The Works of Jeremy Bentham, Now First Collected: Under the Superintendence of His Executor, John Bowring ...


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316 ページ - Publicity is the very soul of justice. It is the keenest spur to exertion and the surest of all guards against improbity. It keeps the judge himself while trying under trial.
461 ページ - Traverse the whole continent of Europe, ransack all the libraries belonging to the jurisprudential systems of the several political states, — add the contents all together, — you would not be able to compose a collection of cases equal in variety, in amplitude, in clearness of statement — in a word, all points taken together, in instructiveness — to that which may be seen to be afforded by the collection of English Reports of adjudged cases, on adding to them the abridgements and treatises,...
321 ページ - Were the Prince of Wales, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Lord High Chancellor, to be passing by in the same coach, while a chimney-sweeper and a barrow-woman were in dispute about a halfpennyworth of apples, and the chimney-sweeper or the barrow-woman were to think proper to call upon them for their evidence, could they refuse it? No, most certainly.
501 ページ - ... was so managed by the lawyers, that it took up three months' time before it could be ascertained by the committee.
317 ページ - Environed as he sees himself by a thousand eyes, contradiction, should he hazard a false tale, will seem ready to rise up in opposition to it from a thousand mouths. Many a known face, and every unknown countenance, presents to him a possible source of detection, from whence the truth he is struggling to suppress may, through some unsuspected connexion, burst forth to his confusion.
490 ページ - ... the provision made, made for this most necessary and arduous of all intellectual works. The greatest quantity of wealth possessed in this shape by any other nation, is penury, in comparison of that which has been furnished by English Common Law. In this point of view, it is a blessing even now. As a light to the legislator, to assist him in the making of real law, it is a matchless blessing...
477 ページ - Imperial Majesty's answer and my reply, is also designed to accompany this address. It is my ambition to approve myself, Sir, yours and your country's diligent and faithful servant, JEREMY BENTHAM. No. VIII. Jeremy Bentham, an Englishman, to the Citizens of the several American United States.
315 ページ - This confusion and injustice is of the very essence of what in England is called common law - that many-headed monster, which, not capable of thinking of anything till after it has happened, nor then rationally, pretends to have predetermined everything. Nebuchadnezzar put men to death for not finding a meaning for his dreams: but the dreams were at least dreamt first, and duly notified. English...
576 ページ - Letters to Count Toreno, on the proposed Penal Code delivered in by the Legislation Committee of the Spanish Cortes, April 25, 1821; written at the Count's request, 1822.
317 ページ - ... by publicity, the temple of justice adds to its other functions that of a school: a school of the highest order, where the most important branches of morality are enforced by the most impressive means : a theatre, in which the sports of the imagination give place to the more interesting exhibitions of real life.