Nearly.ready for publication, Shaw Ma

san's. Statistical Survey of Ireland, draws up Authors, Editors, and Publishers, are particularly from the communications of the clergy. requested to forward to the Literary Panorama Vol. II, price to subscribers One Pound. Otice, post paid, the titles, prices, and other

THEOLOGY, particulars of works in hud, or published, for The Rev. J. Slade has in the press, Annoinsertion in this department of the work. tations on the Epistles, intended as a contis

nuation of Mr. Elsley's Annotations on the WORKS ANNOUNCED FOR PUBLICATION. Gospels and Acts. BIOGRAPHY.

TRAVELS. The Memoirs of Mr. Sheridan will appear Baron Uklanski's Travels in Italy, with a in the course of the present month, from few occasional poems, are printing in two the pen of Dr. Watkins. They are drawn up 8vo. volumes, for the benefit of his widow, from original documents, and illustrated by Mr. Henry Koster will soon publish, in a his own correspondence and that of his quarto volume, Travels in Brasil

, from Perfriends, and include the history of his family. nambuco to Scrara, with occasional excurCLASSICAL LITERATURE.

sions, and a voyage to Maranam; illustrated Early in August will be published, in by plates of costumes. small folio, price 11. 1s. (a few large copies 21. 2s.) A Genealogical Mythology, and

WORKS PUBLISHED. Classical Tables of the Roman Emperors;

ANTIQVITIES. compiled from the best authors upon fabu Monastic and Baronial Remains, with lous and ancient history. By W. Berry, late other interesting fragments of antiquity, in of the College of Arms, London, and Author England, Wales, and Scotland. By G. J. of the History of the Island of Guernsey. Parkins, Esq. Illustrated by upwards of one

hundred plaies. 2 vols. royal 8vo. 4l. Lysons' Magna Britannia, volume VII.

BIOGRAPHY containing Cumberland, will soon appear;

The Biographical Dictionary; Volume and at the same time, part VII. of Britannia XXVIII. Edited by Alex. Chalmers, F.S.A. Depicta.

8vo. 12s. Volume XXIX. will be publishMr. S. Knights will publish by subscrip-ed on the first of September tion, Two Prints of the Match run at New Memoirs of the late Andrew Foller, i market, by Sir Joshun and Filho Da Puta, one voluine 8vo. with a highly-finished porfor one thousand guineas; to be engraved trait. By the Rev. J. Ryland, D.D. 125. by Mr. Ward, from paintings by Nr. B. The Life of William Hutton, F.A.S.S. inMarshall. Size of the prints, 23 by 18 cluding a particular account of the riots at inches. to subscribers, proofs, 4l. 45. the Birminghain in 1791. To which is subpair, and prints 21. 2s.

joined the history of his family, written by GEOLOGY.

himself, and published by his daughter, CaThe third volume of the Transactions of tharine Huttun. Embellished with a parthe Geological Society, with nunerous trait. 8vo. 125. plates, chiefly coloured, will appear in a few days.

Compendium Floræ Britannica, Auctore MEDICINE AND CHIRURGERY. Jacobo Edvardo Smith, Equ. Aur. M.D. Mr. Howship bas nearly ready for publi- Societatis Linnaanæ Præside, &c. 12mo. 78. cation, Practical Observations on the Dis

EDUCATION. eases of the Urinary Organs, illustrated by A Practical Treatise on Day-Schools; cases and engravings.

exhibiting their defects, and suggesting Hints Dr. Ilutchison, late Surgeon to the Royal for their improvement, with simple and raNaval Hospital at Deal, will soon publish, tional plans of teaching the usual branches Practical Remarks in Surgery, illustrated by of education, and a table for the arrange

ment of business; calculated for the equal MISCELLANTES.

advantage of parents and masters. By J. Mr. Luckcock, of Birminghain, has in the Haigh. 18mo: 3$. press, Sunday-School Moral Lectures, in An Essay on a more Efficient Method of terspersed with a variety of anecdotes. Classical listruction, in its Early Stages, to

Ilie Rev. G. G. Scruggs bas in the press, gether with a statement of its practical ap. Theological and Literary Essays, on a variety plication; in which the general principle of of practical subjects in divinity, and inter- the new mole of education is systematically esting subjects in literature.

applied, and other improvements suggested.

By R. Keynes of Blaudford. 12mo. 35. Miss Emma Parker is printing a novel Conversations of a Mother with her Daugh. under the title of Sell-deception.

ter, and some other Persons; for the use




of Eoglish young ladies. French and Eng.

MEDICINE, lish. Ss. 6d. bound. The saine in French

Observations on the Harveian Doctrine and Italian, 4s. bound; also in English and of the Circulation of the Blood. By George Italian, 4s. bound.

Kerr. mo. 48.

An Answer to Doctor Kinglake; showAónals of the Fine Arts; a nét quarterly ing the Danger of his Cooling Treatment of sagazine and review, solely and exclusively the Gout. By John Ring, Member of the devoted to the fine

arts. No. 1.8vo. 56. sewed. Royal College of Surgeons in London, and Footsteps to Drawing, according to the of the Medical Societies of London and Rules of Perspective, explained in familiar Paris. 8vo. 5s. 6d. dialogues, and illustrated by twenty plates

MISCELLANIES. of progressive lessons, calculated to combine a knowledge of perspective with the Winter Evenings Recreations at M practice of drawing, and to lead the begin- 12mo. 58. per imperceptibly to an acquaintance with The Speeches of the Right Ilon. Edmund the principal rules of thal useful art. By Burke, in the House of Commons and in John George Wood, F.S. A. Lecturer on Westminster Hall. 4 vols. 8vo. 21. 16s.

The Merchant and Slipmaster's. Assisttory of Engraving, upon Copper and in exchanges, weights, and measures of the Wood; with an account of engravers and principal commercial places in Europe, tbeir works, froin the invention of chalco- America, East and West Indies, compared grapby by Maro Finiguerra, to the time of with those of Great Britain ; also informMarc' Antonio Raimondi; including obser- ation respecting the stowage and loading of vations on some of the first books ornament- ships; tables of English and Irish anoney, ed with wood-cuts. By William Young calculated at different rates of exchange; Otley, F.S.A. Illustrated by numerous fae- and examples of the mode of calculating similes of scarce and interesting specimens exchanges with other countries : -together of the årt; and further enriched by impreso with a treatise on marine insurance, &c. &c. sions from original blocks engraved by Al. The second edition, much enlarged and is bert Durer, 2 vols. 4to. 81. 8s.

proved. 8vo. 12s. GEOGRAPHY.

Marriage: a didactic poem. With Plates. Memoirs of the Ionián Islands, consider- Part the First (to be completed in a Second). ed in a commercial, political, and military 8vo, 8s. point of view; in which their advantages of The Works of Thomas Gray, Esq. Eleposition are described, as well as their rela- gantly printed, 'embellished with two kine tions with the Greek continent: including portraits of the author, and edited by the the life and character of Ali Pacha, the pre- Rev. John Mitford. 2 vols. 4to. 41. 45. sent ruler of Greece; together with a com The Speeches of the Right Hon. Geonge parative display of the ancient and inodern Canning, during she recent election at LiGeography of the Epirus, Thessaly, Morea, verpool. Is. od. part of Macedonia, &c. By Gen. Guillaume John Bull's Bible; or, Memoirs of the de Vaudoncourt. Translated from the ori. Stewards and Stewardship of John Bull's ginal inedited MIS. by William Walton, Esq. Manor of Great Albion, from the earliest With a large and original map. 8vo. 15s. times to the present. By Demodocus Pop

licola. 8vo. Is. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined The Entire Works of Henry Howard, Earl in the Vice-Chancellor's Court, 56 Geo. III. of Surrey, and Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder, 1815. By Henry Maddock, Esq. of Lin-containing much new and curious matter, cola's. Inn, Barrister at Law. Volume I. with notes, critical and explanatory, &c. &e. part II. (to bé continued) 7s. 6d.

By G. F. Nott, D.D. F.S. A. late Fellow of A Treatise on Conveyancing, with a view All Soul's College, Oxford. Embellished to its application to practice, being a series with highly-finished portraits, &c. Demy of practical observations, written in a plain 4to. 2 vols. 71. 7s.; royal 4to. 111. 11s. familiar style. By Richard Preston, of the Catholicon ; or, the Christian PhilosoInner Temple, Esq. Yolume III. part I. pher: a Roman Catholic Magazine. To be (containing surrender and merger) 10s. od. continued monthly. 8vo. - 1s.

Practical Instructions for suing out and The Supplement to the Fourth and Fifth prosecuting & Commission of Ba: krupt; with Editions of the Encyclopædia Britannica. the best modern precedents, and a digest of Volume I. part II. 4to, with twenty-two supplemental cases. By Edward Christian, plates. 11. 5s. of Gray's Ino, Esq. Barrister, Professor of Remarks on the Art of Making Wine, Law, and Chief Justice of the Isle of Ely. with suggestions for the application of its Bro.

principles to the improvement of domestic


wines. By John Macculloch, M.D. 12mo. , mal Creation, and the Duties of Man to Isi

them. By the Rev. James Plụmptre, B. D. A Treatise on the Coal Mines of Durham Vicar of Great Gransden, Hunts, and laté and Northumberland, with information re Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge. 8vo. Ss. lative to the stratifications of the two coun- A New Edition of the Holy Bible, transties; and containing accounts of the explo-filated from the Latin Vulgate : diligently sions from fire-damp which have occurred compared with the Hebrew, Greek, and therein for the last twenty years; their other editions in divers languages. The Old causes, and the means proposed for their Testament, first published by the English remedy, and for the general improvements College at Doway, A.D. 1609, and the New of the mining system, by new methods of Testament, Arst published by the English ventilation, &c. By J. H. H. Holmes, College at Rheims, A.D. 1582. With notes, Esq. F.A.S. With illustrative plates. 8vo. a historical and chronological index, &c. 30s. 6d.

Published with the approbation and patrorro Scientific Swimming, by J. Frost, many age of the Most Rev. Dr. Troy, R.C. Archyears Teacher of the Art at Nottingham.bishop of Dublin, and the Right Rev. Dr. 8vo. 89.

Poynter. 410. 41. 45. bound. Picturesque Rides' and Walks, with Ex Commentaries and Annotations on the cursions by Water, thirty miles round the Holy Scriptures. By the Rev. John Hew. British Metropolis: illustrated in a series of lett, B.D. Chaplain in Ordinary to his Royal engravings, coloured after nature'; with a Highness the Prince Regent ; Morning topographical description of the country Preacher at the Foundling Itospital, and within the compass of that circle; an ac- Lecturer of the United Parishes of St. Ve count of the royal palaces and works of art; dast-Foster and St. Michael Le Quern. the best houses of accommodation, convey. 5 vols. 8vo. Sl. 15s. ances, fares, and inns they depart from; Sermons on Moral and Religious Subplaces resorted to for amusements, of ang-jects; adapted for the use of families, as ling, horse-racing, hunting, shooting, &c. as well as for the pulpit. 8vo. 10s. 6d. also the pleasantest walks on every side of The Connection between the Sacred Writ. the town.

Number I. to be continued | ings and the Literature of the Jewish and monthly. 12mo. 2s.6d. ; 8vo. 45. Heathen Authors, particularly that of the

classical ages, illustrated, principally with Useful Knowledge; or, a Familiar and a view to evidence in confirmation of the Explanatory Account of the various Produc- truth of revealed Religion. By Robert Gry, tions of Nature, Mineral, Vegetable, and D.D. Prebendary of Durham and of Chi Animal, which are chiefly employed for the chester, and Rector of Bishop Wearmouth. use of Man. Illustrated by numerous figures, 8vo. 185. and intended as a work both of instruction A Third Volume of Discourses on Several and reference. By the Rev. William Bing- Subjects, addressed to the congregation asley, A.M. Author of Animal Biography. sembled in Christ Church, Bath. By the 3 vols. 12mo, il. 1s.

Rev. Charles Daubeny, Archdeacon of SaPOETRY

rum. 8vo. 10s. 6d. The War-Fiend, with other poems. By Sermons particularly Addressed to Young Thomas Brown, M.D. Professor of Moral Women in the higher Ranks of Life. By a Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. Lady, Author of Sermons on the Duties of 8vo. 7s.

Children, &c. 12mo. 4s. The Moral Odes of Horace, translated. Introduction to various Essays on the 8vo. 3s. 6d.

Universal Analogy between the Visible and The Lay of the Laureate : Carmen Nup- Invisible Worlds, particularly between the tiale. By Robert Southey, Esq. Poet Lau- word and the works of God, as proved by reate, Member of the Royal Spanish Aca. the figurative language of the Holy Scripdemy, and of the Royal Spanish Academy | tures. Being a brief prospectus of the matof History. 8vo. 45.

ter produced and examined in the Essays,

and of the manner in which it is treated. A Sermon occasioned by the Death of the By a Stranger. Ss. sewed. Rev. William Goode, M. A. late Rector of St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, and St. Anne, The History of the Isle of Man, with a Blackfriars. Preached at the church of the comparative View of the Past and Present above parishes, on Sunday morning, April State of Society and Manders ; containing 28, 1816. By Daniel Wilson, M.A. Minis- also biographical anecdotes of eminent petter of St. John's Chapel, Bedford-row, and sons connected with that island. By H. A. Chaplain to the Right Hon. Lord Galway. Bullock, ten years resident in the Island. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

With a view of Peel Castle, and a map. Three Discourses on the Case of the Ania 18vo. 15s.






Dramatic Observer, and the Theatrical Ga

zette are still carried on. Foreign Literary Gazette.

Among the political journals the Austrian
Observer, and the Guzettes of Vienna, and of

Ofen, enjoy the most extensive sale.
Persecution of the Monds

M. Frint, Curé of the Chapel in the PaA mook has arrived on board a Turkish lace, has begun to publish a Theological vessel at Ancona, who is come from Gou-Catholic Journal. dar, the capital of Abyssinia. A persect M. André continues to publish, at Bonn, tion has been commenced against the his Hesperus, and his Economic Newspaper, monks; but they had contrived to interest intended to communicate the newest discoin their favour the son of the reiguing soveries and all improvements in useful knowvereign, who had obtained for them the ill ledge. dulgence of being allowed to quit the coun

Another journal publishing at Bonn is try within a limited time. The monks had the Indicator, edited by M. Gureude. done great services; and in consequence, in many provinces, the chief places in the go: telli continues bis Almanack under the ti

Among the poetical publications, M. Casvernment were put into their hands; aud

tle of Selum; and M. Erickson also conti. this, it is supposed, is the cause of the present persecution.

nues bis Almanack of the Musts. These publications, like most others, are compilations

of good, bad, and indifferent: the selection Rural Economy taught by Authority. is thought to be in favour of the latter. The Emperor of Austria has ordered, In general, the booksellers of Vienna by an Ediet, dated April 20, 1814, that engage in very few novelties or speculaRural Economy shall be taught, as a part tions, because, during some years past, the of education, in all the establishments for de:mness of paper and of workmanship at communicating Theological-Episcopal In. the press, has obliged them to put prices on struction in Austria below the Ens; and their books which are much beyond those for this purpose he has ordered Professors at which they can retail works of the same of Rural Economy to be nominated at description imported from abroad. Krems, at Admont in Styria, at Pilsen, This last remark concerns more than Brixen, Leutomischl, and Budweis, io Bo- the booksellers of Vienna: the consequenhemia; and at Brunn and Nicolsburgh in Moravia.

ces of high prices have already taken pluce The Edict directs, among other things, there: the same consequences will un. that the Bishops charged with the nomina- doubtedly follow the same causes in other tion of these Professors, shall carefully se

countries; and when the evil felt, reme lect persons well instructed, of good reputation for moral conduct, and who shall dy will be too late. previously undergo due examination.

+++ The intention of this establishment In the Patriotic Sheets of Austria is the apparently, is to promulgate, by means of following list of journals, literary and polithe Clergy, a greatly improved system of Vienna, and in the Austrian States, for the

tical, which are in course of publication at Rural Economics among the peasantry, 1 year 1816. where the lot of these clergy may be cast; Literary Journals, and Periodical Works. as well as to improve the comforts of their 1. The Universal Indicator: a Journal Hio. owu situation.

torical, Statistical, and Political. Remuks on the JOURNALS publishing at Vienna.

2. Archives of Geography, of History, of Statistics, and

of the Military Art. The Literary Journal of Vienna, former

9. The Letters of Eispeldau. ly edited by Dr. Sartori, is continued with

4. The Spirit of the Times. success under the direction of M. Hart

5. The Sunday Sheet ; for youth. mano, as also are the Patriotic Sheets, and

6. Hesperus. the Conservator.

7. Kronos. The Historical Archites, including Geo

8. The Novelists' Magazine. graphy, &c. by M. de Hormayr, is also con

9. The French Novelist. finued; but the number of original pieces 10. Economic Novels. contained in it is now greatly reduced.

11. Przemysl: in Bohemia. The Musical Journal is dropped; but the 12. The Collector. two Jouruals of Public Spectacles, the 13 The Journal of the Spectacla. Vol. IV. No. 23. Lit. Pan. N. S. Aug. 1.

2 F




14 The Theological Journal.

Dr. Wahlenberg, a Swede, who in 1818 15 Tydennik: in Hungarian.

travelled over the Carpathian Mountains, 16 The Patriotic Sheets.

botanizing, is on the point of publishing a 17 The Vienna Literary Journal.

Flora Carpathica. Polilical Journals, in German. 1 The Observer.

Statistics Literature. • The Tyrolese Messenger.

The population of the city of Munich is 3 The Gazette of Brunn.

estimated at 60,000 souls; that of the sub4. The Gazettes of Clagenfurth--of Lay-urbs at 18,659, and the number of strapbach—of Lemberg—of Lintz- of Offen gers which annually visit that metropolis is

of Prague-of Presburgh—of Vienna nearly 26,000. --and of Transylvania.

The number of volumes in the Central Political Journals, in Italian.

Library is about 400,000. Among the The Ladies: Courier-The Milan Gazette MSS. are reckoned, 300 Oriental -and

The Venetian Journal Notices of what among them Malabar Poetry, written on passes in the World—The Trieste Obpalmetto leaves; 250 Hebrew MSS.; 580

Greek, and nearly 8,000 Latiu, French, In Polish and in Latin.

Italian, German, &c. 1. Cysarka Krakowska wydenske Now The Museum of Natural History coning.

tains, among other articles, a collection of 2 Ephemerides Posonienses Politico-sta- 500 Tropical butterflies. The number of tisticæ.

Greek and Roman coins in the Royal Cabi. In llungarian and Servian,

net of Medals is nearly 10,000. The Mu| Magyar Kuriz.

seum of Antiques is beyond a doubt the 9 The Servian Gazette.

most considerable in Germany, and boasts In Modern Greek.

a complete series of busts of the Roman

emperors. The Telegraph.

We learn these particulars from the se

cond edition of a Description of Munich, The French and English Journals which

are permitted at Vienna, are delivered published in that city, in 1814, which has by the Post-master-General at the fol- also a series of fifteen views of places, and

a plan of the city. lowing prices, in Bank Bills. 1 The Moniteur, 420 forins. 2 The Journal des Debats, 296 florins.

Financer. s The Journal de Paris, 286 florins.

The Budget-a term, by the bye, ori4 The Bulletin de Commerce, 50 florins ginally given in derision to Lord North's 5 The Gazette de France, 236 florins.

Proposals for Ways und Means, in the Brit. 6 The Courier de Londres, 500 forins. ish Parliament, at length naturalized among 7 The Frankfort Journal, 104 forins.

us, and now currently used, among the 8 The Frankfort Journal of Fashion for French, who have borrowed it from us the Ladies, 88 florins.

the Budget continues to occupy the cal. 9 The Paris Journal of Fashion, 150 flo- culators of France ;-it has given occasi to rins

Morul Considerations on the Finances," 10 The Courier, 1090 florins.

by M. de Levis; and to “ the Spirit of the 11 The Morning Chronicle, 1090 forins.

Budget, or the Budget of 1816 modified 12 The Observer, 500 florins.

and extended to 1820," by M. Pellegrinis. Turkish Government and Constitution. This is spoken well of; it states the Joseph de Hammer, the celebrated Ori- present condition of the Finances; and entalist, has published at Vienna, in 1815, after examining the Minister's Budget, Staatsverfassung, &c. Historical and Statis proposes another, referring to the interven tical Picture of the Ottoman Empire. 2 ing five years 1816 to 1820. The author is vols. each of 500 pages 8vo.

described as a clear headed man. This is one of the most complete works

Seclusion of Women. of the kind that have appeared on the con From the Chinese language has been stitution and adminstration, especially the translated into the Russian, and from the internal administration,of the Ottoman Em- Russian into the French, a treatise on the pire: the author has cousulted various Advantages resulting from the Seclusion of works, prioted and MSS. as well of Orien- Women, and the inconveniences inseparable tal writers, as of Europeans, a list of which from giving them liberty. It is to be hoped he has prefixed.

that the Chinese Author has adduced good


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