'Scott's code'. The ship owners' telegraphic code 1880. Repr., with suppl. 1882 combined





405 ページ - Should ice set in during loading " so as to endanger the ship, master to be " at liberty to sail with part cargo and to " have leave to fill up at any open port on " the way homeward for ship's benefit.
151 ページ - The bills of lading to be signed as presented, without prejudice to this charter.
414 ページ - In a charter party that cargoes are "to be brought to and taken from alongside, at charterer's risk and expense, and, should there be any lighterage or wharfage, this to be also for charterer's account...
414 ページ - The cargo must be brought to, and taken from alongside at > charterer's risk and expense.
271 ページ - ... Words announcing arrival, include the phrase "all well," unless the context shows to the contrary.] Please watch our interests.
299 ページ - The vessel is bound to your port. We place her in your hands for homeward business. She is already chartered outward. (SC) 2. /».a. of bind. 1) jbjiR-if- u * . 2) (íf.JOJ ^ / ^í'.j > it . 3) &+• Я , 3í ÍT~> f • Ï bound blasting powder ££ ИХ' /К Hfj- ^ bound charge (electron) ЙШШЙ (Ш7-).
126 ページ - Wire us her arrival. ) is bound to your port. We place her in your hands ) for inward business.