Bushido: the Soul of Japan: An Exposition of Japanese Thought

Leeds & Biddle, 1899 - 127 ページ

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81 ページ - and face all calamities and adversities with patience and a pure conscience; for as Mencius * taught, " When Heaven is about to confer a great office on anyone, it first exercises his mind with suffering and his sinews and bones with toil; it exposes his body to hunger and subjects him
124 ページ - was the signal to toll the knell of Bushido. The edict, issued five years later, prohibiting the wearing of swords, rang out the old, "the unbought grace of life, the cheap defence of nations, the nurse of manly sentiment and heroic enterprise,'' it rang in the new age of ' 'sophisters, economists, and calculators.'' It has been said that Japan won her late war with China by means of
78 ページ - I, and I alone, unwarrantably gave the order to fire on the foreigners at Kobe, and again as they tried to escape. For this crime I disembowel myself, and I beg you who are present to do me the honor of witnessing the act.' '' Bowing once more, the speaker allowed his
127 ページ - in the beautiful language of the Quaker poet, " The traveler owns the grateful sense Of sweetness near, he knows not whence, And, pausing, takes with forehead bare The benediction of the air.
iv ページ - There are, if I may so say, three powerful spirits, which have from time to time, moved on the face of the waters, and given a predominant impulse to the moral sentiments and energies of mankind. These are the spirits of liberty, of religion, and of honor.
93 ページ - not inconsistent with the Precepts of Knighthood, as we shall see. Bushido being a teaching primarily intended for the masculine sex, the virtues it prized in woman were naturally far from being distinctly feminine. Winckelmann remarks that " the supreme beauty of Greek art is rather male than female,
77 ページ - or war surcoat with gold tissue facings. The word kaishaku, it should be observed, is one to which our word executioner is no equivalent term. The office is that of a gentleman : in many cases it is performed by a kinsman or friend of the condemned, and the relation between them is rather that
78 ページ - side. One of the three attendant officers then came forward, bearing a stand of the kind used in the temples for offerings, on which, wrapped in paper, lay the wakizashi, the short sword or dirk of the Japanese, nine inches and a half in length, with a point and
93 ページ - adds that it was true in the moral conception of the Greeks as in their art. Bushido similarly praised those women most '' who emancipated themselves from the frailty of their sex and displayed an heroic fortitude worthy of the strongest and the bravest of men."* Young girls therefore, were trained to repress their feelings, to indurate their nerves, to manipulate
14 ページ - may be narrow. A well-known bushi defines it as a power of ^Resolution ;-"Rectitude is the power of deciding upon a certain course of conduct in accordance with reason, without wavering;—to die when it is right to die, to strike when to strike is right.