Of Paul's sufferings Chap xi. for Christ, 8c.

12 For we dare not make bear with me a little in my ourselves of the number, or folly;a & indeed bear with me. compare ourselves with some

2 For I am jealous over you that commend themselves: but with godly jealousy ; for I they, measuring themselves by have espoused you to one husthemselves, and comparing band, that I may present you themselves among themselves, as a chaste virgin to Christ. are not wise.

3 But I fear, lest by any 13 But we will not boast of means, as the serpent beguiled things without our measure, Eve through his subtilty, so but according to the measure your

minds should be corruptof the rule which God hath ed from the simplicity that is distributed to us, a measure to in Christ. reach even unto you.

4 For if he that cometh 14 For we stretch not our- preacheth another Jesus whom selves beyond our measure, as we have not preached, or if ye though we reached not unto receive another spirit which you ; for we are come as far as

ye have not received, or anothto you also in preaching the er Gospel, which ye have not Gospel of Christ :

accepted, ye might well bear 15 Not boasting of things with

him. without our measure, that is, 5 For I suppose I was not of other men's labours ; but a whit behind the


chiefhaving hope, when your faith est apostles.b is increased, that we shall be 6 But though I be rude in enlarged by you according to speech, yet not in knowledge; our rule abundantly,

but we have been thoroughly 16 To preach the Gospel in nade manifest among you in the regions beyond you; and all things. not to boast in another man's ng Have I committed an ofline of things made ready to fence in abasing myself, that

ye might be exalted, because 17 But he that glorieth, let I have preached to you the him glory in the Lord. Gospel of God freely éd 18 For not he that com

a In my folly. Paul calls his commendeth himself is approved, mending himself

, folly, because his but whom the Lord commend- opposers had given it that name. eth.

6 Not a whit bebind, &c. In nothing CHAP. XI.

inferior to the very greatest of the Paul being enforced, entereth apostles. into a commendation of him- by labouring

for subsistence, that ye

6 In abasing ; in humbling myself self, and comparison with might be exalted by believing in Christ. the other apostles.

d Freely, as a free gift, or without WOULD to God ye could reward.

our hand.

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am I.

Paul glorieth
II. Corinthians.

in affliction.
8 I robbed other churches, 17 That which I speak, I
taking wages of them to do you speak it not after the Lord,

but as it were foolishly, in this 9 And when I was present confidence of boasting. with you, and wanted, I was 18 Seeing that many glory chargeable to no man; for that after the flesh, I will glory also. which was lacking to me, the 19 For ye suffer fools gladbrethren, which came from ly, seeing ye yourselves are Macedonia, supplied; and in wise: all things I have kept myself 20 For ye suffer if a man from being burdensome 'unto bring you into bondage, if a you, and so will I keep myself. man devour if 10 As the truth of Christ of you, if a man exalt himself

, is in me, no man shall stop me if a man smite you on the face. of this boasting in the regions 21 I speak as concerning of Achaia.

reproach, as though we had 11 Wherefore ? because I been weak. Howbeit, wherelove you not ? God knoweth. insoever any is bold, (I speak

12 But what I do, that I foolishly,f) I am bold also. will do, that I may cut off oc 32 Are they Hebrews ? so casion from them, which desire

Are they Israelites ? occasion ; that wherein they so am I. Are they the seed of glory, they may be found even Abraham ? so am I.

23 Are they ministers of 13 For such are false apos- Christ? (I speak as a fool,) I tles, deceitful workers, trans am more ; in labours more aforming themselves into the bundant, in stripes above meaapostles of Christ.

sure, in prisons more frequent, 14 And no marvel; for Sa. in deaths oft.com tan himself is transformed in. 24 Of the Jews five times to an angel of light.

received I forty stripes save 15 Therefore it is no great thing, if his ministers also be 25 Thrice was I beaten with transformed, as the ministers rods, once was I stoned, thrice of righteousness; whose end I suffered shipwreck, a night shall be according to their and a day I have been in the works.

deep; 16 I say again, let no man 26 In journeyings often, in think me a fool;e if otherwise, perils of waters, in perils of yet as a fool receive me, that robbers, in perils by mine own I may boast myself a little.

countrymen, in perils by the

if I, no doubt in your opinion, speet e Think me a fool for speaking in as a fool. my own praise.

In danger of deaths often.


as we.

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Taul's wonderful
Chap. xii.

revelations. heathen, in perils in the city, about fourteen years ago, in perils in the wilderness, in (whether in the body, I cannot perils in the sea, in perils a- tell ; or whether out of the mong false brethren;

body I cannot tell; God know27 In weariness and pain- eth :) such an one caught up fulness, in watchings often, in to the third heaven.b hunger and thirst, in fastings 3 And I knew such a man, often, in cold and nakedness. (whether in the body or out of

28 Besides those things that the body I cannot tell ; God are without, that which com knoweth ;) eth upon me daily, the care of

4 How that he was caught all the churches.

up into paradise, and heard 29 Who is weak, and I am unspeakable words, which it is not weak ? who is offended, not lawful for a man to utter. and I burn not ?

5 Of such an one will I glo30 If I must needs glory I ry; yet of myself I will not will glory of the things which glory, but in mine infirmities. concern mine infirmities.

6 For though I would desire 31 The God and Father of to glory, I shall not be a fool ; our Lord Jesus Christ, which for I will say the truth ; but is blessed forevermore, know- now I forbear lest any man eth that I lie not.

should think of me above that, 32 In Damascus the gov- which he seeth me to be, or ernor under Aretas the king that he heareth of me. kept the city of the Damas hy And lest I should be excenes with a garrison, desir- alted above measure through ous to apprehend me :

the abundance of the revela33 And through a window tions, there was given to me a in a basket, was I let down by thorn in the flesh,c the messenthe wall, & escaped his hands.

6 Third heaven. The Jews called CHAP. XII.

the region of the air, where the birds 1 He commendeth his apostle- fly, the First Heaven; the region of

the stars, the Second ; and the space ship, not by his revelations, still higher,

where is the seat of God, 9 but by his infirmities, 11 of the holy angels, and into which blaming them for forcing Christ ascended after his resurrecthis boasting:

tion, the Third Heuven. IT is not expedient for me doubtless to glory; I will come

. The thorn in the flesh, it is supposto visions and revelations of ed, was some bodily weakness, occathe Lord.

sioned by his rapture abovemention

ed, which might disagreeably affect 2 I knew a man in Christ a his looks, gesture, and speech, and

a I knew a man in Cbrist. Paul render his manner of preaching less here doubtless speaks of himself. acceptable.


His boasting

II. Corinthians. in infirmities. ger of Satan to buffet med lest but the parents for the chilI should be exalted above mea- dren. sure.

15 And I will very gladly 8 For this thing I besought spend and be spent for you; the Lord thrice, that it might though the more abundantly I depart from me.


you, the less I be loved. 9 And he said unto me, My 16 But be it so I did not grace is sufficient for thee; for burden you; nevertheless, bemy strength is made perfect in ing crafty, I caught you with weakness. Most gladly, there- guile. fore, will I rather glory in my

17 Did I make a gain of infirmities, that the power of you by any of them, whom I Christ may rest upon me.

sent unto you? 10 Therefore I take plea 18 I desired Titus,e & with sure in infirmities, in reproach- him I sent a brother; did Ties in necessities, in persecu- tas make a gain of you? walktions, in distresses for Christ's ed we not in the same spirit ? sake; for when I am weak walked we not in the same then am I strong.

11 I am become a fool in 19 Again, think ye that we glorying; ye have coinpelled excuse ourselves unto you? we me; for 1 ought to have been speak before God in Christ; commended of

you; for in no but we do all things, dearly thing am I behind the very beloved, for your edifying. chiefest apostles, though I be

20 For I fear, lest when I nothing.

come, I smagot find


such 12 Truly the signs of an a

that I shall be postle were wrought among foundu: "you'such as ye would you in all patience, in signs, & not; lest there be debates, enwonders, and mighty deeds. vyings, wraths, strifes, back

13 For what is it wherein bitings,whisperings, swellings, ye were inferior to other chur tumults: ches, except it be that I myself 21 And lest, when I come was not burdensome to you? again, my God will humble forgive me this wrong.

me among you, and that I 14 Behold, the third time I shall bewail many which have am ready to come to you ; and sinned already, and have not I will not be burdensome to repented of the uncleanness you; for I seek not yours, and fornication and lascivious. but you; for the children oughtness which they have comnot to lay up for the parents, mitted.

as I


d As the messenger of satan to buffet or mortify me.

. I desired Titus to go to you.

Chap. xii.

, truth.

Paul threateneth

obstinate sinners. CHAP. XIII.

know that we are not repro1 He threateneth obstinate sin- bates.

ners : 5 he adviseth them to vay Now I pray to God that a trial of their faith. ye do no evil; not that we

THIS is the third time I should appear approved, but am coming to you. In the that ye should do that which mouth of two or three witness- is honest, though we be as repes shall every word be estab- robates. lished.

8 For we can do nothing a2 I told you before, and gainst the truth, but for the foretel you, as if I were present, the second time; and be 9 For we are glad, when ing absent now I write to them we are weak, and ye are which heretofore have sinned, strong; and this also we wish, and to all other, that, if I even your perfection. come again, I will not spare : 10 Therefore I write these

3 Since ye seek a proof of things being absent, lest being Christ speaking in me, which present I should use sharpness, to you-ward is not weak, but according to the power which is mighty in you.

the Lord hath given me to 4 For though he was cru- edification, and not to destruccified through weakness,a yet tion. he liveth by the power of God. 11 Finally, brethren, fareFor we also are weak in him, well. Be perfect, be of good but we shall live with him by comfort, be of one mind, live the power of God toward you.b in peace; and the God of love

5 Examine yourselves, whe- and peace shall be with you. ther ye be in the faith; prove 12 Greet one another with your own selves. Know ye an holy kiss. not your own selves, how that 13 All the saints salute you. Jesus Christ is in you, except

14 The


of the Lord ye be reprobates ?

Jesus Christ, and the love of 6 But I trust that ye shall God, and the communion of

the holy Ghost, be with you

all. Amen. o Tbrough weakness ; by reason of

1 The second epistle to the the weakness of his human nature,

Corinthians was written which was subject to death. 6 We shull live with him, by exer

from. Philippi, a city of cising the power of God among you,

if Macedonia, by Titus and ye do not repent.


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