Exhortation to repentance. Chap. iv. Peter & John imprisoned.

18 But those things which nant which God made with our God before had shewed by the fathers, saying unto Abraham, mouth of all his prophets, that And in thy seed shall all the Christ should suffer, he hath kindreds of the earth be blessso fulfilled.

ed. 19 Repent ye, therefore, 26 Unto you first, God, havand be converted, that your ing raised up his son Jesus, sins may be blotted out, when sent him to bless


in turnthe times of refreshing shall ing away, every one of you come from the presence of the from his iniquities.

Lord ;c


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20 And he shall send Jesus

CHAP. IV. Christ, which before 1 The rulers imprison Peter & preached unto you:

John. 8 Peter's boldness : 18 21 Whom the heaven must they are threatened. receive until the times of res AND as they spake unto the titution of all things, which people, the priests and the capGod hath spoken by the mouth tain of the temple, and the Sadof all his holy prophets since ducees, came upon them, the world began.

2 Being grieved that they 22 For Moses truly said taught the people, and preachunto the fathers,d A Propheted through Jesus the resurrecshall the Lord your God raise tion from the dead. up unto you of your brethren, 3 And they laid hands on like unto me; 'him shall yé them, and put them in holda hear in all things whatsoever unto the next day; for it was he shall say unto you.

now even-tide.b 23 And it shall come to pass,

4 Howbeit, many of them that every

soul which will not which heard the word believhear that Prophet, shall be ed; and the number of the destroyed from among the peo men was about five thousand. ple.

5 1 And it came to pass on 24 Yea, & all the prophets, the morrow, that their rulers, from Samuel, and those that and elders, and scribes, follow after, as many as have

6 And Annas the high priest, spoken, have likewise foretold and Caiaphas, and John, and

Alexander, & as many as were Ye are the children of of the kindred of the high the wphets, and of the cove- priest, were gathered together

at Jerusalem.
6. That times of refresbing and spiri-
tual consolation may come from en-

vny And when they had set joying the presence of the Lord.

them in the midst, they asked; d Moses truly said unto the fathers,

a In hold, in custody or prison. &c. Deut. xviii, 15, 18, 19.

b Even-tide, evening

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these days.

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Peter's boldness.

Acts. They are threatened. By what power, or by what 14 And beholding the man, name, have ye done this? which was healed, standing

8 Then Peter, filled with with them, they could say nothe Holy Ghost, said unto them, thing against it. Ye rulers of the people, and 15 But when they had comelders of Israel,

manded them to go aside out 9 If we this day be examin- of the council, they conferred ed of the good deed done to the among themselves, impotentc man, by what means 16 Saying, What shall we he is made whole;

do to these men ? for that in10 Be it known unto you all, deed a notable miracle hath and to all the people of Israel, been done by them is manifest that by the name of Jesus to all them that dwell in JeruChrist of Nazareth, whom ye salem ; and we cannot deny it. crucified, whom God raised 17 But that it spread no from the dead, even by hiin farther

farther among the people, let doth this man stand here be us straitly threaten them, that fore you whole.

they speak henceforth to no 11 This is the stone which man in this name. was set at nought of you

build 18 And they called them, ers, which is become the head and commanded them not to of the corner.d

speak at all, nor teach, in the 12 Neither is there salva name of Jesus. tion in any other; for there is 19 But Peter and John an. none other name under heaven swered, and said unto them, given among men, whereby we Whether it be right in the must be saved.

sight of God to hearken unto 13 | Now, when they saw you more than unto God, judge the boldness of Peter and Johy, ye. and perceived that they were 20 For we cannot but speak unlearned and ignorant men, the things, which we have seen they marvelled : and they took and heard. knowledge of them,e that they 21 So, when they had furhad been with Jesus.

ther threatened them, they let

them go, finding nothing how c Impotent, weak, or lame. they might punish them, be

d This Jesus is, in the church, the cause of the people; for all foundation stone, which you builders,

men glorified God for that or guides and teachers, have set at. which was done. nought, but it has nevertheless become the head, the principal stone in

22 For the man was above the edifice.

forty years old, on whom this e They took knowledge, &c. they re

miracle of healing was shewed. collected to have seen them with 23 4 And being let go, they Jesus

went to their own company,

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upon them all.

Peter and John pray. Chap. iv. The Holy Ghost giver. and reported all that the chief 32 And the multitude of priests and elders had said them that believed were of one unto them,

heart and of one soul; neither 24 And when they heard said any of them, that ought of that, they lifted up their voice the things which he possessed to God with one accord, and was his own; but they had all said, Lord, thou art God, which things common. hast made heaven and earth, 33 And with great power and the sea, and all that in gave the apostles witness of them is :

the resurrection of the Lord 25 Who by the mouth of Jesus; and great grace f was thy servant David hast said, Why did the heathen rage, and 34 Neither was there any the people imagine vain things? among them that lacked; for

26 The kings of the earth as many as were possessors of stood up,

and the rulers were lands or houses sold them, and gathered together against the brought the prices of the things Lord, and against his Christ. that were sold,

27 For of a truth against 35 And laid them down at thy holy child Jesus, whom the apostles' feet; and distrithou hast anointed, both Herod bution was made unto every and Pontias Pilate, with the man according as he had need. Gentiles, and the people of 36 And Joses, who by the Israel, were gathered together, apostles was surnamed Barna

28 For to do whatsoever thy bas, (which is, being interprethand & thy counsel determin ed, The son of consolation,) a ed before to be done.

Levite, and of the country of 29 And now, Lord, behold Cyprus, g their threatenings; and grant

37 Having land, sold it, and unto thy servants, that with brought the money, and laid it all boldness they may speak at the apostles' feet. thy word,

30 By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs

f Grace, the favour and blessing of

God. and wonders may be done by

& Cyprus, a large island in the the name of thy holy child north east part of the Mediterranean

sea, about 175 miles in length and 60 31 | And when they had

in breadth. Among its principal prayed, the place was shaken

cities were Salamis and Paphos. St.

Paul, with Barnabas and Mark, visitwhere they were assembled to

ed this island ; and it was here he gether ; and they were all fill withstood Elymas, the sorcerer, and ed with the Holy Ghost, and confirmed the faith of Surgius Paulus, they spake the word of God the deputy or governor. with boldness.


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Inanias and


Sapphira's death.

together to tempt the Spirit of 1 Ananias and Sapphira fall the Lord ? behold, the feet of

down dead. 19 The apostles them which have buried thy delivered by an angel.

husband are at the door, and BUT a certain man named shall carry thee out. Ananias, with Sapphira his 10 Then fell she down wife, sold a possession,

straightway at his feet, and 2 And kept back part of yielded up the ghost; and the the price, his wife also being young men came in, and found privy to it, and brought a cer. her dead, and carrying her tain part, and laid it at the forth, buried her by her husapostles' feet.

band. 3 But Peter said, Ananias, 11 And great fear came upwhy hath Satan filled thiné on all the church,c and upon heart to lie to the Holy Ghost, as many as heard these things. and to keep back part of the 12 4 And by the hands of price of the land ?

the apostles were many signs 4 Whiles a it remained, was and wonders wrought among it not thine own ? and after it the people ; (and they were was sold, was it not in thine all with one accord in Soloown power? why last thou mon's porch. conceived this thing in thine 13 And of the restd durst no heart? thou hast not lied un man join himself to them; but to men, but unto God.

the people magnified them. 5 And Ananias hearing 14 And believers were the these words fell down, and more added to the Lord, mulgave up the ghost ;b and great titudes both of men & women ;) fear came on all them that 15 Insomuch that they heard these things.

brought forth the sick into the 6 And the young men arose, streets, and laid them on beds wound him up, and carried and couches, that at the least him out, and buried him. the shadow of Peter passing

ry And it was about the by, might overshadow some of space of three hours after, them. when his wife, not knowing 16 There .came also a mulwhat was done, came in. titude out of the cities round

8 And Peter answered unto about unto Jerusalem, bringher, Tell me whether ye sold ing sick folks, and them that the land for so much? And were vexed with unclean spirshe said, Yea, for so much. its; and they were healed ev

9 Then Peter said unto her, ery one. How is it that ye have agreed

c Church, the whole body of Chrisa Wbiles, whilst.

tians. 6 Gave up the ghost, died.

d Of the rest, those not converted

The apostles imprisoned, Chap. v. their lives in danger.

17 1 Then the high priest 25 Then came one and told rose up, and all they that were them, saying, Behold, the men with him, (which is the sect of whom ye put in prison, are the Sadducees,) and were fill. standing in the temple, and ed with indignation,

teaching the people. 18 And laid their hands on 26 Then went the captain the apostles, and put them in with the officers, and brought the common prison.

them without violence; (for 19 But the angel of the they feared the people, lest Lord by night opened the pris- they should have been stoned ;) on-doors, and brought them 27 And when they had forth, and said,

brought them, they set them 20 Go, stand and speak in before the couneil; and the the temple to the people all high priest asked them, the words of this life.e

28 Saying, Did not we strait21 And when they heard lyg command you that ye that, they entered into the tem- should not teach in this name th ple early in the morning, and and, behold, ye have filled Jetaught. But the high priestrusalem with your doctrine, came, and they that were with, and intend to bring this man's him, and called the council to- blood


us.i gether, and all the senate of 29 | Then Peter and the the children of Israel, and sent other apostles answered, and to the prison to have them said, We ought to obey God brought.

rather than men. 22 But when the officers 30 The God of our fathers came, & found them not in the raised up Jesus, whom ye slew, prison, they returned, and told, and hanged on a tree:

23 Saying, The prison tru 31 Him hath God exalted ly found we shut with all safe- with his right hand to be a ty, and the keepers standing Prince and à Saviour, for to without before the doors; but, give repentance to Israel, and when we had opened, we found forgiveness of sins. no man within.

32 And we are his witness24 Now when the high es of these things; and so is priest, and the captain of the also the Holy Ghost, whom temple, and the chief priests, God hath given to them that heard these things, they doubt- obey him. ed of them whereumto this 33 When they heard that,

would grow.f

e The words of this life, the Gospel g Straitly, strictly. of everlasting life.

be This name, the name of Jesus. f They doubted, whether what they i To bring this man's blood upon us, heard of them, could be true; and if to make it appear, that we are guilty So, what would be the consequence,

of the death of Jesus.

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