scription, in one volume, octavo, dedicated, , Trierman; to which work it forms a second by most gracious permission, to H. R. Hi volume, price 7s. in foolscap 8vo. the Princess Mary; the Wanderings of a Also, in two volunes, the Bridal of TrierGoldfinchi

, in the nineteenth century. By man, Harold the Dauntless, and Miscelthe Widow of a Naval Surgeon). Ten shillaneous Poems, price 149. lings per copy, to be paid on presentation of the work.

Mr. Boothroyd will complete bis Biblia In a few days will be published, an Essay Hebraica in the course of a inonth. He bas on Weights and Measures, comprising a also in a state of forwardness, Reflections on view of standards, both ancient and modern, the Authorized Version of the Scriptures; with Remarks on the principles and provi- reasons for attempting its improvement; and sions of a Bill now before Parliament, en a specimen of such an attempt. titled, “ a Bill for ascertaining and establish A second edition of the Devout Coming Uniformity of Weights and Measures," municant is nearly ready. by P. Kelly, L.L. D. Author of the Univer A new edition of Bp. Jeremy Taylor's sal Cambist, and other works on commer- Prayers, improved in the arrangement by cial and matbematical subjects

Mr. Clapham, is in the press. The late Marquis de Lavallée, who died The Rev. G. S. Faber has a volume of lately, had been engaged for several years Sermons in the press. past, in writing a History of the different The Rev. Mr. Case, of Hackney, will Factions which have agitated France duriug soon publish an Abridgement of the late Mr. the period of the Revolution, and had nearly Robinson's Scripture Characters, in a duvcompleted it. He has recently been en decimo volume. ployed by Mr. Bowyer of Pall- Mall, in writ A new edition is nearly ready of a Collecing a Biographical Memoir of Bonaparte, astion of Farewell Sermons, by Nonconformist also of his Ministers, Generals, &c. which Divines, preached on leaving their respecwill shortly appear.

tive churches,, one volume 8vo.

Early in April will be published, in 8vo. Jane of France, a historical novel, trans- volume second, Discourses on the Principles lated from M. De Genlis, will soon appear, of Religious Belief, as connected with human in two volumes.

happiness and improvement. By the Rer. The Antiquary, a novel, by the author of Robert Morehead, A. M. late of Baliol ColWaverley and Guy Manpering, will appear lege, Oxford ; Junior Minister of the Episin April.

copal Chapel, Cowgate, Edinburgh. To be immediately commenced. the

Preparing for press, Journal of a Tour on Journal of Science and the Arts, edited at

the Continent, during the Years 1813-14; the Royal Institution, 8vo. To be published comprising descriptions of the following quarterly. No. I. will contain original com- places, (most of which have been rendered munications from Sir H. Davy, Sir Everard luteresting by the late events,) Berlin, StockHome, J. F. Daniell, C. Babbage, N. L holm, Petersburg, Moscow, Smolensko, &c. Young, R. Phillips, W. T. Brande, J. W. By J. T. James, esq. Student of Christ Ireland, J. Millington, Esqs. with Reports Church, Oxford. With plates, 41o. of tbe Lectures, Scientific Intelligence, &c.

At press, Travels in the Interior Districts

of Africa; performed in the years 1795-6-7, Mr. Thomas Little, jun. has in the press, and during a subsequent mission in 1805. a duodecimo volume of Poems.

By Mungo Park. To which is prefixed a Mr. G. M, Butt will soon publish, Sher- copious Life of Mr. Park. A new edition in berne Castle, and other juvenile poems. 2 vols. 8vo. The second volume, in 8vo.

Mr. J. Ingle has in the press, the Aërial containing Mr. Park's last Journey and Life,, Isles, or the Visions of Malcoli, a poem, will be sold separately. with nutes.

Remarks on Antiquities, Arts, and Letters, Speedily will be published, a Pilgrim- during an excursion in Italy, in the Years age to Waterloo, a poem, in foolscap 8vo. 1802-3; with numerous and important corwith eight engravings, by R. Suutbey, poet- rections and additions, inade by the author laureate.

previous to his recent decease. By Joseph Mr. Booth, author of an Avalytical Intro- Forsythi, esq. The second edition, 8vo. is duction to the English Language, will shortly

fpreparing for publication. publish a volume of Poems.

In the press, Margaret of Anjou: a poem. By Miss Tolford, author of Wallace, 4to.

Messrs. Longman and Co. will publish in AGRICULTURE AND RURAL ECONOMY. a few days, llarold the Dauntless, a poem, Hints addressed to Proprietors of Orit four calitus, by the author of the Bridal of chards, and to Growers of fruit in general,'






comprising Observations on the present State | By J. C. Murphy, Architect. With a Map, of the Apple Trees, in the Cyder Counties. showing the principal Conquests of the Made in a tour during the last summer. Arabs under the Khalifs, or Successors of Also the Natural History of the Aphis Mahomet. 4to. Il. 15s. Lanata, or American Blight, and other The Second Usurpation of Bonaparte; or, Insects destructive to Fruit Trees. By a History of the Causes, Progress, and TerWilliam Salisbury, 12mo. 6s.

mination of the Revolution in France in

1815 : particularly comprising a minute and The Biographical Dictionary; Volume circumstantial account of the ever-memoXXVI. Edited by Alexander Chalmers, rable Victory of Waterloo : to which are F. S. 1. 8en, 12s. -Volume XXVII will be added, Appendices, containing the official Published on the 1st of May next, and the bulletins of this glorious and decisive battle. Publication will be continued at the rate By Edmund Boyce, assisted by original and of a volume every two months.

important communications from British and EDUCATION.

Prussian Officers. 2 vol. 8vo. 11, 4s. The Adve:tures of a Donkey; by Arabella

MISCELLANIES. Argus, author of the Juvenile Spectator, The London Savings' Bank : an account 18.no. 2s. 6d. half-bound.

of its formation, progress, and success, de The Ornaments Discovered : a Story; by tailing the successive steps adopted : with the Author of Aunt Mary's Tales. 18mo. directions for the establishment of similiar 25. Od. half-bound.

institutions; the mode of organization, the FINE ARTS.

officers requisite, their duties, the routine of The Arabian Antiquities of Spain, con business, the requisite books; the safety of sisting of one hundred engravings, executed the funds ; obtaining the confidence of the in the best manner, by the first Artists, from depositors : acts of parliament; and a variety drawings made on the spot, by the Author, of information connected with the general representing the most remarkable remains sulyject, illustrating the practicability and of the Spanish Arabs now existing in the utility of such institutions. By . Charles Peninsula, including their Gates, Castles, Taylor, Treasurer and a Director of the Fortresses, and lowers-Courts, Halls, and London Savings Bank. 8vo. 1s: 6d. Domes---Baths, Fountains, Wells, and The Ninth Volume of the Literary AnecCisteras—Inscriptions in Cufic and Asiatic dotes of the Eighteenth Century; comCharacters-Porcelain and enamel Mosaics, | prising Biographical Memoirs of William Paistings and Sculptured Orvaments, &c. Bowyer, printer, F. S. A. and a considerable aecompanied by Descriptions. By James number of eminent writers and ingenious Cavanah Murphy, Architect, author of the artists. By John Nichols, F. S. A. illustrated Description of Batalha, &c. Large folio, with ten portraits and three other plates. 421. half-bound.

11. 83. A General Index to the eighth and A Portrait of the Rev. Thomas Frognall ninth volumes of the above, which completes Dibdin, very finely engraved by Meyer, the work, 145. from a picture by Henry Edridge, Esq. Essays on Various Subjects :-1. On the. Proof impressions, taken upon French Paper Difficulties in the Way, of the Acquisition of a size to bind with the Typographical of real Knowledge.-2. On Grammer, &c. Antiquities 'and Bibliotheca Speuceriana, -3.On Temper.-4. OnWar.-5. On Con13s. and on small paper, 8s.

versation. By William Pite Scargill. 8vo.

79. 6d. A Descriptive Catalogne of the British The Society for Promoting Christian Specimens deposited in the Geological Cole Knowledge vindicated from the charge of lection of the Royal Institution. By Wil- inconsistency and contradiction; in answer to Jan Thomas Brande, F.R.S. 8vo. 9s. a recent publication, intituled, “ A Respect

ful Address to the Most Reverend the Arche The Representative History of Great bishops," &c. &c. By another member of Britain and Ireland; comprising & History the society. 8vo, 1s. of the House of Cominons, and of the "The Fly Fisher's Guide; illustrated by Counties, Cities, and Boroughs of the United coloured plates, representing upward of forty Kingdom, dedicated to the Hampden So- of the most useful fies, accurately copied ciety. By T. H. B. Oldfield, Esq. 5 vols. from nature. By George C. Bainbridge. Sl. 12s.

8vo. 16s. The History of the Maliometan Empire Taylor's Builder's Price Book; containing in Spain, containing a General History of a correct list of the prices allowed by the the Arabs, their Institutions, Conquests, most eminent surveyors in London, to the Literature, Arts, Sciences, and Manners, to several artificers concerned in building, with the Expulsion of the Moors. Designed as the journeymen's prices affixed to each an introduction to the Arabian Antiquities. J article. To which are added a variety of





important memorandums and tables, useful y of Long Newton, Yarm. 3 vols. 4to, 61. 155. to every person concerned in building, esti The Personality and Otice of the Chrismating, or valuing. By an eminent Surveyor, tian Comforter asserted and explamed, in a corrected for 1816. 8vo, 3s. 6.. sewed. Course of Sermons preached before the Uni

A Pattern for Parish Clerks, being letters versity of Oxford, at the Lecture founded by written by an obscure member of that fra-, the Rev. J. Bampton, M. A. Canon of Saltsternity, selected from an occasional cor- bury. By Reginald Heber, M. A. Rector of respondence with the editor. "To which is Hodnet, Salop, and late sellow of All Souls afixed his portrait. ' 3s.

College. 8vo. 135. The Philanthropist; or, Repository for A Treatise on the Records of the Creation, Hints and Suggestions calculated to promote and on the moral attributes of the Creator; the comfort and happiness of man. No. 21, with particular reference to the Jewish price 25. 6d.

History, and to the consistency of the prinThe Supplement to the Encyclopædia ciple of population with the wisdom and Britannica ; with a preliminary dissertation, goodness of the Deity. By Jobo Bird exhibiting a general view of the progress of Sumner, M.A. 2 vols. 8vo, 11. 18. metaphysical, ethical, and political philo. A Discourse preached in the Episcopal sophy, since the revival of letters in Europe. Chapel, Cowgate, Edinburgh, January 18, By Dugald Stewart, Esq. F. R. SS. London, 1816, being the day appointed by the Prince and Edinburgh. Illustrated by fourteen en- Regent for a thanksgiving for Peace. By gravings (from original drawings) by Land Archibald Alison, LL.B. Prebendary of seer, Milton, Wilson, Mitchell, and Lizars, Sarum, Rector of Rodiugton, Vicar of High Volume I, part I. 4to, 11. 18.

Ercal, and Senior Minister of the Episcopal

Chapel, Cowgate, Edinburgh. is. Od. Valentine's Eve, a Novel. By Mrs. Opie, Two Sermons on the Occasions of the 8 vol. 12mo, 11. 1s.

Public Thanksgivings for Peace, in the years

1815 and 18!6: the former having been comA new Introduction to the French Lan- posed in the prospective contemplation of a guage; being an abridgment of the grammar future one. "By the Rev. Thomas Hlevett, of M. de Levizac. Comprising an Analysis Curate of Chesham, Bucks. 3s. of the Verbs, with a complete set of intro A Sermon prenched in the Parish Church ductory exercises. By A. Picquot, author of St. Anne, Kew Green, on Thursday, nf Elements of Ancient and Modern Geo-. January 18, 1816, being the day appointed graphy. '12mo, 25. 6d. bound.

for a general thanksgiving for the Peace. By

the Rev. Thomas Tunstall Haverfiold, A.M. Alastor; or, the Spirit of Solitude; and Chaplain to his Royal Highness the Duke of other Poems. By Percy Bysshe Shelley Sussex, and Fellow of Corpus Christi College, 8vo: 5s.

Oxford. 16. 6d. Moscow: a Poem. By Mrs. Jlen. Rolls. Conciliatory Suggestions on the subject of Svo. 2s. 6d.

Regeneration, founded upon a recent occur The Appeal of Poland; an Ode, written rence. By J. W. Cunninghain, M.A. Vicer on the commencement of the late Campaign. of Harrow, &c. 18. By W. S. Walker, Trinity College, Cam A Respectful Address to the most Reve bridge, author of the Heroes of Waterloo, rend the Archbishops, the Right Reverend &c. Is. 6d.

the Bishops, the Reverend the Clergy, and

the other Members of the Society for ProCatechism of Political Economy; or, fa- moting Chritian Knowledge in certain inmiliar conversations on the manner in which consistencies and contradictions which have riches are produced, distributed, and con- appeared of late in some of the Books and sumed in society. By Jean Baptiste Say, and Tracts of that Society. By a Member Professor of Political Economy at the Royal of the Society. 18. Athénauis of Paris. Translated from the French, by John Richter. 8vo. Os.

The History and Antiquities of the County Two Letters to the Rt. Hon. Lord Castle of Hertford; compiled from the best printed reagh, on the present Situation of the Landed Authorities and Original Records, preserved Interest, and the intended partial Repeal of in Public Repositories and Private Collecche Income Tax, 1s.

tions. By Robert Clutterbuck, of Watford,

Esq. F.S.A. Folio, embellished with twenty The Congress of Vievna. By M. de Pradt. highly-finished Plates, price 81. 85. A few Translated from the French. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Copies ou large paper, Proof Impressions,

151, 15s. The Origin of Pagan Idolatry, ascertained

TRAVELS. from historical testimony and circumstantial Peninsular Sketches during a recent Tour, evidence. By the Rev. G. $. Faber, Rector By Jorin Milford, Jun. 8vo. 98.







five Departments, for 1814, were given

139,520. Foreign Literary Gazette.

The prizes to be adjusted for the best Dissertations on the subject, have been di.

vided among the competitors. A work in two volumes, 12mo. under

The course of teaching in the school for the title of L'Europe Tourmentée, &c. Eu- the living Oriental languages, re-opened tope tormented by the French Revolution, December 5, in the following order: shaken by eighteen years of numerous ex

Persian, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sao peditions under Napoleon Buonaparte, con- turdays, at half-pasť two o'clock. cludes with á sketch which the author calls drabic, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, at with too much cause Inventaire Effrayante, half past ten o'clock: Vulger Arubic, on "A frightful Inveutory of the Revolu- Wednesdays at noon. tion." The principal results are the follow Turkish, Tuesday, Thursdays, and Friing:-,

days, at half-past twelve o'clock. Two thousand five hundred individuals, Armenian, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and or thereabouts, divided among themselves Saturdays, at half-past six o'clock. more than a milliard of revenue derived A Course of Antiquities, Tuesdays and from the State ; and contributed to the Thursdays, at two o'clock exactly, dilapidation of more than seven milliards of As might be expectes, several publicanational property, or property belonging to tions narrating recent events bave appearEmigrants, without having paid the credi- ed at Paris: some of them particularly retors of the latter. The legislators of France ferring to the King's withdrawing on the gave that..country twenty-five thousand 19th of March, 1815, and to Buonaparte's refour hundred and twenty-eight laws; also, turn to Paris on the 20th. They relate differeight constitutions, France suffered the ent ånecdotes; but all agree that the Empero loss of seven millions of her sons, of which or's return was attended with few honours. five millions five hundred have been destroyed under Buonaparte. During the it will be thought so a hundred years hence,

Among the curiosities of the times-and fifteen years of the usurpation, the support or even two hundred-we distinguish Le of Buonaparte, and his principal agents, Pátissier Pittoresque: a Treatise on Picturdeducting all military expences, and what

esque Pastry, composed and designed by ever have been the costs of administration, M. A. Carême (a very uulucky name by the amounts to nine hundred and forty-four bye, and tout au revers—“ Long-Lent," for a millions, seven hundred and sixty thousand, Pastry Cook!) It contaius no less than one four huudred and sixty-seven francs. The hundred and twenty-five plates, presenting first cause of all these disasters, of such ex

various designs for embellishing the Table, tensive ruin, of such prodigious expenses, &c. &c. What gentleman, especially what was an annual deficit of fifty-five millions lady, of taste, after this publication, will be in the receipts of the National Treasury to content to eat plain tarts and cheesecakes? equal the expences !

No: unless their table be decorated with So says the author: but, we have, in elegant forins, as well as elegant food, they various parts of our work, pointed out will feel themselves reduced to what is causes long anterior to the existence, or commonly termed “ eating of humble pye.' even the supposition of this famous deficit.

The number of works on various subjects The evil originated in immorality; and gradually produced effects which display that has appeared in France during the ed that cause, among others, at its matu- year 1815, is 674. Our readers may recolrity. It is impossible not to see in the lect, that formerly it approached, or even blood shed in France (as well as by France) exceeded, 1,000. · The distribution of the

N. B. Sevethe punishment of crimes very distinct in subjects has been as follows. their nature from that of a miserable deficit. ral of the works are new editions.

No. of Works. At the annual sitting of the Central So

Natural History cjety for superintending the administration Botany of Vaccination, several reports were made Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, relative to the progress of that new mode


12 for preventing the spread of the Small Physiology, Medicine, Surgery . 47 Pox. The sitting was held Noveniber 20, Mathematical Sciences 1813.

It results from the Reports of sixty-nine Arts and Manufactures
Departments, that in the year 1819, were

11 given 323,718 vaccinations: and in twenty


13 Vol. IV. No. 19. Lit. Pan. N. S. April 1.

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Rural and Domestic Eccnomy 17 Degli Innesti Animali, fc. A Memoir on Military Art.

16 the 'process of Animal Grafting, by Joseph Marine

7 Barourio, 2to. pp. 78. Milan, 1814. The Forests, Bridges, Roads

4 author reports in this memoir, the results Geograplıy and Topography

of sundry experiments made by bim on Travels

13 sheep, for the purpose of proving, that, History

57 even when certain parts of an animal body Biography

44 have been entirely separated, yet such a Political Economy

84 part is still susceptible, during a certain time, Jurisprudence, Legislation . 26 of being united again, of recovering the Instruction, Education

22 animal warmth, sensibility, motion, with Philosophy

6 all the attributes of life, and of again perReligion.

4 forming in all respects, all the functions Fine Arts

36 which it performed before. Poetry ·


The author says on this occasion, Novels and Romances


“ It is an error to conclude, as has been Theatrical


conceived hitherto, that the vessels which Literature, Bibliography


have been cut asunder, continue open, and Numismatics

1 Free Masonry

that by their prolongation, those anasto

2 Music

moses are formed by which the re-union is

effected. On attentively examining the

12 Miscellaneous Works

cicatrices, these greater vessels are always Study of Languages

18 Journals


found collapsed, contracted into themselves,

and closed by the clots of blood. It is by Almanacks

4 Total.

the new vessels which are formed in the intermediary substance, that the circula

tion resumes its course, assisted by a slight Professor Renier, at Padua, has resolved inflammation which calls them into actito publish the results of his researches and

vity. observations of a Zoological nature, on the • If the re-united parts are brought into Animals living in the Adriatic. His work contact with each other, as when a wound will be executed in the printing-office of is healed by the first intention, one single the Seminary of that city, and will be en; layer of this repairing substance is sufficient titled Osservazioni sopra alcuni Animali dell'

to produce the re-union. If the wound has Adriatico, fatte dal Dottor Stephano Andrea remained open, and accessible to the air, Renier, Professor, &c. The impression will several layers, succeeding one another, are be executed under the inspection of the author, in two languages, Italian and Latin, renew the wound by scarifications more or

necessary: and it is sometimes necessary to fronting each other, in large folio, sotto less deep, which furnish a warm blood, imperiule, with types cast on purpose. The and revive the inflammation." Plates will be also in large folio, on vellum

All the consequences that result from paper, outlines with numbered references this theory in practice, have been fully dein black, the figures themselves, in their veloped by Professor Monteggia, in bis Innatural colours. The author, who executes stitutiones Chirurgicales. this work at his own expense, will spare no cost to render it magnificent, and the

We now leave this subject to the gentlewhole will be conducted with the greatest men of the faculty among us:-we confess, care.

It will appear in numbers, each that it appears to us to be very wonderful. containing six Plates coloured : price about two Guineas.

The Gazette de l'Ile Maurice, of the The following article is entitled to parti- 2814 October last, contains the following cular attention from our countrymen, among advertisement of a work on Madagascar, whom, as our pages have recorded, the to be sold in the Freuch MS. or printed process bas taken place which has engaged by subscription :-“ The Great Dictionary

of Madagascar; Part I, containing the the attention of the author. It was by ac

Madecasse before the French; and Part II, cident that the first attempt to effect the the French before the Madécasse." junction of separated parts, was suggested work," continues the advertisement, among our medical men; whether the idea taining a collection of all publications on had reached Italy, or whether the thought down to the present time, respecting the

that extensive island, from Flaccourt had struck Sig. Baronio, we are unable to ancient and modern manners of the inhadetermine.

bitants; its trade, gavigation, natural bis.


4 А


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