1815, Waterloo

Adam & Charles Black, 1900 - 455 ページ


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176 ページ - Because you have been beaten by Wellington you think him a great general. And I tell you that Wellington is a bad general, that the English are bad troops, and that this will be the affair of a dejeuner.
90 ページ - This army is lost if you act vigorously. The fate of France is in your hands. Therefore do not hesitate one instant to execute the manoeuvre enjoined on you by the Emperor, and make for the heights of SaintAmand and Brye.
190 ページ - Therefore do not lose a minute to draw nearer to us and to join us and crush Biilow, whom you will catch in the very act...
140 ページ - has had a damned good licking and gone back to Wavre, eighteen miles. We must follow his example. I suppose they will say in England we have been thrashed too! I cannot help it.
56 ページ - But today they coalesce together against the independence and the most sacred rights of France. They have begun the most unjust of aggressions. Let us march...
56 ページ - Soldiers ! — To-day is the anniversary of Marengo and Friedland, which twice decided the fate of Europe; Then, as after Austerlitz and Wagram...
176 ページ - J6rome entered Le Caillou. The Emperor asked Reille his opinion of the English Army, which this general was in a position to give, since he had had many a contest with it in Spain. Reille answered; "Well posted, as Wellington knows how to post it, and attacked from the front, I consider the English Infantry to be impregnable, owing to its calm tenacity, and its superior aim in firing. Before attacking it with the bayonet, one may expect half the assailants to be brought to the ground. But the English...
88 ページ - Emperor bids me warn you that the enemy has assembled a body of troops between Sombreffe and Brye, and that Marshal Grouchy with the 3rd and 4th Corps will attack them at half-past two.
151 ページ - Gneisenau has given in!" he said with a triumphant expression to Colonel Hardinge, the English military attache. "We are going to join the Duke." To Wellington he wrote; "Bulow's corps will set off marching to-morrow at daybreak in your direction. It will be immediately followed by the corps of Pirch. The 1st and 3rd Corps will also hold themselves in readiness to proceed towards you. The exhaustion of the troops, part of which have not yet arrived, does not allow of my commencing my movement earlier.
216 ページ - where do you expect me to get them? Do you expect me to make them?