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Of suffering persecution I. Peter. and rejoicing under it. kim speak as the oracles of the ungodly and the sinner apGod; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability 19 Wherefore, let them that which God giveth; that God suffer according to the will of in all things may be glorified God, commit the keeping of through Jesus Christ ; to their souls to him in well-dowhom be praise and dominion ing, as unto a faithful Creator. forever and ever. Amen. 12 Beloved, think it not

CHAP. V. strange concerning the fiery 1 He exhortheth the elders to trial, which is to try you, as

feed their flock; 5 the young. though some strange thing er to obey, 8 and all to be sohappened unto you:

ber, watchful, fo constant in 13 But rejoice, in as much the faith ; 9 to resist the as ye are partakers of Christ's cruel adversary the devil. sufferings; that, when his THE elders,a which are glory shall be revealed, ye among you I exhort, who am may be glad also with exceed- also an elder, and a witness of ing joy.

the sufferings of Christ, and 14 If ye be reproached for also a partaker of the glory the name of Christ, happy are

that shall be revealed : ye; for the Spirit of glory and 2 Feed the flock of God of God resteth upon you ; on

which is among you, taking their part he is evil spoken of, the oversight thereof, not by but on your part he is glorified. constraint, but willingly; not

15 But let none of you suf- for filthy lucre,b but of a ready fer as a murderer, or as a mind; thief, or as an evil-doer, or as 3 Neither as being lords a busy-body in other men's over God's heritage, but being matters.

ensamples to the flock : 16 Yet, if any man suffer as 4 And when the chief Shepa Christian, let him not be a herd shall appear, ye shall reshamed; but let him glorify ceive a crown of glory, that God on this behalf.

fadeth not away. 17 For the time is come,

5 Likewise, ye younger, that judgment must begin at submit yourselves unto the el. the house of God; and if it der; yea, all of you be subject first begin at us, what shall one to another, and be clothed the end be of them that obey with humility; for God resistnot the Gospel of God? eth the proud, and giveth grace

18 And if the righteous to the humble. scarcely be saved, where shall

a Elders, teachers, whether bishvery Fiery trial, fire of persecution. b Lurre, gain, or maney.

ops or deacons.


The elders exhorted Chap. v.

to teach, &c. 6 Humble yourselves, there. while, make you perfect, stakfore, ander the mighty hand of lish, strengthen, settle you : God, that he may exalt you in 11 To him be glory and dodue time ;

minion forever and ever. A. Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for

you. 12 By Silvanus, a faithful 8 Bé sober, be vigilant; be- brother unto you, as I suppose, cause your adversary the de- I have written briefly, exhortvil, as a roaring lion, walkething, and testifying, that this is abont, seeking whom he may the true grace of God wherein devour;

9 Whom resist steadfast in 13 The church that is at the faith, knowing that the Babylon, elected together with same afflictions are

you, saluteth you;

and so doth plished in your brethren, that Marcus my son. are in the world.

14 Greet ye one another 10 But the God of all grace, with a kiss of charity. Peace who hath called us unto his be with you all, that are in eternal glory by Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus. Amen. after that ye have suffered a

ye stand.




PETER probably wrote this second Epistle at Rome, A. D. 67 or 68, a short time before his death, to oppose those dangerous doctrines, by which false teachers were endeavouring to seduce the Christians from their religion, and to obtain riches, and power, and popularity. The principal errors against which the apostle would guard the Christians, were ;-that. believers are justified by faith without works ;—that believers were under no obligation, either to abstain from sin or to do what is morally good ;-that Christ had purchased for them a liberty to gratify all their passions and appetites ;-und that he will not judge them for so doing, nor for any sin whatever.

Wherefore the apostle warns the Christians against these false teachers, and against scoffers, who should appear, and make a mock of religion, and walk after their own lusts.

Peter exhorieth to II. Peter. continue in faith { THE SECOND EPISTLE GENERAL OF PETER. CHAP. I.

patience : and to patience, 1 Confirming them in hope of godliness;

the increase of God's grace. 7 And to godliness, broth3 he exhorteth them by faith erly-kindness; and to brothand good works, to make erly-kindness, eharity. their calling sure ; 12 where 8 For if these things be in of he is careful to remind you, and abound, they make them, knowing that his death you that ye shall neither be is at hand; 16 and warneth barren nor unfruitful in the them to be constant in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus faith of Christ, who is the Christ. true Son of God.

9 But he that lacketh these TAION PETER, a ser- things is blind, and cannot see

vant and an apostle of Je- far off, and hath forgotten eus Christ, to them that have that he was purged from his obtained like precious faith old sins. with us through the righteous 10 Wherefore the rather, ness of God and our Saviour brethren, give diligence to Jesus Christ :

make your calling and election 2 Grace and peace be mul. sure; for if ye do these things tiplied unto you through the ye shall never fall : knowledge of God, and of Je 11 For so an entrance shall us our Lord,

be ministered unto

you abund3 According as his divine antly into the everlasting kingpower hath given to us all don of our Lord and Saviour things, that pertain unto life Jesus Christ. and yodliness, through the 12 Wherefore I will not be knowledge of him, that hath negligent to put you always called us to glory and virtue: in remembrance of these

4. Whereby are given unto things, though ye know them, ns exceeding great and pre- and be established in the precious promises ; that by these sent truth. ye might be partakers of the 13 Yea, I think it meet, as divine nature, having escaped · long as I am in this tabernathe corruption that is in the ele,a to stir you up, by patWorld through lust.

ting you in remembrance; 5 And besides this, giving 14 Knowing that shortly I all diligence, add to your faith, must put off this my tabernavirtue ; and to virtue, knowl- cle, even as our Lord Jesus eige;

Christ hath shewed me. 6 And to knowledge, temperance; and to temperance, a This tabernacle, this mortal body.


Of faith
Chap. iiz

in Christ. 15 Moreover, I will endeav 21 For the prophecy came our that ye may be able, after not in old time by the will of my decease, to have these

man ; but holy men of God things always in remembrance. spake as they were moved by

16 For we have not follow the Holy Ghost. ed cunningly-devised fables,

CHAP. II. when we made known unto. 1 He foretelleth them of false you the power and coming of teachers, shewing the impieour Lord Jesus Christ, but ty & punishment both of them were eye-witnesses of his ma and their followers ; 7 from jesty.

which the godly shall be de17 For he received from livered, as Lot out of Sodom; God the Father honour & glo 10 and more fully describeth ry, when there came such a the manners of those profane yoice to him from the excel. and blasphemous seducers. lent glory, This is my belov BUT there

false ed Son, in whom I am well prophets also among the peopleased.

ple, even as there shall be 18 And this voice, which false teachers among you, who eame from heaven we heard, privily, shall bring in damnawhen we were with him in the ble heresies, even denying the holy mount.6

Lord that bought them, and 19 We have also a more sure bring upon themselves swift word of prophecy ;c where- destruction, unto ye do well that ye take 2 And many shall follow heed, as unto a light that their pernicious ways; by shineth in a dark place, until reason of whom the way of the day dawn, and the day- truth shall be evil spoken of. star arise in your hearts ;d 3 And through covetous

20 Knowing this first, that ness shall they with feigned no prophecy of the scripture is words make merchandise of of any private interpretation, you za "whose judgment now of

a Make merchandise of you. This 6 The holy mount. See. Matt. xvii. 5. is supposed to be a prediction of the

c We have also the word of pro- iniquitous practices of the Roman phecy, concerning Jesus Christ and Catholic clergy, who have rated alt his appearing to raise the dead and crimes, even the most atrocious, at a judge the world, made more sure by fixed price for the sake of gain; so the transfiguration, which we be that he, who would pay the price, held.

might commit the crinie, without d Until the day of judgment dawn, hazarding his salvation. This and Christ, the morning star of ce practice, so dangerous to the souls lestial day, arise in your bearts, pro of men, and so disgraceful to the ducing full conviction of the truth of Christian religion, is, we believe, now all his promises,

wholly discontinued.

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False teachers and II. Peter. seducers punished: a long time lingereth not, and sation against them before the their damnation slumbereth Lord.b not.

12 Bat these, as natural 4 For if God spared not the brute beasts, made to be taken angels that sinned, but cast and destroyed, speak evil of them down to hell, and deliv- the things that they underered them into chains of dark. stand not, and shall utterly ness, to be reserved unto judg- perish in their own corrupment;

tion; 5 And spared not the old 13 And shall receive the reworld, but saved Noah, the ward of unrighteousness, as eighth person, a preacher of they that count it pleasure to righteousness, bringing in the riot in the day time. Spots Rood upon the world of the they are & blemishes, sporting ungodly;

themselves with their own de6 And turning the cities of ceivings, while they feast with Sodom and Gomorrha into you; ashes, condemned them with 14 Having eyes full of adulan overthrow, making them tery, and that cannot cease an ensample unto those, that from sin ; beguiling unstable after should live ungodly; souls; an heart they have ex

And delivered just Lot, ercised with covetous pracvexed with the filthy conver- tices; cursed children : sation of the wicked:

15 Which have forsaken 8 (For that righteous man the right way, and are gone dwelling among them, in see- astray, following the way of ing and hearing, vexed his Balaam the son of Bosor, who righteous soul from day to day loved the wages of unrightwith their unlawful deeds :)

eousness; 9 The Lord knoweth how 16 But was rebuked for his to deliver the godly out of iniquity; the dumb ass, speak. temptations, and to reserve ing with man's voice, forbade the unjust unto the day of the madness of the prophet. judgment to be punished; 17 These are wells without

10 But chiefly them, that water, clouds that are carried walk after the flesh in the lust with a tempest; to whom the of uncleanness, and despise mist of darkness is reserved government. Presumptuous forever. are they, self-willed, they are 18 For when they speak not afraid to speak evil of diynities : 11 Whereas angels, which that is, when they (the holy angels)

6 Bring not railing accusation, &c. are greater

power and

accuse them before the Lord, they znight, bring not railing accu- do it not with bitter railing.

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