Reports of Controverted Elections in the House of Representatives: Of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, from 1780 to 1852


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286 ページ - Senators, or Representatives, and who shall have paid, by himself, or his parent, master, or guardian, any State or county tax, which shall, within two years next preceding such election, have been assessed upon him, in any town or district of this Commonwealth ; and also, every citizen who shall be by law exempted from taxation, and who shall be in all other respects qualified as above mentioned...
199 ページ - ... every corporate town containing one hundred and fifty ratable polls may elect one representative...
246 ページ - May, by the joint ballot of the senators and representatives assembled in one room ; and in case there shall not be found upon the first choice, the whole number of nine persons who will accept a seat in the council, the deficiency shall be made up by the electors aforesaid from among the people at large; and the number of senators left shall constitute the senate for the year.
393 ページ - Any inspector who shall willfully fail or refuse to perform any of the duties required of him by the provisions of this act, shall be punished by a...
605 ページ - And to remove all doubts concerning the meaning of the word "inhabitant" in this Constitution, every person shall be considered as an inhabitant, for the purpose of electing and being elected into any office, or place within this State, in that town, district or plantation, where he dwelleth, or hath his home.
357 ページ - November in every year ; but meetings may be adjourned, if necessary, for the choice of representatives, to the next day, and again to the next succeeding day, but no farther.
380 ページ - Council, and the number of ratable polls in each decennial census of polls shall determine the number of representatives which each city, town and representative district may elect as aforesaid ; and when the number of representatives, to be elected by each city, town or representative district, is ascertained and determined as aforesaid, the Governor shall cause the same to be published forthwith for the information of the people, and that number shall remain fixed and unalterable for the period...
627 ページ - The lords referred the question to the judges, who said, after deliberation, that " they ought not to answer to that question, for it hath not been used aforetime, that the judges should in any wise determine the privileges of this high court of parliament ; for it is so high and so mighty in its nature, that it may make law, and that that is law it may make no law ; and the determination and knowledge of that privilege belongeth to the lords of the parliament, and not to the justices.
672 ページ - Wednesday in May ; and the Sheriff shall transmit the same to the Secretary's office seventeen days at least before the said last Wednesday in May ; or the Selectmen may cause returns of the same to be made to the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth seventeen days at least before the said day ; and the Secretary shall...
694 ページ - If any person so ordered to assist and not excused from said service by said forest fire wardens on account of sickness, disability, or some important business or engagement, shall neglect to comply with any such order he shall forfeit the sum of ten dollars, to be recovered in action of debt in the name and to the use of the town, by the treasurer thereof.