The angel in the house [by C.K.D. Patmore. In verse]. by C. Patmore, 第 1 巻


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76 ページ - Paradise ! How given for nought her priceless gift, How spoiled the bread and spill'd the wine, Which, spent with due respective thrift, Had made brutes men, and men divine I * * Coventry Patmore.
89 ページ - AN idle poet, here and there, Looks round him, but, for all the rest, The world, unfathomably fair, Is duller than a witling's jest. Love wakes men, once a life-time each ; They lift their heavy lids, and look ; And, lo, what one sweet page can teach They read with joy, then shut the book.
39 ページ - The Rose of the World. Lo, when the Lord made North and South And sun and moon ordained, He, Forthbringing each by word of mouth In order of its dignity, Did man from the crude clay express By sequence, and, all else decreed, He form'd the woman; nor might less Than Sabbath such a work succeed.
40 ページ - Venus' side, How potent to deject the face Of him who would affront its pride! Wrong dares not in her presence speak, Nor spotted thought its taint disclose Under the protest of a cheek Outbragging Nature's boast, the rose. In mind and manners how discreet; How artless in her very art; How candid in discourse; how sweet The concord of her lips and heart! How...
240 ページ - Her soul, that once with pleasure shook, Did any eyes her beauty own, Now wonders how they dare to look On what belongs to him alone ; The indignity of taking gifts Exhilarates her loving breast ; A rapture of submission lifts Her life into celestial rest ; There's nothing left of what she was ; Back to the babe the woman dies, And all the wisdom that she has Is to love him for being wise.
6 ページ - And fill'd my nostrils with perfumes, And shaped the clouds in waifs and zones, And wafted down the serious strain Of Sarum bells, when, true to time, I reach'd the Dean's, with heart and brain That trembled to the trembling chime.
33 ページ - HONORIA. weary with a week's exile From those fair friends, I rode to see The church-restorings ; lounged awhile, And met the Dean ; was ask'd to tea, And found their cousin, Frederick Graham, At Honor's side. Was I concern'd, If, when she sang, his colour came, That mine, as with a buffet, burn'd ? A man to please a girl ! thought I, Retorting his forced smiles, the shrouds Of wrath, so hid as she was by, Sweet moon between her lighted clouds ! Whether this Cousin was the cause I know not, but I...
100 ページ - ... pleasure ; down the gulf Of his condoled necessities She casts her best, she flings herself. How often flings for nought, and yokes Her heart to an icicle or whim, Whose each impatient word provokes Another, not from her, but him ; While she, too gentle even to force His penitence by kind replies, Waits by, expecting his remorse, With pardon in her pitying eyes...
79 ページ - MAID, choosing man, remember this : You take his nature with his name. Ask, too, what his religion is, For you will soon be of the same.
17 ページ - I come where women are, How sad soever I was before, Then is my sadness banish'd far, And I am like that ship no more; Or like that ship if the ice-field splits, Burst by the sudden polar Spring, And all thank God with their...