Several vessels arrived at Liverpool on chioness Wellesley ; she was a French woThursday last, from America, which bave man, daughter of M. Pierre Roland, but long brought, amongst other produce, 25,000 bar- separated from her husband -- At Elston, rels of flour, and 15,000 more are expected Nottinghamshire, Robert Waring Darwin, auevery tide.

thor of Principia Botanica.- At Blenbeim,

Feb. 18. His Grace George, tbird Duke of MarlboCapital Stock purchased by or transferred rough, and deservedly styled the 'good'-At to the Commissioners for the Reduction of CheveningRt. Hon. Charles Stanbope, the National Debt, up to the 5th of January, Earl Stanhope, F.RS.F.A.S. Member of

the American Philosophical Society of Phi1817 ;

Total amount for Great Britain and Ire- ladelphia, &c. &c. He was the author of land. 338.101,0581.

many valuable works, and numerous me

chanical inventions.-- At Barbaraville, Co. of A report is circulated, for the truth of

Roscommon, Rt. Hon. Patrick Dillon, elewhich we cannot vouch, that the Bank of

venth Earl of Roscommon, &c. &c.- At KenEngland bas obtained the sanction of Go

sington, aged 79, John Paddey, Esq. whose vernment to a plan for the establishment of

O mother, Lady Ann Paddey, was daughter of Branch Banks in various districts of me Charles, Duke of Cleves and Southampton, country.

son of Charles ?d. The deceased was the On ibe 24th of February, 10,000 British

"last surviving descendant, in the third degree troops arrived in England from France, be.

be of King Charles, by the Lady Barbara Villiers, ing one-third of the army of occupation.

daughter of Wm. Villiers, Viscount Grandi'Las Casas and his son had arrived at the

son, who was slain, fighting for the King, at Cape of Good Hope from St. Helena.

the battle of Edgebill, in 1642, and whose Las Casas had been detected in attempting father was brother of the favourite, George, a clandestine correspondence with some Duke of Buckingham. people in Paris, through the medium of a Lady in London. A letter had been detected

Paris, Dec. 18. in the lining of a black boy's jacket, written from the establishment of the decimal syson very fine silk, in cipher; the contents as tem to August. 1816. the money coined yet unknown, for the want of a key. Las »

as amounts to 1,629,666.538 francs, of which Casas was removed and confined as a close 250 millions were gold. The money coined prisoner. Bonaparte, a few days before, in

1 with the head of Louis XVIII. amounts alà fit of spleen, had cut up a quantity of plate ready to 213,815,475 francs, of which 116 and sold it,under pretence that his allowance millions were in gold. was not enough.

January 26. March 6. The Report of Count Beugnot to the House Much sensation has been excited by the of Deputies, on the ways and means of desuspension of the HABEAS CORPUS act, fraying the expense of 1817, after a view of wbicb was carried by a large majority. After the financial operations of past years, prothe passage of this act, the funds immediate- ceeds to state the estimate of expenses of the ly rose one per cent.

year, which he makes 16 millions less than A Protest against this measure was signed the ministerial estimate, as follows: in the House of Lords by Frederick Augus. Ordinary expenses 468,000,000 franks tus, Duke of Sussex, Bedford, Toley, Tun- Extraordinary do.

Extraordinary do. 431.000.000 bridge, Alvanley, Montfort, Essex, Lauder- Expenses of public debt 157,000,000 daje, Grey, Wellesley, Tbanet, Grosvenor, Making a total of 1,056.000.000 franks. Auckland, Saint John, Say, Rosslyn, and wbich is about equal to 198,000,000 of dolHolland.

lars. Of this sum it is proposed to raise It an ears from the Report of the Secret 759,000,000 by taxes and imports of different Committee of Parliament, on which the sus. funds, and the deficiency of 298,000,000 by a pension of the Habeas Corpus is founded, that loan, from a company through which it was a very extensive and formidable conspiracy expected that the aid of foreign capitalists has been organized throughout England and might be obtained. To enable the governScotland, for the avowed object of revolution ment to effect this loan, it was proposed to in Church and State.

appropriate, from certain revenues, the anMarried.] In London, Baron Fred. Wm.

nual sum of 30,000,000.

February 4. Driesen, General in the Russian armies, to

The funds have got up again to 60, and Miss Aikin, of Hampstead.- The Earl of

continue steadily above. Warwick, to Lady Monson.

The amount of the French Loan, it ap. Died 1 At Mitcham, Lieut. General Forbes pears, is only positive for 100 million of Champagne, Col of the 70th regt. of foot.- francs, about four millions sterling, but opAt Teddesley-Park, Staffordshire, the Mar- tional for the second 100 millions, or four

millions. At the expiration of eight months, In 1816, no less than 2563 vessels of various the Contractors for the first four millions tonnage, arrived at the port of Amsterdam. may take the second, but at a higher price of

GERMANY. the French funds. The four millions abso- The emperor of Austria has founded in his lutely contracted for are taken at 55. French states a sinking fund, like that of France and funds—and the payments are to be complet England. ed by the end of ten months from the date The disputes betwe

The disputes between the Jews and the of the contract. The contractors are-first, city of Frankfort are not yet terminated. Mr. Baring, of London ; next the Hopes, of The Diet has referred the Jews to the senate, Amsterdam ; Parish, of Hamburgh; a house and the senate has sent them to the legislaat Frankfort ; and five banking houses at tive body, where it is supposed their claims Paris.

will be beard. The population of France is officially re

Vienna, Jan. 25. ported to be 28,813,051 souls, exclusive of The Duke of Montfort (Jerome Bona. Corsica, and the colonies.

parte,) and the Princess his wife, passed

March 10. Through here to-day, on their way to Upper One-fifth of the Allied Army has left Austria, where they have bought the fine France.

estate of Kamburg : they are to return in a SPAIN.

few days to Hamburg; but it is said, that as The deficits of the Spanish revenue for soon as the fine chateau of Kamburg is put in 1815 and 1816, amount to thirty-five mil. order, they will go and reside there with lions of dollars. The estimated revenue for Madame Murat and her family. 1817, is not more proinising.

The Wirtemberg army is to be reduced so SWITZERLAND.

as not to exceed 20.000 men. The king has Extract of a letter from St. Bernard, dated ordered, that in all representations and petiDecember 23, 1816.

tions addressed to him, the use of all French It is with grief I inform you, that on the and Latin expressions shall be avoided, and 16th, a frightful avalanche bad swallowed up pure high German alone employed. two domestics of the hospital, and four men. There are 1100 students in the university of the town of St. Peter, without there being of Gottingen, many of whom are said to be a possibility of rendering them any assistance. Americans. Four of them had set out from the hospital The actual armed force of Austria, is comwith letters. Two others went to meet them puted in a German journal at 530,000 men. from the town, and all disappeared. Re

DENMARK ceiving no news from them, we set out in

Elsineur, Jan. 4. great anxiety in search of them.-Night sur

Last year there passed the Sound, 8871 prised us in the gorges of the mountain, and

ships, among which were, from the north sea, it was with the greatest difficulty we could

1097 Swedish, 408 Danish, 396 Norwegian, find another. The weather was so tempes

208 Russian, 525 Prussian, 942 English, 83 tuous, that we passed one another without

"American, 8 French. &c. and from the Balknowing it. On the 19th and 20th we made

tic, 906 English, 85 Americans, 8 French, 4 a fruitless search, and on the 22d we found

Spanish, 23 Portuguese, &c. three of their bodies, seven feet under the snow. a quarter of a league from the convent.

SWEDEN. All the families of the unfortunate men are in A ship of the line, larger than any belong. despair and in tears. To increase our mis. ing to the Swedish navy, is about to be fortunes, all our dogs are buried under the launched at Carlscrone. The pavy will snow. There is no longer at the convent a then consist of Il ships of the line, in the single one of those courageous animals, who best state, besides frigates, &c. have for so long a time been the hope of the

ROSSIA. traveller. The useful race is extinci.

By a late statistical account in the Me. For eight hours the wind has been heap- moirs of the Academy of Sciences at Petersing up the snow. The avalanches have burg, it appears, that the revenue of Russia changed the form of the mountain. It would in 1811, amounted to two hundred and fifteen no longer be recognized. All the inhabitants millions of rubles, and the expenses to two of St. Peter, able to labour, are on the moun- hundred and seventy-four millions. In 1810 tains.

the army consisted of 221,155 men; the pavy NETHERLANDS.

(in 18 131 of 289 sail, mounting 4346 guns. Dutch Bulgel.-A Brussels article gives The established church (the Greek) had four the estimate of the minister of Finance, for metropolitan churches, il archbishoprics, 19 1817 The income is calculated at 73.700,000 bishopricks, 26,747 churches, and numerous forins, (a forin is about Is Sd sterling) and convents. In addition to this, in 1811, there the expenses at 73,400,000 dorias.

were 3,000,000 Catholics, 1,400,000 Luthe.

rans, 3.300 of the reformed church, 9.000 ty with the U.S. Advices from Italy, however, Moravians. 5.000 Mennonites. 60.000 Arme- state that he is intent upon warlike preparapians, 3000,000 of Mahometans. 300.000 of tions, as well ottensje as delensive. the followers of tbe Dalai Lama, &c. In

SPANISH AMERICA. 1815 the number of manufactories was 3253. According to an enumeration of the popu

Our accounts from the Spanish Revolu. lation of Russia, made in 1806, the whole

de in 1996 the whole tionary Provinces are so vague and contranumber of the subjects of the emperor was

dictory, that we can gather no facts from 41,253,483.

them. with sufficient certainty, to form any Among the deaths in Russia in 1814, were calculation of the issue of the contest tiro persons, one between 145 and 150 vears

the mother country. Pirates, under the pa. old, ibe other between 124 and 130.

triot flag, continue to depredate on neutral



The saccesses of the Ottoman forces in the
Arabian Peninsula have led to an acknow

Exports for the year 1816, from Quebec. ledgment of the supremacy of the emperor Lumbers, furs, ashes (70 609 cwl.) with of the Turks; and Abdullah ben Saood, the small quantities of grain, four, and provi. chief of the Wahabee Arabs, has been com- sions, in all having an ofhcial value of four pelled to guarantee the payment of a yearly hundred and eighty thousand pounds, or, tribute, by the transmission of valuable bosta 1,920,000 dollars. The amount is said to be ges to Mahommed Ali Pacha, governor of 140.0001. greater than it was last year, prinEgypt and commander of the victorious cipally owing to the export of ashes, about army.

one ball of which is from the United States. Titiameh and Hejah have been ceded to The export of furs has been very much di. the Porte, in which last province, the holy minished, owing to the war between the cities Mecca and Medina have their site. north west and Hudson bay companies. Advices, however, of the ratification of this

Imports. for 1816, al Quebec. treaty, bad not been published.

Dry goods, otlicial valu, 1,656,2961,

Wines, 300,000 galls.; rum, 1,092 600); bran.
Calculta, Nov. 1, 1816.

dy, 31,600; gin, 30,100; whiskey, 107.746 ;

molasses, 135,241. Sugar refined, 438,673 lbs. The unusual epidemic disease still prevails

Muscovado, 1.809,422 ; coffee, 336,441; toin the upper provinces—there is an extraor

bacco, 46,562; tea, 218.969. Sult 219,826 dinary mortality among the European troops.

minots, &c. &c. making a total official value Our last accounts from Java, state that it

W of 2,174,7961. equal 10 8,699, 184 dollarswould probably take till August to adjust all

leaving an apparent balance against the co. the business connected with the transfer of

lony of about 6,500.000 dollars. the island to the Dutch-the English Bag con. Tony tinued to fly at Welturredeen, 1st Oct.

Kingston, u. c. March 1. The Lorá Bishop of Calcutta is daily ex- On Thursday last, the inhabitants of this pected bere ; his Lordship and family arrived town experienced two shocks of an earth

quake. The first took place about two, and at Colombo, 121h Oct.

Late accounts from Madras state tbat the the second at four o'clock in the afternoon inembers of the French colonial govern. The duration of each was nearly a minute ment still remained at the Admiralty Gar. The last shock was more sensibly fell and dens, but were expected to return to Pondi. occasioned the glass to rattle in the windowe cherry by 15th instant. The French govern. They were both accompanied by a rumbling ment intend to reinstate the college formerly sound resembling that of distant thunder. at Pondicherry; so as to supersede the ne. The weather, at the period of this unusual cessity of sending youth to Europe, for edu- occurrence, was moderate, and the wind at cation in the higher branches of literature, the N. E. quarter, with a slight fall of snow science, &c. We doubt whether the scheme

Quebec, March 15. scill be found to answer the good intention. Extraordinary -A prodigioug fish some Pondicherry will be ceded to the members of days since run a-sbore, near the river the French colonial government very soon; Ouelle, in the county of Cornwallig. 11, dithe Madras Gazette has officially notified all mensions are said to be enormous, of which British subiects residing in the settlement and 'some idea may be formed from its protruddependencies of Pondicherry, except those ing and breaking whole fields of ice, of exon dofv, to return to the British territories by traordinary thickness at this season of the the 10th inst.

year, in its career. It has drawn the admi

ration of bundreds in this district, and it is AFRICA.

said a great portion of the inhabitants are The Des of Algiers has confirmed his trea. employed in cutting the blubber into juoks to Vol. I. XO. I.


be reduced into oil, of which it will afford of the government, both civil and military, some thousands of barrels, and will yield a foreign ministers and officers, strangers of very handsome sum to the provincial reve. distinction, and citizens of the republic. nues as droits, and to the Seigneur of the pa- Appointments by the President of the United rish, who shares with the crown in the pro- States, with the advice and consent of the fits arising from fish of this description. The Senale. skeleton is to be carefully preserved for the To be secretary for the department of museum.

state, John QUINCY ADAMS, of Massachusetts. Montreal, April 5. To be secretary for the department of the By the advertisement in this paper from treasury, William H. CRAWFORD. the lieut. governor's office at York, it will be To be secretary for the department of war, seen that a canal communication from King- ISAAC SHELBY, of Kentucky. ston to La Chine by the river Rideau, is se. Mr. CROWNINSHIELD, it is understood, re. riously undertaken. Its importance will be mains at the head of the navy department. readily conceived. In addition to enbancing Richard Cutts, late superintendent general the worth of the settlements through wbich of military supplies, to be second comptroller it will pass, it will be of vast consequence to of the treasury department, under the act of the provincials at large.

the 3d of March, 1817, to provide for the Horrid Murder.-On Saturday Jast, be. pro

day boet her prompt settlement of public accounts. tween 10 and 11 o'clock at nigbt, the St.

se William Lee, late accomptant of the war Lawrence suburbs was the scene of a horrid der

i department, Peter Hagner, late additional crime. A man uamed O'Brien was murdered accomp

as murdered accomptant of the war department, Constant by one McGuire. It appears that McGuire,

Freeman, late accomptapt of the navy de. having taken some offence, was behaving pa

partment, and Stephen Pleasonton, of the himself in an unbecoming manner in the

he state of Delaware, io be auditors in the treapublic house of mrs. Hughes, on which she sury department, under the act aforesaid. went out to ask assistance of her neighbour,

of John Coffee, of Tennessee, to be surveyor Mr. O'Brien : McGuire, suspecting her de

* of the lands in the northern part of the Missign, followed her out, and met with Mr.

ir sissippi territory, under the act of third of O'Brien, who quietly asked McGuire why

'; March, 1817. he occasioned such a disturbance ? McGuire, .IS

a Israel Pickens, of North Carolina, to be rewithout answering, gave him a blow with a

6 gister of the land ofice, to be opened in the elub which he had in his hand: O'Brien fell. Mississippi territory, under the act of 3d and McGuire repeated the blows. Several va

i March, 1817. people coming together on hearing the noise,

Stephen Archer, of Maryland, to be addithe murderer was seized and committed to

tional Judge in the Mississippi territory, to

our prison.--Mr. O'Brien expired immediately

l'eside in tlie eastern part thereof, under the after receiving the first blow. His head was

act of the 3d March, 1817. beaten in a mnost shocking manner-by United States, to be secretary of the linois

. Joseph Phillips, late of the army of the marks, six or seven blows were apparently given, either of which wonld have proved

territory. mortal. Mr. O'Brien was formerly a non

Robert Jaques, of New-York, to be consul commissioned officer in the 2d battalion of

alion of at St. Croix. the 8th regiment, and since the peace had

od John Howard March, of New Hampshire, become known and esteemed as the best"

the best to be consul at Madeira. painter in the city. On Monday his remains Daniel Strobel, of South Carolina, to be were interred in the Roman Catholic bury. consul at Bordeaux, in place of William Lee, ing ground, attended by a numerous con- re

resigned. course of acquaintances, and with military

m William Davy, of Pennsylvania, to be conhonours.

sul of the United States at Kingston upon

Hull, in Great Britain.

Joseph Ray, of the same state, to be consul On the 4th of March last, James Monroe at Pernambuco, in Brazil. was inducted, with the usual ceremonies, into Jose dos Santos Monteiro, of Brazil, to be conthe office of President of these United States. sul for the island of Maranboa, in Brazil. On this interesting occasion, the President Reuben G. Beasley, of Virginia, to be condelivered a speech, in which he developed sul at Havre de Grace. his views of policy and principles of govern- Rabert Trimble, of Kentucky, to be Judge ment. Having concluded his address, the of the United States for the district of Kenoath of office was administered to him by the tucky. Chief Justice of the United States. The so- Edward Wyer, of Massachusetts, to be conlemnities were performed in the open air, sul of the United States at Hamburgh. under the auspices of a fine day, and in the Henry Wilson, of Maryland, to be consul presence of an immense concourse of officers at Nautz.

Edward Church, of Kentucky, to be con- duct of some of its agents in this country, sul at L'Orient.

have been satisfactorily adjusted. John B. Frasier, of Massachusetts, to be The probable expense of finishing the consul for the island of Curracoa.

public buildings of the United States, at John 0. Sullivan, of New York, to be con- Washington, is estimated at 336,661 dollars. sul at Mogadore, in Morocco.

· It is expected that the chambers for the leJoel Hart, of New York, to be consul at gislative bodies will be ready for their reLeith.

ception in the autumn of 1818.

The Swedish and Norwegian minister, Mr. It is stated in the National Intelligencer, De Kanizow, has taken leave of the presi. that the difficulties with the Russian govern- dent, with the intention of making a visit to ment, wbich had grown out of the miscon- Sweden.



Esg. aged 67. Mr. Alpheus Dunbam. Caleb ROVERNOR PLUMER is re-elected by a Bingham, aged 60. Mrs. Sarah Warren,

large majority. All the branches of aged 62. Mrs. Sarah Frasier, aged 90. Ruthe government of this state, for the ensu- fus Cutler, aged 31. Samuel Moore, 43. ing year, are republicani.

Mrs. Abigail Pons, 67. Charles Harris HoAn attempt nas lately been made to fire bart. At sea, Stephen Russell Goff, of Boston, the town of Portsmouth, which was happily aged 24. At sea, Elisha Wild, of B. aged 29. detected before any considerable injury bad At St. Eustasia, Richard E. Tyler, of B. aged been done.

****20. Mrs. Sarah Milton, aged 58, Aon Ma

ria Stevenson, aged 2 years 9 months. At Died.) At Hanover, hon. John Wheelock,

sea, Wm. E. Deverell, of B. aged 28. At L. L. D. aged 63, president of Dartmouth Uni

1 Gibraltar, Cbarles Dix, of B. aged 30. Capt. versity, to which institution, before his death,

m, Nath. Goodwin; he was the frst man that he made a donation of nearly 40,000 dollars.

rs: sailed up the Baltic under the American At Portsmouth, Mrs. Mehitable Mackay. At

Flag. Mr. Jonathan Bisby, 48. Mi's. Anna Merriinack, mrs. Rebecca, wife of H. W.

Kingman, 57. Mrs. Patrick M'Donnell, 37. Gordon, Esq. aged 34. At New-Market,

kelo At Charleston, Mrs. Joanna Ireland, 26. At Wentworth Cheswell, Esq. aged 71: AL

Al Dedham, Mr. John Kilbourn, 25, formerly of Hanover, Mrs. Hannah Kinsman, aged 23. New York, and a midshipman of the United MASSACHUSETTS.

States' Navy. At Biddeford, April 10, Capt. From the return of votes, in this Ştate, Lewis Young, 43, formerly of Cape Cod. At the re-election of Gov. Brooks, by an in- Salem, Miss Susan Messervey, aged 22. At creased majority of several thousands, is al. Dedham, Lemuel Ellis, 56. At Medway, ready ascertained. The whole number of Mrs. Hannah Penniman, 42. At Plymouth, votes legally returned, last year, was 97,084, Mr. John Ofis, 74. At Medford, John Cha

The political character of the Senale for runier, a native of Surrinam. Ai Charlestown, the ensuing year will not be changed. Mrs. Martlia Mills. At Holme's Hole, Wien

Married.) At Boston, Mr. Joseph R. Albert. ry Sawyer, of Beverly, 29. At Dorchester, son, to Miss Mary Jackson. Mr. John Tileston

Mr. Lewis Canon. At Bridgewater, Joseph Fracker, to niss Nancy Wood Benj. Guild,

Basseit, Esq.68. At Richmond, (Mass.) Levi Esq. to miss Elizabeth Eliot. Hon. Jonathan

" Beebe, 74. Mrs. Hinsdale, wile of Rev Theo. Russell, to miss Lydia Smith. Mr. Benj. Dar

dore Hinsdale, 69. At Cohasset, Mrs. Elizaling, to Miss Biake. Mr. H. Oliver,to miss Jane

beth Hobbs, 26. At Lynn, Miss Anne Lye, Cooper. Mr. J. Hammond, to miss Elizabeth

27. At Ipswich, mrs. Betsey Crocker, 44. At Fessenden. At Marblehead, Capt. Francis

Lechmcre Point, (Cam.) Mrs. Sally Ditson, Blacker, to Miss Polly Hooper. Ai Edgarton,

28. At Rowley, Mrs. Mary Spatiord. At Rey. Shipley W. Wilson, to Miss Rebecca

Bradford, Lieut. Wm. Baily, 66. ' At Lancas. Mayhew. At Cape Elizabeth, Mr. Hepry!

ter, Mrs. Rhoda Sprague. Al Northampton, Knox Adams, to Miss Serah W. Webb. At

It mrs. Sarah Strong, wile of the Hon. Caleb West Springfield, Mr. Wm. Ardway, to miss

pics Strong, aged 60." At Rowe, Horace Burr, Lydia Street, At Dighton Mr. D. Andrew's, aged

ve aged 17, of hydrophobia, occasioned by skin merchant, of Boston, to miss Elizabeth An: ning a lox, which had died of that disease dress. At Roxbury, Mr. A. Ferrier, to Miss

Nice some months before. At Campo Bello, Harriet Childs. Ai Newbury Port, Mr Tho. M

(Maine) mr. Samuel W. Chadbourne, 28. At Pearson, to miss Betsey Pearson. At New. Roxbury, mr. Stephen Brewer, 32. At CamBedford, Mr. Daniel Butler, to miss Mary bridgeport, miss Lucy Lang, 24. At ConAllen. At Brighton, Capt. Ebenr. Stedman,

3 cord, mrs. Sarah Warren. At Sudbury, mrs. of Cambridge, to miss Mary Braman, of

' Dolly Wheeler. At Woolwich, Hon. Na

thaniel 'Thwing, 86. At Little Conipton, mrs. Norton.

Sarah, relic of Dr. Benjamin Richmond, 66. Died. At Bostan, Nathaniel Greenough At Castine, Capt. Jobu Perkins, aged 80.

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