Jacqueline of Holland: A Historical Tale, 第 1 巻



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134 ページ - I ought sooner have sent Sir Louis de Montfort to you ; for he cannot longer remain here, although he attended me when all the rest deserted me ; and he will tell you more particularly all that has happened than I can do in a letter. I entreat, therefore, that you will be a kind lord to him, and send me your good pleasure and commands, which I will most heartily obey. This is known to the blessed Son of God, whom I pray to grant you a long and happy life, and that I may have the great joy of seeing...
117 ページ - pleadings" to prove that it was lawful for any subject to slay a tyrant declaring, A subject who puts a tyrant to death does a work deserving praise; being lawful to put him to death, it is allowable to cheat him by flattering speeches; it is fair and just to cut him off suddenly by ambush, when it is to save the life and property of one's sovereign from the spoiler, and is not Philip a spoiler?
24 ページ - Syr, if you be on huntynge founde, I shall you gyve a good Greyhounde, That is dunne as a doo : For as I am trewe gentylweman, There was never deer that he at ran, That might escape him fro.
24 ページ - Head like a Snake, Neck'd like a Drake: Back'd like a Beam, Sided like a Bream, Tailed like a Rat, And footed like a Cat.
194 ページ - English knight performing the following deeds of arms : — First, to enter the lists on foot, each armed in the manner he shall please, having a dagger and sword attached to any part of his body, and a battle-axe, with the handle of such length as I shall fix on. The combat to be as follows : ten strokes with the battle-axe, without intermission ; and when these strokes shall have been given, and the judge shall cry out, ' Ho !' ten cuts with the sword to be given without intermission or change...
194 ページ - ten cuts with the sword to be given without intermission or change of armour. When the judge shall cry out ' Ho !' we will resort to our daggers, and give ten stabs with them. Should either party lose or drop his weapon, the other may continue the use of the one in his hand until the judge shall cry out 'Ho!
128 ページ - ... first united provinces, built cities, and by a perpetual generation makes and preserves mankind, propagates the church ; but if it rage it is no more love, but burning lust, a disease, frenzy, madness, hell.
197 ページ - ... the delights of chivalry. ' He kept the nobles of his court under such good government * that, to add to their honour, after having undertaken any deeds of arms, they could not absent themselves from the country where such enterprise was to be performed until it was perfectly accomplished, and this caused their companions not to labour or exert themselves in vain.