The Literature and Romance of Northern Europe: Constituting a Complete History of the Literature of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland, with Copious Specimens of the Most Celebrated Histories, Romances, Popular Legends and Tales ... Ballads ... Dramas,, National and Favourite Songs, Novels, and Scenes from the Life of the Present Day, 第 1〜2 巻



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406 ページ - Earth fills her lap with pleasures of her own; Yearnings she hath in her own natural kind, And, even with something of a mother's mind And no unworthy aim, The homely nurse doth all she can To make her foster-child, her inmate, Man, Forget the glories he hath known And that imperial palace whence he came. Behold the Child among his newborn blisses, A six years
443 ページ - Autumn came, and saw, by frosts unblighted, Wave the golden harvest for the reaper. Then fell Pavo on his knees, thus speaking : " God hath only tried us, not forsaken !" On her knees his wife fell, and thus said she : " God hath only tried us, not forsaken !" And then gladly spake she to her husband : " Pavo, Pavo ! take with joy the sickle, We may now make glad our hearts with plenty, Now may throw away the bark unsavory, And bake rich, sweet bread of rye-meal only !" Pavo took her hand in his,...
165 ページ - Holy Ghost ! to us most dear ! Blesse'd and welcome be Thou here. Truth, goodness, joy, Thou dost impart, With life, unto the Christian's heart ; As thine Thou dost the nations claim, And givest peace in Jesus
232 ページ - Perhaps much of Andersen's fame in this country arose from the very fact of the almost total ignorance here of the host of really great and original writers which Denmark possessed ; Andersen stood forward as a wonder from a country of whose literary affluence the British public was little cognizant, while in reality he was but an average sample of a numerous and giant race.
431 ページ - Yet still victorious in the fight. On, on from page to page I sped, I could have kissed the words I read. In danger's hour, in battle's scathe, What courage showed this little band; What patriot love, what matchless faith Didst thou inspire, poor native land; What generous, steadfast love was born In those thou fed'st on bark and corn! Into new realms my fancy broke Where all a magic influence bore. And in my heart a life awoke Whose rapture was unknown before. As if on wings the day careered, But...
232 ページ - ... sighing after the notice of princes. The poet is lost to you in the egotist ; and once perceiving this, you have the key to the charm of one or two romances and the flatness of the rest; for he always paints himself — his own mind, history, and feelings. This delights in...
165 ページ - In their death hour exultingly ! And Christendom shall never cease To bless Thee both for life and peace. Yea, Father, praise from all bursts forth, Because thy Son brought peace to earth ; Because thy Holy Ghost doth give The word that makes thy Church to live. ' Thou King of Glory, Saviour dear, Blessed and welcome be Thou here. Thou laid'st thy great dominion by, On a poor virgin's breast to lie ! Thou didst to glory consecrate And heavenly joy, our poor estate; Our yoke, our sins, on Thee didst...
330 ページ - Short upper lip— sweet lips ! that make us sigh Ever to have seen such ; for she was one Fit for the model of a statuary, (A race of mere impostors, when all's done — I've seen much finer women, ripe and real, Than all the nonsense of their stone ideal).
240 ページ - ... may also mention the Dane JN Madvig, the greatest Latin scholar of the last century, a scholar who created a new epoch in the study of the old texts. The scholars of all lands accept his views as final. He who would write the history of electricity must study the life of the great Dane, HC Oersted. His discovery in 1820 of electro-magnetism — the identity of electricity and magnetism — which he not only discovered, but demonstrated incontestably, placed him at once in the highest rank of...