelve ducats on a subject allotted to experiments is fixed at four hun- that is certainly of considerable importance dred florins per annum. The voluntary to the lower ranks of society. It is-To contributions towards forwarding this plan furnish a collection of popular memoirs of instruction, amounted, two years ago, proper to appear in the Yearly Almanacks, to the sum of 295,972 forins; which has comprising observations suited to the capaproved sufficient to form a permanent fund, city of the inferior classes, on subjects inthe interest of which has hitherto covered teresting to the country at large. all expences.

The intention of this proposal is evident; DENMARK:

it is to banish the nonsense which from Northern Literature.

generation to generation has descended in The learned at Copenhagen have been these vehicles of popular instruction. very much engaged, lately, in attention to Notwithstanding the change of hands, and the ancient literature of the North, and the visible change of style among our. in publishing the result of their researches. selves, there is yet far too much of the old Vol. IV. No. 92. Lit Pan, N, S. July 1.



leaven remaining. The introduction of year 1814, he had cut 14,900 new characbetter matter, the cultivation of a better ters; and he expected to be able to comspirit, the exposure of error, and the esta- plete the number wanted—not being many blishment of truth, by means of these more than 10,000, before the present year annual addresses to those whose small was far advanced. learning has but little leisure, is, in fact, an

The principal French Journals, at preobject worthy of the nation's concern. We know, that an Almanack is a bosom friend sent, in a course of publication, are, in many a chimney corner, where it exerts Magacin Encyclopedique, or Journal of an influence that only Truth should pro

Sciences, Letters, and Arts; by the Cheduce.

valier Millin. Yearly subscription, 42

francs. Late Queen's last Letter.

Annales de l'Agriculture Française; by Among the curiosities of the day, we

M. M. Tessier and Bosc. Subscription, must not entirely pass over the fac simile 25 Francs. copies of the last letter, or will, of Marie

Bibliotheque Physico-Economique, by Ar. Antoinette of Austria, Queen of France, thus Bertrand. Subscription, 10 francs. written Oct. 18, 1793. It has been copied Annales de Chimie, Subscription, 21 fr. with the most scrupulous exactness, by

Journal de Médecine, by Dr. J. J. Leroux more than one engraver, at Paris.

Price, 10 francs.
Roses and Lilies.

Gazette de Santé, by Drs. Gardanne, PiThe Work on Lillies, by M. Redouté,

nel, Poulet, Montégre. Subscription, which has been some years in a course of

18 francs. publication, is at length concluded in Eighty numbers, forming eight volumes in Journal de Physique, de Chemie, d'Histoire folio : the price is 3,200 fr. ( £150) sub

Naturelle, et des Arts, By J. C. de la scription price. This seems to be a suffi

Metherie. Subscription, 27 francs. cient homage paid to a single flower, which Journal des Mines. Subscription, 21 fr. however, presents among the curious, a Journal des Audiences de la Cour de Cassa. great variety of species, each marked by tion, By J. B. Jalbert. Subscription 24 its proper form, manners, and beauties.

francs. M. Redouté, whose work on Lillies is Journal du Palais. Subscription, 50 francs. now closed, proposes to direct his attention Journal du Commerce, de Politique, et de to a similar work on Roses. He observes,

Litterature. Subscription 68 francs. very justly, that the culture of the Rose is of late become a subject of study among a

Bulletin de la Societė d'encouragement pour great number of naturalists and amateurs :

l'Industrie Nationale, By J. N. Barbier that most gardens of any magnitude, con

de Wémar. Subscription, 30 francs. tain collections of roses, more or less exten- Bibliotheque Brittanique, chez Magimel. sive; wbile this beautiful flower, by its Subscription, 42 francs. form, its fragrance, and its colours, has Journal Général des Theatres, By Ricard. established its reputation, as an object of Subscription, 42 francs. fashion, and, in short, may be deemed po

The prices marked are those charged pular.

at Paris. When the Rose was less in request, a small number of varieties was all that was known; and these were placed in gardens The fertility of the German writers is without much consideration or display; astonishing, says an author; if any body but, now, the number of beautiful species doubts it, let him examine the Bibliois increased, and these are more sought theque of Belles Lettres, or Catalogue of after and preferred.

the best works which have appeared in The Author proposes to treat the Rose Germany, in the department of uovels, as he has already treated the Lilly; that poems, theatrical pieces, collections, theois to say, to furnish an exact representation retical works, and translations, printed at of each species, drawn from nature, with a Berlin. The whole exceeds eighty pages summary description; the whole coloured, in octavo. &c. with strict fidelity. The subscription Liberal Donations : encouragement. price for each number, containing six The Elector of Hesse has assigned a plates, is about sixteen shillings.

sum of 4,000 rix-dollars, for the revival and Dr. Montucci occupies himself inces- encouragement of several establishments cantly in advancing his Dictionary of the appertaining to the University of MarChinese Language. About the end of the burgh ; such as the library, the botaaic


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