The apostles join in prayer. Acts.

Matthias chosen, ge. one accord i in prayer and sup 20 For it is written in the plication, with the women, and book of Psalms,n Let his habMary the mother of Jesus, and itation be desolate, and let no with his brethren.

man dwell therein; and, His 15 1 And in those days Pe- bishoprick let another take. ter stood up in the midst of 21 Wherefore, of these men the disciples, and said, (the which have companied with us number of the names j together all the time that the Lord Jewere about an hundred and sus went in and out among us, twenty,)

22 Beginning from the bap16 Men and brethren, this tism of John, unto that same scripture must needs have been day that he was taken up from fulfilled, which the Holy Ghostus, must one be ordained to be by the mouth of David spakek a witness with us of his resurbefore concerning Judas,which rection. was guide to them that took 23 And they appointed two, Jesus.

Joseph called Barsabas, who 17 For he was numbered was surnamed Justus, & Matwith us, and had obtained part thias. of this ministry.

24 And they prayed, and 18 Now, this man purchas- said, Thou, Lord, which knowed a field with the reward of est the hearts of all men, shew iniquity;l and, falling head- whether of these two thou hast long,m he burst asunder in the chosen, midst, & all his bowels gush 25 That he may take part ed out.

of this ministry & apostleship, 19 And it was known unto from which Judas by transall the dwellers at Jerusalem; gression fell, that he might go insomuch as that field is called to his own place. in their proper tongue, Acel 26 And they gave forth their dama, that is to say, The field lots; and the lot fell upon of blood.

Matthias; and he was num

bered with the eleven apostles. i With one accord, unanimously, in perfect agreement.

CHAP. II. Number of the names, the number The apostles, filled with the

k For these prophecies of David Holy Ghost, speak divers see Psalm xli. 9, and cix. 8.

languages. I Purchased a field, &c. i. e. a field was purchased with the money, for tecosta was fully come, they

AND, when the day of Penwhich Judas betrayed his Master.

m Falling beadlong, &c. breaking n In Psalms lxix. 25, & cix. 8. from the place on which he hanged a Pentecost was an annual feast of himself (Matt, xvii. 5.) he burst the Jews, in commemoration of give asunder, &c.

ing the law on mount Sinai.

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The apostles inspired. Chap. ii.

Peter's sermon. were all with one accord in tongues the wonderful works one place.

of God. 2 And saddenly there came 12 And they were all amaza sound from heaven, as of a ed, and were in doubt, saying rushing mighty wind, and it one to another, What meaneth filled all the house where they this ? were sitting

13 Others mocking, said, And there appeared unto These men are full of new them cloven tongues, like as of wine.b fire, and it sat upon each of 14 | But Peter standing up

with the eleven, lifted


his 4 And they were all filled voice, and said unto them, Ye with the Holy Ghost, & began men of Judea, and all ye that to speak with other tongues, as dwell at Jerusalem, be this the Spirit gave them utterance. known unto you, and hearken

5 And there were dwelling to my words : at Jerusalem Jews, devout 15 For these are not drun. men, out of every nation under ken, as ye suppose, seeing it is heaven.

but the third hour of the day.c 6 Now when this was nois 16 But this is that which ed abroad, the multitude came was spoken by the prophet together, and were confounded, Joel;d because that every man heard 17 And it shall come to pass them speak in his own lan- in the last days,e saith God, I guage.

will pour out of my Spirit upon And they were all amaz. all flesh; and your sons and ed, and marvelled, saying one your daughters shall prophesy, to another, Behold, are not all and your young men shall see these which speak Galileans ? visions, and your old men shall

8 And how hear we every dream dreams : man in our own tongue where

b Full of new wine, or drunken. in we were born ?

c Third hour, about nine in the 9 Parthians, and Medes, & forenoon-too early for excessive Elamites, and the dwellers in drinking. It may be observed, that Mesopotamia, and in Judea, the Jews divided the day from sunand Cappadocia, in Pontus, rise to sunset into twelve equal parts ;

so that at different seasons of the year,

the hours were of different lengths; 10 Phrygia, and Pamphylia, and would not exactly agree with in Egypt, and in the parts of

our division of time. Libya about Cyrene, & stran d Joel ii. 28–32. gers of Rome, Jews and prose < Last days of the Jewish governlytes,

ment, and of God's peculiar favour 11 Cretes and Arabians, we

to that people, as a nation ; last days

likewise denoted the times of the do hear them speak in our


and Asia,



continued. 18 And on my servants, and 23 Him, being delivered by on my hand-maidens, I will the determinate counsel and pour out in those days of my foreknowledge of God, ye have Spirit; & they shall prophesy: taken, and by wieked hands

19 And I will shew wonders have crucified and slain ; in heaven above,f and signs in 24 Whom God hath raised the earth beneath; blood, and up, having loosed the paius of tire, and vapour of smoke: death; because it was not pos

20 The sun shall be turned sible that he should be holden into darkness, and the moon of it. into blood, before that great & 25 For David speaketh connotable day of the Lord come: cerning him, I foresaw the

21 And it shall come to pass, Lord always before my face, thut whosoever shall call on the for he is on my right hand, name of the Lord shall besaved. that I should not be moved : 22 Ye men of Israel, hear 26 Therefore did my

heart these words; Jesus of Naza- rejoice, and my tongue was reth, a man approved of God glad; moreover also my

flesh among you, by miracles, and shall rest in hope: wonders, and signs, which God 27 Because thou wilt not did by him in the midst of you,


soul in hell, neither as ye yourselves also know: wilt thou suffer thine holy One

to see corruption.gr j Wonders in beaven, &c. These 28 Thou hast made known doubtless mean the wonderful prodi- to me the ways of life; thou gies which, according to most credi- shalt make me full of joy with 'ble historians, actually appeared be

thy countenance. fore the destruction of Jerusalem, such as a flarning sword suspended in the

29 Men and brethren, let air over the city; a fiery comet pointe me freely speak unto you of ing down upon it for a whole year; the patriarch David, that he a light shining upon the temple and is both dead and buried, and the altar, as if it had been noon-day; his sepulchre is with us unto the opening of the great gate of the this day. temple without hands; a voice heard

30 Therefore being a profrom the most holy place, when no one was in it, “ Let us depart bence ;” phet, and knowing that God the admonition of one Jesus, son of had sworn with an oath to Ananus, who for seven years went up him, that of the fruit of his and down the city crying, wo! wo! loins, according to the flesh, wo! the vision of contending armies he would raise up Christ to sit in the air, terrible lightnings, thun

on his throne; ders, and earthquakes, &c. which all considered as portending some dreadful calamity; these were indeed Neither wilt thou suffer the body “wonders in heaven, and signs in of thine holy One to continue in the the earth beneath."

grave, till it is corrupted.


Sermon ended.

Chap.ii. Three thousand converted.. 31 He, seeing this before, to all that are afar off, even as spake of the resurrection of many as the Lord our God Christ, that his soul was not shall call. left in hell, neither his flesh 40 And with many other did see corruption.

words did he testify & exhort, 32 This Jesus hath God saying, j Save yourselves from raised up, whereof we are all this untoward generation. witnesses.

41 9 Then they that gladly 33 Therefore being by the received his word were bapright hand of God exalted, and tized; and the same day there having received of the Father were added unto them about the promise of the Holy Ghost, three thousand souls. he hath shed forth this, which 42 And they continued stedye now see and hear.

fastly in the apostles’ doctrine 34 For David is not ascend. and fellowship, and in breaked into the heavens ;h but he ing of bread, and in prayers. saith himself, The LORD said 43 And fear came upon evunto my Lord, Sit thou on my ery soul"; and many wonders right hand,

and signs were done by the 35 Until I make thy foes apostles. thy footstool.

44 And all that believed 36 Therefore let all the were together, and had all house of Israel know assured- things common; ly, that God hath made that

45 And sold their possessame Jesus, whom ye have sions and goods, and parted crucified, both Lord & Christ. them to all men, as every man

37 1 Now, when they heard had need. this, they were pricked in their 46 And they, continuing heart,i and said unto Peter, & daily with one accord in the to the rest of the apostles, Men temple, and breaking bread and brethren,what shall we do? from house to house, did eat

38 Then Peter said unto their meat with gladness and them, Repent, and be baptized singleness of heart ;k every one of you in the name 47 Praising God, and havof Jesus Christ for the remis- ing favour with all the people. sion of sins, and ye

And the Lord added to the ceive the gift of the HolyGhost.church daily such as should

39 For the promise is unto be saved. you, and to your children, and b For David is not himself in the ing the religion of Jesus, from the

j Saying, save yourselves by embracbody ascended into heaven.

ruin which will speedily come upon i Were pricked in their heart, were this depraved nation. deeply affected with relenting and k Singleness of beart, sincerity of concern.

heart, or without covetousness.

shall re

i lame man cured. Acts. Peter addresses the people, CHAP. III.

wonder and amazement at that

which had happened unto him. 1 Peter and John restore a lame

11 And as the lame man man. 19 The people are ex

which was healed held Peter horted to repentance.

and John, all the people ran NOW Peter and John went together unto them in the porch up together into the temple at that is called Solomon's, greatthe hour of prayer, being the ly wondering. pinth hour.

12 | And when Peter saw it, 2 And a certain man, lame he answered unto the people, from his mother's womb, was Ye men of Israel, why marvel carried, whom they laid daily ye at this ? or why look ye so at the gate of the temple which earnestly on us, as though by is called Beautiful, to ask alms our own power or holiness we of them that entered into the had made this man to walk ? temple;

13 The God of Abraham, & 3 Who, seeing Peter and of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God John about to go into the tem- of our fathers, hath glorified ple, asked an alms.

his Son Jesus; whom ye de4 And Peter, fastening his livered up, and denied him in eyes upon him with John, said, the presence of Pilate, a when Look on us.

he was determined to let him 5 And he gave heed unto go. i hem, expecting to receive

14 But


denied the holy something of them.

One and the Just, and desired 6 Then Peter said, Silver a murderer to be granted unto and gold have I none; but you ; sneh as I have give I thee; In 15 And killed the Prince of the name of Jesus Christ of life, whom God hath raised Nazareth rise up and walk. from the dead; whereof we are

✓ And he took him by the witnesses. right hand, and lifted him up; 16 And his name, through and immediately his feet and faith in his name, háth made ancle-bones received strength. this man strong, whom ye see

8 And he, leaping up, stood, and know; yea, the faith which and walked, and entered with is by him hath given him this them into the temple, walking, perfect soundness in the presand leaping, and praising God.


all. 9 And all the people saw 17 And now, brethren, I him walking & praising God: wotb that through ignorance

10 And they knew that it yedid it, as did also your rulers. was he which sat for alms at

a Pilate, the Roman governor of the Beautiful gate of the tem- Judea. ple; and they were filled with 6 I wot, I know

ence of

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