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D. C. and P. Burkloe, JWew York, Propose publishing by subscription— A new Musical Repository, or, a Complete Selection of the most esteemed Songs, many of which have not yet appeared. To contain 230 duodecimo pages, with

appropriate engravings. Price $125.

William W. Worsley, Learington, Ken. Proposes to publish by subscription— The Rural Visiter. A Periodical work, to be issued quarterly. Price $2 50 cents per annum.

Edward J. Coale, Baltimore, Proposes to publish—The American Lady’s Preceptor. A new work. Being a Compilation of Observations, Essays, and Poetick Effusions, calculated to direct the female Mind in a course of pleasing and instructive reading. In 1 vol. price $1.

J. Kingston, Baltimore, Has in press—Lord Erskine’s Admirable Speeches. 3 vols. in 2, handsome octavo size, verbatim from the copy just collected and published in London. By James Ridgway. Also, the second edition, revised, corrected, and greatly improved, of the European and American Biographical Dictionary, ornamented with two elegant copperplate Engravings, by Edwin, of Philadelphia, to wit: General George Washington, and Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe.


The Acceptance; a novel. From the Idea given by Mrs. West’s Refusal. 3 vols. Price 15s. Containing descriptive traits of English Character.

“And though deep marked, like all below, With checkered shades of joy and woe, While here at home, my narrower ken, Somewhat of manners saw, and men, Through varying wishes, hopes, and fears!” Walter Scott’s JMarmion. The Irish Recluse, by a near relative of the celebrated Goldsmith, 3 vols. 13s.6d. Susan, 2 vols. 8s. The scene of this novel is laid in Scotland. Advice on the Study of Law, with directions for the choice of books. 8vo. 5s. A Practical Treatise on Pleading. By Joseph Chitty, esq. of the Middle Temple. 2 vols. royal 8vo. 21. 28. , A Relation of the Operations and Battles of the Austrian and French Armies during the Campaign of 1809, with three Plans of the Danube River. By Lieutenant Muller, , of the King's German Engineers. , 6s. The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor, or a Key to the Leading of Rigging, and to Practical Seamanship. By Darey Lever, 4to. 3. 3s. The British Novelists; with an Essay, and Biographical and Critical Prefaces. By Mrs. Barbauld. 50 vols. royal 18mo. 12l. 12s. Brief Observations on the Address to his Majesty, proposed by Earl Grey, in the House of Lords, June 13, 1810. By William Roscoe, esq. 2s. A New Translation of the Forty-Ninth Psalm, in a Sermon preached before the University of Oxford, at St. Mary’s, on Sunday, June 3, 1810; to which are added Renarks critical and philological on Leviathan, lescribed in the forty-first chapter of Job. By the Rev. William Vansittart, of. A. 3s 6d. Cary’s 4to General Atlas, No. 16, containing maps of the Cape of Good Hope, Upper 3:... y, and Lower Saxony. 3s.6d. Piloso; iical Essays. By Dugald Stewa", esq., F. R. S. Edw. Emeritus, Professor of Mo; at Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh: honorary member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences at Petersburgh: and member of the American Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia, -sto. 21. 2s. The Edinburgh Monthly Register of Foreign and Domestick occurrences in History, Science, and Literature, for June, 1810. No. 1. 2s. The works of the English Poets, from Chaucer to Cowper: including the series edited, with prefaces, biographical and critical, by Dr. Samuel Johnson; and the most approved translations. The additional lives by Alex. Chalmers, F. S. A. 21 vols royal 8vo. 25l. Sermons, with appropriate prayers annexed. By the late Theophilus Lindsey, M. A. formerly Fellow of St. John’s College, Cambridge, &c. Founder of the Congregation in Essex Street, Strand, 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 18. An Analysis of Hooker's Eight Books of Ecclesiastical Policy. By the Rev. J. Collinson, M. A. Rector of Gateshead, Durham. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Memoirs of the Life of Sir John Froissart. To which are added, some Account of the Manuscript of his Chronicle, in the Elizabethian Library at Breslau, and a complete Index. By Thomas Johnes, Esq. 1l. 18. High Life in the City, a Comedy in five acts, as performed at the haymarket. By E. J. Eyre. 2s. 6d.

The Edinburgh Annual Register, for 1808, in 2 parts. 8vo. 11.4s. A short Treatise on Family Settlements and Devises. By T. Keating, Esq. 8vo. 5s. A Treatise on the Statute of Limitation. By W. Ballentine, Esq. 8vo. 7s.6d. The formation and Manoeuvres of Infantry, calculated for the effectual Resistance of Cavalry, and for attacking them successfully, on a new Principle of tacticks. By the Chevalier Dusal. From the French by J. Macdonald, Esq. F. R. S. 8vo. 7s.6d. Reply of General Sarrazin to the Narrative made by General Clarke, Minister of War, to Buonaparte. 1s. The Harleian Miscellany, selected from the Library of E. Hayley, earl of Oxford, with Notes. By J. Park, F. S. A. Vol. VI. 4to. 31. 2s. A Collection of scarce and valuable Tracts, selected from the Liorary of the late Lord Somers, and several publick as well as private Libraries. By Walter Scott, Esq. Vol. III. 4to. 31. 3s. The Poetick Works of Anna Seward, and edited by Walter Scott, Esq. 3 vols. 8vo. 1. 11s. 6d. - Dr Gill’s Exposition of the Old and New Testament. Part XVI. price 16s. The Work will be completed in eighteen Parts. A Treatise on Naval Tacticks, in which a mode is invented, whereby every evolution that can be performed by Fleets at Sea may be represented to the eye, and the time it will take to perform any manaeuvre, with any number of ships, and at any rate of sailing, without any calculation. The whole serving to explain the theory, and develope the practice, of Naval Evolutions. By Capt. John Hamstead, of the Royal Navy. Price, with a set of figures, and the traverse table complete; five guineas; ditto with the figures and traverse table, without pronunciation (the pronunciation is for the purpose of keeping the figures steady, which may be done without expense on ship-board) price three guineas aud a half, ditto, without either the figures or traverse table, in boards, one guinea. The figures represent line of battle ships, &c. and the traverse table represents the ocean. A concise account of the Origin of the two Houses of Parliament; with an impartial Statement of the Privileges of the House of Commons, and of the Liberty of the subject. By Edward Christian, of Gray’s Inn, esq. Barrister at Law, chief justice of the Isle of Ely, and Downing professor of the laws of England. 3s. A supplement to the memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Hon. Henry Home, of Kames, consisting of additional matter illustrative of the state of Literature and Improvement in Scotland during the eighteenth century, and various corrections of the original work, 4to. 6sroyal paper, 10s. 6d.


The Rev. H. H. Biber, of the British Museum, has just published a new edition of Wicklif's Version of the NewTestament. Prefixed to this most ancient English Version of the New Testament, are Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Wicklif; and an Historical Account of the Saxon and English Versions of the Scriptures previous to the fifteenth century; embellished with an elegant portrait.


In consequence of a demand for Mr. Brown's two American novels, Wieland, or the Transformation; and Ormond, or the Secret Witness; uniform editions are preparing, and will speedily be published by Mr. Colburn. A Translation of the Institutes of the Christian Religion, by the celebrated Joh N CALv1N, in three volumes octavo, may be shortly expected to appear. Speedily will appear, in 2 vols. 4to. Observations on Popular Antiquities, illustrating the origin, chiefly, of our vulgar customs, ceremonies, and superstitions. By John Brand, M. A. late fellow and secretary in the Society of Antiquaries of London. Mr. Beloe's fifth volume of Anecdotes of Literature is now printing, and a great part finished. M. Bertrand de Moleville, is printing in English, an Abridgement of the History

of England, in the manner of Henault, in three octavo volumes; and he will afterward publish a volume of chronological tables for the use of schools. Mr. Hewetson, author of the drama of the Blind Boy, &c, will shortly publish a translation of Eliezer and Nephthaly, a posthumous work of chevalier Florian, jrom the Hebrew / 2 Jo HN STEwART, esq. author of “The Pleasures of Love;” “The Resurrection,” &c. has in the press a new poetical work, entitled “Genevieve, or the Spirit of the Drave;” with odes, and other poems, chiefly amatory and descriptive, in four books. Mr. WILLIAM WALT on, who has been long resident in St. Domingo, is engaged in drawing up a statistical account of what is called Hispaniola, to distinguish it from Hayti, now governed by three chiefs, viz. Christophe, Petion, and Phillippe Dos, a relation of Toussaint. Shortly will be published, dedicated, by permission, to Ad. John Hunter, late Governour in Chief of New South Wales, and its Dependencies, &c. &c.—The present Picture of New South Wales, with four large engraved coloured Drawings, made on the spot at Sydney, the Seat of Government; and a plan of the Settlement from actual Survey, by Order of Government. Containing, among other interesting matter and detail, some new discoveries in. Natural History, with suggestions for the further improvement of the Colony. By D. D. Mann, many years in several official situations in the Colony. The whole intended as supplemental to LieutenantGovernour Collins' and other accounts, bringing them to the present time.




Advice to young ladies on the im-
provement of the mind, by Mr. Broad-
hurst, reviewed, 1. Capacities of the
sexes, equal, ib. Importance of educa-
ting women, 2. Objections to it consi-
dered, 2. et seq. Follies in the educa-
tion of women, 8. Usefulness of know-
ledge, 9. -
Advice to a young reviewer, 269. Speci-
men of reviewing, 274.
Air balloon, 67.
Alcohol [see Societé D’Arcueil]
Aleppo, account of, 42.
Alfieri, Victor, memoirs of the life and
writings ef, 13. Born at Asti, 14. Sent
to Turin, 15. contempt for dancing, ib.
His passion for horses, 16. His idleness,
dissipation, & ennui, 16. Goes to Ve-
nice, to Marseilles & Paris, 17. To En-
gland, 18. To Holland, ib. To Italy, 19.
To Vienna, ib. To Prussia, ib. To Den-
mark, ib. To St. Petersburg, ib. To
Gottingen, 20. Return to England, ib.
To Holland, ib. To France, ib. To
Spain, ib. His impetuosity, ib. To Por-
tugal, 21. To Turin, ib. His extrava-
gance, and firmness in love, ib. Hispas-
sion for literature, 22. His trage-
dies, 23. His attachment to the countess
of Albany, ib. Follows her to Rome,
ib. Goes to England to purchase horses,
24. Goes to Baden, ib. Rejoins the
countess of Albany at Alsace, ib. Goes
to Paris, ib. Publishes his works, 25.
Goes to England, ib. Returns to Paris,
ib. Driven by the revolution to Florence,
ib. Acts his own plays, ib. His satirical
productions and translations, ib. Stu-
dies Greek, ib. His comedies, 26 His
death, ib.
America, travels in, by Thomas Ashe,
reviewed, 108.
America, South, travels in, by Hum-
boldt, 217. Climate of, 227.

, by don
Felix de Azara, 289.

Angora Wool, account of, 69.

Ashe’s travels in America, reviewed, 108.
Pittsburgh, ib. Wheeling, 112. Marietta,
ib. Indian remains, ib. Chilicothe, 113.
Kentucky, 114. Louisville, 115; St.

Louis, ib. St. Genevieve, ib. Natchez,
116. New-Orleans, ib. -
Assassin of Glenroy, a novel, by A. F.
Holstein, 258.
Autumnal Evenings, by Mlle. G. Bertho-
let, 407.
Azara, Don Felix de ; his travels in South
America, 289. Mode of travelling, 291.

Babel, tower of, account of, 44.
Bagdad, account of, ib.
Barton, Benjamin Smith, on the torpidity
of animals, 126.
Bass's Straits [see Dentrecasteaux]
Bertholet [see Autumnal Evenings]
Bohon Upas, account of, 280.
Buonaparte, Secret History of the Cabinet
of, by Lewis Goldsmith, 397. Treat
of Tilsit, 404. -
Bookstealer, a conscientious, 211.
Broadhurst Mr. his advice to young ladies
on the improvement of the mind, re-
viewed, 1.
Bruce, James, defence of, 130.
Burghut; or Banian Tree of India, ac-
count of, 282.
Burgundy, duke of mode of educating
him by Fenelon, 51.
Burnet, widow, account of, 138.
Brass vessels, mode of preserving them
from contracting verdigris, 68.
Bushear, account of, 46.
Busora, account of, 46.

Calcutta [see East-India vade-mecum]
Carteret Bay [see Dentrecasteaux]
Charles 2d. account of his escape from
the battle of Worcester, 409.
Chatelet, travels of the duke de, in Por.
tugal, 167.
Chilicothe [see Ashe.]
Clarke, E. Daniel, his travels in various
countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa,
373. Emperour Paul, 375. Moscow, 377.
Siberia, 379. Character and manners of
the Russians, 378 et seq. The Crimea,
388. Don Cossacks, Kuban Tartars, Cir-
cassians, and Crim Tartars, 393.
Conscriptions, in France, account of, 153.
Copenhagen, battle of, 101.
Corpulence, instance of, 63.

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