The British Theatre; Or, A Collection of Plays: Which are Acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Covent Garden, and Haymarket ...

Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1808

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45 ページ - Thou wouldst not say so, hadst thou ever loved. Love has a fleeter messenger than speech To tell love's meaning ; his expresses post Upon the orbs of vision, ere the tongue Can shape them into words. A lover's look Is his heart's Mercury. Oh...
49 ページ - Mark me, Wilford : I know the value of the orphan's tear, The poor man's prayer, respect from the respected , I feel, to merit these and to obtain them, Is to taste here below, that thrilling cordial Which the remunerating Angel draws From the eternal fountain of delight, To pour on blessed souls that enter Heaven.
ix ページ - ... in comparing me, as a critic, with Madame Dacier, you have, inadvertently, placed yourself, as an author, in the rank with Homer. I might as well aspire to write remarks on ' The Iliad,' as Dacier condescend to give comments on
51 ページ - Stained me ! — Oh, death and shame ! the world looked on And saw this sinewy savage strike me down ; Rain blows upon me, drag me to and fro On the base earth, like carrion. — Desperation, In every...
54 ページ - Till lingering death shall end his agony, Compared to thee, shall seem more enviable Than cherubs to the damned ! Wil. Oh, misery ! Discard me, sir ; I must be hateful to you. Banish me hence : I will be mute as death ; But let me quit your service.
87 ページ - ... breast.) In one word, will your son marry my daughter ? Sir Simon. What! my son marry the daughter of a brazier ! Job. He has ruined the daughter of a brazier.— If the best lord in the land degrades himself by a crime, you can't call his atonement for it a condescension. Sir Simon. Honest...
66 ページ - I shall now, perhaps, in the eyes of the great world, strangely support it ! For I am afraid, Cis, that half your young fellows of fashion would rather seem wicked than ridiculous ; but I shall never, for the future, think that marrying a worthy woman whom chance has placed beneath us in life can be any disgrace, while seducing her is reckoned, among profligate fops, a matter of triumph. Dry your tears, Cicely ! Cicely.
30 ページ - Believe me, I would not question you but to console you, Wilford. I would scorn to pry into any one's grief, much more yours, Wilford, to satisfy a busy curiosity ; though I am told there are such in the world who would.
15 ページ - Fire !" was given, meaning to pull out my pistol, in a deuce of a hurry, I presented, neck foremost, the dd diet-drink of Lady Kitty Carbuncle ; and the medicine being, unfortunately, fermented, by the jolting of my horse, it forced out the cork, with a prodigious pop, full in the face of my gallant commander. Sir C.
35 ページ - How proud I was of that waistcoat five years ago! I little thought what would happen now, when I sat in it at the top of my table with all my neighbours to celebrate the day. There was Collop on one side of me, and his wife on the other, and my daughter Mary sat at the further end, smiling so sweetly — / like an artful, good-for-nothing 1 shouldn't like to throw away the waistcoat, neither — I may as well put it on.