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mited, and the prices are lower according to the power of the houses they are con

Sankruntz and Cret firates in the order of nected with to prolong their holdings.

the'r dales, ir th the 4110 nier Spices have lately received considerable BANKRUPTCY SUPER-EDIA, April 16. - commissions ; but at prices which coule

Cull J. of Newport, 1-le of Wight, brewer. not possibly be complied with. The buyers supposing the market to be gluiterl, desire

Dawson A of Bath. wheel chair inaker. Solo to purbase almost every article at all on Neher ole, Ensex-street, Sirard. cessively low rate. The hollers, however, Deb:11 J. of Plymouth, grocer. Sols. Sykes and coutine firm, and it is probable will an Co. Nw Inn. swer their purpose. The Company's s'vices | Evans BJ, nove or lare of Hindon. Wils, grow are most in request, which is a favourabi Gould w Shah, York, curler. Sols. Tul. token for that body, which seems yow to son and Co. Coleman-sareer be making up for time lost. in general, Hole R. of Bw, Devon, serge maker Sols. the public sales have not laiely been with Jenning B. of Bristol, carpenter

. Solo. Lar. out spirit.

bert and Co Gray's Inn-square. Tobacco has been commissioned under Jones Jane, of Kley, Wellington, Salon, g'ou the same error as spices;-the prices fixeri

Sol. Bing, Southampton • buildings, hare been so low, the orilers cannot be

Chancery-Wate. executed. The hoiders continue firm.

Kor haw W of Halifax, York, merchant. Soks.

Exlev and Co. Furnival's lun. The prices of Ous are avancing: the Lead-r T. of Port Dundas, waar Glasgow, mer tickets of that lottery not being it drown:

chant Sols Kl grave and Co. Symond In Bu in plain language, the success of the fish

Oliver J. of Sutton St. Mary, L ncoln, millero

Sols. Lorketan i Co. Grap's lon. eries being at present unknown. The Rushfor:h w. of Greetland, Halifax, wollek holders, therefore, ask an additional lwenty manufacturer. Sol: Wiglasworth, Gray Ing. shillings on speculation.

Salier J. of Dartmouih, Devon bankseller.

Sol Price, New.square, Lincoln's Inn, Rum, BRANDY, aud Hollands are in a

Spanhenson A. of Can den-streel, Tynemouth heavy state at the market; a small depres Norhumberland, sion in the price forces off parcels; but

Morion and Co Gray 100-square. these form no criterion. Goverument has Williams N. of Nepiune-wreei, Rotherhithe, contracted for 7,000 gallous; but what is

Surrey, sail maker. Sol. Paterson, Cop:ball

couri. that, where Government used to wait Why R. of Exeter, woollen manufacturer 200,000, or 300,000?

Sols. Collet and Co. Chanze sty-lane.
The average prices of Corn are

Wheat .

74s. Od. | Rye. 40s. 4d. H. Huntriss, of Liverpool, merchant. L. Barley . 29 0 Oats. 39 S

Ha'haway, late of Birmingham, liquor mer Beans 34 4

Peas. 83 3

chant. J. Page, of Redbourn Bury. 'Herford, farmer. R. R. Scarra !, of Cannock, Saford,

inn keeper. A. Anderson, of Philosoolane, AGRICULTURAL REPORT. merchant. A Barnet?, of Broad-siree, Bloms

bury, Middlesex, glass merchant. r. Hiles of Esses. A greater bulk was the Abbey-foregale, Shrewsbury, Salop, iniller. seen upon the earth than at this tinie

;. Hill, of Brisol, grocer. R. Dowding, of every species of the growing crops is oo Muksham, Wilts, clo'hier. J. Tyod ki, such prodigious length. The wheats anci Birmingham, plater. J. Barlow and I Grand oats are not so much beat down by the Greek-street, Middir.sex, coach maker

H. D niel, of

E. lieavy rains as the barleys. Bears have Haiden, of Hasle-end, Ksex, horse dealer. J. suffered much from the strong winds. Ali Musgrove, of Swallow-sireei, jeweller. the early moun clover aud grass are en

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED, April 20. tirely spoiled, by the long succession of Smethurst J. and J. Whilmore, of Manchester, showers. Turnips on the light soils plant merchants. well, but the lands not so congenial 10 that root, are mostly yet unson. Agriculiu. Arnison S. of Castle-stree', Leicester-squares rists in general, have of late, beeu quite cnal inerchant Sol. Sutcliffe, Earl-streets at a loss how to employ their labourers, in


Brame T. of Lowestolt, Suffolk, herring mer consequence of the wet weatlier Hops are

chant. Sol. Bowill, Austin-friars, likely to be a large crop. The wool trade Colwell V. C. of Great Russel-street, linen die very dull. None of the staplers of that per. Sols Sweer and C... Basir ghall-street. ..commodity will buy, only at very low Drv J of High Ercall. Salop, tailor. Soka. prices. Cattle fairs in this county are he

Baxier and Co. Furnisal's Ini.

Demain Sarah, of Wakefield, York, milliner. come very rifiing for want of briskviess in

Sol. Baver, Wakfield. business, and this inevitably must be the Davies J. and Y. Taglor, of Oxford-streets case till the farmers get better stocked linen drapers. Sol. Newton, Great Shie with money.

Janc, Carey street.

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Goudy T. of Clement's-lane, Lombard-street, , Pope G. now or lale of Aston Tirrold, Berks, tailor Sol Allen, New Inn.

furmer. Sols. Priec and Co. Lincoln's Inn. Goold W. of Risca, Monmouth, farmer. Sols. Phillips E. of Bristol, grocer. Sols. Poole and King and Co Belford row,

Co. Gray's Inn-square. Johnson C. of Lever-bank, Lancaster, calico Tolson J. Tate of Lughouse, Halifax, grocer. printer. Sols. Milne and Co. Temple.

n! Battye, Chanc rv-lane. Sandw-il L. of Bris:0l, merchant. uls Poole Wilson R. Tale of Stoke upon Trent, and Sione, and Co. Gray's inn-square.

S afford, merchant. Sols. Leigh and Co. Skillecoro G, of che Adam and Eve Tavern, N'w Bridge.streer. Saint Pancras, Middlesex, victualler. Sol Ward R. of Beccles, Suffolk, grocer. Sols. Havwird, Touk's.couri.

Debary and Co. Gate-st. Lincoln's Inn-fields. Thoipe J. of Bridge-foot, London-bridge, fruto

Sals. Reardon and Co. Cirbel-couri,

W. Snell, late of Upper North-row, Park.

B. Dolan, låte Thomas H. W of Kingston upon Thames, linen lane, Middlesex, coal dealer

of the Strand, Middle-ex, cheesemonger. R. draper Sols. Walker and Co. Od Jewry Tollet W. of Plymouth Duck, grocer.

Jones, of New art, Monmouth, merchan:, :J. Darke and Co. Princes-streri, B dford-row.,

Brown, of Gaford, Briggs, Lincoln, inercer. Townley F. S. of Pope's-head-uilev, Lombard

W J. Rynold, of George-street, Tower-hill, stret, vici tailer. Sal. S:evens, Sion College Charlotte 'Terrace, Blackfriar’s-road, Surrey,

Middlesex, ship broker. H. M. Clawley, ol Garden, Alstermanbury.

linen draper. H. L, Holland, of St. James's CERTIFICATES, 'ay II. J. Cooke, of Lower Book street, lirosvenor.

place, Hampstead-road, Mildlesex, carpenter. square, Miillie ex, uphols 25 r. S T'ent, of

M. Phipp, of Little Tower-street, London, Yeovil, Somer-el, miller w w Melwin, of dealer. G. M. Sevens, of Od Nichol-s reer, High Wycombe, Buckingham, maliyer. R.

Bzhnal.green, silk dyer. J. F:v bank, late of Savon, of Marcheser, gracer.

The Old Change, and now.of Paternoster-row, J. Jones, of

London, warehouinman W. Newton, of CaoDenbigh, saddier. J. Biron and S. Burton, of Line Coge shall, Essex, hursod alers. E Le

non-street-road, Mildlesex, timber merchant. Cappelain, of Gray's lon laue, Middlesex, vic BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED, April 27. tuatler W. Harris, of To'n sn, Devon, mer. Gaske T. or Si. Helen's, Lancaster, corn dealer.

T. Por er, la’e of Birmingham, and of | Horehkin W. L. of Lutterworth, Leicester, Walworth, Surrey, ineri hant. R. White, of grocer. Qu--1--*ree', Londo!), wine morchant. T Pionock W. W. V. and S Maunder, of Newe Suiciff, of Lad lune, London, and J. Braait. bury, Berks, booksellers. bell, f Halifax, York, calico manufacturers. Williams E. of Church-street, Hackney, hard. T. Smith, late of Upper Beltanhall, Worce-ler, butter facer. J Smith, ni Veri-street, Claremarko, Millillesex, vipman. R Storkley, Air R. of Botolph-lane, London, merchant. Sol. la of Hanley, but now of Iversey Bank, Stiff rd, innkeeper. J J. Smih, late of Can-Austin W. J. of Princes-street, Coventry.

Sherwood, Canterbury-squar., Southwark. non-ree, London, wing merchani. W. J.

street, linen draper. Sols Willis and Co. Pierie, of John-seret, Kent. rad, Surrey, vic

Warnford-couri, Throgmorton-street. tualer." F T. Haswell, of Peckham, Surrey, Bawle C. late of Clifton, Gloucester, builder. dealer.

Sols. Price and Co Lincoln's Inn. BANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED, April 23. Barton R. of Rickman worth, Hertford, plumBirgs G. Ja:e of Upper Baker-streel, Margole, ber. Col Pritchard, Bill-yard, Doctors bone, hawker.

Conmons. Hammond H. of Carter-court, Red Cross-street, Bewley J. late of Kingsland-road, Middlesex, Borough-marker, carpenter.

and of Ngaie-market, London, salesman. BANKRUPTS.

Sol Yardley, Hoxton-quare Beach II. of M'comoe Regis, Dorset, mercer. Chamberlain' w. of Waling-street, hosier. Sils. Poole and Co. Gray's Inn square.

Cole Holt and Co. Threado dle-street. Bland W. of Scarborough, York, factor. Sol. Elliot J late of Huyes, Middlesex, maltster. Rosser, Barile:i's-buildings

Sol. Watson, Cliffird's lon. Blackmore E. of Caroline rei, Berilord-square- Forreiter W. and Kerr, of Crown-court, tailor. Sol Plals, New Boswell-court.

Broad-street, merchants. Sols Greg on and Batie J. late of Aston Junc'ion-wharf, Aston, Co. Angel-couri, Throgmorton-street.

Warwick, but nou of Perry.bar, Safford, Finchum B sen. W. Fucham, and B Fincham, com dealer. Sol. Thomas, Hind-court, Fleet. jun of Epping, Essex, bankers. Sols. Young

and Co St. Mildred s-c011. t. Dyer W. of North Luach, Gloucester, grocer. Fidler J. of Bowlen, Chester, cotton manufactu-. Sols. Edmond and Co Chancery-lane.

Sol. Edge, Norfolk-street, Strand, Davey To S Porer, Worcester, builder. Sol. Ferris J. of Parls Dorset, watch maker. Sol. Plat!, New Boswell court.

Crof:, Chancervolane Davis J. of Shoreditch, linen draper Sol. Gr-en T. late of Upper Arelev, Stafford, farmer. Jons, Size lane,

Sol Rich, Inner Teinple lane. Fition R of Hartsheal, York, woollen cord ma Green (.J. of Bath, Somerset, wine merchant.

nufucurer. Sol Evans, Hatton Garden. Sol. Woodhouse, King's Bench-walk, TemGoodyear J. Oi Hord Grange, York, farmer. ple.

Sols Morton and Co. Gray's Im-square. Levien N. of Mabledon-place, Burion Crescent, Hal-tead J of Wheeler's-wharf, S. Catharine's, exchange broker. Sol. Poole, Adam’s-court,

sail maker. Sol. Paterson, Copthall-couri, Old Broad-street. Throgmorton-áireet.

Manfredi S. J. T. Luff, and H. Henshall, of Neshin late of Bread-street, London, but now Wheeler-street, Norton Falgate, Middlesex,

of Liverpool, merchant, Sols. Keersey and silk dyers. Sol. Montriou, King's Arms-yard, Co. Bishopsgate-street Within.






Pocock J. now or late of Sidmonton, Southamp-, Holwil T. of Nine Elms, carpenter. Sol.

ton, farmer. Sols Aldridge and Co. Lincoln's Dykes, Thavies Inn, Holborn. Ion.

Howells H. of Mill-bank, Sr. P.ter, Carmarthen, Parson W of Alfleburgh, Norfolk, grocer. Sol. tanner. Sols Bleasdale and Co New Ion. Mitchell, Wymondham, Norfolk.

Johnson N. S. and H. of Manchester, manufae, Penn W. of Kidderminster, carpet manufacturer turers. Sols. Milne and Co, Temple. Sol. Alexander, Carey-street.

Kay J. of Knowlwoon, Lancashire, cotton Robins H. J. of Bristol, druggist. Sols. Lambert spinner. Sols. Courteen and Co. Walbrook. and Co. Gray's Inn-square.

Marques C. D. of Queen-street, merchant. Sobe. Rawlinson S.lare of Harrow-road, Paddingon, Swain and Co. Frederick's-place, Old Jewry.

coal merchant. Sol. Popkin, Dean-street, Mason J. of Pendleton, Lancashire, dyer. Sel. Soho.

Ellis, Chancery lane 3lce J. jun. of Brighthelmstone, Sussex, wine Ollerenshaw S. of Ashion under line, hat mano

merchant. Sol. Moit, Gray's lon-place. facturer. Sols. Milne and Co Temple. Spiers J. jun. of Birmingham, hosier. Sols Phillips P. of Bevis-marks, St. Mary Axe, men Long and Co. Gray's Inn.

chant. Sols. Anne-ley and Co. Angel court, Webber J. of Sampford Peverel, Devon, tanner. Throgmorton street.

Sols. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row. Peet J. and T. of llorwich, Lancashire, calico Welsh G. lace of Oporto, Portugal, but now of printers. Sola Hurd and Co. Temple.

Liverpool, Lancaster, merchant. Sols. Atkin- Reeve W. of Brackley, Norhampionshire, vie. son and Co. Chancery-lane.!

tualer. Sols. Fisher and Co. Gough square. CERTIFICATES, May 18.

Sicklen H. of Godalming, Surrey, butcher. Sobe
R. Hodge, of St. Erth, Cornwall, shopkeeper. Chippendale, Crane cours, Fleer street.
I. Sassuin, of Finsbury.place, Middlesex, tailor | Taylor J. of Sand street, Birmingham, grocer.
J. Binney, late of Charles street, Horselydown, Sol. Chilton, Chancery lane.
Surrey, baker. S. Ring, of Bristol, glass seller. Taylor W. of Naniwich, currier. Sol Hil.
J. Sheath, of Aston, near Birmingham, War. dich, Sidmouth st. Gray's Inn lane Rnad.
wick, fun maker. W. Nesbitt, of North street, Wood W. of Hanley, Stafford, victuallet.
City Road, Middlesex, Tunbridge ware inanu Sols. Price and Co. Lincoln's Inn.
facturer. J. Poynton and T. Poynton, of Brook

Walker G. of Ashborne, Derbyshire.
Strea, Holborn, Middlesex, and of Sheffield, Barber, Chancery lane.
York, hardwaremen. J. Lush and W. Lush,
late of High Holborn, Middlesex, distillers. A.

CERTIFICATES, May 21. G. Milne, of Mitre court, Fenchurch Street, W. Garih, of Ball Grove, near Colne, cotton merchant. G. Richards, of the Strand, Mid-spinner W. Hols, of Marsden, corton spinner. dlesex, forrier J. Pearse, of Aldersgate-street, G. Anthony, of Hereford, cordwainer L. Owen, commission agent.

of Manchester, corn dealer. C. Sievens, of BANKRUPTS, April 30.

Bellericay, baker. J. Barrow, of Drayton in Ansell A. C. of Carshalton, Surry, paper maker. Hales, millioer. W. Smith, of Horton, merSol. Hick, Pinder's Hall, Broad-street.

chani. C. Lewis, of High Holborn, soy maker. Adlin on J. of Gutier-lane, Cheapside, working J. Pigram, of Henham, sho; keeper. T. Bingley,

jeweller. Sols. Evitt and Co. Haydon square, of Tavistock stree:, linen draper J. Wa kins, Minories.

of Chapel stree', May Fair, tea dealer, J. Dar Bellis E. of Nantwich, woollen draper. Sol. win, of Wapping-wall, taylor.

Hilditch, Gray's Inn-lane-road.
Buffery S. of Stra'ford upon Avon, dealer and

BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED, May 4. chapman. Sols. Adlington and Co. Bedford | Osbaldeston J. of Milk street, Cheapside, ManRow.

chester warehouseman. Butler T. of Blackfriars-road, Surrey, colour.

man. Sol. Wilks,' Finsbury-place. Branscomb w.jun. of Plymouih, tanner. Sol. Allen W. of South Milford, York, corn dealet.

Young, Charlotte Row, Mansion House. Sol. Maxon, Clement's Inn.
Candlin J. of the Minories, London, slop seller. Butler Price J. of Biustone, Wolverhampton,
Sols. Whitcombe and Có. Serjeant's Inn.

Stafford, grocer.

Sols. Price and Co. Lin Crosland W. ot Dewsbury, York, clothier. Sol.

coln's Inn Evans, Hatton Garden.

Brown 1. jun. of Rodborough, W. C. Brown, Cox J. of Wivellscombe, Somerset, clothier. of Stonehouse, and J. Morse, of Downfield, Sole, Bleasdale and Co. New Inn.

Gloucester, clo:hiers. Sols. Vizard and Co. Crowley T. of Kingston upon Hull, grocer.

Lincoln's Inn fields Sol. Ellis, Chancery lane.

Beale J. of Newport, Monmouth, innkeeper. D. Ap T. Young and W. W. Abbot, of Water Sols. Frice and Co. Old Building's, Lincolu's lane, Fleet street, carpenters. Sols. Amory

Inn. and Co. Lothbury.

Bamber J. of Liverpool, master mariner. Sols. Ivans V. of Newtown, Montgomery shire, gro. Bogen L. J of Shooter's-hill

, Kent, merchant.

Adlington and Co. Bedford Row.
Sols. Cardales and Co. Gray's Inn.
Lvershed W. of Tooley-street, Southwark,

Sols Holt and Co. Threadneedle sireet. pastry cook. Sol. Putt, Newcastle court, Bird J. jun. of Kingston upon Hull, corn factor. College-hill.

Sol Hicks, Gray's lun square. Frost J. of Brinkley, Cambridge, maltster. Sol. Beckett R. of Westbury under the Plain, Wilts, Dixon, Staple Inn.

innholder. Sols. Whitcombe and Co. Será Gooding' J. of Lensham, Kent, taylor. Sol. jeant's lon.

Webb, St. Thomas street, Souihwark. Craven E. and J. Haggas, of Ellar Carr, York, Gibson Á. of Manchester, calico dealer. Sols. cotton spinners. Sols. Willis and Co. WarnCourieen and Co. Walbronk.

ford court. Herbert T. of New Burlington-street, apothe-Cuibush J. late of Aylesford, Kent, barge cary. Sol. Maltby, Charlotte-street, Portland builder, and of Wardour street, oilman. of

Murray, Sun court, Cornhill.




Crawley J. of Crimscot street, Bermondsey, | Elwell T. of Aston, near Birmingham, dealer is

Surrey, skiu salesman. Sol. Hunphreys, lime. Sol. Nicholls, Gray's Inu square.
Tokenhouse yard.

Foot J. of Souihampton, wine merchant. Sols.
Faweitt J. of Wakefield, York, carpenter. Sol. Richardson and Co. New Ing.
Lake, Dowgate bill, London.

Falkner F. now or late of Marlow, Hereford, Gillinoa W. of Halme, Manchester, cotton farmer. Sol. Highmore, Scot's yard, Cannon

spinner. Sols. Duckworth and Co. Man: chester.

Francis P. late of Crown court; Broad street, Goujon S. of Newgate street, London, straw hat merchant. Sol. Brumell, Church Passage,

manufacturer. Soi. Phipps, Weaver's hall, Guildhall. Basinghall street.

Gilpin J. of Syresham, Northampton. Sol Martin Č. of the Three Cocks Inn, Aberllonvey, T'homas, Hind court, Fleet street.

Brecon, innkeeper. Sol. Watson, Clifford's Heyworth J. late of Tavistock street, Bedford Inn.

square, jeweller. Sol. Poole, Adam's court, MacCamley P. of Liverpool, merchant. Sols. Old Broad street. Avison and Co. Liverpool.

Harrison J. of Manchester, plumber and glazier, Stokes J of Epping, Essex, vic! waller. Sol. Sols. Hurd and Co. King's Beach Walk,' Jones, Size lane, Bucklersbury.

Temple. Scott W. of Pall Mall, tailor. Sols. Ross and | Hooper T. of Lower Guiting, Gloucester, Co. New Boswell court.

maltster and baker. Sols. Edin unds and Co. Tozer J. of Alderm n's-walk, Bishopsgate. Chancery lane.

street, and W. G. Brown), of Stonehouse, Hill C. W. of Bristol, carver and gilder. Sols Gloucester, merchants. Sols. Hurd and Co. Price and Co. Lincoln's Inn. King's Bench Walk, Temple,

Lewis W. of Dudmuston Lodge, Quatt, Salop, Tucker J. otherwise J. G. P. Tucker, late of miller. Sol Biggs, Southampton buildings,

Canada, in Nor h America, and of Linsted Chancery lane.
Cottage, Kent, merchant Sol. Earnshaw, | Lewis J. of Bristol, woollen draper. Sols.
Red Cross-street, Cripplegate.

Bourdillon and Co. Litile Friday street. Trossler G. of Fashion street, Brick lane, silk Lawrence B. R. late of Great Surrey street, printer. Sl. Eyles, Castle-st. Houndsditch. Christchurch, but now of Gloucester street, Wardle R. of the King's-road, Pimlico, Middle. Hackney-fields, pawnbroker. Sol. Reynolds,

sex, builder. Sol. Willshen, Salisbury-street, Castle sireet, Falcon square. Strand.,

Pearson R. of 'Bilsson. Siafford, grocer. Sols. Wells T. of Gedney Dike, Lincoln, miller. Stephenson and Co. North Place, Gray's lonSols. Lodington and Co. Secondaries Office,

lane. Temple.

Pea! J. and J. Mandall, of Bedford street, Cox Worrall w. of Liverpool, merchant. Sols. vent Garden, silk inercers. Sol. Phipps,

Blackstock and Co. King's Bench Walk, Weaver's Hall, Basinghall street.

Pailthorpe H. s.otherwise S. Barnett, of Livere A Weakley R. of Plymouth Dock, tavern keeper. pool, inilliner and dress maker. Sols. Clarke Bol. Makinson, Middle Temple.

and Co. Chancery lane.

Price Dlate of Oxford-street, "Tinen draper.

Sol. James, Bucklersbury.
W. Laws, late of Ellingham, Norfolk, horse Parks T. of Barile, Sussex, tailor.

Sols. Grego dealer. W. Williams, of Hereford, baker. T.

son and Co. Throgmorton-street. H. Alcock, of Newport, . Salop, tanner,

A Rogers W. of Stow on the Wold, Gloucester, Stephenson, of Boston, Lincoln, linen draper.

dealer and chapman. Sols. Leigh and Co. D. Edmunds, of Madeley, Salop, printer. J.

New Bridge-street. Belcher, of Lamb's Conduit street, Middlesex, Stanbrough W. formerly of Woking, Sarrer, merchant. J. D. Gianelli, of Cock lane, Smith

mealman. Sol. Stokes, Golden-square. feld, London, plaster of Paris manufacturer

Wharton W. J. of Loughborough, Leicester, G, Plumley, of Mary le Port, Bristol, furrier. money scrivener. Sols. Bleasdale and Co. W. Macmichael, of 'Bridgnorih, Salop, and of

New Inn. Pleet street, London, carpet manufacturer. H.

CERTIFICATES, May 28. Lowe, of - Macclesfield, Chester, hat unanufacturer. W. Higgs, late of Bell Yard, Fish street but now of South Mims, Middlesex, farmer.

W. Garrard, late of Laxfield, Suffolk, grccer, hill, but now of Leman street, Goodman's fields, T. Henshaw, of Mincing-lane, London, wine of Cross, Somerset, innkeeper." R. Morgan, of broker. W. Howden, of Cannon-street, Lone Bilston, Stafford, japanner. G. Hamilton, late don, insurance broker. J. Taylor, of Nottingof Wormwood street, London, merchant.

ham, cotton spinner. W. B. Stuari, late of St.

Ives, Huntingdon, felimonger. G. Ilarrison, BANKRUPTCY SUPER SEDED, May 7. late of Whitcomb-street, Charing Cross, Mida Jackson J. of likeston, Derby, rope maker.

dlesex, brewer. J. Woolfenden and E. Wool. fenden, of Manchester, hallers. R. Raphaeld,

of the Strand, Middlesex, tailor. J Siartin, of Bewley J. late of Kingsland road, Middlesex, Birmingham, wine merchant. J. Jeffs, of Bure and of Newgate market, salesman.

Sol. ford, Oxford, saddler. W. Bradley, of Reading, Yardley, Hoxton square.

Berks, woollen .draper. J. Stevens, of Aba Beer W. of Bristol, pork butcher. Sols. Dax church-lane, London, merchant. c.'M. Han and Co. Doughty street,

nington, of Hansard-place, Blackfriars-road, Brown R. of Kelfield, York, farmer.

Sol. Surrey. B. Thomas, late of Newport, Mo.Blakelock, Serjeant's Inn.

mouth, tallow chandler. J. Tristram, of Bil. Baglehole W. of Mark lane, corn factor. Sol. ston, Stafford, coal mester. A. Benjamin, of

Hamerton, Great St. Helen's, London, Hoxton-square, Middlesex, merchant J. Das Wanter R. of Chulmleigh, Devon, linen draper. vidson, 'late of Beer-stresi, Toner-areet, Loke Sol. Pearson, Pump court, Temple.

dow, merchant.





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50 5pd.

"PRICES CURRENT, July 20, 1816. Fire-Office Shares, &c. July 2n.

Canals. £.

8. L. & Chesterfield .. Div: 6'..... 100

£. s. d. £. d. d. Croydon American pot-ash, percwt. 3 15 0 to 4 10 0 Coventry Div. 441 Ditto pearl 3 0 0) 3 0 0

Eile mere and Chesler(D 41) 760 Barıtla

1 9 0

0 0 Grand Junction ...(Div. 81.).. 120 Brandy, Cogniac,bond.gal. O

Grand Surry

55 Campbire, refined Ib. 0 5 0


10 Ditto unrefined .. cwt.12 10 0

0 0

Keouelt and Avon.. Div. 153 11 Cochineal, grb. bond. ib. 00 3 10 0 4 4 Lancaster...... Div. 11. 19 19

Ditto, East-India 05 0 0 5 6 Leeds and Liverpool (Div.8l.) 230 Coffee, tine bond....cwt. 4 8 0 4 16 0

Old Union.. .. Div. 41. 99 Ditto ordinary

2 16 0


Div. 311
Cotton Woul, Surinam, ib. O 2 1

0 0 Sbropshire . Div. 41... 78 Ditto Jamaica 0 0 0

0 | Stratford

26 10 Ditto Smyrna 0 16 0 1 8 Stroudwater

232 Ditto East-India 0 1 0 0 0 Swansea Div. 101.... 175 Currants, Zaot....cwt.. 0 0 0 0 0 Thames and Medway

12 Elephants' Teeth 23 0 30 0 0 | Trent and Mersey.. Div. 601. 1200 Scrivelloes 24 0 0 33 0 0

Warwick & Birming. Div.1?1. 250 Flax, Riga ton 60 0 0 0 0

Worcester and Birmingham.. 23 Ditto Petersburgh 46 0 0 0 0 0 Wey and Arun.

100 Galls, Turkey.... cwt. 9 0 0 9 10 0

Docks. Geneva, Holl bond.gal. 02 8 0 2 10

East India .... Div 71... 137 Ditto, English...... 0 13 0 0 • 0 London

Div. 51.... 744Gum Arabic, Turkey,cwt. 9 0 0 12 0 0

West India Div. 91..... 147 Hemp, Riga,...... ton 43 0 0 0 0 0

Roads. Ditto Petersburgh 40 0 0 42 0 0 Commercial

80 Indigo, Caraccas .. Ib. 0 0 0 0 0

Dover Street...

30 Ditto East-India .... 0 9 9 0 10 0 Highgate Archway 50%. sh. 9 Iron British bars .. 11 0 12 0 0

Insurance Companies. Ditto Swedish C.C.N.D. 21 10 0 0 0 0 Atlas

50 5pd.

2 2 Ditto Sued. 2ad sort 12 0 0 12 10


1 126 Lead in pigs..... ton 19 0 0 0 0 0 Globe 100 pd......

105 Ditto red ton 22 0 0 0 0 Hope

5pd. Lead white ton 35 0 0 0 0 o Imperial

.500 50pd.

46 Logwood chips 0 0 15 0 London Ship

18 Madder, Dutch crop,cwt. 4 10 5 5 0 Royal Exchange

235 Mahogany

ft. 0 1 2 0
I 10 Albion...

.£50 pd. 30 Qil, Lucca .. 24 gal jar 13 10 0 0 0 0 Birmingham Fire

150 Ditto Florence, į chest 2 0 0 0 0 County

25 Ditto whale 28 0 0 30 0 () Rock...

2 6 Ditto spermaceti .ton 48 0 0 0 0 Birmingham Life .. 1001.pd 76 Pitch, Stockbolm ..cwt. 0 16 0 0 0 0

Wa'er Works. Raisins, bloom....cwt. 4 15 0 5 10

Kent 100 pd. (Div. 21.)...: 30 10 Rice, Caroliva bond

2 0 0 0 0 East London 100 pd. Div. 21. 64 Run, Jamaica bond gal. 0 3 9 0 3 10 Grand Junction

27 Ditto Leeward Island 0 2 4 0 2 6

Manchester and Salford

25 Saltperre, East-India, cwt. 2 19 0 0 0 0

Portsmouth & F. rlington.... 20 Silk, thrown, Italian, lb. 2 9 0 2 11 0

Ditto (New)

36 sik, raw,.. Ditto 1 12 1 13 0

Bridges. Tallow, Russia, white 0 0 0 0 0 0

Strand 1001. sh. all pd.(Disct.) 16 Ditto yellow 2 9 0 0 0

Ditto Old Annuities (Disct) Tar, Stockholm .. bar. 919 0 0 0 0

Ditto New .... Prein ..... Tin in blocks......cwt. 6 9 0 0

Literary Institutions. Tobacco, Maryland, lh.: 0 0 52 0 0101 | London, 75 gs.

41 Ditto Virginia 0 1 1 0 1 1 Russel

17 Wax, Guinea ......cwt. 7 10 0 8 10

0 Surry 30 gs.

10 10 Whale.fius (Greenl) ton 70 0

0 0 0

Mines. Wine :


3 10 Red Port, bond pipe .. 40 0 56 0 0 Butspill 10pd.

5 Ditto Lisbon....

45 0 55 0 English Copper Company D.8s. 6. 10 Ditto Madeira. 50 0 0 63

Miscellaneous. Dittu Vidonia 0 0 0 0 0 Gas Light aud Coke Company

Par Ditto Calcavella .

0 0 0 0 0 Drury-lane Theatre.... gs.....80 Ditto Sberry.... butt 30 00 55 0 0 Auction Mart

16 Ditto Claret 35 00 Lon. Four Comp. ro...


.... ton 14

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36 10pd.

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