The Copie of a Letter Sent Out of England to Don Bernardin Mendoza Ambassadour in France for the King of Spaine: Declaring the State of England, Contrary to the Opinion of Don Bernardin, and of All His Partizans Spaniardes and Others. This Letter, Although it was Sent to Don Bernardin Mendoza, Yet, by Good Hap, the Copies Therof Aswell in English as in French, Were Found in the Chamber of One Richard Leigh a Seminarie Priest, who was Lately Executed for High Treason Committed in the Time that the Spanish Armada was on the Seas. Whereunto are Adioyned Certaine Late Aduertisements, Concerning the Losses and Distresses Happened to the Spanish Nauie, Aswell in Fight with the English Nauie in the Narrow Seas of England, as Also by Tempests, and Contrarie Winds, Vpon the West, and North Coasts of Ireland, in Their Returne from the Northerne Isles Beyond Scotland

I. Vautrollier, 1588 - 38 ページ