A guide to the Isle of Man


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247 ページ - Catalogue of the Geological Maps, Sections, and Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain and Ireland, under the Superintendence of ANDREW C.
240 ページ - Stations ; the principal Roads, Rivers, and Canals ; the Parliamentary Divisions of Counties ; the Site of nearly every Church, distinguishing the nature of the Living; the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry; also the Distance in Miles and Furlongs of each City and Town from the General Post Office, London.
234 ページ - CENTRAL AMERICA: Describing each of the States of Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica — their Natural Features, Products, Population, and remarkable capacity for Colonization.
192 ページ - Elizabeth hold that she appointed him one of the Commissioners for the trial of Mary, Queen of Scots...
244 ページ - Affaires of the United States to the Republics of Central America. Sheet, price 7s. tid. ; case, 10s. AUSTRALASIA— Stanford's Library Map, delineating the Colonies of New South Wales, Victoria or Port Philip, South Australia, and Western Australia, divided into counties ; with the Moreton Bay and North-Eastern Districts, as well as all the discoveries towards the Interior, including those of the North Australian Expedition, and of the recent explorations in the South and West.
193 ページ - Act was passed in 1610, assuring and establishing the Isle of Man in the name and blood of William Earl of Derby, who then entered upon possession. Towards the close of his life, being desirous of retiring from public business, he by deed of gift (AD 1637) to his son James, Lord Strange, placed in his power the Isle of Man and all his other estates, on condition of the payment to himself of an annuity therefrom of £1000.
72 ページ - ... she retreated on his approach, and at last, he thought, went into the Castle, though the gates were shut. This obliging him to think he had seen a spirit, sent him home very much terrified ; but...
237 ページ - With an Appendix on the Native War in New Zealand and our future Native Policy. A New and cheaper Edition, thoroughly revised, and corrected to the present time. 1 voL post 8vo. with 2 coloured Maps. Price 15s.
240 ページ - By ANDREW C. RAMSAY, FRS and GS, Local Director of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, and Professor of Geology at the Government School of Mines.
71 ページ - ... various times ; but what I took most notice of, was the report of a gentleman, of whose good understanding, as well as veracity, I have a very great opinion. He told me, that 'happening to be abroad late one night, and...