upon to the House; and who were instruct means of a diving.bell; and a Mr. Fisher, ed to consider of the Laws relative to à man expert 'in the management of these Woo'len Goods, and the Trade in Wool; machines, is now there by order of Goand also to consider the L'ws prohibiting vernment to direct the operations. the growth of Tobacco iu Great Britain; and to whom the several Petitions on the Manufactures of Hard and Soft Soap for

SOAP BILL.-Comparative View of the subjects of Seeds and Wool were referred; the year ending January 5, 1816:and who were empowered.to report, from Number of Manufactures time to time, to the House, together with Duties of Excise

614,587 | 33,6291. the Minutes of the Evidence taken before Draw back on Exportation 16,377

2271. them;

Allowances for use in woollen Having submitted to the House the re

and other manufactures . . 25,282 7,840 sult of their inquiries upon the inexpe

Hop-planter's accommodated. diency, under the present circumstances, In consequence of an application to Goof introducing any alteration in the laws verument, by a petition agreed at Cranaffecting the import and export of wool, as brook, a few days since; by the principal well as their opinion of the necesssity of hop planters in the Weald of Keut, repreraising the Import Duty upon Rape Seed senting the inconvenience and expence 10 to £10 per last, proceeded to an exami- which they would be exposed in carrying nation of the other subjects referred to into effect the conditions under which the their consideration, and have come to the demand of the Hop duties were directed to following resolutions:

be suspended, the Lords Commissioners of Resolved, That it is the opinion of this bis Majesty's Treasury have beeu pleased Committee, that any legislative interfe- to direct, that the Bond and Sureties should rence which might affect the supply of be altogether dispensed with, except in Linseed, Clover Seed, and smaller Seeds, such cases, where the party owing duty would not hold out such a prospect of re

was vo longer the occupier or possessor of lief to the agricultural interest, as to in the hop-ground for which the duty was dues duce your Committee to recommend mea

-Kent Gazette. sures which they find likely, in some de

Shortest Voyage known. gree, to affect the manufacturing and com Lately arrived from China, thirteen large mercial relations of the country; but that laden ships of the East India Compapy, your Committee are of opinion, that the after a passage of only 109 days, the shortremoval of the duties now levied on Rape est ever known, and highly hononrable to Cake and Linseed Cake imported, would the nautical skill and science of their comhave a beneficial effect upon the agricul- manders. The great events of Waterloo ture of the country, and tend materially to had been heard of in China, and the conincrease the quantity of grain for the sup. sequences justly appreciated. The ships ply of the honie market.

divided into three squadrons, and arrived at Resolved, That it appears to this Com- St. Helena together; they were dispatched mittee, that neither the soil oor the cli- from St. Helena, two and two, and arrived mate of this country are ill adapted to the again all at once off the Start Point in the cultivation of tobacco; but the difficulties Channel. which would attend the collection of a

Russia, commerce with. duty on Tobacco grown at home, and the

The following official letter has been temptatio! which would be held out to de recently received from the British Consul fraud the Revenue, as long as tne present at St. Petersburgh. It produced a deep duties on tobacco imported continue to be sensation in the city :levied, are such as to induce your Committee to be of opinion, that no alteration To Samuel THORNTON, Esq. Governor of under the present circumstances, should

THE RUSSIA COMPANY. be made in the laws relatiog to Tobacco. St. Petersburgh, April 28 (May 10), 1816.

“SIR-I had the pleasure of writing to you Natal Force.—The following is a cor on the 21st April (May 8), by post, and two fect statement of the Navy io Commission, days after by a Courier, with the New Tariff. made up to the 1st of June :

“ By these opportunities I communicated to of the Line, 22–Fifties, 5–Frigates, you; for information of the Court of Assistants,

all the details I could collect of this so long-ex68-Cutters, Sloops, Schooners, &c. 89

pected Tariff : and I have now the mortification Guard Ships (not effective) &c. 12–Troop to acquaint you, that orders have been received Ships, 6–Store Ships, 12-Yatchts, 5= with it ar che Custom-house here, to continue Total, 217.-Decrease this month, 9. in force the rules and regulations formed dur.

ing the unfortunate differences between Great Preparations are making at Plymouth to Britain and Russia, and ever since acted upon, examine the state of the breakwater, by though with some temporary modifications: o Vol. IV. No. 22. Lit Pan. N. S. July 1.

2 B

one or two points. I shall, on every occasion / attended with the desired effect of anticiin my power, endeavour to procure either the pating individual distress, and of preservrepeal of suspension of some of these regula ing public tranquility. Upwards of 2000l. tions, which appear and are felt to be most pre worth of Bapk Tokens were exchanged for judicial to the prosecution of that liberal commerce it is the wish of his Majesty to estab, smooth shillings and sixpences, to the lish, and I Hatter myself, by the powerful as amount of 9s. for each ovè person; and the sistance of his Excellency Lord Cathcart, my poor expressed themselves well satisfied In the mean time. I more strongly recommend and grateful for this well timed attention all the rules and regulations, and custom

to their acconimodation and relief, coming house laws, established by the Tariff of 1811, as it did on the eve of Saturday's market. regarding bills of lading to order, and other points, be most strictly adhered to, and that

Banks, caution to Insolvent Debtors. the expediency of so doing be inade as speedily Two fariners applied to the Magistrates known to the irade as possible. “I am, &c at an adjourved sessions for Devon, to be

(Signed) “D. BAYLEY." discharged as insolvent debtors ; but, in It should appear that there was some mis consequence of their having removed their apprehension in this case. The Russian property, to prevent their landlord from Consul in London has published his opinion recovering the rent due, they were rethat there was no unusual regulutions eu- nanded to prison, where they are to remain forced; nothing more than customary port for five years, the time fixed by the Act. orders, and usages.

Cash and Currency.
Religious Toleration : popery.

It is expected that the Bank will revive The inhabitants of York were lately its paymeuts much earlier than is required gratified with the celebration of High Mass, under the restriction law. From the situaat the Catholic Chapel, in Blake-Sireet; a tion of the Exchanges, movey is from spectacle which has not been exhibited in every corner pouring into the country, and York, with so great a degree of splendour, as a fo re-taste, the Bankers of Lombard. during the last three hundred years.--(York street daily issue a quantity of gold in Courant.)

payment for drafts. Some were given on Travellers : cui bono?

Saturday, May 25, for the the first time It is said that above two thousand pass

for mauy years, in acqvittance for a comports have been issued to noblemen, gentle

mou check. men, and manufacturers, about to proceed

Woods on Fire. to the Continent, within the last month.

Lately, a fire broke out in a wood near

Cranbrooke, called Angley Wood, the Bethlem HospitalThe election for two property of the Rev. J. Cramer Roberts: June 10: the poll at its close, was as fol through the active exertions of the inbabilows:-Dr. Monro, jun. 106_Dr. Tuthili tauts, it was happily got under after burn151–Elected. Dr. Williams 160_Dr. ing uearly three hours, and destroying Lamb 15-Dr. Cleverley 15.

about seventy acres of wood; the damage

is computed at several hundred pounds. The Opera-house was knocked down June 10, to Mr. Waters for 41,0001. at the

Gas Lights. Chancery sale-room, Southampton-build

The Engineer of a Gas Light Comings.

pany, has stated before a ('ommittee of French Importation.

ihe House of Commons, that every mile of An immepse quantity of French

pipe, or conductor of the gas, costs the has been brought to Brighton from France Company 2000l. that the Conspany at this and are now retailing at about sixpence per day, and that if they encreased their

time, consumes about 28 chaldron of coals per dozen. One packet brought as many as one hundred thousand. The French order, capital by 200,0001. their probable conprohibiting their exportation, has just been sumption will be about 30,000 chaldrons taken off, which occasions the large expor- time light about 5000 private, and 700

of coals annually. The Company at this tation.

parish lamps; they look chiefly to private French shillings and sixpences pass in lamps for reimburseinent of the expences, this town for only 10d. and 5d. At the and profits. A coal merchant who was exPost-Office, they are refused to be received amined, thought it would require 100 men at all.-Brighion Herald.)

to raise from the pits 30,000 chaldrons of The judicious plan adopted at Norwich coals in the year, and to put them on board Jately, under the sanction of the Magistrates the vessels; it would require about 40 and Court of Guardians, of exchanging the horses, and 17 ships of 300 tons, to convey defective silver of the labouring poor of them to London : cach ship to make eight Itat city and bamlets, for current coin, was voyages annually; there would be re

quired also ten men for each vessel. | trymen as the sable sous of Africa. SeveThat the Company burning anaually ral resolutions for the promotion of this hu$0,000 chaldrons of coals, they would pay mane and benevolent purpose, were then to Government 13,0001. duty per annum. moved by Hon. Mr. Burrel! Drummond, Whale Fishery.

Mr. Williams, Mr. Hall, &c. &c. and carThe Whale Fishery employs eleven thou- ried unanimously. sand men, and more than one thousavd

Air-Balloon, on large scale. apprentices, who pavigate about two hun. A new discovery in Aerostatics, is soon dred large ships, iu filting out which near likely to be exhibited to the public, by one hundred thousand persons are bene. Mr. M. S. J. Pauly, civil engineer, and fitted as boat-builders, rope and sail ma

D. Egg.

A balloon, which they have - kers, ship chandlers, &c. The only set off for some time been preparing, will be

against the above which the Gas Company capable of being steered at pleasure, si· make, is proved by experienced persons milar to vessels at sea, in a horizontal or

in the coal trade, to be the employing 17 | vertical direction, without losing either ships, each navigated by ten men, in bring- gas or ballast. It is in the shape of a fish, ing coals to London. Whereas one ship- being intended to act upon the air in the owner in the whale fishery, at this time same maoner as a fish acts upon the waemploys 16 ships, and has reared near one ter, and will carry from three to four pere thousand and fifty apprentices. Is there sons in safety. a doubt which is the best nursery for sea Extensive Forgery and Swindling. men?

Forgeries of considerable magnitude have Mechanical Chimney Sweeping. recently been committed by a gång of On Wednesday, June 5, a numerous Swindlers upon various banking-houses. meeting of Ladies and Gentlemen was -The affair has hitherto been kept as - held at the Mansion-house, to consider of secret as possible, in the hope of being

the best means of abolishing the practice able to apprehend the parties. At present of sweeping chimnies through the indus- only one of the gang is in custody. The try of boys, and of substituting, in its provincial bankers have chiefly been the room, a simple mechanical apparatus, victims of the schemes of these depredawbich would answer every purpose. The tors, and, as it already appears, to a se

Chair was taken by the Lord Mayor, who rious amount; but the full extent of the · opened the business of the Meeting, by ad- mischief is not ascertained. The plan of

verting to the cruelty and inhumanity the gang seems to have been to apply to which attended the present practice, and country baukers for disconnt, and otfering

the efficacious means by which it might their bills apparently on the first banking: be obviated. His Lordship had received houses in London, or at least bills with

several letters, shewing not only the infant their indorsement upon them. The better state at which children were employed in to lull suspicion, the swindlers generally the unwholesome and dangerous occupa- made application to such provincial bankers tion of sweeping chimnies, but also the suc as were connected with the houses in town scess with which the mechanical substitute on whom the bills were pretended to be was applied in Scotland and elsewhere.- drawn. Their plea for applying for counMr. Tooke read to the Meeting the Report try assistance was, that owing to the disof the Committee appointed to consider tresses in London, money was exceeding this subject, and pointed out the melancho- scarce, and no discount to be had. The ly afflictions with which children were baukers said, with respect to the scarcity visited by the continuance of the present of money, it was pretty much the same practice. He also dwelt on the fact, that with them in the country. The swindlers, ihis practice was unknown until the begin- who are represented to be by no means ving of the last century, and that conse- deficient in address, then pretended they quently mechanical means must have been had great purchases to make in the coun. previously found effectual. The worthy try, and that they would be content to reGentleman concluded by moving a resolu-ceive a large portion of money in protion for the establishment of a niechanical vincial notes. This lure geverally sucsystem. Sir Francis Burdett drew an elo ceeded, and the forged bills were discounts quent picture of the miseries of infants, ed. The next object of the villains was to some auder four or five years of age, who get cash in town for the country notes at are consigned to this dreary and cruel oc the houses where they were made payacupation. He concluded by enforcing the ble. By these means the swindlers amassed claim of the poor chịldren of Eugland to large sums before the forgeries, which at least the same sympathy from their coun were widely extended, were detected. So

* B %

skilfully are the forgeries in general exe Then it became a contest for life or death; cuted, that some of the parties whose names the trout was in the last agonies, and the are used, only krew iron circumstances that duck evidently in a very weak state, when the writing was not their own. The per- the gut gave way, and suffered them to son who is in custody on suspiciori, was ar- part each its own way. rested in town on his arrival from Ports

Ichthyology. mouth, and had upon him, wlien takell,

The following facts may be worthy of money to the amount of £1,800.

record--the authenticity is undeniable:One day last week, a poiter presented As Mr. John Wane, grocer, Penrith, was a check for 2,1001. crawn on the bauking following bis frvourite recreation of fishiug house of Curries, Riikes, and Co. in with roan, in the river Eamont, on Friday Cornill, which was immediately paid; May 21, after taking a quantity of troul, and on returuing to the spot to hand the in a part of that river near to the Giant's amount to the persous who sent him with | Cave, be found an unusual attack made at the check, he could not find bim. Not his bait, and immediately discovered he knowing what to do, he applied to the had hooked a young oiter about 7lbs. bapking house, and related the circum- weight, and apprrently about four months stances; and the clerk re-examining the old. Owing to the good condition of his check, it was found to be a forgery. tackle, he was so fortunate as to bring it

within reach of his hand-net, but no sooner Druggists punished.,

did he do so, than the youug savage bit Lately in the Court of Exchequer, in the rim of it in two, although made of brass the two cases of the King 0. Duon and wire about three-quarters of an inch in Walker, and the king v. Rugg, the defend: circumference; he nevertheless cootrived apts, chemists and druggists, were fined to throw it over his head on the bank, and 500l. each, for supplying deleterivus ar pursuing his success by interveniug te ticles to common brewers.

iiveen the animal and the water, he, after EXTRAORDINARY OCCURRENCE IN Fish repeated attacks, and not without cousiING.-As a gentleman was angling a few derable difficulty, seized upon it. days since on the Mill-dam, below Win Finding itself in a very unusual element, ehester, he accidentally threw his line the animal made a louci whistling noise, across a strong white duck, which sud- which brought to it (no doubt with a view denly turning round, twisted the gut about of relief) the parents, and with them five hier own neck, and fixed the hook of the or six young ones, which inmediately dropper fly ju her own breast. Thus en swimming to the edge of the water, set tangled and hooked, she soon broke off themselves in battle array, by rearing them. the gut above the dropper, and sailed selves on their hind legs, aud following the down the stream, with the end fly trailing example of t'e captive by setting up a behind her. She had not proceeded far loud whistling noise, spurting water at Mr. before a trout, apparently alout a pound W. and shewing every symptom of the and a half in weight, took the Ay'effe most savage ferocity. They dorst not, tually. Then commenced a struggle the however, make any personal attack, and | mest extraordinary that ever was witnessed Mr. W. content with his prey, made the

---a duck at the dropper, and a large trout best of his way along the banks to a reighat the end dy! Whenever the trout ex

bouring licure, about 300 yards distaut, the erted itself, the terrors of the duck were oid otters following him the whole way, very conspicuous: it Huttered its wings evincing the mexi parental affectionand dragged thie fish.

In case of 10 Having safely lodged his ctptive, he reviolent struggles on the part of the trout, sumed his sport, and, before five o'clock in the duck evidently gave way, and suffered the afternoon, having commenced fishing herself at last to be drawn under some

about six in the moruing, he actually brushes, where the shortness of the gut killed 67ihs. weight of trout, which proclid not allow the trout to shelter himself bably is the greatest number ever laken by ju his retreat, and the duck to remain on the rou in the same space of time. He has the surface at the same time. The duck's now the otter in his possession, and the head was drawn repeatedly under water.

animal, from his kind treatment, appears in By chance, however, the gut got across a

a state of domestication. branch, which hung downwards into the

SCOTLAND. water, and the duck taking advantage of

Robbers not in Romance. the purchase which this gave her, dragged The nest of a gang of thieves bas lately her opponent from his hole, and compel- been discovered in East Lothians, which led him to slew his lead above water. puts us very much in mind of the haunta

80 ably described in Guy Mlannering. Io | him competent to achieve much good or the ruined castle. Tantallan, which is si. evil, after having escaped, by means which tuated on the brink of a higli cliff, there appear miraculous, from various guoks, still remains one room capable of affording was some time since lodged in that of Maskelter from the storm; it is vear the sum- ryborough, the capital of the Queen's mit of the building, and so situate as to be county. Here, being abundantly supplied thonght entirely inaccessible. A short with money, he treated the prisoners with time ago, the children of some working such things as the prison afforded ; and people in the neighbourhood were playing repeatedly told the Sherifi, as well as the in a little bit of potatoe ground just under numerous persons whose curiosity induced the ruins, when one of them, happening to then to visit him, that he would elude their cast lois eyes up, observed a head with a vigilance, in defiance of every exertion red night-cap looking over tie top; an im: they could makc. The discovery that he imediate alarm was the consequence; and bad cat his irons nearly through, leaving after much trouble, the castle wiis stormed, ouly sufficient remaining to keep them and one inmate taken prisoner. On exa- together, and the substitution of others of mining the premises, there were found most singular weight and thickness, did abundant marks of good cheer and accom not appear to disconcert him; lie laughed modation for several people--all the rest at the zeal of the Officers of the detach. were abroad foraging, and bitherto no ment, which had induced chem to take traces have beeu discovered of their retreat. lodgings opposite the gaol, as a measure of It appears, that the gang have remained increased security. The night after the unobserved for several months, and have imniense irons were put on him, he cut lived chiefly by their nocturnal depreda- through them, and through those of 2% tions on the poultry-yards and farm houses other men, charged with capital offences ; around. The person apprchended was and, rushing forward at their head, committed to i laddington gaol.

knocked down two soldiers stationed in Printing from Stone.

the passage, then the turnkey and his

assistants ; and, opeving the door, the Mr. John Ruthven, of Edinburgh, has key of which he had seized, knocked been employed in improving, and apply- down two soldiers who were at the outside ing to practical purposes, the important art of it, and taking their arms, as he had of printing drawings, &c. from 'stone.

done those in the passage, ran down the This is much more extensively useful, by street, with six of his associates, crying being combined with the ingenious press stop thief,' till the darkuess of the niglit Jately invented by Mr. Rutlıveil, by rendered pursuit unayajling. On the first means of which any individual may take alarm in the prison, a man, confined for - off any number of impressions with the debt, and who was taking tea with the utmost ease.

gaoler, ran into the passage, and with great IRELAND.

presence of mind, shut the iron gate, by An official account laid before the House which meavs the flight of 16 of the felons of Commous states, the total official value was fortunately prevented, and they were of the Customs Revenue of Ireland, in the remanded to their former quarters. The present year 1816, at 2,681,1011.

escape of Grant was almost immediately A return to an Order of the House of proclaimed through the country by his de. Commons states the amount of the total predations. The night after he carried off expenditure of Ireland for the year 1816, Mr. Wbite's coach' horses from Scotsat 17,3829131. Irish currency, exclusive of wrath, between Montraih and Abciais; the cbarge of management.

Of this he committed a robbery near Waterford, 6,408,0961. is on separate account, and the sixty Englislı miles distant, and returning remainder on joint account; including the with equal rapidity, plundered the louse sum of 6,616,9861, paid ou account of ba- of Mr. Horan, close to Maryborough, of lances due by Ireland to Great Britain on

every article of value. the joint account.

Wellington Bridge, a testimonial to the Silver Coinage. One shillling, contajned, hero of the British army, has been erected of fine silver, at Dublin. It consists of an arch of cast

23 Edw. I 264 gr. :36 Hen. VIII.

18 Edw. III. 236 37 Hen. VIII, iron thrown over the river Liffey, and is

27 Edw. III.

3 Edw. VI. 40 ope of the most beautiful in Europe.

9 Hen. V. 176

5 Edw. VI. i Hen. VI.

6 Edw. VI. Robber uncommonly active.

44 Hen. VI. 176 2 Eliz. DUBLIN, MAY 29.-A person, generally 9 Hen. VI.

13 Eliz. 85 58-62 known by the name of Captain Grant, į Hen. VIII. 113 Proposed new whose extraordinary endowments rendered | 34 Hen. VIII. 100 coinage.

60 gr.




20 88 89


80 9-11

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