Printing Presses employed.

INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE The Imperial presses of Seutari (near Constantinople) are engaged on a translation into the Turkish Language of the BRITISU SETTLEMENTS IN INDIA. Great Arabian Vocabulary of Kumos, in three volumes, folio. The first volume is finished, but the impressiou of the two fol. The following Intelligence refers to lowing volumes, will demand at least two those Ecclesiastical proceedings which deyears of further labour. The Author of this translation is Aassim Effendi. The rive their consequence from the progreswork is executed with the same types as sive establishment of Christianity in these the other works which have issued from provinces. We see in the first place, a the presses of Sentari. It has forty-two Bishop of the National Church performing lines on each page, without punctuation, the words being separated ouly by short the functions of his office; a sight new to lines placed above them.

most of the Europeans, and wholly so to Adrenturous English Ladies.

the patives, whose reflections on this occa

sion we should be glad to learn; as they Two English Ladies who have resided in the East, during several years, have di- have hitherto considered Europeans, esperected their attention to the study of Anti- cially Englislımen, as having no national quities and Oriental Literature. One of visible religion. them, Lady Hester Stanhope, has visited the ruins of Palmyra and Baalbec, with the The second object of reference is not various valleys of Mount Lebanon. The less pleasivg ;-the accommodation given other, Mrs. Rich, wife of the English Resident at Bigdad, beside visiting Bombay, to the members of the Presbyterian Church has crossed the great desert for Constanti

of Scotland ; with an ordination of Elders pople, in her way to England; and return for the purposes of permanent superiutended from Constantinople by way of Asia auce, decorum, and discipline. Thus, it is Minor, for Bagdad.

to be hoped, that however the means To these ladies must be added a third, in adopted may differ the end will be the the person

of H. R. H. the Princess of same, the general diffusion of a spirit of Wales; who has visited not only the principal Mahomedan cities ou the African piety, benevolence, and genuine Chris. shore of the Mediterranean, but the Metro. tianity, well worthy the acceptance and polis of the Turkish Empire, also, and is imitation of the extensive Provinces of the now, as report aifirms, directing her course

British Empire in India. towards Jerusalem, the Holy Places, and other interesting objects in Syria and Pa.

CALCUTTA. lestine.


December 14, 1815. It is thought by M. Wormskiold, in con

The New Building on the plain was consequence of observations made by himself

secrated on Monday last, by the name of in Greenland, compared with the reports of voyagers into the bigher northern lent discourse on the subject, by the Ve

St George's Church, after a most excellatitudes of North America, that the wa

nerable Archdeacon of Calcutta. ters of Baffin's Bay, have a communication with the Northern Pacific Ocean, by

On Tuesday morning, the Right Rev. means of Bering's Straits. To ascertain the Bishop confirmed those who had never this, and, if possible, to terminate all fur- gone through this ceremony of the church, ther doubts on the question, is is said, is a

at the end of which bis Lordship pointed principal object of the voyage now in pro- out with much feeling and effect, and at gress inder" C. M. Kotz-bec, son of the considerable length, the duties which well-known navigator, of that name; and

Christians take upon themselves by thus M. Wormskiold, (who is by birth a Dane) entering into a fresh compact with their is so thoroughly persuaded of his theory,

Creator. that he accompanies the expedition in cha. On Thursday, his Lordship held bis first racter of naturalist. It will be truly ho- visitation at this settlement ; which was nourable to Russia, should this point be attended by the whole of the resident determined under the auspices of her fag. I Clergy, and a few from the out stations,

The usual complimentary visits between

ELDERS ORDAINED. his Highness the Nabob and the Right

November 11. Reverend the Bishop have taken place under the complimentary salutes usual on

On Sunday last the following Gentlemen

were ordained Elders of the Church of these occasions.

Scotland at Calcutta ; J. Mac Whirter, Dec. 26 –The congregation yesterday at Esq. Jobu Angus, Esq. Alexander Wilson, St. John's cathedral consisted of 811 per, Esq. and James Hare, Esq. and public sons. The communicants were 149, and instruction was given from the Pulpit, by the collection 6436 Rupees 14 Annas.

the Rev. Dr. Bryce, that a Kirk Session The Venerable the Archdeacon of Bom- being now constituted at Calcutta, by the bav, has given public notice, that the authority of the General Assembly of the Right Reverend the Bishop will hold a Church of Scotland, all members of the confirmation at that Presidency the latter said Church have become subject to its end of the next month.

authority, in such matters purely ecclesias

tical, as by law, it is entitled to take cog. CHURCH OF SCOTLAND, Nov. 2, 1815.

wizance of. On this occasion Dr. Bryce On Sunday Divine Service was per

delivered charge to the Elders, pointing formerl at the Hall of the Asiatic Society, out the duties incumbent on them as office according to the forms of the Church of bearers in the Church of Scotland-and Scotland; on which occasion an Edict to enforce these duties, &c. &c. The ecwas served, nominating James Hare, Esq. clesiastical jurisdiction of Kirk Session of Physician, to the Right Honourable the the Church of Scotland is pretty fully Governor General, to be an Elder of the pointed out in the Appendix to Dr. Bryce's Church, aud a Member of the Kirk Ses. Sermon on this Ecclesiastical Establishsion of Calcutta. We are bappy to learn ment. One important branch of their duty that there is now a prospect of the speedy is to distribute the Charity of the Church, to erection of a suitable edifice for the accom- such as are worthy objects; and being a modation of the Members of the Church recognized and permanent body, amenable of Scotland, who form so numerous and for their conduct to their Ecclesiastical respectable a portion of the European In- superiors-donations and legacies may be habitants of Calcutta. An Organ of a made to the Church with the greatest co very superior description has, we under- fidence of their being properly applied. stand, been already ordered from England in all these Ecclesiastical Acts and Deedo, for the service of the New Church. · It is the Kirk Session of Calcutta is subject to quite an erroneous notion that the use of the authority of the General Assembly of such an instrument is forbidden by the the Church of Scotiand. ritual of the Scotch Church. In the commencement of that establishment, the po

St. Andrews's Church. verty, rather than the will, of the Presby

December 5, 1815. terian reformers, prevented its adoption, and On Thursday morning early, the cerelong disuse has, in the minds of the vol.

mony took place of laying the foundation gar at home, caused it at length to be stone of St. Andrew's church. The Grand looked upon as profane to have recourse Lodge and the other Lodges of Calcutta to any assistance in singing the praises of assembled at Mr. Moore's rooms, at six God.

o'clock, and proceeded to the scite of the A Petition has been transmitted to Parlia. church at 7 o'clock. ment, signed by the Members of the On reaching the south entrance of Church of Scotland in Calcuita, in conse the enclosure, the procession halted and quence of some doubts entertained by the opened ranks, facing inwards. The Mahighest legal authorities at this settlement gistrates and Kirk Sessious then proceeded regarding the validity in certain respects to the west side of the stone to be laid. The of marriage in India, where the ceremony Tyler of the Grand Lodge, foliowed by is performed by a Scotch Clergyman ac those marshalled with the Grand Lodge, cording to the ceremonial of his Estab. went to the east side of the stone, and the lished Church,- praying that au act might other Lodges followed in scuority, and be passed by which seh doubts might be took up their ground as directed by the removed. A counter-petition we have jlist Marshal, Brother Aubury. The coins, learned was at the same time sent to the &c. were then deposited, and the Deputy Legislature at home, praying that the prin read aloud the inscription. The whole vilege of performing the marriage ceremony being properly drawn up, the plan of the inay not be accorded to Scotch Chaplains church was delivered to one of the Stewin India.

ards, in attendance on Lady Loudon, with


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a request from the architect, that her La.


1811. dyship would inspect it and signify her

TONS pleasure. The plan being returned, with William 421 Planet

401 her Ladyship's approbation, to the acting Fairlie 755 | Colouist

450 P. G. M. he proceeded to lay the cement

i Coldstreain and ordered the stove to be lowered, mak.

Cabalva 1949 ing three regular stops, and conducted it

Etheldred 420 to its bed, with the assistance of the bre


472 thren. The acting P. G. M. with his De


1012 puty P. G. M. being to the east, and the

| Prince Regent 1036 P. G. Wardens going to the west, the

Marquis of Huntley Square, the Plumb, the Level, and the

1818 Mailet were successively delivered through


992 the Grand Wardens, by the Deputy to the


1812. Acting P. G. M. and applied by him to the Emma

465 | Princess Charlotte sides, top, and square of the stone. He Thomas Grenville of Wales 1016 then gave three kuocks with the Mallet

923 | Brosenbury 751 and said, “May the Grand Arebitect of | Woodbridge 479 | Marchioness of Ely the Universe grant a blessing on this Stone | Ganges 400

1016 which we have now laid, and by his Pro. Caroline 442 | Morley

483 vidence enable us to fimsh this and every | Moffatt

750 London

440 other virtuous undertaking!" The honors Charles Grant 1252 General Harris 1373 were then given, and the 4th authem per

Bridgewater 1359 formed. The cornucopia and cups were

Marquis Camden then delivered, first to the Wardens, and

1328 by them to the Deputy, who successively

i Marquis Welliugton handed them to the Acting P. G. V. who


1030 poured the corn, wine, and oil on the stone,


1813. saying, “ May the All-bounteous Author David Scott 773 | Lady Melville 1271 of nature bless this city with abundance of Barrosa

773 Coru, Wine, and Oil, and with all the James Sibbald 729 necessaries, conveniences, and comforts of Baring

755 life !" The honors were repeated. Then Cornwall 859 au address was spoken by the Acting General Hewett 960 P. G. M. to the Kirk Session, and was re Haumah

466 plied to by the Session. Then a prayer was Java

1175 pronounced by the Rev. Brother Dr. Bryce, Bombay 1279 and the anthem No. 2, concluded the cere


571 mony of laying the foundation stone. The Mindostan 604 Lodges returned in reversed order to Bro- Castle Huntley 1353 ther Moore's rooms.




1314. Countess Harcourt Kent

194 A comparative view of the increase of

517 | Saint Helena 141 the India-built ships admitted to British Cambrian 720 Registry, and of the decrease of Ship Countess of Loudon building within the port of London.

481 INDIA-built Ships ad- | London-built Ships ad- Marquis of Welling. mitted to Registry. mitted to Registry.




Lord Castlereagh West Indian 372 Bengal Merchant
808 Fanny

477 General Wellesley George the Third Radnor

478 430

3.39 Henry Wellesley301 Cambridge 768 | Clio

101 Claudine 452 Fort William 1296 Somersetshire 447 | Earl Balcarras 1444 Providence 649 Guildford 521 Lady Flora 750

626 Minerva

Royal Charlotte 392 Vansittart 1311

1024 General Kyd 1318 1811.


Herefordshire 1354 Larkins 676 | Lowther Castle1507 Lowjee Family 925 !





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The sum total of the excess during the Susan

567 | Nil

present year, is nearly 16,000 mannds, and Ginger's

in last month alone is more than 4,000 Forces 5-6

maunds. Several other la

Indigo FACTORIES DIMINISHED. luutstips are order ed for England this

By circular letters forwarded from the year for the purpose

Agents of Calcutta to Indigo planters, it of obtainmz British

appears that the following is nearly the reRegistry.

solutious they have adopted respecting the

future conduct of Indigo factories, viz. IMPORTS AND EXPORTS.

That all the unprofitable fai turies are to We copv the following accurate state. be sold, on condition they are not to ment of the quantities of some of the priu. be used for mbiugn of Indigo. That ciple articles of export and import, which the agents, in the first instance, pay 20 have passed the Calcutta Custom House in per cent of the loss which will arise from the mouth of November ;-we think it the sale of these factories. That the prowill not be unacceptable to our mercantile 6table factories pay five per cent. yearly readers :

of their produce towards the liquidation of Statement shewing the quantities and value the remaining 80 per cent. of the loss acof goods exported by Sea, Nov. 1815.

cruing on the sale of the unprofitable fac

tories. That the agents will give up oneIndigo

12,397 20 2 fb of their commission on the sale of InSiik.

1,581 3 6 digo, until this 80 per cent. is liquidated, Cotton

21,819 35

which it is supposed will be the case in Piece Goods Pieces 569,377

five years. The object of the present arSugar

Mauuds 24,092 10 rangement is to diminish the quantity of Saltpetre

15,822 2 5 Indigo, to about 60,000 maunds a year, Saillower

1,167 7

5 wbich is nearly equal to the whole annual Borax

586 17

4 consumption of Europe. The quantity Tiuca]

203 4 made this year is about 102,000 maunds, Sal-amioniac

40 31 8 and had the season been favourable, the Turmeric

1,413 20 o quantity would have been bear 200,000

5 O maunds. Advances are to be withheld from Lac.lake

79 o those Indigo planters, wbo do not agree to Shell lac


5 10 these arrangements. The planters thrown Pepper.

3,828 15

out of employ by these arrangements, will Insported from the interior of the Country be allowed a handsome sebsistence for two in November 1815.

years from the produce arising from the Indigo, 3547 Chests, weigh

five per cent. contributions of the profit

able factories ing Factory Maunds . 32,959 33 6"

It is calculated that the

loss which will arise from the sale of The quantity of Indigo, received in Cal. the unprofitable factories, wi be about cutta during last month, and the two 2,500,000 rupees. of which the agents pay months which preceded it, greatly exceeus 500,000 rupees in the first instance; and that imported duriug the same months of the foregoing year, as will be apparent 60,000 mauuds of Indigo every year, and

supposing the profitable factories make from a comparison of the following Ave contribute 5 per cent yearly, it will pro

dure an annual fund of 480,000 rupees, if Quantity of Indigo imported in September, the ludigo sells at 160 rupees the maund.

October, and November 1814, estimated in which case five years will be more than in Factory Mauuds :

sufficient to pay the remaining 2,000,000 September

193 10 6

rupees of loss on the sale of the unprofitOctober

7,466 25 3 able factories, after deducting the 20 per November 28,937 329 ceut. paid by the agents. Total . 96,597 28 2

DANGEROUS SHOAL ASCERTAINED. Ditto ditto, in September, October, and

To the Editor, c.
November, 1815.

September 3,512 26 1

I beg to inclose an extract of the Log October

16,00.5 39 S of the Brig Dragon, which may assist in November 32,953 83 6 removing any doubts that may be enter

tertained as to the actual existence of the Tota)

52,471 18 10 Schedam shoal and if it does this, it will

Lac dye


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rage Table.


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answer the purpose which prompts me to Since its erection (about A. D. 1784) to address you.

the present year, no repair whatever has I am, Sir,

been given to it. How praise worthy, a ud Your most obedient Servant, in what an amiable light, it places the vir

C G. M. CowCHER turs of his Excellency the present Nawaub Calcutta, January 4, 1816.

Vizier of Oude, to have repaired and beauExtract of the Log of the Brig Dragon.

tified this magnificent pile of buidinys,

erected hy his liberal uncle the late Asoph December 14, 1815.–At sui-set no

ul Dowlah, who dispensed to every Euthing visible-in 28 fathoms; standing to the vorth-east, at the rate of 3į kuots per sited bis court at Lucknow, his gifts of

ropeau, of whatever description, that vibour. At midnight, light airs, and calm

princely munificence, at day-light;-a strony south-easterly cur

in the centre room of the Emambarah rent-passed by a ship's top, with a mast

lie interred the remains of Asoph ul Dowaud rigging near it. At 10 A. M. Saw

lab and his Begum; Mullahs (priests,) shoal off deck, braring south by east to

read the koran, perfumes day and nigbiare south-east; a dark saud, just a wash with the burned in silver vessels, and the sepulchre water. Let go the anchor inmediate y in

is always lighted witli tip'ers at night. Ca20 fathoms hard saud --lound the tide setting south east; 25 knots per hour.- opics of state are over both, but there is

no raised towh, as was uuiversally the cusFrom the situation, feel perfectly convinced

tom formerly in L'indostan. that it is the Schedam shoal,--distance

On the left of the Emambarah, on a from us about 29 miles - 10, 20, A. 4.

raised terrace, and fronting the East, is a spring up a breeze from the northward

tine Mosque, with two minarets (or spires) weighed and made all sail to the northwardt and eastward. At noon, the show bighly adorned with devices of flowers

and leaves in stucco work. just visible at the mast-head, bearing souil

In front of the Emanıbarah is a broad west by south. Latitude boy two observa

raised terrace, in the centre of which is a tions 20, 43, north.-longitude 89, 40, east."

large square bason of water with fountains, Description of a remarkably magnificent | A Hight of stone steps on each side, leads Palace, recetly beautified.

down to a flower garden, abounding in Lucknou", Nor. 20, 1815.

orange, lemon and other trces, iu the midHis Excelleucy the Nawaub Vizier, entrances, c'esceveling a considerable depth,

dle of which is a noble gateway with three Rafiat ul Dowali, Ruifee ul Molliq, (a.

an extensive court, with arcaded buildings zee Oddeen Hyder Khan Bahadur, his re

surrounding it, and in the centre a corre. paired and painted with the finest chura, spouding gateway to that of the garden. the whole of the inside and outside of immediately opposite, on the other side of that grand building, erected by the marnificent Prince the Nawaub Vizier A sophisponding building, but not a gateway,

The high road, is also, nearly a correu Dowlah, about the year 1780 and 1781 built for ornament, and called a Jawab see and called it the Emambarah, the most superb building in ludia, next to those celebrated and magnificent gateway, called

Walle. Turning to the left, you go to the erected by the Emperor of Ludostan, at

the Room-i Durwa-zu, or the gate of Agra and Duiksi. It bas a centre arched Rome) through this runs the road to the roon, 67 mi'itery paces (167 feet and balf palace, called the Dowlut Khaunah, and long, by 21 paces broad (52 feet and half.) | to the River Goomty. There is a beautiful octagon room at each end, and a raised set of rooms, (or open

MADRAS. arches) in the rear of the centre room, the WATERLOO SUSCRIPTION. whole length; with fountains and basols of water, under each front arch. In front have never been more clearly shewn, than

The loyalty and public spirit of Madras, is an arcaded veranda, forming a

very in the laudable and highly praise-worthy fine oblong room, though narrower than subscription for the benefit of the Widows the ceutre room ;

stone gallery runs round the centre room, with a pierced or

and Children of the brave defenders of

their Country who fell at the battle of open work aud dwarf balustrade, near the spring of the arch of the ceiling. No wood have remitted four thousand pounds by the

Waterloo. The Committee, we understand, is used in any part of the building, it being entirely of brick and mortar masonry.

Carliest ships.

The The height of the room correspouds with SEA SNAKES; VENOMOUS: IN Shoals. the breadth, and is strikingly noble and We are requested by the Acting Superhandsome,

intendant of the Police, says a Madras


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