Four Periods of Public Education as Reviewed in 1832-1839--1846-1962 in Papers

Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts, 1862 - 644 ページ

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460 ページ - ... it is of the utmost consequence you should bear in mind that this inspection is not intended as a means of exercising control, but of affording assistance; that it is not to be regarded as operating for the restraint of local efforts, but for their encouragement ; and that its chief objects will not be attained without the co-operation of the school committees ; - the Inspector having no power to interfere, and not being instructed to offer any advice or information excepting where it is invited.
635 ページ - Lordships are strongly of opinion that no plan of education ought to be encouraged in which intellectual instruction is not subordinate to the regulation of the thoughts and habits of the children by the doctrines and precepts of revealed religion.
592 ページ - Arithmetic. Form on blackboard or slate, from dictation, figures up to 20; name at sight figures up to 20; add and subtract figures up to 10, orally, from examples on blackboard.
468 ページ - British and Foreign School Society ; and if the said school be not in connexion with either of those societies, the committee will not entertain the case, unless some special circumstances be exhibited to induce their lordships to treat the case as special.
502 ページ - Graham, for regulating the employment of children and young persons in factories, and for the better education of children in factory districts.
515 ページ - ... 5. In the Holy Scriptures and in the Catechism, with illustrations by passages from Holy Writ, in Church of England schools, the parochial clergyman assisting in the examination. The managers will, in other schools, certify in this and in the succeeding years of the apprenticeship, that they are satisfied with the state of the religious knowledge of the pupil teachers.
446 ページ - No man shall teach either in public school, or private house, but such as shall be allowed by the bishop of the diocese, or ordinary of the place, under his hand and seal...
474 ページ - There is little or nothing in the profession of an elementary schoolmaster, in this country, to tempt a man having a respectable acquaintance with the elements of even humble learning to exchange the certainty of a respectable livelihood in a subordinate condition in trade or commerce, for the mean drudgery of instructing the rude children of the poor in an elementary school, as it is now conducted. For what is the condition of the master of such a school? He has often an income very little greater...
463 ページ - In the case of schools connected with the National Church, the Inspectors will inquire, with especial care, how far the doctrines and principles of the Church are instilled into the minds of the children. The Inspectors will ascertain whether church accommodation, of sufficient extent, and in a proper situation, is provided for them ; whether their attendance is regular, and proper means taken to ensure their suitable behaviour during the service ; whether inquiry is made afterwards by their teachers...
533 ページ - ... geography. 6. in schools connected with the Church of England they will be required to repeat the Catechism, and to show that they understand its meaning, and are acquainted with the outline of Scripture history. The parochial clergyman will assist in this part of the examination. In other schools the state of the religious knowledge will be certified by the managers. 7. To teach a junior class to the satisfaction of the Inspector. 8. Girls should also be able to sew neatly and to knit.