Test-Driven iOS Development with Swift 3

Packt Publishing Ltd, 2016/10/28 - 216 ページ

Write testable and maintainable code to develop highly-functional iOS apps

About This Book
  • Learn test-driven principles to help you build apps with fewer bugs and better designs
  • Become more efficient while working with Swift to move on to your next project faster!
  • Implement all of the principles of test-driven development (TDD) in to your daily programming workflow
Who This Book Is For

My reader have already done some application development with Swift. They follow the changes in each new Swift version. They also follow a few Swift developers on Twitter or Tumblr and read blog post from famous Swift bloggers. My reader have already heard about Test-Driven Development (TDD) but haven't done really much about it. But they have heard/read that TDD can help to write better code but they don't really know why.

What You Will Learn
  • Implement TDD in Swift application development
  • Find bugs before you enter the code using the TDD approach
  • Use TDD to build models, view controllers, and views
  • Test network code with asynchronous tests and stubs
  • Write code that is a joy to read and to maintain
  • Develop functional tests to ensure the app works as planned
  • Employ continuous integration to make testing and deployment easier
In Detail

Test-driven development (TDD) is a proven way to find software bugs early. Writing tests before your code improves the structure and maintainability of your apps. In combination with the improved syntax of Swift 3, there is no excuse or writing bad code.

This book will help you understand the process of TDD and how it impacts your apps written in Swift. Through a practical, real-world example app, you'll start seeing how to implement TDD in context. You will begin with an overview of the TDD workflow and then deep dive into unit testing concepts and code cycles. You will also plan and structure your test driven iOS app, and write tests to drive the development of the view controllers and the helper classes. Next, you'll learn how to write tests for network code, what CI is and how to set it up using Xcode Server.

Finally, the book will guide you through the next steps to become a testing expert by discussing integration tests, Behavior Driven Development (BDD), open source testing frameworks and UI Tests introduced in Xcode 8.

Style and approach

Using a step-by-step approach, you will develop an entire iOS app using TDD. During the course of the book, you will experience different strategies to write tests for models, View Controller, and networking code.


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Your First Unit Tests
Planning and Structuring Your TestDriven iOS App
A TestDriven Data Model
A TestDriven View Controller
Testing Network Code
Putting It All Together
Code Coverage and Continuous Integration
Where to Go from Here


著者について (2016)

Dr. Dominik Hauser completed his Ph.D. from the University of Heidelberg in Physics. While working as a university professor, he started iOS development in his spare time. His first app on Physics has been an astounding success worldwide. Since then, he turned himself into a full-time iOS developer, crediting number of successful apps to his name. He has been a Swift developer since day one and runs a blog on iOS development, www.swiftandpainless.com.