UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. black. The lake was smooth, and they

A violent hail storm was experienced had a perfect view of it for more than a at Cadiz, Ohio, on the 5th ult. of a very minute.” extraordinary nature. The hail stones A Sea-serpent that has lately appeared were generally of two inches circumfe- in the harbour of Gloucester, Massachurence, and some of them nine or ten.- setts, has deservedly excited a great deal But a phenomenon is attested by John of attention. This monster of the deep, Busby, Esq. which transcends every whose existence has hitherto been deemthing we have ever heard of the kind. ed fabulous, has been seen, day after day, He deposes that, “ before the hail ceased, by hundreds of our adventurous citizens, there fell before his eyes, not exceeding who have employed every means to capthirty feet from him, a mass of congealed ture or destroy it. Its head is said to be matter, which he thinks would have un- as large as that of a horse, its body of the doubtedly weighed between thirty and size of a barrel, and its length from 80 to forty pounds;" that “the noise occasion. 100 feet. ed by its fall, notwithstanding it was in Dr. Mitchill, of this city, has received the woods, and on soft ground, might a letter from the Hon. Josiah Meigs, of have been easily heard fifty rods, though the Land Office, enclosing an account it fell when storming, and when the wind which he had received from a friend in blew very high and hard ;" and that“ on the western country, respecting a discostriking the ground, it burst into a vast very of some remains of the Mammoth. number of pieces resembling hail stones, The bones were found " in the East of different shapes and sizes, one of which Branch of the White River, which is itwas nearly the size of his two fists when self a branch of the Wabash, at a point closed.”—Mr. Busby is represented to 44 miles, in a right line, distant from the be a gentleman of undoubted veracity. mouth of the Wabash. The Eastern

The Auburn (N. Y.) Gazette of July Branch of White River unites with the 23, contains the following notice of a Western Branch at a point 29 miles in a strange phenomenon. “The waters of the straight line, distant from the mouth of Owasco Lake and its outlet, passing White River.” “Measurement of the through this village, have been singularly upper jaw of a Mammoth, found in the affected during the last week ; the water, Eastern Branch of White River, on the naturally very clear and pure, became first of July, 1817, and now in the posvery thick, of a greenish hue, emitting a session of Mr. Shotts, at the Falls of that most nauseous smell. Many fishes were Branch. Breadth of the jaw bone at the seen floating down, some dead, others posterior exterior201-2 inches,lengthofthe nearly exhausted. Various causes have jaw 25 inches, circle of the bone 23 1-2 do. been assigned for this phenomenon, such length of the posterior grinder, 5 divisions as, the heat of the weather, the calmness and 3 rows, 7 3-4 inches, breadth of the of the atmosphere, and consequent de- same across, 3 1-2 inches, depth in the composition of a portion of the water. bone, 6 inches. Mr. Shotts promises to The waters have now nearly acquired make strict search for other parts of the their original sweetness and purity. -We animal-and will forward them to Preare informed that the neighbouring lake, sident Monroe.” the Skaneatales, has not been affected in Mr. Davis, of Hudson, Columbia Couna similar manner-we see no reason why ty, New-York, has in the press, the Life, the like causes should not produce the Deeds, and Opinions of Doctor Martin like effects in both instances. Exagge- Luther, faithfully translated from the rated accounts may have gone abroad German of John Frederick William respecting this affair --we state for the in- Fisher, Superintendent at Plauen, in formation of the public, that no evil con- Saxony. By John Kortz. The work sequence has arisen to the health of the will be ready for delivery previous to the inhabitants, nor do we think any is an- approaching Centurial "Jubilee, commeticipated.”

morative of the reformation commenced The following article is extracted from by Martin Luther. a paper published at Erie, Pa. “On the 'A few copies of a Memoir on the Ruins 3d July, 30 miles below this place and 3 of Babylon, by Claudius James Rich, miles from land, the crew of the schooner Esq. Resident for the Hon. East-India General Scott, saw a Serpent 35 or 40 Company, at the Court of the Pasha of feet in length, and its neck, which it put Bagdad, with Plates—have been received out of the water a few yards from the by James Eastburn & Co. of New York, vessel, ten or twelve inches in diameter. one of which has been purchased for the Its colour was a dark mahogony, nearly City Library. The Babylonian bricks,

lately brought to this country by Captain be superintended by the Reverend C. Austin, and which excited so much curi. Lansing. osity in this city, will occasion this valu- M. ČAREY & Son, of Philadelphia, able memoir to be read with peculiar and KIRK & MERCEIN, of New York, interest.

have issued Proposals for publishing, by James Eastburn & Co. have in the Subscription, a work entitled Vegetable press, Female Scripture Biography, by Materia Medica of the United States; or, F. A. Cox, A. M.' And, Sacramental Medical Botany; containing, A Botanical, Addresses and Meditations, by the Rev. General and Medical History of MediciHenry Beffray, from the second Edin- nal Plants indigenous to the U. States; burgh Edition.

illustrated by coloured engravings, made Skinner & Crosby, of Auburn, have after original drawings from nature, done issued proposals for a periodical 'Work, by the author. By William P. C. Barto be called the Evangelical Recorder, to ton, M, D. &c. &c.



If it contained other wind instruments A SHORT time since, at least 1000 sil- it might be compared with Malzl's. FanA ver Saxon Coins were ploughed up harmonicon, exhibited some time since in a field on Winterfield's Farm, in the Par in London and Paris. The Cordalaudion ish of Dorking; most of them in a high state produces together and separately the of preservation ; they are of various Mo- sounds of the piano-forte, and of four narchs and Archbishops, many of them flutes, which play with such precision in the time of the Heptarchy, and have and accuracy, that the illusion is comprobably been hidden 900 years. It is plete. The Automaton gives out notes much to be regretted that the greatest with double sounds. But these instruproportion of these coins have been clan- ments, though highly curious, are surpassdestinely made off with, for had the ed by the Harmonicord. It is shaped whole quantity remained in one collec- like an upright piano-forte; a cylinder is tion, they would have formed (it is pre- adapted to it, and turns at a very small sumed from what has been of them) a distance from the springs, which are the complete series of English Saxon coins same as those of the piano. By pressing from the earliest times.

down the keys, which embrace four ocFRANCE.

taves and a half, the friction is effected. The annual exhibition of the produc- Two pedals serves to make the rotation tions of French artists opened on the of the cylinder quicker or slower, and to : 24th of April. It consists of 1064 arti- render the vibration stronger or weaker. cles, among which are 830 paintings, 130 Under the hands of Messrs. Kauffmann, sculptures, and 11 architectural designs. this instrument gives out sweeter tones The remainder belong to the different than the Harmonica, and produces a classes of engraving.

truly celestial harmony. M. Lacour, already known by differ

SPAIN. ent works on the fine arts, is about to

The king of Spain, after condemning publish Picturesque Views in the Department of the Gironde. This work will

the pictures of himself and family extant, form three volumes, and will appear in

as not just likenesses, has ordered, that

hereafter none shall be published without parts. GERMANY.

the license of the Royal Academy. Messrs. Kauffmann, senior and junior. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. of Dresden, have exhibited four instru- We understand, that in consequence of ments composing an orchestra, which some improvements in the internal arthey call the Belloneon, the Cordalaudion, rangements of the New York Institution the Automaton Trumpeter, and the Har- being projected, to be executed under the monicord. The upper part of the Bello- superintendence of Mr. Busby, the comneon exhibits a trophy of arms, in the pletion of which will occupy a consideramidst of which are placed twenty-four ble time, it is intended to give another extrumpets reversed; and the lower part hibition of the American Academy of the encloses two kettle-drums with their Fine Arts, before the work is commenced. sticks. It executes flourishes and The third exhibition will be opened on marchés, with extraordinary perfection. 18th of September, and will consist en.

tirely of new pieces, with the exception of York. The performances were highly West's large paintings.

creditable to Messrs. Trajetta and Hill, The first public exercise of the Ameri- the managers of the institution. We trust can Conservatorio, took place, in the last that so much skill and talent will not go month, at Garden street Church, New- unrewarded.

Art. 11. RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. GREAT BRITAIN.. Highness the duke of Sussex presided at British and Foreign Bible Society. the meeting Among the gentlemen who THE anniversary of this society, (says spoke on this interesting occasion, were

1 the Christian Observer,) was held at Dr. Mason of New York, and Dr. Kolthe Freemason's Tavern on the 7th of lock of Savannah. May-Lord Teignmouth in the chair. His At the Anniversary Meeting of the lordship commenced the business by read- “ British and Foreign School Society," ing the report of the committee forthe last it appeared in the course of a most interyear, which particularized the contributions esting report, which was read, of the proof the Auxiliary Societies to a large amount, gress which the system is making in all and noticed the astonishing number of countries, that the late philanthropist, Bibles which had been circulated by the Mr. Reynolds, had transmitted the SoSociety. Apologies for unavoidable ab- ciety the noble donation of 30001 ; and sence were read from the Chancellor of that the patriotic Mr. Owen, of Lanark, the Exchequer, and Lord Exmouth; and had also given 1000l. to forward the exa motion of thanks was passed to the ertions of the Society for the benefit of a Vice Presidents of the Society, to the rising generation. Dukes of York, Kent, Cumberland, Sus- Wesleyan Missions. The Committee, sex, and Gloucester. W. Money, M. P. during the last year, have sent out 19 adintroduced a cheering description of the ditional missionaries, viz. 4 to Ceylon, 1 extension of religion in India and the to Bombay, 1 to the Cape of Good Hope, Island of Ceylon. The Rev. Dr. Mason, 4 to the West Indies, 2 to Nova Scotia, 3 Secretary to the American National Bi- to Newfoundland, i to Quebec, 1 to ble Society, gave a lively account of the Gibraltar, 1 to Brussels, 1 to France: progress of religion in that country. Dr. making the whole number employed in Thorpe, as Secretary to the Hibernian foreign stations, under the direction of the Bible Society, mentioned many interest Methodist Conference, 80. ing circumstances relative to Ireland, At the anniversary meeting of the where, he said, 35,000 Bibles had been " Missionary Society” in May last, it apdistributed in the course of the last year. peared, from the treasurer's report, that He mentioned an instance of an old man the receipts for the past year amounted of ninety-seven making a pilgrimage of "o 21,8851. 43. fifty miles to beg a Testament of large i RUSSIA. print, who assured him, that, till the year The Rev. Robert Pinkerton, who has before, he had never heard of such a book. been travelling in Russia, Poland, &c. for He stated that 300,000 Bibles were still the purpose of promoting Bible Societies, wanting to enable every family in Ireland has succeeded in establishing one at Odesto possess a copy. Several other gen- sa. He writes thus from that place; “ a tlemen spoke ; and we hope to have an subscription was opened, and upwards of early opportunity of giving an outline, 2300 rubles were subscribed. The Goboth of the speeches and of the report. vernor General, Count Langeron, GeneIt was gratifying to us to find that the ral Cobley, and his Excellency Telimitfunds of the Society, notwithstanding the sky, were elected Vice-Presidents, and a extraordinary pressure of the times, have Committee of ten Directors, two Secreexperienced very little diminution. The taries, and a Treasurer, were all regularly sum total of contributions, during the chosen, and the business closed with a year, was only about 7001. less than those song of praise, in which all seemed most of the year before.

heartily to join. The Odessa Bible SoScottish Christian Knowledge Society.- ciety has thus been founded in a most T'he anniversary of this society for propa- 'auspicious manner, and promises to be gating Christian knowledge in the High- come a great blessing to this flourishing lands and Islands of Scotland was celebrate commercial, city ; which, though it be ed in London, in May last. His Royal little more than twenty years since its

foundation was laid, already contains The corner stone of an Episcopal 24,000 inhabitants within its gates, and Church was laid, in the village of Onon16,000 are said to inhabit the suburbs daga West Hill, on the 23d ult. with the and the vicinity. In the neighbour- usual religious ceremonies. hood of this city there are nearly 30,000 On 16th ult. in Christ Church, in the colonists, principally Germans, who are city of Hartford, the right rev. bishop in the greatest need of Bibles. The fa- Hobart, of New-York, admitted to the cilities which this Society possesses, by holy order of Priests, the rev. Jonathan means of the numerous trading vessels M. Wainright.-The right rev. bishop daily entering this port from every part preached on the occasion. of the Mediterranean, the Archipelago, The New-York Mite Society held its and the coasts of the Black Sea, for send- annual meeting in June. Its receipts ing the Holy Scriptures into those coun- from subscriptions amounted to $104.97 ; tries, renders it a most important station from donations $14.50. One hundred for establishing a Depository of the Holy dollars had been paid over to the treaScriptures in all languages."

surer of the American Board for Foreign Count Romanzott, a Russian Noble- Missions. man, has at his own expense built four The Female Cent Society of Bergen, Churches on his estates, for different N. J. held their annual meeting in July, sects ; has sent a vessel round the world They ordered one hundred dollars, which on à voyage of discovery, and is now had been collected within the last six about to establish Lancastrian schools. months, to be paid to the general synod

Rev. Mr. Patterson states, that fifteen of the Dutch Reformed Church, for spemillions of Bibles are wanted for the Rus- cific purposes. sian empire. Formerly 2000 annually Bible Society has been organized in were thought enough: now 200,000 were Caledonia, Genesee County, N. Y. under not half enough. The great and good the name of the Caledonia Female Bible Alexander, besides the 10,000 roubles Society. which he annually subscribes, has given a The Board of Inspectors of the Sunpalace and gardens for the use of the Bi- day School Association of the City of ble Society, and now promises to furnish Troy, havę published a highly interesting both.

and satisfactory report of their proceedSWEDEN.

ings, and the beneficial effects of their The king of Sweden, it is stated, had system. We regret that our limits will acceded to the Treaty of the Holy Alli- not allow us to copy a document which ance for himself and his successors to the seems so conclusively to prove the benefit thrones of Sweden and Norway.

of such institutions." UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The Centurial Jubilee will be celebra

A Society has been established in the ted throughout the Evangelical, Luthecity of New York, under the title of the ran, and Moravian Churches in the UniUnited Foreign Missionary Society. Its ted States, as well as in other countries, purposes are set forth in the second arti- on the 31st of October. cle of the constitution. "The object of the The Female Cent Society of the ReSociety shall be to spread the Gospel formed Dutch Church at Greenwich, N. among the Indians of North America, Y. have lately contributed $111, to the the inhabitants of Mexico and South funds of the Theological Seminary of America, and in other portions of the that denomination. heathen and anti-christian world.” The The Theological School Society of Hon. Stephen Van Rensselaer has been young ladies at Kingston, Ulster Counchosen President.

ty, N. Y. have contributed twenty dolFrom the annual report of the Reli- lars for the same object. gious Tract Society of Charleston, S. C. A new Episcopal Society has recently it appears that there have been received been organized in Boston under favourain the last year 45,813 Tracts, of which ble circumstances, and it is intended to 31,075 have been distributed, and 14,838 erect à place of public worship, to be callremain. The expenditure of the last year ed“ St. Paul's Chapel.amounted to $403.40. The receipts to The Rev. Cyrus W. Gray has been in$473.75.

stalled in the pastoral office, at Stafford, A Society has been established in Con. Onondaga county, under the name of The Rev. William A. Hawley has been T e Missionary Society of Onondaga for ordained at Hinsdale, Mass. Civilizing and Christianizing the Åbo- We understand that the proprietors of tiginal inhabitants of America. . the church in Park-street, Boston, have inrited the Rev. Sereno E. Dwight, of Con- Yale College, to settle with them, and necticut, son of the late President of that he has accepted the invitation,


that the public debt has been diminished GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. somewhat more than had been anticipaTN consequence of the spirit of discon- ted. Parliament will not be dissolved Itent, which still exists to an ominous ex- this year. tent in many parts of England, and which of woollen goods exported from Great has broken out in overt acts, in Derby- Britain in one year, ending the 5th Jan. shire and Nottinghamshire, and in the 1817, to the amount of £9,405,486, the West Riding of Yorkshire, a bill has pass- value of £3,029,667 were exported to the ed the House of Commons and gone up United States of America. The Chamto the House of Lords, providing for a fur- ber of Commerce of Glasgow have deterther suspension of the Habeas Corpus, mined to petition Parliament to repeal the and will probably be enacted. So much laws regulating the interest of money. alarm has been excited by these commo- In a report of one of the economical tions, that the lords-lieutenant of the se- committees to Parliament, the advanveral counties in England have been or- tages of charitable institutions are doubtdered to repair to their respective jurisdic- ed, inasmuch as they tend to draw togetions, to be in readiness for any emergen- ther into the capital multitudes of people, cy. From the promised abundance of merely for the purpose of temporary supthe harvests, however, the price of bread- port, consequently tending to the encoustuffs had diminished, and the distresses ragement of idleness. of the poor being alleviated, there is a A committee of the House of Comprospect of a return of tranquillity. mons are taking testimony in regard to

The trial of Doctor Watson, for treason, the safety of Steam-boats, preparatory te occupied seven days. Lord Chief Jus- a report on that subject. tice Ellenborough was nearly five hours Some Scotch families have emigrated in delivering his charge to the jury, and to Poland. then, growing exhausted, was assisted by The “ English Board of Agriculture" Justice Abbott, in finishing the recital of has offered the following premiums :the evidence. Watson was acquitted. The To the person who shall draw up and lay Chancellor of the Exchequer has made before the board, on or before the 1st of his financial statement in the House of March, 1818, the best essay on the means Commons, from which it appears that of employing the industrious and unoccu£18,000,000 are required for the service pied poor, the gold medal of £100. To of the year 1817, which, together with the person who shall, during the spring of £1,900,000 interest on exchequer bills; 1818, cause to be dug by hand, for the £$30,000 sinking fund on ditto; £246,508 production of any crop of corn or pulse, to make good the permanent charges of turnips or cabbages, the greatest number Ireland to January 3, 1817,and £1,660,000, of acres, not less than ten, never dug bemakes the total amount to be raised for fore, the gold medal of £50 ; and for the the present year £22,137,808. The next greatest number of acres, not less ways and means provided are,-annual than five, £25, duties £3,000,000; ways and means up- A new variety of wheat, called Talaveon grants of 1815 and 16, remaining at ra wheat, brought into England from the disposal of the parliament, £1,865,559; Spain a few years ago, is highly recomexcise duties £1,300,000 ; money of mended. It has a very long straw, long the consolidated fund at the dispo- ears, a fine, clear, thin-skinned grain; is sal of parliament, £1,225,978; lottery, very prolific; succeeds either in autumn £250,000; old stores, £400,000 ; and ar- or spring, and ripens three weeks earlier rears of property tax, between April, than the common wheat in England. In 1817, and April, 1818, £1,500,000. The Scotland, too, notwithstanding the cliremainder to be supplied by an issue of mate, it flourishes more than any kind Irish Treasury Bills, to the amount of there cultivated, £3,600,000, and Exchequer Bills to the The “Waterloo Bridge," over the amount of £9,000,000. The Chancellor Thames, was opened on the 18th June. of the Exchequer stated that the condi- The Prince Regent and the chief nobility tion of the Finances is improving, and walked over it, for the first time, and paid

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