Statuts du Canada

Brown Chamberlin, Imprimeur des lois de la Très-Excellente Majesté de la reine, 1873

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87 ページ - Any general rules and orders made as aforesaid shall be deemed to be within the powers conferred by this Act, and shall be of the same force as if they were enacted in the body of this Act.
429 ページ - Each shareholder, until the whole amount of hit* stock has been paid up, shall be individually liable to the creditors of the company to an amount equal to that not paid up thereon, but. shall not be liable to an action therefor by any creditor before an execution against the company has been returned unsatisfied, in whole or in part ; and the amount due on such execution shall be the amount recoverable with costs, against such shareholder, to the extent of the amount by him due on his shares.
427 ページ - ... holder of one share or more, stating the number of shares, and is indebted in th-e sum of money to which the calls in arrear amount, in respect of one call or more upon one share or more, — stating the number of calls and the amount of each, whereby an action hath accrued to the Company under this Act ; and a certificate under their seal, and purporting...
398 ページ - The following words and expressions, both in this and the special act, shall have the meanings hereby assigned to them, unless there be something in the subject or context repugnant to such construction ; (that is to say,) Words importing the singular number...
xix ページ - Columbia in the same way and to the like extent as they apply to the other Provinces of the Dominion, and as if the Colony of British Columbia had been one of the Provinces originally united by the said Act.
ix ページ - It shall be lawful for the Queen, by and with the advice of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, on addresses from the houses of the Parliament of Canada, and from the houses of the respective legislatures of the colonies or provinces of Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and British Columbia...
508 ページ - ... company by any agent, officer or servant of the company in general accordance with his powers as such under the by-laws of the...
xiii ページ - The person issuing writs under this section shall have the like powers as are possessed at the Union by the officers charged with the issuing...
345 ページ - ... the respective corporations may be deemed to continue in existence to preserve the same ; and all debts, liabilities, and duties of either of said companies shall thenceforth attach to said new corporation, and be enforced against it to the same extent as if said debts, liabilities, and duties had been incurred or contracted by it.
430 ページ - If the directors of any such company shall declare and pay any dividend, when the company is insolvent, or any dividend the payment of which would render it insolvent, they shall be jointly and severally liable for all the debts of the company then existing...