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our Christian thankfulness and hilarity is

deeply chastened. I refer not to the SOCIETY.

events which cast their shadows upon us ANNUAL MEETING.

in many parts of the world, but I refer (Concluded from page 566.)

more especially to the records given us

in the admirable Report of this morning, The Rev. FRANCIS A. West, relative to our departed labourers.

We (President of the Conference,) who was weave the cypress with our laurels, most cordially received, said,-My Lord, had the privilege of knowing several of I am called upon to move the following those to whom allusion has been made. Resolution :

The name of Barnabas Shaw is enshrined Thut the comparative increase in the in the hearts of all the lovers of Christian receipts of the Society, from every regular Missions. A man of larger heart, of source of income during the past year is more simple devotedness, of more earnest an occasion for thankfulness and joy; zeal, of more patient and untiring labour, and that this Meeting entertains the of more devout dependence upon the help hope that, by the diffusion of correct of God's Spirit, and of larger success in information concerning the state of the his labours amongst the Heathen, our Ilcather world, and the success of Chris- church has never furnished. Then, again, tiun Missions now in operation, there there is that very remarkable lay-agent will be such a further increase of con. (Mr. Müller) whom God raised up in the tributions that the Society may from immediate neighbourhood of this great henceforth pursue its useful labours in city, whom I personally knew many years full confidence of receiving due and ago ; man who went into Germany simadequate pecuniary support from its ply to see his friends, and especially his members and the public at lurge." father before he died, but who carried -Will you allow me, my Lord, to speak with him the power of personal religion, the sentiments not only of this large was owned and honoured of God by a Meeting, but of the whole of the mem large blessing upon his labours, and bers of the Wesleyan Missionary Society, gathered, through God's great blessing, in bidding you welcome once

upwards of a thousand souls into Chrisamongst us, and to express our thankful tian fellowship. My Lord, I cannot but ness that you have given us your coun rejoice that public mention is made on tenance, your counsel, and your help on an occasion like the present, when such this great occasion. You have, my Lord, instruments fall asleep in Christ. We very modestly referred to your own Church glorify God in them. They were Christ's and other churches, and given us a meed true nobility. Upon them He shed the of praise I am afraid we hardly deserve, choicest gifts and graces of the Holy in this great Missionary race. There is Spirit, and their success forms a seed-plot a holy ennulation and competition which for Christianity, both in Africa and in the we rejoice to witness. But we do so heart of Germany. We are called upon without any unholy feeling. We rejoice to witness, on occasions like this, those on in your joy, and in the success of those whom the burden and heat of the day has great operations which your Church, and fallen ; and we learn the necessity of our kindred churches, are effecting in every own entire consecration to this service, part of the world. This is not a dry When we see men of noble minds, men charity, or a cold sentiment. It is the who have long served this great and glovery fervour of our love to Christ that rious cause, not only in the Mission-field, prompts us to this joy in the success of but especially in our own country, by a others. We regard it as a part of the com fervid eloquence, and earnest appeals that mon success, and rejoice in it, I trust, in have not only brought large resources the spirit just now indicated, as a real suc into our treasury, but have led men to cess to our common Christianity, by whom- consider the great question, and carry the soever the Gospel may be preached, and whole matter into their closets and plead wheresoever that success may be realized. it before God; when we see them ripenBut, with all our joy, my Lord, we can ing into a mellow and perfect Christianity, not but feel that this is a day in which all toitering now on the brink of the grave,




we cannot but feel that we are individu to be thoroughly baptized into the spirit ally called upon to consecrate our own of Christianity, that the prayer of God's services more fully to Christ, and to be people shall more constantly ascend to ready to take their place when God calls heaven, that we shall have strong faith them to their rest. The Report that in the providence and grace of God; has been read, my Lord, as has been and God will bless us with glorious observed already, shows how we are put success in India, and in every part of into difficulty. The manner in which the world. I dare not trespass on all the God has trained up the Wesleyan body topics suggested by the present Resoluto the Missionary enterprise, has often tion ; for I know there is an unusual been a matter of private study and of pub- number of speakers yet remaining to adlic remark. I cannot but allude to the dress the meeting. I thank God that I history of our Missions, as having served have witnessed the scenes that have ocparticularly to prepare us for the present curred during this Missionary Annivercrisis. Had India and Africa been at


I think the spirit of prayer has first open to us, we should, perhaps, have rested on our congregations. I know been somewhat staggered in our faith. that the spirit of liberality has been The formidable difficulties of the work largely poured out. I think we would, I fear, have disheartened us. We standing now on a new vantage-ground. should not have been trained by that God has granted us peace throughout all preparatory process by which God usually our borders, and is giving us prosperity prepares His people for great enterprises. within all our palaces ; and an unusual But God cast our lot first in the West expectation of the gracious outpouring of India islands, as one of the most impor- the Spirit of God is reviving the hearts of tant, most successful, and most glorious all our praying and devoted people. fields of Missionary labour. There, With such contributions, and such amongst the degraded and the wretched, prayers, and such men as God is about He gave us the first-fruits of Missionary to furnish to the church, I trust we shall toil. He imparted, by our instrument enter on very large fields of Christian and ality, comfort to those who

Missionary enterprise ; and that, in condegraded and cast out from the common junction with other churches, God will lot of man. With the Missionaries of grant us larger success than we have ever other churches, we, by the blessing of God, known. I was glad to perceive the beaugave spiritual liberty to thousands of tiful balance of topics and claims in the those Negro slaves, and prepared those Report ; as I was also thankful to see it islands for that glorious consummation so well attended to; for it is one of the the entire emancipation of the slaves from signs and tokens of the coming miltheir galling and degrading bondage. lennium, when such Reports can be There we reaped substantial and imme- attentively heard and rejoiced in by large diate fruit. Throughout the islands of Meetings. I was glad to perceive that the Pacific, God also granted us a direct beautiful balance, in reference to claims spiritual success that lies within a com made by other portions of the world, and pass that we could observe, and the force the new and enlarged claims laid upon and value of which we could estimate. the church by India. These different After we have gained those islands, and claims must be always practically reskirted the edges of the continents, God, garded. Long have I desired to see, in His wise and mysterious providence, what I hope I may yet see,- Wesleyan has opened to us the entire world for our Missionary Meeting in which all, or Missionary enterprise, assuring us that, nearly all, the speakers shall be Misif we have but faith in Him, we may go sionaries. From one part or other of the up and possess the land. I trust the great field let them, every man, contend Resolution which I have read will com for his own portion,-and you know how mend itself to the judgment and the well he will do it; let them all combine, hearts of all our friends. We have, and let the world be represented by men through the blessing of God upon our who have laboured in every part of the operations, obtained a large income, and globe. That would be a glorious Misare encouraged to enter upon new fields sionary Meeting that should thus comof usefulness. So far as I can judge, prise, as advocates, the greatest men, the the Lord is laying His hand upon a large greatest Ministers of all Ministers ; men number of young men, amongst whom, who have themselves gone into the battleI trust, we shall find many endowed with field, and know how to press the claims natural gifts, and gifts of the Holy Spirit. of a perishing world, and excite the A high platform of Missionary labour is claims of the whole church, by assuring opening for us ; and all we shall need is us, not only of Christ for the world, but


that, if the church be faithful, the world country are not to be depended upon. will be soon won for Christ.

The slightest possible misunderstanding The Rev. SAMUEL D. WADDY appears sufficient to make nations throw said,~My Lord, I rise to second the aside the principles of mutual advantage Resolution which has just been moved. and security, which have been held as I feel highly gratified at finding myself matters never to be disputed or placed in in this peaceful and jubilant atmosphere, jeopardy. No man can tell what a day where we are under the influence of Him or an hour may bring forth. We are all who makes us all of one mind. It is proverbially short-sighted; but the cirpleasing to retire from the variety of cumstances that are passing around us opinions, the variety of anxieties and of render that short-sightedness more painful interests which the world out of doors and oppressing. No man can say what is presenting to us, and to find a large may be the state of the country with assembly of intelligent persons met to regard to its Continental relations for a gether with one great object in view, and week or a day. We were told by Dr. influenced by the same great and glorious Dixon, that the Indian matter will occupy feeling. The Report which has been us for many years, will engage the attenread, and all the speeches which have tion and talent of the country. No man been delivered to-day, are highly hope can pretend to say when China will be off ful and encouraging. Although we may our hands, when we shall have come to have been led at some former period to anything like security in reference to that fear that the state of this country during empire an empire about which there has the past year would very materially have been as much deception, misconception, affected our funds, yet we find that such and misrepresentation, as about the Arcahas not been the case; and it is cer dianism of Heathen countries with which tainly another sign of the approaching were deceived in times gone by. millennium,_and one, perhaps, as authen- Then, in our own country, trade seems to tic and orthodox as that of the President, be recovering very slowly and imperfectly —that we find those on whom depend from the panic and the crisis through this and similar institutions, when pressed which we have passed ; and the state of by pecuniary difficulties, not making their morals is such as to make us almost subscriptions the first things to be dimi- ashamed to talk about the moral state of nished, but keeping up as they have done, the Heathen world. We have been acduring the past year, the contributions customed to direct our attention exclusively they have been accustomed to make in to the state of morals among the working times of greater ease and prosperity. It classes. Our attention has of late been is impossible to look on the horizon out fearfully directed to the state of morals wardly without perceiving that it is dark among the higher and commercial classes; and gloomy. Almost everything, to the men occupying positions of importance mind of a thoughtful man, suggests fear. and trust, who have shown themselves There is nothing beyond the range of our much worse, because their education has own religious services and institutions been better, than the most degraded of which is perfectly assuring and at peace. the lower classes. Then I look with very The political atmosphere-I do not wish great alarm upon the tendency which I to introduce politics in this place; I have think I can see in all the departments of no understanding of the subject myself, philosophy and science, and even religion, and do not take either one side or the to shut out God's Book, and to endeavour other of the great parties of the day—but to produce great remedial schemes, and I say that the political atmosphere of the accomplish high and important purcountry is not untroubled, satisfactory, poses, which we believe can only be and assuring. Whatever may be right or accomplished by the word and work of wrong with the two great parties between God. I look with great alarm at the whom the political feelings and interests idea that this can be accomplished withof the nation are supposed to be divided, out the direct application of the means there is that feeling of uncertainty and which He has sanctioned and appointed. insecurity which is more distressing to One great controversy of the day appears the minds of Englishmen than is the to be this,—the controversy of those who certainty of difficulty or of danger. And would have religion without God, and if we look around us in this country, and philosophy without God, and science see so little that is encouraging, there without God, and trade without God, in are complications abroad on which we opposition to those who maintain that cannot look without anticipation of dread God should be brought into all these and alarm. The nation and the Continent things, and that we have no security for are not in security. The alliances of the any of them in His absence. But preach

ing without God is to me one of the most never improves. It may become wealthier, fearful features of the times in which we and it may become civilized,—as we are live ; the substitution of human philoso- told the Chinese nation have become phy, falsely so called, for the word of very highly civilized. How highly civilGod in its truth and power ; the substi ized ? It is a great mercy to the world, tution of these new things that they my Lord, that that vast nation with its denominate lectures, for that “preach three hundred millions of inhabitants has ing” by which it pleases God to “save been for centuries hermetically sealed. them that believe." It is said that if The amount of corruption, depravity, and you do not give these lectures, you can vice, that would have flowed from that not get the people to go there. But you people upon the great mass of mankind, might as well never get the people to go and on Christendom, while Christendom there, and you had better not let them was as yet uninfluential and unprepared, go there at all, unless for purposes would have swamped all godliness and avowedly holy and true. I can under- all morality. We have been led to wonstand how men, advocating political or der how it is that for ages past that nation worldly principles, avail themselves of was not open to us. I thank God that it all their own means and methods of never has been open to us till we were teaching those principles. But I cannot prepared to go into it with something that understand how men, who profess them could counteract its mischiefs. There is selves to be ordained to the sacred and no remedial system in it. The nation holy office, and commanded to preach that can chop up into a thousand pieces the word of God and administer His holy its male and female transgressors ; which, sacraments, should, for the purpose of from the very last communication, has getting together twice or twenty times as been cutting up a woman in this way of many people as they can collect by other public execution; call you that nation means, supersede the worship directed civilized ? Is there any amendment by God's Book, and avoid those things there? The beautiful poetry of their by which the mind of man has been offerings of flowers, and their regard to savingly influenced, and by which alone the principles of Confucius, and all the we can maintain our position and do good falsehoods that have been told us with to the souls of men, and discharge the reference to that nation, when torn aside, solemn trust which we owe to Him. I now display them to us as fearful and regard all these things with fearful appre awful specimens of depravity. Look at hension. There is a want of trust in that man Yeh, who has himself within God's power, a want of trust in the some two or three years ordered the efficacy of His word, a want of trust in beheading of no less than seventy thousand the means which have done for the world culprits, as he calls them. There is whatever has been done for it that is nothing then remedial in Heathenism. worth doing, trying by all other means to There is nothing in itself from which we supersede this glorious Gospel of the can expect that there shall be any amendblessed God. The tendency of the pro- ment; and let me say there is nothing in vidence of God is to explode all the the contact of England with any foreign compromises and fudges—for fudges they nation, that renders that foreign nation really are—which this age propounds. the better, but England's Christianity. Men have attempted to cover their pur- “O, see the great advantage and priposes and intentions; but that which is vilege which were derived,” it has been covered ceases to be long concealed ; and said, “ since the English nation has been as soon as they think they have made a brought into contact with certain nations harmony between Christ and Belial, some of the world. They will rise, now we unlucky accident occurs, and shows that have visited them with our shipping, and the antagonism between truth and false have entered into commercial engagehood remains unaltered. I look at India ments with them." There never yet in this light; and I confess that, while was a nation of the world that was advanwe are astonished, as every man must be, taged by its association with our country, at the fearful atrocities which men now except so far as the religion of our country to conceal, and which it seems to be try was brought to bear upon it. Was a fashion, out of some compliment to Africa advantaged by its connexion with human nature, to deny,– say, there is this country-by the curse of slavery, this great advantage coming out of it all, and by the encouragement and promotion that the antagonism of Paganism to true of those wars which exterminated, to a civilization is for ever settled. There is very great extent, its population ? Was no remedial element in Heathenism ; it India advantaged by its association with never grows better, never advances, and this country-by the immorality that was



practised, which, with all deference to your success would be as great or greater ? my good friend, Dr. Dixon, I must say The soul of one man is as valuable as a word about. Have the Chinese been ad the soul of another; and if you go where vantaged by our previous connexion with they are willing to receive you, you will them—by the promotion of the opium accomplish your purpose." I think we trade, and by what we have ever done? have turned away from India not altoHave the islands of the South Seas been gether, but we have not furnished her with advantaged by their connexion with so large an amount of money and means Englishmen? llave we not distused drunk as the vast importance of that continent enness and European vices among them, has demanded. There has been a reteradding to the vices of their Heathenism? ence made this morning to our attacking Have the Red men of the West been ad- the outposts, and leaving the Lucknow, vantaged by our association with them in we may call it, of the Missionary the absence of our Christianity ? It is field. All our Missionary stations, in no use to disguise the matter, my Lord : the first instance, were either insular or it has been a fearful curse to every coastwise stations. We simply skirted country we have touched upon, until we the great masses of population, we went have brought our religion to that country. where there were comparatively few, and While there is an ignoring of God and we did gain, by the blessing of God, great of religion in many of those movements and important advantages; but we have which are made to amend them ; there is yet to bring Christianity to bear on the a claiming of the good that is done in the great and condensed inasses of the human world for institutions and principles population, as we find them in China, which are not directly religious and Chris- India, and other parts of the world. I tian. We must claim the good for God; am not at all wishing to say anything we must boldly assert that, in reference disparaging of India or of the East India to this and other countries, the good of Company ; but I am anxious that there any institution is just in proportion to the should be a few facts set before us, which God that is in it; and the more directly we should never forget in reference to God is brought under notice and observa them-principles definite and intelligition by His grace bearing on the hearts ble; and I am especially anxious that a and consciences of the people, the more line and course of action, free from all directly and the more extensively will politics (it may be) but the politics of that good be accomplished. I am not at all “kingdom which is not of this world," unwilling that there should be attempts should be understood to be firmly tixed made to promote science, and to accom in the hearts, and resolutely determined plish great and good purposes. But I upon in the practice, of those who attend would regard with regret any attempt to these Meetings. It cannot be forgotten, accomplish great things by merely tem my Lord, that the East India Company poral means. “ Beginning in the Spirit, did deport-transport, if you like-carry and ending in the fiesh,” has never done away the Missionaries of the Gospel; good to any man or institution. Although that some of the holy men whose names I do not believe that India should occupy have been mentioned here this morning, our exclusive attention, still I do believe and whose memories are embalmed in that where the cloud of God's providence the recollection of the church, were rests, (and it does rest on India, with its driven away from India, and not allowed dark and its bright side, with its glorious to preach the Gospel there. It is a fact illuminations and with its fearful sha which ought never to be forgotten, that dows,) there, I think, God's indication is; when the Religious Tract Society wished but I heartily believe we have not yet to place its publications on the shelves in done our duty by India. Owing to the your Government schools by the side of expensiveness of this Mission, owing to the works of Byron, and Hume, and the great distance, and owing to the diffi- others, which presented the worst princiculties we have had to contend with, there ples that have ever been found in Engbas been a sort of reasoning which it is lish literature, and offered, at their own not at all difficult to understand, though cost and charge, to translate these works it might be difficult, perhaps, to contro into the languages of India, and print vert. It has been said, " Why spend them at their own cost, and convey them your time, and energy, and money, on there,—not to have them put into the places that will not receive you, and hands of the pupils, but merely put upon where your difficulties are so great, when the shelves, that the pupils might take there are other places saying, “Come over them down, if they liked, to read them, and help us,' where these difficulties do -that they were forbidden and disalnot exist, and where, to all appearances, lowed. It cannot be forgotten, and it is

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