The Iron Chest: a Play: In Three Acts

Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1808 - 109 ページ

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59 ページ - Twas meant to clear my fame. How clear it, then ? How cover it ? you say. Why, by a lie — Guilt's offspring and its guard ! I taught this breast, Which truth once made her throne, to forge a lie — This tongue to utter it; rounded a tale, Smooth as a seraph's song from Satan's mouth ; So well compacted, that the o'er-thronged court Disturbed cool Justice in her judgment-seat, By shouting " Innocence !
93 ページ - You know best The movements of your heart, sir. Man is blind, And cannot read them : but there is a Judge, To whose all-seeing eye our inmost thoughts Lye open.
31 ページ - Twas enough, But something must be superadded. You — A worm, a viper I have warmed, must plant, In venomed sport, your sting into my wounds, Too tender e'en for tenderness to touch, And work me into madness ! Thou wouldst question My very — (slave !) — my very innocence, Ne'er doubted yet by judges nor arraigners. Wretch ! you have wrung this from me ; be content : I am sunk low enough.
86 ページ - till he's found guilty. I learn 'd it from our English laws, where Mercy Models the weights that fill the scales of Justice ; And Charity, when Wisdom gives her sentence, Stands by to prompt her. "Till detection comes, I side with the accused. Sam. Would I had known Your worship sooner. You're a friend, indeed ! All undiscover'd rogues are bound to pray for you: — So, Heaven bless you ! Fitz.
23 ページ - I am his secretary ; often alone with him, at dead midnight, in his library; the candles in the sockets ; and a man glaring upon me who has committed mur — Ugh ! [Crosses to R.
27 ページ - Would fain look cheery in my house's gloom ; And, like a gay and sturdy ever-green, Smiles, in the midst of blast, and desolation, Where all around him withers. — Well, well, — wither! Perish this frail and fickle frame! — this clay, That, in it's dross-like compound, doth contain The mind's pure ore and essence.
54 ページ - She certainly moulded the traveller's face, As a sample for all the rest. The chamber-maid's sides they were ready to crack, When she saw his queer nose and the hump at his back, (A hump isn't handsome, no doubt) ; And, though 'tis...
9 ページ - You terrify me so, father, I am scarce able to speak. Yesternoon, by the copse : 'twas but to read with him the book of sonnets he gave me. Sam. That's the way your sly, grave rogues, work into the hearts of the females. I never knew any good come of a girl's reading sonnets with a learned clerk in a copse. Raw. Let me hear no more of your meeting.
27 ページ - Remembered and unsullied! Heaven and earth! Let my pure flame of honour shine in story, When I am cold in death, and the slow fire That wears my vitals, now will no more move me, Than 'twould a corpse within a monument ! (A knock at the door.) How now!
53 ページ - Sam. Nay, an riches rain upon me, respect will grow of course. I never knew a rich man yet, who wanted followers to pull off their caps to him. SONG. — SAMSON. A traveller stopt at a widow's gate; She kept an Inn, and he wanted to bait :—— But the landlady slighted her guest : For when Nature was making an ugly race, She certainly moulded the traveller's fact As a sample for all the rest.