Bret Harte: A Treatise and a Tribute

Greening & Company, Limited, 1900 - 284 ページ

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42 ページ - HARK ! I hear the tramp of thousands. And of armed men the hum ; Lo! a nation's hosts have gathered Round the quick-alarming drum, — Saying: "Come. Freemen, come! Ere your heritage be wasted,
38 ページ - ... he journeyed along the sides of a range of hills which look out upon some of the goodliest scenes of the mighty Hudson. The sun gradually wheeled his broad disk down into the west.
39 ページ - ... and purple of their rocky sides. A sloop was loitering in the distance, dropping slowly down with the tide, her sail hanging uselessly against the mast ; and as the reflection of the sky gleamed along the still water, it seemed as if the vessel was suspended in the air. It was toward evening that Ichabod arrived at the castle of the Heer Van Tassel, which he found thronged with the pride and flower of the adjacent country. Old farmers, a spare leathern-faced race, in homespun coats and breeches,...
43 ページ - mid the cannons' thunder, Whistling shot and bursting bomb, When my brothers fall around me, Should my heart grow cold and numb ? ' But the drum Answered, 'Come! Better there in death united, than in life a recreant, —Come ! ' Thus they answered, — hoping,, fearing, Some in faith, and doubting some, Till a trumpet-voice proclaiming, Said, 'My chosen people, come! ' Then the drum, Lo ! was dumb, For the great heart of the nation, throbbing, answered, ' Lord, we come ! ' cxx WHAT THE BULLET SANG...
12 ページ - Flat* and another), in which he had found such subtle strokes of character as he had not anywhere else in late years discovered ; the manner resembling himself, but the matter fresh to a degree that had surprised him ; the painting in all respects masterly, and the wild rude thing painted a quite wonderful reality. I have rarely known him more honestly moved."— FORSTHR'S LIFE OF DICKENS.
176 ページ - Paradise! How given for nought her priceless gift, How spoiled the bread and spill'd the wine, Which, spent with due, respective thrift, Had made brutes men, and men divine!
54 ページ - SAN FRANCISCO (FROM THE SEA) SERENE, indifferent of Fate, Thou sittest at the Western Gate ; Upon thy height, so lately won, Still slant the banners of the sun ; Thou seest the white seas strike their tents, O Warder of two continents ! And, scornful of the peace that flies Thy angry winds and sullen skies, Thou drawest all things, small or great, To thee, beside the Western Gate.
183 ページ - And even so, bedraggled, ragged, unshaven, and unshorn, with one arm hanging helplessly at his side, Santa Glaus came to Simpson's Bar and fell fainting on the first threshold. The Christmas dawn came slowly after, touching the remoter peaks with the rosy warmth of ineffable love. And it looked so tenderly on Simpson's Bar that the whole mountain, as if caught in a generous action, blushed to the skies.
267 ページ - Over the chimney the night-wind sang And chanted a melody no one knew ; But the Poet listened and smiled, for he Was Man, and Woman, and Child, all three, And said, " It is God's own harmony, This wind we hear in the chimney.
78 ページ - ... newspaper, wherein the main incident of his supposed fanciful creation was recorded with a largeness of statement that far transcended his powers of imagination. He has been repeatedly cautioned, kindly and unkindly, intelligently and unintelligently, against his alleged tendency to confuse recognised standards of morality by extenuating lives of recklessness, and often criminality, with a single solitary virtue. He might easily show that he has never written a sermon, that he has never moralised...