Importing Diversity: Inside Japan's JET Program

University of California Press, 2000 - 328 ページ
"Japan's official efforts at internationalization have been painful to witness. . . . The government's JET program is easily the most ambitious and its history and on-the-ground problems offer significant insights into Japan's struggle to open up to the outside. David McConnell's book provides a most interesting analysis of why this process has been so complex and difficult. It tells us much about Japanese society and education at this critical point in time."--Thomas P. Rohlen, author of "For Harmony and Strength

"In this superb and insightful book, David McConnell explores perhaps the greatest (certainly the biggest) education program in humankind's history, offering patient, balanced analysis of its workings, problems, and accomplishments. McConnell's confucian equanimity and multifaceted perspectives lend the book a depth seldom found in contemporary writing on Japan."--Robert Juppe, First ALT Advisor for the JET Program

"This is a very astute, thorough, and personal account of the JET program as a case study of how a program can both change a system and provoke defenses against any change. With his fine ethnographic and analytic material, McConnell reveals the faultlines of "internationalization" in Japan. This is a great contribution to the study of organizations, marginality, and shifts in global and national identity."--Merry White, author of the forthcoming "Japanese Families: It Takes a Nation

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著者について (2000)

David L. McConnell is Associate Professor of Anthropology at The College of Wooster.