Middleware for Communications

Qusay Mahmoud
Wiley, 2004/07/30 - 522 ページ
A state-of-the-art guide to middleware technologies, and theirpivotal role in communications networks.

Middleware is about integration and interoperability ofapplications and services running on heterogeneous computing andcommunications devices. The services it provides - includingidentification, authentication, authorization, soft-switching,certification and security - are used in a vast range of globalappliances and systems, from smart cards and wireless devices tomobile services and e-Commerce.

Qusay H. Mahmoud has created an invaluable reference tool thatexplores the origins and current uses of middleware (highlightingthe importance of such technologies as CORBA, J2EE and JMS) and hasthus compiled the roadmap to future research in this area.

Middleware for Communications:

  • discusses the emerging fields of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and gridmiddleware detailing middleware platforms such as JXTA and theGlobus middleware toolkit.
  • shows how Middleware will play a significant role in mobilecomputing.
  • presents a Platform Supporting Mobile Applications (PLASMA) - amiddleware platform that consists of components for location,event, and profile handling of Location-Based Services.
  • introduces middleware security focusing on the appropriateaspects of CORBA, J2EE, and .NET and demonstrates how to realizecomplex security capabilities such as role-based access control(RBAC) and mandatory access control (MAC).
  • discusses how Quality of Service (QoS) component middleware canbe combined with Model Driven Architecture (MDA) technologies torapidly develop, generate, assemble and deploy flexiblecommunications applications.
This incomparable overview of middleware for communications issuitable for graduate students and researchers in communicationsand computing departments. It is also an authoritative guide forengineers and developers working on distributed systems, mobilecomputing and networked appliances.


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I am just looking at the 3rd chapter about transactional middleware and it is not very impressive. Somehow the structure of this chapter is not right. It contains quite some code, which is superfluous and is a bit weak with respect to mentioning transaction concepts for service-oriented computing. レビュー全文を読む


MessageOriented Middleware
Adaptive and Reflective Middleware

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