a fact that should be remembered, that But the Christian churches of this country whilst Heathen books-the Shasters and should demand, in reference to India the Koran of Mohammed_have been and if they cannot get it embodied in the allowed to be taught in your Indian Resolutions or in the Bills, should never Government schools, the Bible is strictly cease to agitate for it; and I, for one, and positively forbidden by the East while I live, will never cease to agitate India Company. Allow me to say, my

for it--the most entire and absolute freeLord, it is a fact, and one that we should dom of religious opinion and religious not forget, that men like Nana Sahib teaching in that land. We do not want and his crew might at this moment, if to persecute these men into our faith. Is they were here, say, “ There has not been it to be thought that I, belonging to a committed an act of atrocity in Cawn sect that is everywhere spoken against, pore, in Delhi, in Lucknow, or wherever and that has been hunted by persecutions you please, that has not been taught to for above one hundred years in this land me, Nana Sahib, at your Government -a sect against which persecution is cost and charge, by these very books pur- practised even to this very day in parts chased with your money, and by your of the agricultural portions of our counpaid Schoolmasters. The institutions of try—is it to be supposed that I should the religion you have taught, never advocate any measures by which sufficiently counteracted by the institu- should compel and constrain these men tions of the religion which you yourselves against their will to adopt our religion ? at home profess, have instructed us in By no means ! But let us have a fair these atrocities, and have declared that chance of setting the Book of God beour present honour and our eternal sal- fore them, and of showing what are the vation will be promoted by their commis- principles upon which the greatness of sion."

I believe, my Lord, it is a this empire has been founded, and by monstrous and great mistake that the which alone the greatness of this or any Government of a vast empire like India other empire can be sustained. Let us should ever be in the hands of a trading send them the Book which we believe Company. It has passed into a proverb, to be the book from which our constituhalf of which I may quote, and the other tion and all our eminence are derived half of which may be imagined or recol a book upon the reception of which India lected, “ that Corporations have would cease to be what it has been, and conscience." There may be, and there would rise in the scale of society, and of ought to be, considerations of pecuniary being. I believe that we are fully comprofit; but in the government of a vast petent to do that which we are this day and mighty empire, there are other met to do. I have no sympathy at all interests far higher and more important with the notion of those who say, the than the payment of an additional one or means you are bringing to bear to remedy two per cent. on the stock of the Com this monstrous and world-wide evil are pany; and when it is said, that there totally inadequate, and will be for ever should be some justice done to the inadequate to the accomplishment of the Company, let it be remembered that all purpose. I hold to the principle which these good things which have been done cannot be controverted,--that that which under the government of that Company God commands the church, or an inhave been done in spite of its resolutions. dividual, to do, that the church or Great and good men still fresh in our individual can do. The possibility of memories have argued from year to year obedience is of necessity involved in the in Leadenhall-street for the abolition of Divine command. I believe that there suttee and infanticide, and those dark and is a power in the Christian church to do idolatrous practices which were patronized all that which is requisite for the Chrisby the Company. Let the Company pass tian church to do for the aceomplishment quietly away into the oblivion for which of the great purpose of the world's conthey have so amply provided themselves; version. Sometimes we are calculating but in a spirit of courtesy and kindness we on the proportion between the means that cannot forget facts which should be ad- are used, and the success which follows. monitory as they are humiliating, and All such calculations are utterly vain. which should guide us in reference to the I have sometimes listened myself to calfuture. I am not at all disposed to pre culations in arithmetical or geometrical scribe, what I am incompetent to under progression most accurately brought out, stand or dictate, the political measures and it is said that figures cannot deceive. which, in the shape of Bills or Resolu There is nothing in the world so deceptions, or anything of that kind, should be tive. Figures of speech, as they are adopted in reference to the Government. poetically called, are hardly so deceptive


to pray.


as mere figures, when they are put for- be universally adopted before the contriward in certain circumstances. "I have butions of our people can be augmented seen calculations which would show that very considerably beyond the present in one hundred and fifty years the whole point. It may be asked, “ What can world would be Church-of-England men, you do with these means ? ” We can do the whole world would be Methodists, all that God requires us to do, and we the whole world would be Independents will do that which we are in our conI have seen others which would go to sciences convinced God has demanded. show that if the Christian church go on The very moment that the Christian at the present rate of its progression, church in its heart and conscience can ages and ages unnumbered and untold say, “I have given to God's cause all I must elapse before there could be any believe in my heart I ought to give ; I very material approximation to that final have devoted as much time, as much conversion of mankind to God, which labour, and as much money as I believe, we are encouraged to believe will take before God, I ought to devote," then the place, and for which we are encouraged great work will be accomplished. Look

All these calculations to former times. Who does not perceive entirely vain. There never will be the that it was necessary that Gideon should slightest proportion, arithmetical, or go forth unarmed as he was, and that he geometrical, or any other, between the should do as God commanded him, not means which are used, and the results increasing his instrumentality, but dimiwhich shall follow. The means must nishing that instrumentality till it came be always so utterly disproportionate to to a minimum altogether hopeless for the success, that “the excellency of the the accomplishment of any purpose ? power" may appear to be of God, and not The people had the very weapons which of man. There never was in the world you might have expected among them any organization or any Christian prin- taken away, and the lamp and the ciple or Christian church which, to the pitcher were given to them as the only mind of a rational man, will appear warlike instruments they were to carry; sufficient to have accomplished the pur- and God designed to save His people by pose which they have effected. Never! these. Who does not perceive that Moses never ! What can the Christian church must strike the rock with his wand ? shall do? I do not think that in the present we say that that smiting of the rock was state of the circumstances of this coun the mechanical instrumentality creating try, your Missionary income can be very the fissure from which the water should enormously augmented. I believe some flow for the refreshing of the people ? thing more will be obtained. I believe Suppose he had refused to do this. I do that the £123,000, of which we have not believe that the great multitudes heard, will go on. I am not at all would have been allowed to perish; but inclined to doubt that by and by we I believe they would have been saved by shall reach the £150,000 which has some other means. There was a necesbeen spoken of somewhat hopefully. sity for that amount of human instruWell, you may go on. You may raise mentality; there was no necessity for another £100,000 at the end of that in more. There is a necessity that there the process of time ; but there are other should be an amount of instrumentality duties and obligations. You have your

in our case. The church has something local charities to attend to ; you have more to do; and when it has given all it the maintenance and support of your own can give, and done all that it can do, it ministry, and your own places of worship. will be like the small dust in the balance You have a thousand things coming it will be nothing as compared with upon you that do not come upon other the great and weighty results to be churches. You must regard the claims accomplished. But it will be the church's of other Societies; and, with all deference sacrifice of its whole heart and affections to other churches, I am prepared, I think, to God; it will be all that God requires to show, at all events I am prepared and needs to send forth the power and heartily to believe, that our churches agency of that Spirit by which “ a nation contribute proportionately more than any shall be born in a day.” I have much other churches : considering that many pleasure in seconding the Resolution. of our people are not wealthy, the pro MR. JAMES HEALD said, My portion which they contribute is equal to, Lord, I do not know that, under any if not greater than, that contributed by circumstances, I could feel justified in other branches of the Christian church; occupying this place upon an occasion and I believe that a very much larger like the present; but when this Resoluprinciple of Christian benevolence must tion was put into my hand, I could not

deny myself the gratification of attempt every word of utterance which comes from ing to express to your Lordship the the Secretaries ; and I should like to have grateful joy with which I see you occu heard to-day a little more of what was pying the honourable position which you in their minds, and to what their judgnow fill. My memory takes me back ment directed itself, with reference to the to eight years ago ; and it is also with future and more enlarged operations of grateful joy that I regard the altered this Society. I think they have done circumstances under which we meet on well in what they have already projected, the present occasion. That was a day and I am thankful that they have so of considerable anxiety, and some little happily succeeded with reference to the agitation ; but these have passed away. enlargement of our operations in India. In the presence of this great and glorious I feel that we have arrived at a crisis in cause, all these difficulties and obstacles regard to the spread of Christianity have vanished, like the snow melting throughout the world ; and that it would before the direct beams of the sun; and be a dangerous thing to allow the present my hope in God is, that they may never impression, as to the necessity of further return; that the tide which has set in may and more extended operations in connexwax more mighty until all our dwellings ion with India, to go to sleep. It will be shall be habitations of peace, and, accord more difficult to revive it than if it had ing to the statement of our respected never existed, if it be allowed to die away, President, all the palaces of our Zion be or if the outlines of that impression to prosperity. I feel too much exhausted any extent become effaced. This is the by the excitement with which I have time! This people, my Lord, feel a listened to the address of the last speaker, kind of kindred feeling with your people ; to offer multiplied observations on this there are so many circumstances in comoccasion. Without swearing allegiance mon connected with the history of both to every word he uttered, or to every sections of the church : and I believe the point that he advanced, my feeling is, people called Wesleyan Methodists were, and I believe it is that of the Meeting, since I have had the honour of memberthat he has laid us under a mighty obli ship amongst them, never better pregation by the eminently comprehensive pared-never in a state of mind more and statesmanlike address to which we ready—to listen to wise counsels, and to have listened. With him, I can join follow them up by glorious doings, than issue, that the sooner the ground which at the present day. I remember, when I he has pointed out is clearly defined, and was a much younger man than I am, all artificial coverings are removed from attending one of the early Meetings of it, and Christians take their proper place the British and Foreign Bible Society, in throughout the length and breadth of the the Freemasons' Hall. For three or four land, the sooner we shall be in a position years I came to London, a very young -with greater advantages, and with man, to listen to the weighty deliverances greater successes, I doubt not to prose which took place at all the Christian cute these Christian operations. My anniversaries held in that hall, from time Lord, I am glad that, to-day, India has to time ; and most of the valuable lodghad its proper share of the attention of ments that I have found since in my this Meeting ; and I am specially grate own breast, I have traced to attendances ful to the Secretaries for the admirable upon those Meetings. His Royal Highmanner in which they have brought it ness the late Duke of Gloucester, in before this assembly. It is a cause which moving or seconding a Resolution at one vibrates powerfully in the breasts of of those Meetings, after reviewing the many of our best friends for we have extensive colonial possessions of this many friends besides the friends present, empire, and coming to India, remarked, and some of them are looking with con -"What Christian patriot can look at siderable anxiety to our answer to the this appendage to the British Crown, question which your Lordship put at the without being compelled to ask himself commencement of the Meeting—not only one or other of these questions ?-Has what the Committee were prepared to it been given us for the sake of increasstate they had done, but-(and I looked for ing the wealth, and adding to the terrisomething more)—what they were pre- torial possessions, of Great Britain pared to lay before us as their plan for the merely? or, Has it been given to us future, In Parliament, my Lord, we that we may give to India all the privileges always hear a great deal said about the and blessings of Christianity ?” And forthcoming Budget; and in these days our he took upon himself to add,—and they attention and eyes are naturally directed to were memorable words ; and they were as



loudly and extensively responded to as place where I have for many years any sentiment which has found utterance laboured, and hence India is the place here to-day,-“ My honest conviction, towards which my sympathies more yea, my full belief, is, that if England extensively flow. At the present hour of does not treat India as a trust committed the day I should not be disposed to detain to her by the providence of God to spread you at all, were it not that I am anxious its Christianity, and to supply its institu to confirm and increase the impression tions, as certainly as it is given it will be that has been made with regard to the taken away.”

My Lord, we have been importance of our future political conreminded of this lesson during the past nexion with India. I have been delighted year. Many of our friends have had, and with the remarks that were made by the still have, this feeling; and as some ex Rev. gentleman who has preceded me, pression of it, my Lord, I have had regarding the connexion of our Governentrusted to me for presentation to the

with Indian idolatry. I have Society to-day,—by a lady who does not preached hundreds of times in Agra, feel justified in setting up her own judg- Cawnpore, and Delhi, and in most of the ment as superior to that of the Missionary districts ; and the principal and most Committee, but who wishes its appropri common arguments brought against ation to take place under their direction, Christianity were arguments drawn by and having the advantage of their judg- the Heathen from the fact that our ment exercised upon it, still venturing to Government sustains and supports their suggest that it may be employed in refer idolatry. I feel anxious just to say this,

to British India, I have had because you must be in the field, you entrusted to me, I say, the honour of must labour there, you must meet the presenting to you a cheque for £500. dangers, ere you can at all understand I am not at liberty to mention the lady's the immense importance attached to this name; but she is a member of the Mis- subject. My Lord, permit me also to sionary Society, as well as a Wesleyan. say, that a responsibility attaches to the I have thought it a fitting mode of English governors of India for the past; showing my approval of the spirit of this but to England herself the responsibility Resolution, and to encourage the Secre of every act must in future attach. taries to entertain the hope that the Then I just ask, are we going to continue finances will not retrograde. I wish them with one hand to send our Missionaries, to take courage, and I pray that the to spend large sums of monsy for the Lord's blessing may attend your united evangelization of British India, while, efforts.

with the other, we are sustaining the The Resolution passed unanimously. most abominable system that ever existed

The REV. JAMES Sutu (Baptist on God's earth? We want nothing but Missionary from Agra) said,- My Lord, simple equality ; we want to have preI am requested to move the following cisely the same opportunity of expressing Resolution :

our convictions as to that which is neces. " That the present circumstances of sary for the welfare of British India-w India and China give those countries a want the same religious liberty in India peculiar claim on the benevolent attention that we are perfectly willing to grant to of the friends of the human race ; that every class of ller Majesty's subjects in the Missions in those countries ought at this land. I have been astonished to once, if possible, to be increased, and to find many attempts made of late in Engbe supplied with enlarged means of pro land to disprove, or at least to deny, the moting Christian knowledge and educa facts that, from time to tiine, have been tion ; and that Africa, the islands of brought before the British public regardthe South Seas, and other partially ing this subject. It was stated by Colonel evangelized regions, should also be em Sykes, some little time ago, that it was braced in the sympathies and immediate not true that we had ignored Christians efforts of this Society.

in the servants employed by the Govern-I have got three very large and exten ment in India, and that to become one sive subjects in the Resolution that I have was to become incapacitated for the service read to you,mno less than China, Africa, of the Government in any capacity whatand India ; and if I should pass by the The proof that he brought forward two former in order to make a few remarks was this_We have in the Bengal army regarding the latter, you must not for a many native Christians. With all due moment suppose that I am at all wanting deference to Colonel Sykes, I beg to state in appreciation of the importance of the that in the whole of my travels during former of those places. India is the many years in the north of India, and in


the Bengal provinces, I never heard of a will ere long destroy all the abominations native Christian being permitted to ra of Heathenism throughout the length and main in the ranks. There may be some breadth of British India. Are we thus Portuguese in the Bengal army, but not to endow all these temples ? I will tell one converted Hindu or Mohainmedan ; you what I think would be a just mode and these are looked upon as a distinct of settling this question. We are not, body, living separate from the Sepoys, nor should we be willing to be, robbers not permitted to eat with them, or to of temples. We would not seize a single have any close or intimate connexion with shilling that has been left to these temples them whatever. I am not aware of the by private individuals from their own fact being denied or disputed that the private resources ; we would leave them East India Company's Government has to manage their own affairs, and not have not permitted a native Christian in the the Government officers administering Bengal army to remain in its ranks ; and the funds of Heathen temples. We want I feel confident, my Lord, that had one none of the money; but where former single Christian native been in those Kings and Rajahs in India have from the ranks, had there been but the least of revenues of the country, from the regular such leaven in it, we never should have income of the country, assigned certain haul the dreadful mutiny of which we sums of money or certain pieces of ground, have heard, and over which we have had so not their own, for the sustenance of these much to lament. We denuded the army temples, we say it ought, in every single of Christian elements, and hence there instance, to be contiscated without the was no one to represent our feelings; slightest hesitation. And I think it there was no one to stand forth when the might be done in such a way at the preMohammedans came with their false- sent time, as would convey a very strong hoods, telling the Sepoys that they were and salutary impression on the minds of going to be made Christians by force, and the people of India, as I trust that vast that the cartridges were intended to break empire will now be transferred to the their caste. There was no man to stand Crown of Great Britain, as I trust we up for that Christianity, which is the shall soon be called upon to sing the last spiritual leaven, making holy the spirit- funeral dirge of the East India Company, ual body. Had we been represented by and that our beloved Queen will soon be the smallest amount of Christianity, it known in India as the Governor of that would have been sufficient to counteract country. The present appears to me to be and destroy the influence of the Moham a tiine when a proclamation may with medans, by whom the army in the Bengal great effect be made to the people, stating provinces was deceived. As a Missionary, what our future position shall be, and who hopes within a few weeks to be again telling them that all shall have religious on his way to the Bengal provinces, I liberty to its fullest extent ; but that from beg the Christians of Great Britain not to henceforth not a shilling, no influence, rest until the last link connecting the no support or aid whatever, from the British Government with idolatry has British Government or the British treabeen once and forever severed. My Lord, sury, should be given to sustain these there is another danger to which I would abominable institutions. I believe that call attention :-It is much to be feared, never was the British name in a more that in severing the connexion of Govern- humiliating position than when used to ment with idolatry in India, the matter sustain and support systems that are will not be properly and entirely done. destructive of the best interests of man, We have already had an instance in the as well as dishonouring to the God who case of Juggernaut, where we find that made us, and sustains us, and from instead of the Government leaving that whom we receive“ every good and monstrous system of falsehood to support perfect gift.” There is just one thing itself, they have endowed it by giving more, my Lord. It is this,- from my enough of landed property to produce, I own experience in India, I have come to believe, £7,000 a year. I will just the conclusion, that nothing less than submit to this assembly, that if we are Christianity will meet the wants of the going thus to sever our connexion, if we millions of people there. Give them are going to endow in perpetuity every what you please of civilization ; there is temple and every mosque in India, it not innate power enough in civilization were far better that we allowed it to to sustain itself. Give Christianity, then remain as it is ; because we believe that civilization and education will follow : Christianity, having already made tre- the world cannot stop them. That will be mendous inroads into all those systems, a civilization that will realize the best in

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