Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart, 第 3 巻



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282 ページ - Paoli — he's off wi' the land-louping scoundrel of a Corsican ; and whose tail do you think he has pinned himself to now, mon ?" Here the old judge summoned up a sneer of most sovereign contempt. " A dominie, mon — an auld dominie ; he keeped a schule, and cau'd it an acaadamy.
61 ページ - For talents mourn, untimely lost, When best employed and wanted most; Mourn genius high, and lore profound, And wit that loved to play, not wound ; And all the reasoning powers divine, To penetrate, resolve, combine ; And feelings keen, and fancy's glow, They sleep with him who sleeps below...
250 ページ - He either fears his fate too much, Or his deserts are small, Who dares not put it to the touch, To gain or lose it all.
361 ページ - Dutch settlement, was not, as might have been expected, in the best order; the apartment had not been regularly ventilated, and, either from this circumstance, or already affected by the fatal sickness peculiar to Batavia, Leyden, when he left the place, had a fit of shivering, and declared the atmosphere was enough to give any mortal a fever. The presage was too just; he took his bed, and died in three days, on the eve of the battle which gave Java to the British empire.
282 ページ - Old Lord Auchinleck was an able lawyer, a good scholar, after the manner of Scotland, and highly valued his own advantages as a man of good estate and ancient family, and, moreover, he was a strict presbyterian and whig of the old Scottish cast. This did not prevent his being a terribly proud aristocrat ; and great was the contempt he entertained and expressed for his son James, for the nature of his friendships and the character of the personages of whom he was engoue one after another. " There's...
77 ページ - While Dryden examined, discussed, admitted, or rejected the rules proposed by others, he forbore, from prudence, indolence, or a regard for the freedom of Parnassus, to erect himself into a legislator. His doctrines, which chiefly respect the intrinsic qualities necessary in poetry, are scattered, without system or pretence to it, over the numerous pages of prefatory and didactic essays, with which he enriched his publications. It is impossible to read far in any of them, without finding some maxim...
34 ページ - I humbly think that we may be excused from intrusting to them those places in the State where the influence of such a clergy, who act under the direction of a passive tool of our worst foe, is likely to be attended with the most fatal consequences. If a gentleman chooses to walk about with a couple of pounds of gunpowder in his pocket, if I give him the shelter of my roof, I may at least be permitted to exclude him from the seat next to the fire.
270 ページ - Vanity of Human Wishes,' — all the examples and mode of giving them sublime, as well as the latter part, with the exception of an occasional couplet. I do not so much admire the opening. I remember an observation...
159 ページ - On a circle of stones but barely nine ; They heated it red and fiery hot, Till the burnished brass did glimmer and shine. They rolled him up in a sheet of lead — A sheet of lead for a funeral pall ; They plunged him in the cauldron red, And melted him, lead, and bones, and all.
214 ページ - ... amusement. I have heard Scott chuckle with particular glee over the recollection of an excursion to the vale of the Ettrick, near which river the party were pursued by a bull. " Come, King John," said he, " we must even take the water," and accordingly he and * Miscellaneous Prose Works, vol.