shall re

Woes denounced

Chap. xxii.

against hypocrites. make broad their phylacteriese them that are entering to go in. . and enlarge the borders d of 14 Wo unto you, scribes their garments,

and Pharisees, hypocrites ! for 6 And love the uppermost ye devour widows' houses, and rooms at feasts, and the chief for a pretence make long seats in the synagogues,


ye And greetings in the mar ceive the greater damnation. kets,e and to be called of men, 15 Wo unto you, scribes and Rabbi, Rabbi.f.

Pharisees, hypocrites ! for ye 8 But be not


called Rab compass h sea and land to make bi; for one is your Master, one proselyte;i and when he even Christ; and all ye are is made, ye make him two-fold brethren.

more the child of hell than 9 And call no man your fa- yourselves. ther upon the earth; for one 16 Wo unto you, ye blind is your Father, which is in guides !j which say, Whosoheaven.

ever shall swear by the tem10 Neither be ye called ple, it is nothing; but whosoMasters; for one is your Mas." ever shall swear by the gold ter, even Christ.

of the temple, he is a debtor.k. 11 But he that is greatest 17 Ye fools, and blind! for among you shall be your ser- whether is greater, the gold, vant.

or the temple that sanctifieth 12 And whosoever shall ex- the gold ? alt himself shall be abased;g 18 And, Whosoever shall and he that shall humble him. swear by the altar, it is noself shall be exalted.

thing; but whosoever swear13 | But wo

unto you,

eth by the gift that is upon it, seribes and Pharisees, hypo- he is guilty. erites ! for ye shut up the 19 Ye fools, and blind ! for kingdom of heaven against whether is greater the gift, or l;

in the altar that sanctifieth the yourselves, neither suffer ye gift?

20 Whoso, therefore, shall Phylacteries, scrolls of parchment, containing sentences of the Mosaic

swear by the altar, sweareth Law, bound to the forehead and by it, and by all things thereon. wrists. Deut. vi. 8. xi. 18.

21 And whoso shall swear d Borders, &c. See Numb. xv. 38. by the temple, sweareth by it, Deut. xxii. 12.

e Greetings, to be honoured with b Compass, ye traverse or pass over respect in public places.

sea and land. f To be called Rabbi, Rabbi, and i Proselyte, a convert to Judaism. to be called by men, master, master, į Blind guides, false teachers. at every word.

k He is a debtor ; he is bound to | Abased, shall be humbled.

regard his oath,


for ye

neither go

Concerning outward S. Matthew.

appearances. and by him that dwelleth beautiful outward, but are therein.

within full of dead men's 22 And he that shall swear bones, and of all uncleanness, by heaven, sweareth by the 28 Even so ye also outwardthrone of God, and by him that ly appear rigliteous unto mee, sitteth thereon.

but within ye are full of hy23 Wo unto you, scribes and pocrisy and iniquity. Pharisees, hypocrites ! for ye 29 Wo unto you, scribes and pay tithel of mint, and anise, Pharisees, hypocrites! because and cummin, and have omitted ye build the tombs of the prothe weightier matters of the phets, and garnishn the sepullaw, judgment, mercy, and chres of the righteous, faith; these ought ye to have 30 And say, If we had been done, and not to leave the oth in the days of our fathers, we er undone.

would not have been partakers 24 Ye blind guides! which with them in the blood o of the strain at a gnatm and swallow prophets. a camel.

31 Wherefore ye be witness25 Wo unto you, scribes and es unto yourselves, that ye are Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye the children of them whicla make clean the outside of the killed the prophets. cup and of the platter, but 32 Fill ge up then the meawithin they are full of extor

sure of

your fathers. tion and excess.

33 Ye serpents, ye genera26 Thou blind Pharisee! tion of vipers ! how can ye cleanse first that which is with- escape the damnation of hell ? in the cup and platter, that the 34 Wherefore, behold, I outside of thein may be clean send unto you prophets, and also.

wise men, and scribes; and 27 Wo unto you, scribes and some of them ye shall kill and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye crucify; and some of them are like unto whited sepul- shall ye scourge in your synachres, which indeed appear gogues, and persecute them

from city to city;

35 That upon you may come ! Title was a tax of one tenth part all the righteous blood shed of income, which the Jews devoted to God. The Pharisees were scru upon the earth, from the blood pulously exact in the observance of of righteous Abel unto the ceremonies, but negligent of the du- blood of Zacharias, son of Ba. ties of humanity, and the love of God. rachias, whom ye slew between

m Which strain at a gnat, &c. In the temple and the altar. this verse our Saviour tells the Pharisees, ye affect to be scrupulous about trifles, but disregard things of. n Garnish, adorn. the greatest importance.

o The blood, in killing,

left unto

Jerusalem's destruction. Chap. xxiv. Calamities before it.

36 Verily I say unto you, these things be ? and what All these things shall come shall be the sign of thy comupon this generation.

ing, and of the end of the 37 0 Jerusalem, Jerusalem, world? thou that killest the prophets, 4 And Jesus answered and and stonest them which are said unto them, Take heed sent unto thee, how often would that no man deceive you : I have gathered thy children 5 For


shall come in together, even as à hen gather- my name saying, I am Christ; eth her chickens under her and shall deceive many. wings, and ye would not ! 6 And ye shall hear of wars, 38 Behold, your house is and rumours of wars; see that you desolate.

ye be not troubled; for all 39 For I say unto you, Ye these things must come to pass, shall not see me henceforth, but the end is not yet. till ye shall say, Blessed is hé hy For nation shall rise athat cometh in the name of the gainst nation, and kingdom Lord.

against kingdom; and there CHAP. XXIV. shall be famines, and pestilen1 The destruction of the tem- ees, and earthquakes, in diple foretold. 29 Of Christ's vers places. coming to judgment.

8 All these are the beginAND

Jesus went out, and ning of sorrows. departed from the temple; and 9 Then shall they deliver his disciples came to him, for you up. to be afflicted, and to shew him the buildings of shall kill you ;


be hated of all nations for my 2 And Jesus said unto them, name's sake. See ye not all these things ? 10 And then shall


be Verily I say unto you,

There offended, and shall betray one shall not be left here one stone another, and shall hate one upon another, that shall not another. be thrown down.

11 And many false prophets 3 [ And, as he sat upon shall rise, and shall deceive the mount of Olives, a the dis many. ciples came unto him private 12 And because iniquity ly, saying, Tell us, when shall shall abound, the love of many

shall wax cold. a Mount of Olives, or Mount Olivet, 13 But he that shall endure was a little more than half a mile unto the end, the same shall east of Jerusalem, and separated from be saved. it by the valley of Jehoshaphat, through which run the brook Ki

14 And this Gospel of the dron. From the top of this moun kingdom shall be preached in tain our Saviour ascended into heaven. all the world, for a witness

ye shall

the temple.

Christ foretelleth S. Matthew. false prophets. unto all nations ; and then 20 But pray ye that your shall the end come.b

flight be not into the winter, 15 When ye, therefore, neither on the sabbath-day: shall see the abomination of 21 For then shall be great desolation,c spoken of by Da- tribulation, such as was not niel the prophet, stand in the since the beginning of the holy place, (whoso readeth world to this time, no, nor ever let him understand,)d

shall be. 16 Then let them which be 22 And except those days in Judea flee into the moun- should be shortened there tains :

should no flesh be saved,e but 17 Let him which is on the for the elect's sake those days house-top not come down to shall be shortened. take any thing out of his 23 Then if any man shall house :

say unto you, Lo, here is 18 Neither let him which is Christ, or there; believe it not. in the field return back to take 24 For there shall arise his clothes.

false Christs, and false pro19 And wo unto them that phets, and shall 'shew great are with child, and to them signs and wonders ; insomuch that give suck, in those days! that (if it were possible) they

shall deceive the


elect. 6 The end come. The end of the

25 Behold, I have told

you Jewish state in Judea. This event

before. took place with the destruction of 26 Wherefore, if they shall Jerusalem about forty years after the say unto you, Behold, he is in crucifixion of our Lord.

the desert; go not forth ; be- Abomination of desolation, &c. See hold, he is in the secret chamDan. ix. 25, 27, and xin 11. abomination of desolation here mention. bers; believe it not. ed was probably the Roman armies,

27 For as the lightning composed of heathen idolators, who cometh out of the east, and had the images of idols painted on shineth even unto the west ; their banners, and who burnt the

so shall also the coming of the temple, spread ravage and desolation

Son of man be. through the Holy Land, and put an end to the Jewish government.

28 For wheresoever the d Let him understand, that this re carcase f is, there will the ealates to the fulfilment of Daniel's gles go be gathered together. prophecy concerning the destruction

e And except those days of tribuof Jerusalem by the Romans. Or, lation shall be shortened, there could when ye shall see the Roman armies, no soul survive. the abomination of desolation to the Jews, standing in the Holy Land, in trespasses and sins.

of Carcase, the Jewish nation dead or in the sacred temple of Jerusalem

g Eagles, the Roman armies, on itself; then let them which are in

whose banners was displayed the Judea, &c.


Of Christ's coming

Chap. xxiv. to judgment, &c 29 | Immediately after the were, so shall also the coming tribulation of those days shall of the Son of man be. the sun be darkeped, and the 38 For as in the days that moon shall not give her light, were before the flood they and the stars shall fall from were eating, and drinking, heaven, and the powers of the marrying and giving in marheavens shall be shaken : riage, until the day that Noe

30 And then shall appear entered into the ark, the sign of the Son of man in 39 And knew not until the heaven; and then shall all flood came, and took them all the tribes h of the earth mourn, away; so shall also the comand they shall see the Son of ing of the Son of man be. man coming in the clouds of 40 Then shall two be in the heaven with power and great field; the one shall be taken, glory.

and the other left. 31 And he shall send his 41 Two women shall be angels with a great sound of grinding at the mill; the one a trumpet, and they shall gath- shall be taken, and the other er together his elect from the left. four winds, from one end of 42 ! Watch, therefore ; for heaven to the other.

ye know not what hour your 32 1 Now, learn a parable Lord doth come. of the fig-tree; When his 43 But know this, that if branch is yet tender, and put- the good man of the house had teth forth leaves, ye know that known in what watch the thief summer is nigh.

would . ime he would have 33 So likewise ye, when ye watched, and would not have shall see all these things, know suffered his house to be broken that it is near, even at the up. doors.

44 Therefore be ye also 34 Verily I say unto you, ready; for in such an hour as This generation shall not pass ye think not the Son of man till all these things be fulfilled. cometh.

35 Heaven and earth shall 45 Who then is a faithful pass away, but my words shall and wise servant, whom his not pass away

lord hath made ruler over his 36 | But of that day and household, to give them meat kour knoweth no man, no, not in due season? the angels of heaven, but iny

46 Blessed is that servant

whom his lord, when he com37 But as the days of Noe eth, shall find so doing.

47 Verily I say unto you, b Tribes of the earth; tribes of the That he shall make him ruler jews, or of the Jewish earth. over all his goods.

Father only

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