To distant regions journeying, there to claim Others, whose long-attempted virtge stood
Deserted members and complete the frame. Fixt as a rock, and broke the rushing flood,

When the world bow'd to Rome's almighty sword, whose firm resolve, nor beauty could melt down,
Rome bow'd to Pompey, and confess'd her lord. Nor raging tyrants from their posture frown ;
Yet one day lost, this deity below

Such, in this day of horrours, shall be seen Became the scorn and pity of his foe.

To face the thunders with a god-like mien; His blood a traitor's sacrifice was made,

The planets drop, their thoughts are fixt above; And smok'd indignant on a ruffian's blade.

The centre shakes, their hearts disdain to inove : No trumpet's sound, no gasping army's yell, An Earth dissolving, and a Heaven thrown wide, Bid, with due horrour, his great soul farewell. A yawning gulf, and fiends on every side, Obscure his fall! all weltering in his gore,

Serene they view, impatient of delay, His trunk was cast to perish on the shore !

And bless the dawn of everlasting day. While Julius frown'd the bloody monster dead, Here, greatness prostrate falls ! there, strength Who brought the world in his great rival's head.

gives place; This sever'd head and trunk shall join once more, Here, lazars smile; there, Beauty hides her face. Though realms now rise between, and oceans roar. Christians, and Jews, and Turks, and Pagans stand, The trumpet's sound each fragrant mote shall hear, A blended throng, one undis inguish'd band. Or fix'd in earth, or if afloat in air,

Some who, perhaps, by mutual wounds expir'd, Obey the signal wafted in the wind,

With zeal for their distinct persuasions fir'd, And not one sleeping atom lag behind.

In mutual friendship their long slumber break, So swarming bees, that on a summer's day And hand in hand their Saviour's love partake. In airy rings, and wild meanders play,

But none are flush'd with brighter joy, or, warm Charm'd with the brazen sound, their wanderings end with juster confidence, enjoy the storin, And, gently circling, on a bough descend,

Than those, whose pious bounties, unconfin'd, The body thus renew'd, the conscious soul, Have made them public fathers of mankind. Which has perhaps been fluttering near the pole, In that illustrious rank, what shining light Or midst the burning planets wondering stray'd, With such distinguish'd glory tills my sight? Or hover'd o'er where her pale corpse was laid ; Bend down, my grateful Muse, that hoinage show, Or rather coasted on her final state,

Which to such worthies thou art proud to owe. And fear'd, or wish'd for, her appointed fate ; Wickham! Fox! Chichley! hail, illustrious namesa, This sonl, returning with a constant flame,

Who to far distant times dispepse your beams : Now weds for ever her immortal frame.

Beneath your shades, and near your crystal springs, Life, which ran down before, so high is wound, I first presun'd to touch the trembling strings. The springs maintain an everlasting round.

all hail, thrice honour'd! 'Twas your great reThus a frail model of the work design'd First takes a copy of the builder's mind,

To bless a people, and oblige a crown. Before the structure firm with lasting oak,

And now you rise, eternally to shine,
And marble bowels of the solid rock,

Eternally to drink the rays divine.
Turns tbe strong arch, and bids the columns rise, Indulgent God! Oh how shall mortal raiso
And bear the lofty palace to the skies ;

His soul to due returns of grateful praise,
The wrongs of time enabled to surpass,

For bounty so profuse to human kind,
With bars of adamant, and ribs of brass.

Thy wondrous gift of an eternal miud ?
That ancient, sacred, and illustrious dome, Shall I, whu, some few years ago, was less
Where soon or late fair Albion's heroes come, Than worm, or mite, or shadow can express,
From camps, and courts, though great, or aise, or Was nothing; shall I live, when every fire

And every star shall languish and expire?
To feed the worm, and monlder into dust; When Earth's no inore, shall I survive abore,
That solemn mansion of the royal dead,

And through the radiant files of angels move ?
Where passing slaves o'er sleeping monarchs tread, Or, as before the throne of God I stand,
Now populous o'erflows: a numerous race See new worlds rolling from his spacious hand,
Of rising kings fill all the extended space: Where our adventures shall perhaps be taught,
A life well spent, not the victorious sword, As we now tell how Michael sung or fought ;
Awards the crown, and styles the greater lord. All that has being in full concert join,

Nar monuments alone, and burial-earth, And celebrate the depths of Love divine !
Labours with man to this his second-birth;

But oh! before this blissful state, before But where gay palaces in pomp arise,

Th’aspiring soul this wondrous height can soar, And gilded theatres invade the skies,

The Judge, descending, thunders froin afar, Nations shall wake, whose unrespected bones And all mankind is suminon'd to the bar. Support the pride of their luxurious suns.

This mighty scene I next presume to draw: The most magnificent and costly dome

Attend, great Anna, with religious awe :
Is but an upper chamber to a tomb.

Expect not here the known successful arts
No spot on Earth, but has supplied a grave, To win attention, and command our hearts:
And human skulls the spacious ocean pave, Fiction, be far away; let no machine
All's full of man; and at this dreadful turn, Descending here, no fabled god, be seen ;
The swarm shall issue, and the hive shall burn. Behold the God of Gods indeed descend,

Not all at once, 'dor in like manner, rise : And worlds unnumber'd his approach attend !
Some lift with pain their slow unwilling eyes ;
Shrink backward from the terrour of the light, 3 Founders of New-College, Corpus Christi, and
Aud bless the grave, and call for lasting night. All-Souls, in Oxford; of all which the author was
* Westminster Abbey.

a member.


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Lo! the wide theatre, whose ample space Crown'd with that majesty which form'd the world, Must entertain the whole of human race,

And the grand rebel Haming downward hurl'd. At Heaven's all-powerful edict is prepard, Virtue, dominion, praise, omnipotence, And fenc'd around with an immurtal guard. Support the train of their triumphant prince. Tribes, provinces, dominions, worlds, o'erflow A zone, beyond the thought of angels bright, The mighty plain, and deluge all below :

Around hiin, like the zodiac, winds its light. And every age, and nation, pours along ;

Night shades the solemn arches of his brows, Nimrod and Bourbon mingle in the throng: And in his cheek the purple Morning glows. Adam salutes his youngest son ; no sign

Where'er serene he turns propitious eyes, Of all those ages, which their births disjoin. Or we expect, or find, a Paradise :

How empty learning, and how vain is art, But if resentment reddens their mild beams, But as it mends the life, and guides the heart ! The Eden kindles, and the world's in flames. What volumes have been swell’d, what time been On one hand, Knowledge shines in purest light; spent,

On one, the sword of Justice, fiercely bright. To fix a hero's birth-day, or descent !

Now bend the knee in sport, present the reed; What joy must it now yield, what rapture raise, Narr tell the scourg'd Impostor be shall bleed! To see the glorious race of antient days ;

Thus glorious through the courts of Heaven, the To greet those worthies, who perhaps have stood

source Illustrious on record before the flood !

Of life and death eternal bends his course; Alas ! a nearer care your soul demands,

Loud thunders round him roll, and lightnings play; Cæsar un-noted in your presence stands.

Th' angelic host is rang'd in bright array: How vast the concourse! not in quinber more Some touch the string, some strike the sounding The waves that break on the resounding shore,

shell, The leaves that tremble in the shady grove, And mingling voices in rich concert swell ; The lamps that gild the spangled vaults above : Voices seraphic; blest with such a strain, Those overwhelming armies, whose command Could Satan hear, he were a god again. Said to one empire, Fal; another, Stand : Triumphant King of GLORY! Soul of Bliss ! Whose rear lay wrapt in night, while breaking What a stupendous turn of fate is this ! dawn

O! whither art thou rais'd above the scoru Rous'd the broad front, and call'd the battle on: And indigence of him in Bethlem born; Great Xerxes' world in arms, proud Cannæ's field, A needless, helpless, unaccounted, guest, Where Carthage taught victorious Rome to yield, And but a second to the fudder'd beest? (Another blow bad broke the Fate's decree, How chang'd from him, who meekly prostrate laid, And Earth had wanted her fourth monarchy) Vouchsaf'd to wash the feet himself bad made! Immortal Blenheim, fam'd Ramillia's host, From him who was betray'd, forsook, denied, They all are here, and here they all are lost : Wept, languisb'd, pray'd, bled, thirsted, groan'd, Their millions swell to be discern'd in vain,

and died; Lost as a billow in th' unbounded main.

Hung pierc'd and bare, insulted by the foe,
This echoing voice now rends the yielding air, All Heaven in tears above, Earth unconcern' below!
For judgment, judgment, sons of ven, prepare!” And was 't enongh to bid the Sun retire?
Farth shakes anew ; I hear her groaus profound; Why did not Nature at thy groan expire ?
And Hell through all her trembling realms resonnd. I see, I hear, I feel, the pangs divine ;

Whoe'er thou art, thou greatest power of Earth, The world is vanish’dI am wholly thine.
Blest with most equal planets at thy birth;

Mistaken Caiaphas! Ab! wbicb blasphem'd; Whose valour drew the most successful sword, Thou, or thy prisoner? which shall be condemn'd ? Most realms nnited in one common lord ;

Well mightst thou rend thy garments, well exclaim; Who, on the day of triumph, saidst, “ Be thine Deep are the horrours of eternal flame! The skies, Jehovah, all this world is mine :" But God is good ! 'Tis wondrous all! E'en He Dare not to lift thine eye-Alas! my Muse, Thou gav'st to death, shame, torture, died for Thee. Howart thou lost! what numbers canst thou choose Now the descending triumph stops its flight A sudden blush inflames the waving sky,

From Earth full twice a planetary height. And now the crimson curtains open fly;

There all the clouds condens'd, two columns raise, Lo! far within, and far above all height,

Distinct with orient veins and golden blaze. Where Heaven's great Sovereign reigns in worlds of One fix'd on earth, and one in sea, and round light,

Its ample foot the swelling billows sound. Whence Nature he informs, and with one ray These an immeasurable arch support, Shot from his eye, does all her works survey, The grand tribunal of this awful court. Creates, supports, confounds! Where time, and Sheets of bright azure, from the purest sky, place,

Stream from the crystal arch, and round the coMatter, and form, and fortune, life, and grace,

lumns fly. Wait humbly at the footstool of their God, Death, a rapt in chains, low at the basis lies, And move obedient at his awful nod;

And on the point of his own arrow dies. Whence be beholds us vagrant emmets crawl

Here high entbron'd th' eternal Judge is plac'd, At random on this air-suspended bal}

With all the grandeur of his Godhead gracd; (Speck of creatiou): if he pour one breath, Stars on his rohes in beauteous order meet, The bubble breaks, and 'tis eternal death.

And the Sun bums beneath his awful feet. Thence issuing I behold (but mortal sight

Now an archangel eminently bright, Sustains not such a rushing sea of light)

From off his silver staff of wondrous height, I see, on an empyreal Nying throne,

Unfurls the Christian Aag, which waving fies, Sublimely rais'd, Hearea's everlasting Son ; And shuts and opens inore than half the skies :

The cross so strong a red, it sheds a stain

Nor cease at eve, but with the setting Sun Where'er it floats, on earth, in air, or main; My endless worship shall be still begun. Flushes the hill, and sets on fire the wood,

* And, oh! permit the gloom of solemn night And turus the deep-dy'd ocean into blood.

To sacred thought may forcibly invite. Oh formidable GLORY! dreadful bright ! When this world's shut, and awful planets rise, Refulgent torture to the guilty sight.

Call on our minds, and raise them to the skies; Ah turn, unwary Muse, nor dare reveal

Compose our souls with a less dazzling sight, What horrid thoughts with the polluted dwell. And show all Nature in a milder light; Say not (to make the Sun shrink in his beam), How every boisterous thought in calms subsides ! Dare not affirm, they wish it all a dream; How the smooth'd spirit into goolness glides ! Wish, or their sonls may with their limbs decay,

O how divine! to tread the milky way, Or God be spoil'd of his eternal sway.

To the bright palace of the Lord of day : But rather, if thou know'st the means, unfold His court admire, or for his favour sue, How they with transport might the scene behold. Or leagues of friendship with his saints renew;

Ah! how but by repentance, by a mind Pleas'd to look down, and see the world asleep, Quick, and severe its own offence to find ?

While I long vigils to its Founder keep ! By tears, and groans, and never-ceasing care, “ Canst thou not shake the centre? Oh control, And all the pious violence of prayer?

Subdue by force, the rebel in my sonl : Thus then, with fervency till now unknown, Tholi, who canst still the raging of the flood, I cast iny heart before th' eternal throne,

Restrain the various tumults of my blood; In this great temple, which the skies surround, Teach me, with equal firmness, to sustain For homage to its Lord, a narrow bound.

Alluring pleasure, and assaulting pain. “O) Thou ! whose balance does the mountains ( may 1 pant for thee in each desire! weigh,

And with strong faith foment the holy fire! Whose will the wild tumultuous seas obey, Stretch out my soul in hope, and grasp the prize Whose breath can turn those watry worlds to flame, which in Eternity's deep bosom lies ! That flame to tempest, and that tempest tame; At the Great Day of recompense behold, Earth's meanest son, all trembling, prostrate Devoid of fear, the falal look unfold ! falls,

Then wasted upward to the blissful seat, And on the boundless of thy goodness calls. From age to age, my grateful song repeat;

Oh! give the winds all past offence to sweep, My light, my life, my God, my Saviour see, To scatter wide, or bury in the deep :

And rival angels in the praise of Tuee.
Thy power, my weakness, may I ever see,
And wholly dedicate my soul to thee:
Reign o'er my will; my passions ebb and Now
At thy command, nor human motive know!

If anger boil, let anger be my praise,
And sin the graceful indignation raise ;
My love be warm to succour the distress'd, Esse quoque in fatis reminiscitur, affore tempus,
And lift the burthen from the soul oppress'd. Quo mare, quo tellus, correptaque regia cali
Oh may my understanding ever read

Ardeat; et mundi moles opcrosa laboret. This glorious volume, which thy wisdom made!

Ovid. Mor. Who decks the maiden Spring with flowery pride ? Who calls forth Summer, like a sparkling bride? Who joys the mother Autumn's bed to crown? The book unfolding; the resplendent scat And bids old Winter lay her honours down? Of saints and angels; the tremendous fate Not the great Ottoman, or greater Czar,

Of guilty souls; the gloomy realms of Fue; Not Europe's arbitress of peace and war.

And all the horrours of the world below; May sea and land, and Earth and Heaven be join'd, 1 next presume to sing: what yet remains To bring th' eternal Author to my mind!

Demands my last, but most exalted strains. When oceans roar, or awful thunders roll,

And let the Muse or now affect the sky, May thoughts of thy dread vengeance shake my Or in inglorious shades for ever lie. soul !

She kindles, she's inflam'd so near the goal; When Earth's in bloom, or planets proudly shine, She mounts, she gains upon the starry pole; Adore, my heart, the MAJESTY Divine !

The world grows less as she pursues her fight, “ Through every scene of life, or peace, or war, And the Sun darkens to her distant sight. Plenty, or want, thy glory be my care !

Heaven opening, all its sacred pomp displays, Shine we in arms? or sing beneath our vine? And overwhelms her with the rushing blaze ! Thine is the vintage, and the conquest thine : The triumph rings! archangels shout around! Thy pleasure points the shaft, and bends the And echoing Nature lengthens out the sound !

Ten thousand trumpets now at once advance ; The cluster blasts, or bids it brightly glow : Now deepest silence lulls the vast expanse : 'Tis thou that lead'st our powerful arinies forth, So deep the silence, and so strong the blast, And giv'st great Anne thy sceptre o'er the north. As Nature died, when she had groan'd her last.

“ Grant I may ever, at the morning-ray, Nor man, nor angel, moves; the Judge on high Open with prayer the consecrated day;

Looks round, and with his glory fills the sky: Tune thy great praise, and bid my soul arise, Then on the fatal book his hand he lays, And with the mounting Sun ascend the skies: Which high to view supporting seraphs raise; As that advances, let my zeal improve,

In solemn form the rituals are prepar'd, And glow with ardour of consuminate love; The seal is broken, and a groan is heard,


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I see,

And thou, my soni, (oh fall to sudden prayer, Southern or eastern sceptre downward hurl'd, And let the thought sink deep!) shalt thou be there? Gave north or west domininon o'er the world;

See on the left (for by the great command The point of time, for which the world was built, The throng divided falls on either hand ;)

For which the blood of God himself was spilt, How weak, how pale, how haggard, how obscene, That dreadful moment is arriv'dWhat inore than death in every face and inien ! Alofi, the senis of bliss their pomp display With what distress, and glarings of atlright, Brigh:er than brightness, this distinguish d day; They shock the heart, and turn away the sight ! Less glorious, when of old th' eternal Son In gloomy orbs their trembling eye-balls roll, Froun realms of night retura'd with trophies won; And tell the horrid secrets of the soul.

Through lleaven's high gates, when he triumphant Each gesture mourns, each lo k is black with care,

rode, And every groan is loaden with despair.

And shouting angels hail'd the victor God. Reader, if guilty, spare the Muse, and find Horrours, beneath, darkness in darkness, Hell A truer image pictur'd in thy mind.

Of Hell, where torments behind torments dwell; Shouldst thou behold thy brother, father, wife, A furnace formidable, deep, and wide, And all the soft companions of thy life,

O'er-boiling with a nad sulphureous tide, Whose blended interests level at one aim,

Expands its jaws, most dreadful to survey, Whose mix'd desires sent up one common fame, And roars outrageous for the destin'd prey. Divided far; thy wrectheri selt alone

The sons of light scarce unappall'd look down, Cast on the left, of all whom thou hast krown; And nearer press Heaven's everlasting throne. How would it wound! What millions woulust thou Such is the scene; and one short moment's space give

Concludes the hopes and fears of human race. For one more trial, one more day to live !

Priceed who dares !- tremble as I write ; Flung back in time an hour, a moment's space,

The whole creation swims before my sight: To grasp with eagerness the means of grace;

I see, the Judge's frowning brow; Contend for mercy with a pious rage,

Say not, 't is distant; I behold it now; And in that moment to redeem an age ?

I faint, my tardy blood forgets to flow, Drive back the tide, suspend a storm of air, My soul recoils at the stupendous woe; Arrest the Sun; but still of this despair.

That woe, those pangs, which from the guilty breast, Mark, on the right, how amiable a grace ! In these, or words like these, shall be exprest :Their Maker's image fresh in every face!

" Who burst the barriers of my peaceful grave? What purple bloom iny ravish'd soul admires, Ah ! cruel Death, that would no longer save, And their eyes sparkling with immortal tires ! But grudg'd me e'en that narrow dark abode, Triumphant beauty! charms that rise above And cast me out into the wrath of God; This world, and in blest angels kindle love! Where shrieks, the rvaring flame, the rattling To the Great Judge with holy pride they turn,

chain, And dare behold th' Almighty's anger burn; And all the dreadful eloquence of pain, Its flash sustain, against its terrour rise,

Our only song ; black tire's malignant light, And on the dread tribunal tix their eyes.

The sole refreshment of the blasted sight. Are these the forms that moulder'd in the dust? Vust all those powers Heaven gave me to supply Ob the transcendent glory of the just !

My soul with pleasure, and bring-in my joy, Yet still some thin remains of fear and doubt Rise up in arms against me, join the fue, Th' infected brightness of their joy pollute, Sense, reason, memory, increase my 02? Thus the chaste bridegroom, when the priest And shall my voice, ordain’d on hymns to dwell, draws nigh,

Corrupt to groans, and blow the tires of Hell ? Beholds his blessing with a trembling eye,

Ob! must I look with terrour on my gain, Feels doubtful passions throb in every vein, And with existence only measure pain? And in his cheeks are mingled joy and pain, What! no repriere, no least indulgence given, Lest still some intervening chance should rise, No beam of hope, from any point of Heaven! Leap forth at once, and snatch the golden prize; Ah Mercy! Mercy! art thou dead above? Inflame his woe, by bringing it so late,

Is Lore extinguish'd in the Source of Love? And stab him in the crisis of his fate.

“ Bold that I am, did Ilearen stoop down to Since Adam's family, from first to last,

Hell? Now into one distinct survey is cast;

Th' expiring Lord of life iny ransom seal ? Look round, vain-glorions Muse, and you whoc'er Have I not been industrious to provoke? Devote yourselves to fame, and think her fair; From his embraces obstinately broke? Look round, and seek the lights of human race, Pursued, and panted for his mortal bate, Whose shining acts Time's brightest annals grace; Cam'd iny destruction, labour'd out my fate? Who founded sects; crowns conqner'd, or resign'd; And dare i on extinguish'd Love exclaim ? Gave names to nations; or fam'd empires join'd; | Take, take full vengeance, rouse the slackening Who rais'd the vale, and laid the mountain low; And taught obedient rivers where to flow;

Just is my lot--but oh! must it transcend Who with vast fleets, as with a mighty chain, The reach of time, despair a di:tant end ? Could bind the madness of the maring main : With dreadful growih shoot forward, and arise, All lost ? all undistinguish'd? no-where found? Where thought can't follow, and bold fancy dies ! How will this truth in Bourbon's palace sound? “ NEVER! where falls the soul at that dread

That hour, on which th' Almighty King on high sound ! From all eternity has fix'd his eye,

Down an abyss low dark, and how profound ! Whether his right-hand favour'd, or annoy'd, Down, down, (I still am falling, horrid pain !) Continued, alter'd, threaten'd, or destroy'd ; Ten thousand thousand fathoms still remain ;

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My plunge but still bego)—And this for sin ! But I attempt the wondrous height in rain, Could I offend, if I had never been,

And leave unfinish'd the too lofty strain : But still increas'd the senseless happy mass, What boldly I begin, let others end ; Flow'd in the stream, or shiver'd in the grass ? My strength exhausted, fainting I descend, {\" Father of mercies ! why from silent earth Avd choose a less, but no ignoble theme, Didst thou awake, and curse me into birth, Dissolving elements, and worlds, in flame, Tear me from quiet, ravish me from night,

The fatal period, the great huur, is come, And make-a thankless present of thy light! And Nature shrinks at her approaching doom ; Push into being a reverse of thee,

1. ud peals of thunder give the sign, and all And animate a clod with misery?

Heaven's terrours in array surround the ball ; The beasts are happy; they come forth, and keep Sharp lightnings with the meteor's blaze conspire, Short watch on Earth, and then lie down to sleep. And, darted downward, set the world on fire; Pain is for man; and oh ! how vast a pain Black rising clouds the thicken'd ether chuke,

For crimes, which made the Godhead bleed in vain! And spiry Names dart through the rolling smoke, Annull’d his groans, as far as in them lay, With keen vibrations cut the sullen night, And Aung his agonies, and death, away!

And strike the darkcn'd sky with dreadful light; As our dire punishment for ever strong,

From Heaven's four regions, with immortal force, Our constitution too for ever young.

Angels drive on the wind's impetuous course, Curs'd with returns of vigour, still the same Tenrage the Name: It spreads, it soars on high, Powerful to bear, and satisfy the flame:

Suells in the storm, and billows through the sky :
Still to be caught, and still to be pursued ! Here winding pyramids of fire ascend,
To perish still, and still to be renew'd!

Cities and deserts in one ruin blend;
“ And this, my Help! my God! at thy decree? Here blazing volumes wafted, overu helm
Nature is chang'd, and Hell should succour me, The spacious face of a far distant realın;
And canst thou then look down from perfect bliss, There, undermin'd, down rush eternal bills,
And see me plunging in the dark abyss ?

The neighbouring rales the vast destruction fills. Calling thee Father, in a sea of fire

Hear'st thou that dreadful crack? that sound which Or pouring blasphemies at thy desire ?

broke With mortals' auguish wilt thou raise thy name, Like peals of thunder, and the centre shook ? And by my pangs omnipotence proclaim ?

What wonders inust that groan of Nature tell! “ Thou, who canst toss the planets to and fro, Olympus there, and mightier Atlas, fell; Contract not thy great vengeance to my woe; Which seem'd above the reach of Fate to stand, Crush worlds ; in hotter Rames falln angels lay ; A towering monument of God's right hand; On me Almighty wrath is cast away.

Now dust and smoke, whose brow, so lately, spread _Call back thy thunders, lord, hold-in thy rage, O'er shelter'd countries its diffusire shade. Nor with a speck of stretchedness engage :

Show me that celebrated spot, where all
Forget me quite, nor stoop a worm to blame; The various rulers of the sever'd ball
But lose me in the greatness of thy name.

Have humbly sought wealth, honour, and roThou art all love, all mercy, all divine,

dress, And shall I make those glories cease to shine ? That land which Hearen seem'd diligent to bless, Shall sinful man grow great by his offence, Once call’d Britannia. Can her glories end? And from its course turn back Omnipotence? And can't surrounding seas her realms defend?

“Forbid it! and oh ! grant, Great God, at least Alas! in flames behold surrounding seas ! This one, this slender, almost no request;

Like oil, their waters but augment the blaze. When I have wept a thousand lives away,

Some angel, say where ran proud Asia's bound? When Torment is grown weary of its prey, Or where with fruits was fair Europa crown'd ? When I have rav'd ten thousand years in fire, Where stretch'd waste Libya ? Where did India's Ten thousand thousand, let me then expire."

Deep anguish! but too late; the hopeless soul Sparkle in diamonds, and her golden ore? Bound to the bottom of the burning poul,

Each lost in each, their mingling kingdoms glow, Though loth, and ever loud blaspheming, owns And all dissolv'd, one fiery deluge flow : He's justly doom'd to pour eternal groans ; Thus Earth's contending monarchies are join'd, Enclos'd with borrours, and transfix'd with pain, And a full period of ambition find. Rolling in vengeance, struggling with his chain : And now whate'er or swims, or walks, or flies, To talk to fiery tempests; to implore

Inhabitants of sea, or earth, or skies; The raging flame to give its burnings o'er;

All on whom Adam's wisdom fix'd a name, To toss, to writhe, to pant beneath his load, All plunge, and perish in the conquering Name And bear the weight of an offended God.

This glube alone wonld but defraud the fire, The favour'd of their Judge in triumph move, Starve its devouring rage : the flakes aspire, To take possession of their thrones above;

And catch the clouds, and make the Heavecs their Satan's accurs'd desertion to supply.

prey ; And fill the vacant stations of the sky;

The Sun, the Moon, the stars, all melt away; Again to kindle long-extinguish'd rays,

All, all is lost; no monument, nu sign, And with new lights dilate the heavenly blaze ; Where once so proudly blaz'd the gay machine. To crop the roses of immortal youth,

So bubbles on the foaming streain expire, And drink the fountain-bead of sacred truth ; So sparks that scatter from the kindling fire ; To swim in seas of bliss, to strike the string, "The devastations of one dreadful hour And lift the voice to their Almighty King;

The great Creator's six days work devour.. To lose eternity in grateful lays,

A mighty, mighty ruin ! yet one soul And fill Heaven's wide circumference with praise, Has more to boast, and far outweighs the whole;


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