Abstain from meats

Chap. viii.

offered to idols. the law. as long as her hus. heaven or in earth, (as there band liveth; but if her hus- be gods many, and lords many,) band be dead, she is at liberty 6 But to us there is but one to be married to whom she God the Father, of whom are will; only in the Lord. all things, and we in him; and

40 But she is happier if one Lord Jesus Christ, by she so abide, after my judg. whom are all things, and we ment; and I think also that I by him. have the Spirit of God.

von Howbeit, there is not in

every man that knowledge; CHAP. VIII.*

for some, with conscience of 1 To abstain from meats offer. the idol, unto this hour eat it b

ed to idols. 8 We must as a thing offered unto an idol ; not abuse our Christian lib- & their conscience being weak erty.

is defiled. NOW, as touching a things 8 But meat commendeth us offered unto idols, we know not to God; for neither, if we that we all have knowledge. eat, are we the better; neither, Knowledge puffeth up, but if we eat not, are we the worse. charity edifieth.

9 But take heed, lest by any 2 And if any man think means this liberty of yours bethat he knoweth any thing, he come a stumbling-block to them knoweth nothing yet, as he that are weak. ought to know.

10 For if any man see thee, 3 But if any man love God, which hast knowledge, sit at the same is known of him. meat in the idol's temple, shall

4 As concerning, therefore, not the conscience of him, the eating of those things that which is weak, be emboldened are offered in sacrifice unto to eat those things, which are idols, we know that an idol is offered to idols; nothing in the world, and that 11 And through thy knowthere is none other god but one. ledge shall the weak brother

5 For though there be that perish, for whom Christ died ? are called gods, whether in 12 But when ye sin so aa Touching, concerning.

b Eat it, eat the sacrifice. * To render this chapter more intelligible, it may be observed, that when the Heathens offered sacrifices of such animals as were fit for food, a part of the carcase was burnt on the altar, a part was given to the priest, and on the remainder the offerers feasted with their friends, either in the idol's temple, or at home. Sometimes a part was sent as a present to friends; and if the sacrifice was large, a part of it was sold in the market. To these idolatrous feasts the Christians were often invited, and sometimes went. To ution them against offending their weak or ignorant brethren, and to direct them in their intercourse with their idolatrous neighbours Paul wrote this and part of the tenth chapter.

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Ministers ought to 1. Corinthians. live by the gospel

. gainst the brethren, and wound 6 Or I only and Barnabas, their weak conscience, ye sin have not we power to forbear against Christ.

working ? 13 Wherefore, if meat make 7 Who goeth a warfare any my brother to offend,c I will time at his own charges ? who eat no flesh while the world planteth a vineyard, and eat. standeth, lest I make my bro. eth not of the fruit thereof? ther to offend.

or who feedeth a flock, and CHAP. IX.*

eateth not of the milk of the 1 Paul sheweth his liberty, and flock ?

that the ministers ought to 8 Say I these things as a live by the Gospel. Å Our man? or saith not the law the life is like unto a race.

same also ? AM I not an apostle ? am I 9 For it is written in the not free ?a have I not seen Je- law of Moses,d Thou shalt sus Christ our Lord ? are not not muzzle the mouth of the ye my work in the Lord ? ox, that treadeth out the corn.

2 if I be not an apostle unto Doth God take care for oxen? others, yet doubtless I am to 10 Or saith he it altogether you ; for the seal of mine apos- for our sakes ? For our sakes, tleship are ye in the Lord. no doubt, this is written ; that

3 Mine answer to them that he that ploweth should plow do examine me, is this ;

in hope; and that he that 4 Have we not power to eat thresheth in hope, should be and to drink?

partaker of his hope

.. 5 Have we not power to lead 11 If we have sown unto you about a sister, a wife, as well spiritual things, is it a great as other apostles, and as the thing if we sha'l reap your brethren of the Lord,b and carnal things Pe Cephas Pc

12 If others be partakers of

this power over you, are not c Make


brother to offend, offend my brother, or cause him to sin.

we rather ! Nevertheless, we
have not used this power;

but a Am I not a free-man?

b The brethren of the Lord, James, d In the law of Moses. Deut. XXV. 4. Judas, and Simon.

e Carnal things, the necessaries and c Cephas, Peter.

comforts of life. To understand this chapter, we may suppose, some enemy to Paul had taught the Corinthians, that he was an impostor, not an apostle, and that his preaching gratis, or without compensation, was an evidence, he was conscious of it; but he assures them he was an apostle and a free-mari, and that he had power, or a right to eat and drink at their expense, or to require a support not only for himself, but also for a wife or sister, had he found it convenient or necessary for either to accompany hinı ; and though he declined using this power, he taught, that they, who preach the Gospel

, ought to live of the Gospel, or were entitled to a support for their labour.

Paul's account of

Chap. ix.

his manner of life. suffer all things, lest we should 20 And unto the Jews I be. hinder the Gospel of Christ. came as a Jew, that I might

13 Do ye not know, that gain the Jews; to them that they which minister about are under the law, as under holy things, live of the things the law, that I might gain of the temple and they which them that are under the law; wait at the altar, are partakers 21 To them that are with. with the altar ?

out law, as without law, (be14 Even so hath the Lord ing not without law to God, ordained, that they which but under the law to Christ,) preach the Gospel should live that I might gain them that of the Gospel

are without law. A5 But I have used none of 22 To the weak became I these things ; neither have I as weak, that I might gain the written these things, that it weak; I am made all things should be so done unto me; for to all men, that I might by all it were better for me to die, means save some. than that any man should 23 And this I do for the make my glorying void. Gospel's sake, that I might be

16 For though I preach partaker thereof with you. the Gospel, I have nothing to 24 Know ye not, that they glory of; for necessity is laid which run in a race, run all, upon me;, yea, wo is unto me, but one receiveth the prize if I preach

not the Gospel ! So run that ye may obtain. 17 For if I do this thing 25 And every man that striwillingly, I have a reward; veth for the mastery,g is tembut if against my will, a dis- perate in all things. Now, they pensation f of the Gospel is com- do it to obtain à corruptible mitted unto me.

crown, but we an incorrupti18 What is my reward then? ble. Verily, that when I preach the 26 I therefore so run, not Gospel, I may make the Gos- as uncertainly; so fight I, not pel of Christ without charge, as one that beateth the air : that I abuse not my power in

27 But I keep under iny the Gospel.

body, and bring it into subjec19 For though I be free from tion ; lest that by any means, all men, yet have I made my. when I have preached to othself servant unto all, that I ers, I myself should be a castmiglit gain the more.


CHAP. X. f Dispensation, the care or preach- 1 The Jewish sacraments, 6 ing.-The latter part of this verse may be rendered - But if the care of types of ours; and their punthe Gospel is confided to me against my will, I bave no reward.

g Mastery, to conquer or excel.

in the sea;

Jewish sacraments I. Corinthians.

types of ours. ishments, 11 our examples and were destroyed of the des21 We must not make the troyer.c Lord's table the table of de 11 Now, all these things vils.

happened unto them for enMOREOVER, brethren, I samples ; and they are written would not that ye should be for our admonition, upon whom ignorant, how that all our fa- the ends of the world are thers were under the cloud, come.d and all passed through the sea; 12 Wherefore, let him that

2 And were all baptized un thinketh he standeth, take to Moses a in the cloud and heed lest he fall.

13 There hath no tempta3 And did all eat the same tion taken you, but such as is spiritual meat;

common to man; but God is 4 And did all drink the same faithful, who will not suffer spiritual drink; (for they you to be tempted above that drank of that spiritual Roek ye are able ; but will with the that followed them; and that temptation also make a way to Rock was Christ :)

escape, that ye may be able 5 But with many of them to bear it. God was not well pleased ; for

14 Wherefore, my dearly they were overthrown in the beloved, flee from idolatry. wilderness.

15 I speak as to wise men: 6 Now, these things were judge ye what I say. our examples, to the intent we 16 The cup of blessing should not lust after evil things which we bless, is it not the as they also lusted.

communion of the blood of to Neither be ye idolaters,

c In the ten first verses of this as were some of them; as it is written, The people sat down opinion of the Jews, and the doc

chapter, Paul, in opposition to the to eat and drink, and rose up trine of a false teacher at Corinth, . to play.

shews, that no privileges will ex8 Neither let us commit for empt the disobedient from punishnication, as some of them com ment; for as the peculiar favour of mitted, and fell in one day

God to the fathers manifested by mi

raculous deliverance and preservation, three and twenty thousand. could not save the wicked among

9. Neither let us tempt them from punishment; so our GosChrist, as some of them also pel privileges, baptism and the Lord's tempted, and were destroyed supper, can never commend us to of serpents.

God, and secure his favour, if we pre19 Neither murmur ye, as

sumptuously sin against him. some of them also murmured,

d The ends of the world. This may

mean the end of the Mosaic dispensaa See chap. i. verse 13.

tion, or the last dispensation of reliB As it is written, Ex, xxxii. 6. gion, i. e. the Christian dispensation.


Chap. xi.

forbidden. Christ? the bread which we no questiong for conscience' break, is it not the communion sake: of the body of Christ ?

26 For the earth is the Lord's, 17 For we, being many, are

and the fulness thereof. one bread, and one body; for 27 If any of them that bewe are all partakers of that lieve not bid you to a feast, and one bread.

ye be disposed to go; whatso18 Behold Israel after the ever is set before you eat, askflesh. Are not they which eating no question for conscience' of the sacrifices, partakers of sake. the altar ?

28 But if any man say unto 19 What say I then ? that you, This is offered in sacrithe idol is any thing ? or that fice unto idols, ent not for his which is offered in sacrifice to sake that shewed it, and for idols, is any thing?

conscience' sake; for the earth 20 But I say, that the things is the Lord's, and the fulness which the Gentiles sacrifice, thereof. they sacrifice to devils, and not 29 Conscience, I say, not to God; and I would not that thine own, but of the other; ye should have fellowship with for why is my liberty judged of devils.

another man's conscience ? 21 Ye cannot drink the cup

30 For if I by grace be a of the Lord and the cup of de- partaker, why am I evil spokvils; ye cannot be partakers of en of for that, for which I give the Lord's table and of the ta- thanks ?. ble of devils.

31 Whether, therefore, ye 22 Do we provoke the Lord eat, or drink, or whatsoever to jealousy ? are we stronger yedo, do all to the glory of God. than he ?

32 Give none offence, nei23 All things e are lawful ther to the Jews, nor to the for me, but all things are not Gentiles, nor to the church of expedient; all things are law. God: ful for me, but all things edi 33 Even as I please all men fy not.

in all things, not seeking mine 24 Let no man seek his own, own profit, but the profit of but every man another's wealth. many, that they may be saved.

25 Whatsoever is sold in the shambles,f that eat, asking


1 He reproveth them, because, e. All things. Paul means, that un

in holy assemblies, 4 their der the Gospel all meats are lawful for him and for others; but it may not

men prayed with their heads be expedient to eat all kinds, lest offence might be given.

8 Asking no question, whether it of Sbambles, market.

have been offered in sacrifice to idols.

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