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THE scene was more beautiful far to my

eye, Than if day in its pride had arrayed it; The land breese blew mild, and the azure arched sky Looked pure as the spirit that made it; The murmur rose soft as I silently gazed On the shadowy wave’s playful motion, From the dim distant isle till the beacon fire blazed Like a star in the midst of the ocean.

No longer the joy of the sailor boy's breast wood in his wildly-breathed numers; The sea-bird had flown to her wave girdled nest, The fisherman sunk to his slumbers: One moment Ilooked from the hill's gentle slope, (All hushed was the billow’s commotion) And thought that the beacon looked lovely as hope, That star of life's tremulous ocean.

The time is long past and the scene is afar;
Yet, when my head rests on its pillow,
Will memory sometimes rekindle the star
That blazed on the breast of the billow,
In life's closing hour, when the trembling
soul flies,
And death stills the heart’s last emo-
Othen may the seraph of mercy arise;
Like a star on eternity’s ocean :
P. M. I.


SONNET. [By Henry Richard Wood, Esq.]

Why do those years which long since have
More joyous than the present hours ap-
ear 2
Say, were they chilled by nounkindly blast,
Sad with no sigh, polluted with no tear?
Yes! ere they fled, they felt misfortune's
And like the present, had their sorrows
'Tis Fancy, fruitful in her airy forms,
That decks them in a garb they never
Fancy, unfettered by that clay linked chain,
Which ever mingling with our present
The purest charms of intellect destroys.
Thus foolish man seeks happiness in vain,
Who striving the reality to find,
Knows but its form by traces left behind.


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Voyage de Dentrecasteaux, envoyé à la Recherche de la Pérouse, publié par Ordre de Sa Majesté l'Empereur et Roi, sous le Ministère de S. E. le Vice-Amiral Decrès, Comte de l’Empire. Redigé par M. de Rossel, Ancien Capitaine de Vaisseau. 2 Tom.

avec un Atlas. A Paris, 1808.

WHEN the treaty of Paris had put an end to what is usually called the American war, and given repose to Europe, the French government, unwilling to appear outdone by the British nation, however unable to cope with her in any thing connected with maritime affairs, resolved on fitting out an expedition of discovery in the Southern and Pacifick oceans, with a view of completing what our celebrated navigator, captain Cook, was supposed, by his premature death, to have left unfinished.

It will be in the recollection of many of our readers, that two frigates, La Boussole and L’Astrolabe, were prepared for this occasion; that a number of persons, eminent in the various branches of science and the arts, were engaged, and that the command was conferred on M. de la Pérouse; that the expedition left Brest in August 1785; and that the last accounts received of it were dated March 1788 from Botany Bay. Three years having elapsed without bringing any further tidings, it may easily be imagined, that, independent of the anxiety felt by the relations and friends of those who had em

Vol. Iv. T

barked in the expedition, a very general solicitude was directed towards the uncertain fate of the two frigates; and it must ever remain as an honourable trait in the character of the national assembly of 1791, that, in the heat and ferment of a great change then operating on men's minds, and amidst concerns of the highest importance, they found time and inclination to pay so much deference to the publick feeling and to private distress, as to adopt the only means which could afford the least chance of gratifying the one, and relieving the other. It not only passed a resolution to petition the king to order all his ministers, consuls, and agents, residing in different countries, to induce, by suitable rewards, all navigators, and particularly those proceeding to the South Seas, to make every possible inquiry for La Boussole and L’Astrolabe, but also to request that his majesty would give directions for the immediate equipment of one or two yessels, for the double purpose of ascertaining, if possible, the fate of La Pérouse, and of extending the knowledge of geography, of the arts, sciences, and commerce. Accord

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