Miss Keziah Morton. At Lidney, Me. Wi. sury, for the sole purpose of supporting comdow Bethiah Hayward, 101. At Ipswich, mon schools for the instruction of all the chilCapt. Jonathan Ingersol, 65. At Medway, dren in the Stale, more than a hundred thouDr. Natbaniel Lovell, late of Boston, 30. At sand dollars a year. A part of that Fund Medford, Mrs. Martha Fitch, of Boston. At is now unproductive; of course the full Newtown, Mr. Thomas W. Dana, 18. At amount of interest is not paid. The people Roxbury, mr. Jsaac Shaw, 45. At Charles- now receive from the treasury, for the suptown, mr. William Platt Green, 32. Miss port of Schools, more moncy tban they pay Catharine W. Jones, 20. AL Dedham, mr. into the treasury in State taxes. It appears, Jobp Soren, 46. At Bedford, mrs. Rachel by the above-mentioned report, that the net Fitch, 58. At Cohasset, mr. Samuel D. amount of a tax one cent on the dollar for Doane, 27. At Hallowell, mrs. Sarah Carr. the preceding year, was a little short of forly KHODE-ISLAND.

eighi thousand dollars. The President of the United States has The legislature of Connecticut have grantappointed com. William Bainbridge, capt, e

ed to Yale College and the Congregational Samuel Evans, and capt. Oliver H. Perry,

me churches, $ 68,000; to the Episcopalians, commissioners (under a resolution of the

of $20,000 ; Methodisis, $ 12,000 ; and Baptists,

2013 sepate in February last) to examine and sur

e and at 18,000.

. vey this barbour and bay and the eastern

* Here has been distributed the year past by entrance into Long Island sound, with a view "

Ver the Connecticut Bible Society 3105 Bibles to the selection of a proper site for a Naval and since its organization in 1809 to 1st Depot. Rendezvous, and Dock-Yard. Three May inst. it has distribuled 18,053 Bibles and small government vessels bave been ordered 196 Testaments. here for the use of the commissioners. Com. At the annual meeting of the Connecticut modore Bainbridge and capt. Evans are short. Asylum for the education and instruction of ly expected here to join capt. Perry, when Deaf and Dumb persons, the following offithe survey will be immediately commenced. cers were chosen for the ensuing year, viz.

Thomas Rhodes, Esq. is appointed, by President.--Hon. John C. Smith. Vice-PreThe President of the United States, Col. sidents-John Caldwell, Esq. ; Dr. Mason F. lector of the internal Revenue for this Cogswell; Hon. Nathaniel Terry; Daniel district, vice N. R. Knight, Esq. resigned.- Wadsworth, Esq. ; Rev. Abel Flint; Charles

Married.] At Providence, Mr. Joshua Bick. Sigourney, Esq. ; David Porter, Esq; Joseph nall, jr. to 'miss Eliza M. Sessions. Charles Battell, Esq. Annual Directors—Ward WoodWare, of the U. S. Navy Yard, Charlestown, bridge; Joseph Trumbell, Esq.; Henry Hudto miss Catherine Rhodes. At Little Comp- son; Daniel Buck ;Jno. Law; Saml, Tudor, ton, Thomas Palmer Esq. to mrs. Richmond. jr.; Jobn Russ; Wm. Ely; Christopher Colt;

Died.) At Providence, Mr. John Willey. David Watkinson, Treasurer-James H. Mr. Stephen Harris, 64.

Wells. Secretary. Wm. W. Elsworth.

Married.) At Hartford, Mr. Lewis RohinBy a report of a legislative committee of son to miss Dolly Hinsdale, both of Hartford. the State of Connecticut, made during its At New-Haven, Mr. Nathan Mansfield to session in May last, it appears—That the taxes miss Maria Sbepherd. At New-London rev. of that State laid this year, are one cent on the Nathan Douglas, of Alfred, to miss Eliza dollar ; that the State Treasury is entirely out Benbam. Mr. Thomas Murphy, of Exeter, to of debt, and has a permanent fund of nearly miss Mary Fosdick. At Norwich, Mr. Stefour hundred thousand dollars, besides the phen Cleveland to miss Lucy C. Huntington. great“ School Fund,” the capital of which At Warren, W. S. Miller, esq. to miss Lydia is ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOU. Cockran. SAND DOLLARS—and the committee add, Died.) At Middletown, Widow Abiah Savthat on a full examination, they find that age, aged 30. Mr. Jabez Brooks, 88; and the accounts of the State are kept in a cor- bis son, mr. Wickham Brooks, aged 65. rect and conspicuous manner. The ordinary business of the treasury de

NEW-YORK. partment of the government of Connecticut De Witt Clinton has been elected Gover. is conducted by a treasurer, a comptroller, and nor, and John Taylor Lieut. Governor, of the two clerks, one in each office-wbose joint State of New-York. compensation probably does not much, if The committee appointed to ascertain the any, exceed three thousand dollars a year. practicability and probable expense of imIt is a fact, that the people of that State, proving the navigation of the river Hudson when their school Fund'shall produce its between Albany and Hudson, have reported interest of six per cent. will receive from that, in their opinion, it may be done, by thal, and other disbursements from tbe trea. building piers, The cost of which is estima.

.. Jr. to miss Eliza Mce. Mr. Joshua Bick. Wadsworth, Eso.. Baganiel Terry ; Danisi

ted at 25 dollars per rod, and that thus a Gordon S. Mumford, Benjamin A. Akerly, depth of 12 feet may be obtained all the way Silvester Dearing, James Thompson, Robert from Albany to Hudson.

. Troup, Solomon Southwick, and James Several miles of the Canal from Rome Emmott, Directors. westward, have been laid out into sections by A number of gentlemen of Dutchess CounBenjamin Wright, Engineer, wbo has adver- ty have presented captain Beekman V.. Hoff. tised for proposals to construct the same. man, of the U. S. Navy, with a very handThe commissioners of the canal (und have some service of plate, as a testimonial of his advertised for a loan of 200,000 dollars which gallantry in the late war. was immediately taken up by Messrs. Primc, A person in New York bas invented an ap. Ward and Sands.

paratus to be attached to a gas lamp, which The counties of Seneca and Cayuga were being once lighted, supplies itself with gas, at divided by the legislature during the last scan once generating and consuming it ; no matsion.

. ter what the substance, coal, resin, &c. The Indians in the state of New York, colo A cow belonging to Mr. Hulet Hoag, of lectively called the six nations, have suffered Pittstown, which was expected to calve in severely during the last winter, in conse- about three weeks, died on the 12th inst. On quence of the failure of the last year's crop opening her to take out the calf, a green of Indian Corn-their principal depcndi..ve snake, about sixteen inches in lengtli, was for subsistence. One tribe of 700 persons, found by the side of the calf. It was seen by who usually raise 7,000 or 8,000 bushels of several witnesses.. corn in a season, raised last year not more The skeleton of the elephant which was tban 50 bushels, dried in the ordinary way, shot in Maine, in July last, has been recently By boiling the unripe corn, and drying it by exhibited in New York. The elephant the fire, they secured something more. The weighed when shot, 7000 pounds. . several tribes receive annuities from the State A worm, which the farmers call wire. or United States, but they amount to no more worm, has been committing serious depreda. than two or three dollars per man, and are tions upon the grass and grain about Albany. entirely insufficient for procuring them a sub- The worm is about the size of common wire, sistence. They have therefore been depend- yellow, half, or three quarters of an inch ant on the scanty charity of a few Missiona- long, and is found below ibe surface, preying ries and others, for the means of preserving upon roots and seeds. They are very de their lives. Their numbers are, respectively, structive to corp. The black worm, supro. as follow: Senecas 200; Cavuga 100; Onon sed the same with that in Worcester County, dagas 700;Tuscaroras 316; Stockbridge tribe Mass. bas been destroying the herbage in 4000. The Oneidas are not numbered. * Renssalear and Saratoga counties. This is

At an annual meeting of the Society of the thought to be a different worm from tbat New-York Hospital on the 20th instant, the called the cut worm in Pennsylvania, whose following gentlemen were elected governors ravages are confined to corn. for the ensuing year: Matthew Clarkson, In the neighbourhood of Newburgh the Robert Bowne, Thomas Eddy, Thomas Hessian fly and cut-worm have sometimes Buckley, Peter A. Jay, Jacob Sherred, been seen, but have not done much injury. George Newbold, C. D. Colden, Thomas The frosts in the western parts of the state Franklin, Ebenezer Stevens, Robert H. have done much burt in the gardens and Bowne, William Johnson, Gilbert Aspin- spring crops. wall, John B. Lawrence, Jonathan Liitle, On the 27th of May, snow fell in Geneva, John Murray, jun. John R. Murray, Hugh in the western part on his state, so as to cover Williamson, Cornelius Dubois, Frederick the ground. . Depeyster, Andrew Morris, Najah Taylor,

| Plattsburgh, May 1ỷ. Robert I. Murray, Peter Mesier, Moses Field, • The court of Common Pleas of the county Thomas C. Taylor..

of Clinton, commenced its session in this An act was passed at the last session of town on Tuesday last. The following is a the Legislature to incorporate the members list of the criminals who have been convictof the “ New-York Institution for the in- ed at this term. In addition to the list of sestruction of the Deaf and Dumb.” The fol. ven to the State Prison and two to the solitalowing gentlemen constitute the board of di. ry cells, our gaol contains 4 or 5 tepants who rection : De Witt Clinton, President ; Richard have been indicted and will be tried at the Varick, First Vice President ; John Slidell, June term of the Supreme Court. Henry Treasurer; John B. Scoit, Secretary; and Bell, State Prison, 3 years, Ira Glynn, 7 do. Henry Rutgers, Alexander M-Leod, John Lewis Smith, 7 do. David Stoddard, 7 do. Stanford, John Murray, jr.; Henry T. Feltus, John M.Donald, 7 do. David Morebouse, James L. Bell, Bishop Connolly, Henry 7 do. Daniel Gover, 3 do. Wheaton, Samuel Akerly, Jonas Mapes, From the 10th March to the 29th of May, Peter Sharpe, Silvanus Miller, Wm. L. Rose, there arrived at the port of New York, up



wards of 250 ressels, bringing 1600 passen- John Sproule, 2d U. S. Infantry, to miss

Elizabeth Cuyler. At West Bloomfield, Jolin Pinkney, Esq. has been appointed Mr. Ezekiel Folsom, aged 18, to miss LuCity Intendant of New York. This is a new cy Fitch, aged 16. At Pompey, Mr. Isaac oflice.

N. Loomis, of Manlius, to miss Abigail Jesse Hawley, Esq. has been appointed Close. At Gorham. Mr. Lucius Stanley, collector of the port of Buffalo, vice Caleb of Sen

D of Seneca, to miss Sally Bunyan. At Hopkins, resigned.

Sackett's Harbour. Capt. John Perkins. of The President of the United States arrived in the city of New York on Wednesday, the

the army, to miss Ann Eliza Croghan. At Ilth of June. He was received by a depu- ;

Johnstown, Mr. Zenas Attwater, to miss fation from the corporation, and escorted to Mary Burt. At Canaseraga, Major Stethe city Hall by the military. At the Gover- phen Lee, to miss Betsey P. Cherry. At nor's room he was met by Gov. Clinton and Buffalo, Mr Sylvester Matthew, to miss the Mayor of the city, besides manyother men Louisa Haddock. At Batavia, Mr Trumof distinction. He visited all the public bull Cary, to miss Margaret Brisbane. In works in New York and its vicinity, and West Chester, Duncan Pearsall Campbells went up the river Hudson 10 West Point. Dur. Esq. to miss Maria Bayard. At the Nar: ing his stay he was waited upon by the Soci- rows, Doctor John Carpenter, of the U, ety of Cincinnatti,and was made a member of S. Army, to miss Margaret Smith. the American Society for the encouragement Died? At New-York, 6th June last, of of American manufaetures, as were also, Phthisis Pulmonalis, JAMES S. WATKINS,M.D, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and John son of the late Alderman Watkins, in the Adains. He was also made honorary member twenty-first year of his age. Few who have of the New York Historical Society. The died at so early an age have given higher the wbole city wore a joyous face. On

a pledges of future excellence, or in their Friday the 2014 June he proceeded in the

death greater occasion of grief and sor. steam-boat Connecticut, to New-Haven.

me row. Having laid the foundation of an Married. 7 At New York. Rev. Robert excellent classical education under Mr. M*Cartee, of Philadelphia, to Miss Jessy

Joseph Nelson, a distinguished teacher G. Bethune. Mr. Robert Lovett, to miss

of the languages in this city, he entered Anna Doubleday. Mr. George Harrison,

Columbia College in October, 1811, wbere. to Miss Ketchum. Mr. Alexander Flem

“? his virtues, diligence, and decorum, gaining, to miss Emma Seton Atkinson. Mr.

ed at once the affection of the tutors, and John Davidson, to miss Kitty Ann Duy. th

the friendship of his fellow students. He ckinck. Mr. Michael Phyfe, to miss Jane

line was graduated in 1815, and immediately Halliday. Robert Boggs, Esq. of New

Vat thereafter entered upon the study of Medi. Brunswick, to mrs. Stewart. Àr. Charles cine,

i cine, which he prosecuted with an ardour Porter to miss Mary L Brown. Mr. and industry that secured to him attainWm. Van Dalsem, to miss Theodosia C.

ments in its various branches far beyond Delawan. Mons. Ferdinand Montfredi to his years. He had just obtained his de. miss Adele Jacqueline Provost. Mr.

gree of Doctor in Medicine, in the Univer. Henry Hastings, to miss Susan Hoggett.

sity of New York, in April, 1817, when Doctor Charles Loring, to miss Mary El.

gli he was arrested by a most insidious disease, ner. Mr. Samuel Buchanan, to miss Sally

Sally which shortly terminated his existence. Davidson. Mr. C. Cook St. John, to miss

Thus prematurely fell James S. Watkins, Sullivan Tilton. Mr. Henry Stevens, of a young nan of the mos

* a young man of the most amiable disposiKingston, to miss Rosanna Hewlett. Mr: tion and exemplary character, endowed James Pickens, to mrs. Isabella Jackson. with vigorous and original talents, and At Albany, mrs. J. R. Van Steenberg, to

to animated by an ardent ambition to the most miss Matilda Humphrey. At Skaneateles,

laudable pursuits ;-bereaving his friends mr. Joseph Jones, to miss Deborah Parsoll.

Deborah Parsoll of one worthy their dearest affections, and At Kinseston. Captain Wm. Dannet. of the profession and society of one of its Troy, to miss Nancy Hyatt, At Sing-Sing,

most promising ornaments. Lamented mr. Roswell Goff, to miss Nancy Brace. youth; long sh

youth, long shall thy memory be conse At Cayuga, mr. Charles J. Webster, to crated by the tear of Friendship. miss Oravilla Fish. At Waterford, Mr.

What a change William Givan, to miss Charlotte Gilles. From yesterday! thy darling hope so near, pie. At Fayette, mr. Franklin Chamber

Long laboured prize! Death's subtle seed withint, lain, to miss Hannah Burt At Canandai. S

(Sly, treacherous miner) working in the dark,

- Smiled at thy well-concerted scheme, and gua, Mr. Daniel Bly, to miss Phoebe Gard- beckoned ner. Mr. Zachariah Tiffany, jr. to miss The worm to riot on that rose so red; Nancy Jameson. At Greenbusb, Major Unfaded ere it fete

Vol. I. NO. III.

Also, in this city, miss Esther K. Wells, disasters and dangers of that gloomy camaged 19: Mrs. Mary Koster, 47. Mrs. paign. He was a member of the first ConAmelia Dillon, 25. Mrs. Margaret Beck, gress under the present Federal Constitution, 73. Mrs. Sarah A. Gray, 35. Mr James and also of the seventh Congress during the R. Smith, merchant, 52. Rev. Henry Mos- administration of Washington and Adams, crop, 56. Mrs. Eliza Hubbell. Mr. Adam and with whom he uniformly accorded in his Rennie. of Scotland. 36. Mr. John W. political career. He was an elector of PreRichards, 31. Mise Harriet A. Hunt. Mr. sident and Vice President in the year 1800. Benjamin Halstead, 84 Mr. Henry Rito

PENNSYLVANIA. ter, of Nassau, N. P. 22. Francis Bayard The president of the United States arriWinthrop, Esq. 64. Mrs. Margaret Bol. ved in Philadelphia on the 5th of June. He mer, 52. Mr. Benjamin Lovell, 29 Mrs. was received with military honours, and af. Hannah Cruger, 48. Mr. Joseph M. ter examining all the public institutions and Clarke, 38. Mr. Jeremiah Warner, 54. public works in the city and vicinity, espeMr. James M'Evers, late of the House of cially the fortifications at the Pea Patch, he Le Roy, Bayard, & M‘Evers, a man of proceeded on his tour northwardly.' worth. Mr. Laurent Allien. 52. Mr. “ The Philadelphia Society for Promoting : Beni. Smith, sen. Mr. Joseph M. Cack. Agriculture" have published the following 38. Mrs. Elizabeth M«Comb. 48. Mrs. queries: What are the remedies which have Mary T. Smith, 28. At Albany, Richard

i been found to prevent the operation upon Lush, Esq. At Fishkill, Mi's. Catharine

wheat of the Hessian Fly, and of the disease Currie, 72. At Oyster-Bay, mrs. Catha

called “ stunt,” and of ihe grub; what spe

cies of whcat most successfully resists the fly rine Latham, 88. At Jamaica, L. I. Wm.

and stunt; what are the circumstances of Kuypers, 6 At Brooklyn, mr. Henry Stry- cultivation in fields affected by the stunt, and ker. At Hudson, Mr. Lemuel Jenkins. what soils are most liable to it: what means At Kingsborough, mr Daniel Judson, 88. have been found to prevent the attack, of At Genoa, miss Maria Leavenworth, 16 the disease, or tbe ily ; what modes of till. years, 6 months. At Ridgeway, mr's age have been found to protect corn from the Adah Brown, 28. At Manlius, Leonard grub; what are the changes which that inKellogg, jun. Esq. Senior editor of the sect undergoes, and generally all the facts Manlius 'I'imes. At Orville, miss Belinda relating to this subject. Communications, Young, 20. At Seneca, mrs. Rebecca free of postage, to be directed to Robert Reed, 50. At Canandaigua, mrs. Phoebe Vaux, secretary of the society. Cooley, 73. At Sparta, David Mc Nain; By the farmers of Upper Providence, Esq 45. At Binghampton, mr. Francis Montgomery county, a resolution has passed, Malbone. 22. At Greenbush, mr. Adam in public meeting, to discontinue the custom Cook. 96, whose wife, aged 94. performed of giving spirituous liquors to labourers. the last pious office of closing his eyes ;

In an address to the Philadelphia Society they had lived together 69 years. At Au

: for the Promotion of Economy," by Benjaburn, mrs. Hannah Phillips.

min Sbaw, the expenditure for education in

the public schools in the city of Philadelphia NEW-JERSEY.

and Liberties, is stated at $22,729, for the The commissioners appointed to ascertain yo

year 1816, and Mr. Sbaw proposes a system the practicability and expediency of a canal

of education for those schools that shall save to connect the navigation of the Delaware an

annually $16,000 of the above sum. and the Rariton, by ihe points of New-Bruns

Surgical Operation.-On Monday the 5th wick and Trenton, have reported favourably.

of April, the daughter of Mr. John Wurtz, Married. 1-At Elizabethtown, mr. Joseph beans, unfortunately inhaled one into the

nearly five years old, wbile playing with Lyon, merchant, of New York, to miss Har- windpipe. Though the most alarming sympriette D'Anteroche. At Newark, mr. James toms of strangulation came on, life was proMontgomery, merchant, of New-York to tracted till medical aid could be procured: miss Margaret Shoemaker.

The operation of bronchotomy was performed Died.]-In Hunterdon County, mrs. Susan by Dr. Charles M‘Lane of Connelsville ; W. Hunt. At Salem, Thomas Sinpickson, which consisted of a free division of the windEsq. aged 72. He was early distinguished as pipe, of nearly an inch in length. But findan influential asserter of the rights and liber- ing that the bean had passed below the bifurties of America, both in the cabinet and in cation of the trachea, and respiration being the field. He was a member of the first Pro. much relieved by the operation, the extracvincial Congress in the year 1775. In the tion of the bean was deferred till the patient following year he was a captain in the five bad rested. After many fruitless attempts, months service, and was one of the little pa- the bean was at last caught and extracted, triot band, partaking with Washington the by means of a long slender pair of ring-ban

dled forceps, which were introduced beyond The city of Baltimore have presented the joint.' It measured more than four-fifths commodore Rodgers, of the navy, with of an inch in circumference (being swollen a superb service of silver plate. Each considerably) and weigbed 16 grains. The piece has the following inscription. "Prepatient is nearly recovered. Dr. M, Parker, sented by the Citizens of Baltimore to Com. of Mount Pleasant, assisted at the division of John Rodgers, in testimony of their bigh the trachea, and Dr. L. Marchand assisted at sense of the important aid afforded by him the extraction of the bean.

in the defence of Baltimore, on the 12th Married.] At Philadelphia, mr. Henry H.

and 13th of September, 1814.” The Lawrence, mer. of New-York, to miss Mary Folwell Mr. Hiram Avers to miss Mary

whole cost $4000 Ann Ralston. Mr. Wm. Vernon, mer. of

Married. j At Baltimore, Mr. Almoran N. York, to miss Elizabeth Bryan, of Charles.

Holmes, of Wiscasset, Me. to miss Adela ton, S. C. Mr V. Primrose to mrs. Mary

Reynolds. Mr. James B. Latimer to miss Peters. At Muncy, mr. Samuel Shoemaker Catherine Lyon. Cecilius C. Jameson, Esa. to miss Mary Pott

to miss F. M. Johnson. Mr. James D. Died.] at Philadelphia, mr. Caleb Wilkins, Miller to miss Emily Evans. At Rich. aged 49. Mr. David Irving, 73. Mr. Wm. Hill, Charles County, mr. Thomas Swan, jr. Stevenson, sen. 70. Mrs. Mary Herman. mer. of Alexandria, to miss Sarah Cox. Capt. Leeson Simonds, 78. Mr. Ebenezer Died.) At Baltimore, mr. Silas Bemont. Hazard, formerly postmaster-general of the Henry M. Johnson. Mr. Arthur M.Arthur, United States, 73. Mr. Wm. Potts, 46. Mrs. of Philadelphia, after a short illness, Abigail Hawkes. Mr. Jesse Bennett. On which he attributed to sleeping in a damp the 24th of June, Thomas M'Kean, esq. for- bed at New-Castle, on his way to Baltimore. merly governor of Pennsylvania, and one of Mr. Eli Sinkins. " Good will to man," was the patriots of the revolution. At Belletoute, his motto. mrs. Nancy Lyon.


The President of the United States left The ravages of the Fly have not been so we extensive in this region as was apprehended.

Washington on the 31st of May, on a tour The prospect generally throughout the coun

through the middle and northern states, try is as favourable for good crops as at any

to examine the condition of the country, period.

and ascertain the situation of public works MARYLAND.

and national defence generally.

In Georgetown it was ascertained by exThe President of the United States arri.

periment, that on the 30th of May, 11 ved in Baltimore on the 1st of June. He

. He inches of water fell in rain, within the received the attention of the municipal

space of 80 minutes. authorities and of the military; and after

In the beginning of May, there arrived having inspected the public works and

at Washington, a number of Swiss wea. public institutions, and visited the battle

the vers with stocking looms, where, it is said, ground on which was decided the fate of the city, during the last war, he proceeded which has for its object the manufactur

they propose to form an establishment to Philadelphia.

ing of cotton and woollen hosiery, knit There have recently arrived in Baltimore

pantaloons, petticoats, under waistcoats, from London, six beautiful young Cows on

S and Berlin lace, and tulle for ladies' dres: and one Bull, of the Devonshire breed, to

ses. gether with some Improved Implements ***

Married.] At Washington, mr. Felix of Husbandry, for Mr. Caton and Mr. Brady, to miss Susan Dougherty. Mr Patterson of this place, the whole being car

George W. Dashiel, to miss Deborah B. a present from the celebrated Mr. Coke, per

Coke, Beall. At Georgetown, mr. Bernard member of Parliament for Norfolk, the Sna

Spalding, to miss Ann Ford. richest and most practical farmer in Eng

Died. At Washington, the Most Rev. land, who gives the following description Leonard

Leonard Neale, Archbishop of Baltimore, of these cattle.

w aged 77. Madame Donna Frederica De “I venture to give it as my opinion that

at Merkleinly Onis, consort to the Chevalier we have no cattle to be compared to them

De Onis, H. C. M. Envoy Extraordinary in the United Kingdom, for purity of blood,

and Minister Plenipotentiary to the United for aptitude to feed, for hardiness, as well

States. as for the richness of their milk, and for work when required, as I have repeatedly

VIRGINIA. found by a variety of experiments upon my The Legislature of Virginia have apo own farins and elsewhere."

pointed commissioners for the purpose of!

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