terests of the human race. Yes, it is the Bengal provinces. I remember in one Gospel, and the Gospel only, that will of my journeys I came to a town, and meet the wants of the millions of India, when I got there, I asked, “ Are there I have seen its effect, and hence I speak any good people here ?”

“ Yes," they from experience. In India Heathenism said, “ the hospital Sergeant is a very rises up before you like a vast and im- good man, Sergeant Crowes ; and if you mense citadel, with all its outworks and go to his house, he will be very glad to ramifications, and sustained by caste in a see you." I went, and he said to me, manner in which it has never existed “ We are going to have a class-meeting before. I wish it were possible for you to-night, Sir: will you stay?" I said, ty understand caste in al its degrading “I shall be very thankful to have the effects. And yet we have only employed privilege of doing so." My Lord, I high-caste men ; we have only educated stayed that night, and presided at a classthe children of high-caste men. Caste meeting : and I can assure you and this destroys individuality : you preach to the assembly, that I had no reason to be sorry people, but there is nothing like respon- for the delay that had thus occurred; for sibility realized by them individually; and I learned many lessons that night, and thus caste makes them hang together in was prepared, with renewed earnestness, crowds. They ever take refuge one to go on my way in the great work of behind another. They say, “We are preaching the Gospel to the millions of like a flock of sheep : if one jumps into India. Thus, although you have not a a well, the whole flock, one by one, is Mission in the Bengal provinces, yet you sure to follow it." This is the case. have men of whom you have no need to What a dreadful example we have had be ashamed ; men who, when the canteen of the peculiar effect of this ! A few is opened, where men go to drink that evil-minded men have been brought into liquid fire which destroys more than the a state of rebellion, and a hundred thou- climate of India, there you have men sand Sepoys of the Bengal army have who open their houses, and who say, followed them to destruction. This is “ Come with us, and we will do you the effect of caste. It destroys individual good.” Even in the British army you responsibility. It stereotypes the popula- have men doing what they can in order tion. It stops advance in the path you to prevent the terrible inroads of disease wish to tread. There may be as much produced by the liquor-traffic in India. education or civilization as you like ; and It has been stated that the probability yet every individual in India must travel is you will not be able very largely to in the rut in which his fathers before him increase your funds. I should be very have travelled. If his father was a shoe- sorry to come to any such conclusion, my maker, he must stick to the last and Lord. I have seen some instances in nothing else ; if his father was a hang- England and in Scotland of liberality man, he must be a hangman ; if his father since I have been here-instances which, was a carpenter, he must be a carpenter; I believe, if my life be spared, will cheer if his father was a washerman, he must me during many a lonely hour on the be a washerman; if his father was a plains of British India. I will just sweeper, he must be a sweeper. Here mention one or two, in order to stimulate you have a stereotyped state of society, you to greater efforts. I went to a town the members having no sort of connexion the other day for the Mission with which with each other. The tailor's son may I am connected, and the Minister of the love a shoemaker's daughter with all his church said, “ I want you to go and see a heart ; but he cannot marry her. They woman.” He took me to an upper chammust marry in their tribe or caste. The rutber, and there was a female, emaciated has become so deep that they must travel and pale, but with a face sweet as a in it as their fathers before them have morning in spring. Joyful she appeared done; and this is the great outwork of to be, although I soon learned that for Hinduism. Here we meet Satan in the twelve years she had been confined to her high places of the field ; but is that any narrow bed. The first thing I saw was a reason why we should shirk the task and Missionary bill just within the curtains. evade the work ? Certainly not. And She could not go to the Missionary I trust the time will soon come, when the Meeting, or mix with the people on their Society that is represented here to-day festal day; but she said she should look will have its Missions to the Bengal at the bill, and think of them, and pray provinces. It is true that at present for them. In another moment or two there are none; but there are Wesleyan- the gentlemen who took me said, “ This is Methodist communities even in the one of our best collectors." I said, “ A collector ! confined to her bed twelve come in with its power of prayer and its years !” He said, “ Her friends come power of money. Let the church do its and see her, and she presents the claims duty, and I hesitate not to say, that the of the Missionary Society ; she writes time is not far distant when the millions notes to her friends, and she thus gets of that land shall stretch forth their hands money for the Society; and this year, unto God. I believe the effect of the although she has been confined to her revolt will be the furtherance of the bed, she has collected £2." Here was Gospel They have told the masses that an example. O that the masses collected the gods were going to destroy Christitogether to-day would follow that ex- anity and drive out the British. They ample ! One more, and I shall sit down. have chosen that test. Their gods have In Scotland I was attending a Missionary failed; their promises have proved to be Meeting ; and you know in Scotland it is lies, and now the re-action has comthe fashion to give money at the door, menced. We have letters from all parts coming in or going out. Going away of India, stating that the people never from the Meeting, a poor servant came listened to the Gospel as they do now. and dropped in a sovereign. The Deacon Caste and Hinduism have received a blow standing there said, “ I am sure you can- from which they will never recover.

I not afford to give that.” “() yes, I can. will describe to you something of the “ You will have to go without clothes." effects of preaching the Gospel, as I “O no, I shan't.” “ Do take it back," witnessed them in Northern India. It he said. She replied, " I must give it." is about twelve years since I went to a The Deacon then said, “ Take it home to- district and commenced there to preach night; and if, after thinking of it during the Gospel : it was close to Agra. When the night, you still choose to give it, you we first began our labours, the people can send it.” The next morning, as we would not listen to us ; they used to pelt sat at breakfast, there came a little note, us away with stones and with mud. I and it contained two sovereigns. The have seen an old Native Preacher even in good Deacon said, “ You won't take it." danger of losing his life from the people. I said, “Of course I shall; for if I send it They were afraid that some division in back, she will send four next time." I their families would be introduced. Howcannot think that when once the Christian ever, I knew something of medicine; and public of Great Britain is aroused to a hence, when I went out to preach, I sense of the importance of India, and of always took a little bundle of medicines. the great trust-yes, my Lord, the greatest The people would bring out the sick trust ever committed to a nation-I can- men and women; and then I used to feel not, I say, for one moment believe that the pulse, and give a dose of medicine. when once the people appr<ciate the value I also took the opportunity of preaching of that vast country, and the in mense to the little crowd that might be assembled interests that are bound up with the together. By and by the people invited spread of the Gospel there, but that their me inside the village ; and gradually an donations and subscriptions will be immense amount of confidence sprang up doubled, and trebled, and quadrupled; between us, so that, instead of pelting us and, instead of sending our tens and away, they were ready to seize us, and twenties, we shall be able to send our bring us into the village by force. Missionaries there by hundreds. I know Nothing could be done without the that Paul may plant, and Apollos may Missionary. If the police oppressed the water, but God alone can give the in- people, the Missionary was applied to ; crease; but we want a Paul and an if the Zemindars oppressed the people, Apollos to sow and to water, and hence it the Missionary was sought after ; and it is necessary that we should give the is really wonderful to know the amount Gospel to India. I thoroughly agree with of good that was done. I used to go what was said, that, if we do not more sometimes in the morning to a village to effectually perform our duty to India, it preach for half an hour, and the mothers will be wrested from our hands. There came together with their children, so that has just been a death-struggle between I have vaccinated thirty or forty at a Christianity and Hinduism ; and either time ; and these labours had the natural Hinduism will destroy you, or you must result,-cne and another was brought to a destroy Hinduism. Let it not be doubted knowledge of the truth. Then we aider for a moment as to where the conquest the people in getting up houses ; and this shall be. Send the Gospel. Let us have was the commencement of a little Chrisa strong Government, which shall give tian village. Indeed, these huts so grew, equal rights, and equal laws, and equal that when I came away there were about privileges to India ; and let the church two hundred people gathered together.


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We have now a little church of fifty shillings a month.

I could get any members, and day-schools and Sabbath- amount of labour at from four shillings to schools. Give the Gospel, and all other five shillings & month; and among the things will come in their proper places. Heathen population they do not average We have annual collections, prayer-meet- four shillings a month. As I have said, ings, and all the little institutions you we were anxious to improve their circumvalue so much in England ; and it was

I got an English hand-loem pleasing to behold the change that gra- from England, and a man from one of the dually took place among the people. In regiments to teach them, to set the matter India the men and women never ate going; and, for fear that he should go together: the men are indeed “the lords away, I sat down myself, and learned to of creation.” The man will eat his own weave, and became a very good weaver, dinner, and the wife and daughters pick to add to the rest of my accomplishments. up whatever he happens to leave. I These looms went on to increase, so that, remember one of the women came to the at the time I left, we had nearly sixty of Mission-house, and found myself and my them working. It was really pleasing wife having dinner together : she went to music to go down the street and hear the her husband, and said, “ I am not going shuttles, and see the wives busy winding to eat your leavings any more. I have bobbins; and, what was more pleasing been to the Mission-house, and there I still was, to see the delightful change

he Missionary and his wife eating that had taken place in their condition. together.” The

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From four shillings they had got up to convert ; but she said, “ If you will bring ten shillings, twelve shillings, and sixme among these Christians, I will have teen shillings, per month, so that they all the benefits, at any rate." It was

had better clothes, better houses, and very pleasant to go down the streets of better food, and they could send their the village, and to see, in house after children to school. The whole appearhouse, the whole family gathering around ance of the village was changed, and the their one great dish : knives, forks, and wilderness blossomed as the rose." It is spoons being superfluities there, you Christianity alone that will change the would see them eating away with their nature of the natives of India, You hands, as happy almost as it is possible cannot change Hinduism.

We did try for families to be. Another great change to change it: we pampered and petted the gradually took place. The men in the snake; but snakes, you know, will be Mohammedan and Heathen villages used snakes still, although you may feed them their wives in the most terrible way,

with milk or sugar.

So it was with beating them in a dreadful manner. Some- Hinduism. Christianity alone will make times a man would forget himself, and the alteration; old things will pass away, give his wife a tap on the side of the and all things will become new. I head, and then she would come running recollect one day some of the young men up to the Mission-house, and say, “ My belonging to my Bible-class had been husband has been striking me: that is going to a neighbouring village, and as not what a Christian ought to do." I they passed through they found a great used to go to the man, and tell him to heap of idols. One of them said, “ Here rule his wife by other means than physi- is a good opportunity for us : let us carry cal force. But then we had another away all these stone gods;" and they difficulty ; for very soon the men began brought them all away to the Christian to complain. I have sometimes seen a village. The next time I went to the man in a great passion, and he has said, village, I was rather astonished at the “Sir, we cannot get on any longer.” I position the gods had attained. You have said, “What is the matter ?" He know that the hand-loom has a beam, would reply, “ You know in our Heathen and then there is a pace-rope with a villages we used to beat our wives—and weight at the end : they had unfastened they did whatever we wanted; but now these weights, and introduced the gods, they have become Christians, and we which were hanging by the leg or the cannot beat them, hence they are perfect neck; and I thought I had never seen masters." I used to send my wife among the gods so well employed. The effect them; and gradually a change has taken was not only visible in the village, but in place, so that striking to a very considerable the surrounding district. Village after extent has been done away with. Then village had cast away their idols; and, we wanted to improve their temporal although they had not professed faith in circumstances. You must know that in Jesus, the result of it was that when the north-western provinces agricultural we went to their villages, they would labourers can earn no more than four listen with attention to a sermon, and

join in praising God, and the whole dis- before a congregation as he used to put trict was largely affected by this Christian this subject before them, you found there village. Now, my Lord, I trust that the were not many who either knew or were Wesleyan Missionary Society will soon anxious to know much about India. So aid us.

The whole land invites you. it was in other circles; but you cannot There is Rajpootana without a Missionary. now find a man of thought throughout Oude, with its three and a half millions, this empire who has not been thinking is inviting you. On all hands I could about India. You cannot find a man of point out stations where there is no prayer who has not been praying about Missionary. I could point stations, if India. You cannot find a man who has there where a hundred men ready to go any intention of doing good in this world out with me to-morrow, where there is who has not been turning his attention, no prospect of the field being taken up. more or less, to this subject of India. 0, do give the full weight and importance Surely some good will come out of all that it ought to have to British India! this. The whole mind of England will Let your energies, your prayers, and your not have been turned to that subject labours be engaged, in order that we may without some good results. I am much have no more such scenes as we have pleased, my Lord, to find that there is a lately had there.

feeling, that whatever change may take The Rev. SAMUEL COLEY, after place in the government of India, at all gracefully alluding to the circumstances events the Christian people of this land which transpired when Lord Panmure will never be satisfied unless there shall last presided, said, My Lord, my own be such changes wrought as shall for ever firm belief is that when this Wesleyan set England free from any sort of colluchurch determined to support this Mis- sion with idolatry. We must never again sionary cause, come what would of it, forget that there is the Cross on the banGod spake good concerning us. If we ner of Britain. I am very thankful to had neglected this, as some persons hoped find, from a pamphlet which I hold in we might do,-if we had permitted this my hand, that there is a Provisional Comcause to go down, it would have been a mittee formed for the dissemination of dark day with us, it would have been a Christian education in India. It will bad thing for us. It never yet was found not do for India to be left in darkness for that duty was a burden to sink anybody: the future, as it has been in the past. it is rather a buoy to sustain. We have For, if so, you will have a repetition of found that this cause has not been a mischiefs over and over again. It canweight to crush us, but a wing to bear not be that they are to be left in their us up; and the influence of this great blindness. Now, in what way are we at cause on the history of Methodism, in this time to do something which shall at the last seven years, has undoubtedly once memorialize the valour of our counbeen greatly beneficial. Now, the great trymen, the majesty with which they question of this day, and the great ques- have stood up for their land, and the good tion for the church to look at just now, deeds that they have performed ? In is,-What is to be done in India ? China what way shall we set out to do some itself, with its 360,000,000, is not so united good to that vast continent ? You committed to us as India is. God's know there are many things in which the providence has committed India to us ; different sects cannot very well unite. and we are bound to look to India, be- Some say memorial churches should be cause of that relation in which it stands erected at various points. There is a to our own country. When we look at denominational difficulty in that : the the history of the country, we cannot glorious name of Havelock is the name of but see that God's providence has been a Nonconformist. Any befitting memomercifully on our side. God has per- rial must not be Episcopalian or sectarian, mitted us, during the past year, to trem- but catholic and national. Are there not ble for our empire in India. I do not things in which all Christian people think He ever meant to take it from us. could combine ? Surely this is one-a But He has chosen thus to call our atten- godly and religious education for India. tion to it, to call our best thoughts and .....Now, I do hold that if any scheme, our solicitudes towards it, that good may wisely put forward, well considered, come of it. A little while ago you could (and it is not for me to lay down any scarcely begin to talk about India, but basis for such a scheme, or even state what people were wearied, unless you happened others may have done,) but if any wisely to have the eloquence of one of your Rev. and well-considered scheme can be Secretaries, William Arthur. Unless brought before the whole of the churches you could come and put the subject of this country, making feasible the establishment of Nominal Seminaries in in the mere power of truth. Our hope the various Presidencies of India, and the is in that Divine influence of the blessed establishment of great central schools Spirit which we believe God will pour where native masters may be trained for out in a larger and greater measure on Christian teaching, a great national good our world than He has ever done before. will be effected. I do hope that some Not one drop of sacred blood has now to wise results will come out of the Meet- be shed for our world. The Lord Jesus ings that are being held, and that the finished His work; and as He died, He churches of England will be willing to cried, “ It is finished !” That voice help in such a good work. Now, every rose and swelled to heaven; that voice man, when he becomes a Christian, is rolled, and sank, and thundered down to tacitly pledged to Christ that he will the deep vaults of hell; the universe never be satisfied as long as there is one heard the cry, “ It is finished !” Not sinner unsaved, one Heathen temple one more drop of blood is there to be standing, one false god receiving that shed; not another Son of God to be honour which belongs only to the Lord. given, not another page to be added to In the spirit of that tacit pledge, you are the Bible. Well, what do we look for? bound, every one of you, but especially What means are there in reserve ? Why, the youth of this audience, to give your- the power of the Holy Ghost. We look selves to this great work. It is the for the energy of the Spirit ; and when cause of God! We have been told this that Spirit is poured forth in plenteous morning that we must not look to any effusion, then, as the result of it, we power that is merely natural. Surely we shall find “the wilderness will blossom should be in despair if we did. We do as the rose," and the world will be filled not look to a merely natural power. A with the light of the Gospel of God. It person once desired to see the sword of has been commanded unto us to “ preach Scanderbeg, the hero who, fighting the Gospel to every creature.

Then if against the Turks, with his own hand the church does up to her ability, if she had slain not less than 2,000 in battle. set about the work cordially, God will When it was exhibited to him, he said, help her to do the work. We are not “ Do you really mean to say that that bound, of course, to do what we cannot common scimitar ever cut down 2,000 do ; but we are bound to do up to that

“0," said the old ldier, point ; and which of us can put his hand “you have only seen the sword : you on his heart and say, “ I have done what have not seen the arm that wielded it.” I could ?" 0, it is right for us all to Now, there are many who oft, when they ask this question, “ Have I done what I look at our Missionary Societies, when can?" Have I done what God enables they look at the feebleness of the me to do ? Undoubtedly, if you have, churches,-for we are feeble when we look no more can be required of you. at the work which we have to do,-say, have you done this Let every one of “ How can it be done?” Why, they us put this question to-day; and do not only look at the sword : they do not know let the answer to that question be a thing the arm that wields it. We do not that shall impress us only for a short time. believe in the applicability of that old Some people are devoid of heart : apsaying, “ Truth is great, and will prevail," proach them, they are cold ; touch them, in matters of theology, and in the teach- they are hard. They carry their charity ing of the Gospel. I say truth will not like fire in a flintstone : to get a spark, prevail if unaccompanied by the power you must fairly knock it out. Once in a of the Holy Ghost. It is all very well, in year, in the excitement of a public Meetcommon things, to say that : but you ing, or under the dint of eloquence, their know, if you were preaching truth that sympathy flashes out, but almost inwas utterly unpopular ; if you were found stantly expires. It must not be thus preaching a truth that was right, in the with us. We want a constant, everteeth of all the prejudices and prepos- burning zeal. Let us ask the question sessions of the people, you would not to day, “ What owe I to my Lord ? " find that because it was true they had And when we have fairly put the quesany very great inclination to give way to tion, let the answer abide with us, and

men ?”


“Light has come into the world, but let us act on the results of the answer to men love darkness rather than light," that question, Our hope is in the God of truth, and not


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