Annual Report, 第 1 巻

Capital Publishing Company, state printer, 1908

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101 ページ - A comparison of the Oligocene of western Europe and the southern United States.
65 ページ - A series of rock samples obtained by Agassiz in the course of his investigations of the keys were examined by Hereford and reported upon in two papers, the first of which was published in the Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and with some changes in the American Journal of Science (100). The second...
104 ページ - Pratt, NA— Ashley River phosphates. History of the Marls of South Carolina, and of the discovery and development of the native bone phosphates of the Charleston Basin, 42 pp. Philadelphia, 1868.
43 ページ - ... at the switchboard was 6.98 pounds. The calorific value of the peat as used was 10,082 British thermal units per pound. The principal difficulty in the utilization of peat under boilers appears to be the frequency with which it is necessary to fire. On account of the lightness of the material and also on account of its rapid combustion the fireman was kept at work almost constantly during the test.
42 ページ - In starting the producer test the fuel bed was built up entirely of the Florida peat, and the usual preliminary run was conducted before the official test began. The total amount of peat consumed in the producer in the fifty-hour run was 29,250 pounds, or 585 pounds per hour. The average calorific value of the gas produced was 175 British thermal units per cubic foot. During the entire run the average electrical horsepower developed at the switchboard was 205.
82 ページ - Observations on the Geology of a part of East Florida, with a Catalogue of Recent Shells of the Coast. Am'.
19 ページ - The exact location of all samples should le given. This should be carefully written out in full and placed on the inside of the package. 2. The statement accompanying the sample should give the conditions under which the specimen occurs, whether an isolated fragment or part of a larger mass or deposit. 3. Each package should be addressed to the Florida State Geological Survey, Tallahassee. The name and address of the sender should be plainly written on the outside. 4. Transportation charges, whether...
44 ページ - hot," or "quick" limes. Made from limestones containing not less than 85 per cent, of carbonate of calcium. 2. Magnesian limes. Made from limestones containing between sixty-five and eighty-five per cent, carbonate of calcium and between ten and thirty per cent, of carbonate of magnesium. 3. Dolomitic, or "cool," or "slow
42 ページ - During the entire run the average electrical horsepower developed at the switch board was 205. The amount of peat used per electrical horsepower per hour available for outside purposes, including the estimated quantity required for the generation of the steam used in the operation of the producer, was 3.16 pounds, while 2.69 pounds were required per brake horsepower at the gas engine, available for outside purposes.
56 ページ - Agriculture, p. 10, is as follows: '-Two ordinary glass tumblers of the same size are filled to the brim, one with dry sand to be tested and the other with water. The water is then poured carefully from the one glass into the sand in the other until it reaches the point of overflowing. The volume of water removed from the glass which was originally full of water can be taken as an approximate...